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An Astral Experience I Had with a Deceitful Negative Entity

Experience submitted by Jenny Belikov

I was attempting to have an astral experience with a particular spiritual being for a stretch of time some years back. Getting to the astral consciously was never easy for me to begin with — partly due to an inability to maintain my focus, and partly due to falling into dreams soon after I’d make it out-of-body.

To make it there and remain conscious enough to then direct my own experience to whatever I had my mind set upon was even more of a challenge. But I’ve never been deterred — every attempt and each experience, big or small, was of course always welcome. So I just kept on trying determined to meet this being.

The Being I wanted to meet was actually Belsebuub himself. I’d been learning about astral projection by studying his books and courses for quite some time at that point. So naturally I wanted to meet him in the astral as well.

Waking up in the Astral Plane from a Dream

One night I finally managed to have a bit of a breakthrough — or so I thought. I was trying to astral project but actually ended up just falling asleep.

I then had a dream of being in a particular place in nature, walking up a dirt road. I knew the nature to be distinctly Canadian — the pine trees along the sides of the road were very distinct. I thought they were really beautiful, and somehow extraordinarily vibrant — sharp in colors and definition, and mesmerising. It was winter-ish weather too, but the road was melted and naturally a sandy gold color. Somehow between this gold, the green of the trees, the auburn of the tree trunks, and the white snow on the tips of the pines and in between the trees the experience was incredibly clear and crisp.

Photo by Sebastian Unrau on unsplash.
Photo by Sebastian Unrau on unsplash.

I kept walking and observing the scene around me, clearly still dreaming but somehow a bit more lucid than normal. My attention wasn’t bombarded with unrelated thoughts so much — all I thought about was how beautiful and serene the environment had been.

It wasn’t until I spotted a specific animal in between the trees that was not uncommon given the environment, but that was still rather rare and one I’ve never personally seen in the wild before, that it somehow struck me that it must have been the astral plane and that I must have been dreaming! I knew I was lucid and in the astral.

Trying to Meet Belsebuub in the Astral

I was really overjoyed at the realization that I was consciously out of my body. I didn’t want to waste time or lose the experience somehow due to my excitement, and so I quickly proceeded to call the being Belsebuub.

I called out his name several times, mentally inviting him to come meet me in that place. The path ahead of me was foggy, but then the fog had naturally cleared. And suddenly up the road I saw a man appear. I was surprised it actually worked this time — I’d attempted to call upon a spiritual being in the astral before, always just ending up in dreams instead, or having no-one show up. But there he was seemingly standing up ahead of me!

Meeting a Negative Entity in Disguise Instead

In retrospect I should really have been able to tell that something was off by his dark outfit. Yet, I think I so wanted to have that experience and at the same time was so excited that I somehow overlooked that entirely. My wishful thinking got the better of me.

I saw the tall slender figure approach me, wearing a black outfit with a cloak (talk about what should have been a tell-tale giveaway sign of a negative entity!) — he more or less had the appearance of what I knew Belsebuub to look like physically, and I didn’t want to stare too much as I thought perhaps that would be rude somehow.

He advanced towards me, was very cordial, and proceeded to walk next to me up the path, nudging me to walk along with him and have a chat in a way that seemed very familiar and friendly. He began to chat me up about how things were going with my spiritual exercises and proceeded to give me some advice.

As he was speaking, I began to get some very funny vibes. His advice seemed very vague, empty, and generic, despite the embellished spiritual lingo he used. I sort of wondered if meeting a spiritual being in the astral plane wasn’t all that it was cranked up to be after all…? His advice was certainly not very helpful or insightful.

I think a big element of what was tipping me off in the advice style was the straight talking, and a bit rushed somehow. In all my previous experiences (and ones after that), whenever I was taught by a spiritual being in the astral it was using minimal words — somehow the message or learning was transferred via a mixture of symbols and feelings.

Yet in this case, the guy beside me was a total straight talker, sort of like a “let me give you a spiritual teaching now… “. In retrospect, I think he was just trying to keep me mentally occupied and distracted enough so that I didn’t question his presence — something that appeared to work for the short span of that conversation.

But I felt like I should keep listening — perhaps there was something I wasn’t understanding, or maybe it was some kind of a symbolic chat that I just wasn’t grasping, I thought. Describing this sounds like the conversation lasted a while, but in reality it wasn’t all that long at all.

meeting a negative entity in the astral instead of Belsebuub
Public domain image found here.

I realized the gig was up when that being began to give me some incredibly mundane advice about going back to university, what subjects I should be taking and other stuff like that, that I knew something was terribly wrong.

At that moment I looked up at the man beside me and realized he looked nothing like what I knew Belsebuub to look like. He had an overall similar facial appearance and slender tall physique, but his hair was blonde and he had a short mushroom cut that sort of reminded me of a monk’s hair style. I also suddenly noticed that dark demonic wings were protruding out from underneath his cloak, and that the cloak had a red lining on the inside.

In retrospect, I don’t know if what I saw in terms of that being’s appearance was actually real or symbolic, but I knew that he was exposed in his attempts to deceive.

At that moment I stared straight into his face, wondering how on earth I could have missed all of that in those moments before?! Our eyes locked, and his eyes were completely dark and vacant. I knew I was standing side-by-side with a deceitful impersonating negative entity and not any kind of spiritual being.

At that point I tried to arm myself to try out one of the recitations for dispelling negative influences (the Jupiter recitation I had learned from Belsebuub’s course on astral travel and dreams), yet I think I was so overwhelmed by my own complete obliviousness in that situation, and the realization something powerful and dark was standing so close to me, that I ended up physically waking up in my bed with a massive jolt.

