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About Belsebuub and His Work on Mystical Experiences

Image republished with permission from Mystical Life Publications. © Mark Pritchard.

British-born author and spiritual teacher Mark Pritchard (who writes with the name Belsebuub) shares a wealth of knowledge about how an individual can go through a process of inner transformation, a process he himself has been uncovering and exploring over the last several decades.

Information leading to this type of transformation is at the foundation of many ancient spiritual traditions, whose writings provide a road-map that leads to the union of a person with their higher consciousness.

Belsebuub's Views on Exploring the Metaphysical

Spiritual and metaphysical experiences are widely encountered along this journey, and this it is for this reason that metaphysical phenomena are so commonly mentioned in ancient texts, myths and legends, whether as visions experienced during sleep, as divine visitations physically, or through receiving revelations beyond the body or during sleep.

While Belsebuub's work focuses at its core on the transformational process itself and the most effective practices required to achieve that inner transformation, he also explains many ways to connect with, explore, and understand the multi-dimensional nature of reality, the higher faculties of consciousness, how to make use of dreams, out-of-body and other mystical experiences for spiritual growth, as well as how to explore and develop a relationship with higher spiritual forces.

In his work Belsebuub stresses that mystical experiences are not a fundamental part of the process of inner change, yet are helpful for gaining a wider perspective on life and can provide guidance or experiences that lead to a better understanding of oneself and the process of inner transformation as life is experienced multidimensionally.

"The study of consciousness and the understanding of the role of a human being in the cosmos requires an esoteric exploration. It is done through personal experience rather than relying on ideas or theories. To study in this way requires not only information, but practical exercises as it is these that give the actual experience.”
~ Belsebuub, The Fundamental Exercises to Awaken

In the following video, Belsebuub discusses how with spiritual practice one can look beyond the material world to uncover spiritual realities.

Belsebuub's Work in the Field of Out-of-Body Experiences

Belsebuub is considered a leading expert on astral projection and out-of-body experiences, and has been teaching people how to have mystical experiences in this way for over 25 years. His main objective in explaining out-of-body experiences however has been to demonstrate how to use mystical experiences as part of a wider framework of spiritual growth.

“Consciousness is non-physical; to study the non-physical requires going beyond the mechanisms of the three-dimensional matter. It’s possible to understand the mysteries of life and death, to know one’s true purpose for living and to enable the fulfillment of that purpose. To study these mysteries requires the study of oneself, as it is through this that life’s great mysteries are revealed.

Esoteric study goes beyond the information of the five senses, to see what no eye has seen and to hear what no ear has heard. It’s ancient and is as old as humanity."
~ Belsebuub, The Fundamental Exercises to Awaken

On the subject of out-of-body experiences as a means for exploring metaphysical phenomena, Pritchard shares on his website that:

“This has profound implications. When you realize that you’re not your body, that you’re something more than physical matter, you can get access to life that is not limited by the body or the five senses, and then you start to question your whole existence – why you’re here and what you should be doing with your life. You wonder what’s real and what’s actually going on.”

In the following radio interview from 2006, Belsebuub explains how out-of-body experiences and dreams can be used to understand life after death and to prove that consciousness can experience beyond the limits of the physical body.

Belsebuub's Background and Work with Metaphysical Exploration

Belsebuub’s research and personal investigation into psychic and spiritual phenomena dates back to his childhood in the 1970s. In his biography and on his site he explains how growing up he had many poltergeist experiences, dream premonitions, and encounters with sinister entities and beings of light. He also shares that as a child his extrasensory faculties allowed him to experience things like polyvision (seeing into other dimensions) and clairvoyance (seeing things which are not physically present). He recounts, for example, picking the right answers in a psychic experiment carried out by the famous UK psychic Matthew Manning, along with seeing clairvoyantly the environment in which Manning was conducting the experiment.

Belsebuub states that these early experiences of psychic phenomena gave him a sense of the wider reality of life, and while they largely faded away as he matured into his teens, he was later able to rediscover and actively explore these types of experiences in his adult life where he dedicated himself to spiritual exploration.

As a result, over the last two decades Belsebuub has contributed to the field of personal inner development and spiritual transformation in many groundbreaking ways. The information on his website and in his books, courses and interviews has reached hundreds of thousands of people all around the world looking to delve deeper into the mystical side of life. This has consequently allowed many people to learn to have metaphysical experiences and to embark on a spiritual journey within their own lives.

Belsebuub’s Books and Courses

In 2001 Belsebuub created a highly popular website with forums, articles, and information about mystical experiences. Belsebuub also pioneered an innovative online course system with practical week-by-week classes on subjects such as self-knowledge, esoteric wisdom, meditation, and astral projection. These courses were the first of their kind to explain how people could practically explore the metaphysical side of life, and were made up of eight weekly topics and practices that created a framework for course participants to learn to have mystical experiences.

Belsebuub’s course on dreams and out-of-body experiences in particular became very popular. It was taken by many thousands of people and led to almost 70% of participants having a metaphysical experience of some kind within the first two months of starting the course. In many cases experiences happened much more quickly than this however, even within the first days or weeks of trying to explore the deeper side of existence.

Belsebuub's Esoteric Wisdom course specifically addressed subjects about the wider reality of life and explained in a simple and relatable manner complex topics such as:

  • Reincarnation
  • The wheel of life
  • Karma
  • Dharma
  • The multi-dimensional nature of the universe we live in
  • The process of spiritual transformation and its many stages
  • The understanding and use of symbols and numerology
  • The nature and transformation of the energies and the psyche;
  • and other related topics.

These classes, while running, were taken by over 90,000 people in over 100 different countries and could be attended online or in person at study centers and groups around the globe.

Belsebuub’s original written course material was later re-purposed and expanded upon to be included in books that would continue to help people around the world to have their own mystical experiences. His book A Course on Astral Travel and Dreams (later released as The Astral Codex) was so effective and became so popular that it became a bestseller on Amazon in its class.

Belsebuub's books on spiritual topics such as the book Secret Knowledge, Hidden Wisdom and The Awakening of Perception explained many of the types of metaphysical experiences a person could have during this process.

Belsebuub takes a practical approach to writing about spiritual development that enables individuals to explore the multi-dimensional nature of life and the potential for spiritual growth and experience firsthand. He states that with the right approach, belief in spiritual things is not necessary as a person can develop a wealth of spiritual experience:

“There’s another dimension of life that you don’t normally see or hear about and you get to go there; you get to be in it. If you’ve ever wondered where spiritual beings and the like have come from, you can actually go into the astral plane and see them. You can understand the process of death and understand living. You don’t need to believe in something; you can actually see and experience a multitude of spiritual things and really find out what’s going on with life.”
~ Belsebuub: A Talk on Out-of-Body Experiences, Nicosia University, Cyprus, 2006

“To understand spirituality you have to practice it, gain experience, and know the truth. There are things which happen in the world of the spirit which are unseen here and are acting upon every single individual right now. These require an awakening of consciousness to perceive.”
~ Belsebuub: The Awakening of Perception

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This site aims to provide a platform for people who have studied Belsebuub’s work on metaphysical phenonema to share their firsthand accounts of mystical experiences resulting from using his methods. More information about this site and the topics it covers can be found here.


Author Belsebuub
Image © Mark Pritchard
Mark Pritchard (Belsebuub) is a British-born spiritual teacher and author who explains that every person has their own unique spiritual aspect... Read more here.

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