Learning to Discern Between a True Spiritual Being and a Negative Entity

Well, that experience taught me real quick to be on the guard against meddling negative entities, especially ones trying to hijack what may have otherwise been a conscious astral experience or a lesson from the beings of light.

I learned also to really probe into the eyes of people I meet in the astral — something that was suggested to do anyhow to learn to discern the nature of who it is I’m interacting with. The eyes being a window to the soul, as they say, can tell quite a story — in this case that negative entity’s eyes were a clear giveaway and I should have looked into them straight away had I not let my awkwardness dictate the experience instead.

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  • Talking about deceitful negative entities, I had an interesting experience this morning.
    I realised I was dreaming because something looked out of place at my work place and so I did a reality check, while questioning I already had this intuitive feeling come on that it was indeed the astral. Anyway I decided because I felt so clear to fly up, it was a bit different this time as I didn’t jump off but starting gently floating up even just before thinking about it, and raised all the way up through the ceiling and could see the building and street in a google earth type of view.

    A bit later I found myself back on the main floor again. Something I try often is to show people and let them know we’re in the astral. This time there was a young lady close by who was very pale, with very very thin hair, barely any hair now that I think about it, and it was completely pale as well. One other thing that stood out was that there was something wrong with her right eye, both the eyeball and the eyelid around it. It basically looked like that eye was smaller than the other one and had something wrong with it. I was going to show this person that she could fly here and grabbed her hand. I said “we’re able to fly here.” She said “I know. Karim.” Then I was wondering how this random person I’d never met before knew my name. I said “how do you know my name?” why looking more closely at her, and while looking more closely I started to realise and then at the same time we both said “because you’re (<em<I'm) a negative entity!” I could see the evil and creepiness of that demon, and being so up close (and holding its hand) caused a fear within me. Which I’m sure was part of the whole plan. I immediately bursted into the Jupiter recitation, although at the same time I already seemed to be in the ‘tunnel’ back to my body.

    It’s interesting sitting here now looking outside at everyday life, a car passes by in the street, and yet this demon was 100% real. So it’s interesting to know they really do exist, just beyond this physical dimension. As seen from this up close and unpleasant encounter with this evil.

    It’s also a bit creepy knowing that it knows my name 🙂
    Also that it was right there not long after I noticed I was in the dream world and ready with this set up which played on my habits, knowing them well.

  • Hi Jenny. I think I would also feel so scared as you when you realised that you spent all that time with this negative entity but on the other hand, it is a valuable experience because I am sure the next time you encountered a negative entity you knew instantly what to do.

  • Interesting experience Michael. I hear what you’re saying about that clear intention of deceit when looking at them and their eyes properly.

  • Thanks for sharing that experience Jenny. It’s amazing how our level of clarity in dreams can influence our perception so dramatically. I can relate to what you mentioned where something so unlikely or even impossible can seem totally reasonable, when we are not clear. I remember I used to regularly have dreams of flying when I was a child, but I usually seemed to be doing it in a particular way, where I was hovering along a metre or so off the ground. So I would think “oh it’s just that little trick I worked out – I’m not really flying”.

    What you and others have said about looking into the eyes of people we meet in the astral is also very worthwhile bearing in mind. I can remember meeting a harmless-looking old man, who as I recall was dressed in white and was pointing at something with a golden cane – indicating a direction I should take. Despite his benevolent or even spiritual appearance, something intuitively seemed amiss about the encounter and when I looked into his eyes, I saw nothing but deceit.

    What also struck me from the encounter you described is how reflective it is of the three-dimensional world, where so many people present themselves as spiritual beings and babble on about topics such as love, ascension, or having contact with the spirit world and yet inside they can be full of hatred and darkness. I think it’s equally important for anyone who searches for true spirituality to use their intuition to separate those whose main motivation is to seek adoration and material gain from those who are genuinely and altruistically offering humanity something of real value, as it’s so easy to get taken for a ride if we’re not careful.

    • Thanks for sharing that, Michael. Interesting experience with the old man, and definitely an interesting analogy/allegory for life in general.

  • Hi Jenny, it was interesting to read your experience. I was flipping through my dream diary the other day and actually found a similar one, where I was with a group of people and then supposedly Belsebuub appeared to teach us. That being started telling us that he had an experience in the ‘Buddhic’ planes and he presented some information that actually made us quite sad and discouraged. As it continued speaking, I realised it had changed appearance, at first I felt uncomfortable questioning that change but in a little I did and I started using the Jupiter recitation, people around me also did that. I could see the hate and darkness in its eyes. The being then ran through the window. Then, I did something unnecessary, I ran after it doing the recitation. It then stopped and turned back to attack me. I felt fear building up, I lifted in the air to gain more time to finish with the recitation but I think I didn’t have enough clarity and strength, it followed and grabbed my foot. That woke me up in my bed. Looking back at it, having that fear within me, I should have just settled with it running away.

    It’s interesting to see the pattern of deception, though. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    • Ha ha… I can relate Pavlin to running after the negative entities trying to “finish them up”. 😀 Its not worth it… better to just do another round of recitations from the place where we are.

    • Sounds like you bit off more than you could chew there, Pavlin 😀 What an interesting experience though. And what a sneaky entity!

  • Great experience Jenny. Like others have said, it was a good opportunity to learn about how negative entities deceive and mislead us.
    Shows how important it is to push during our wakeful hours to be as clear as possible and to question things that seem so mundane and seemingly harmless.

  • Wow, sounds like a very interesting experience. I can relate to what you said about the face actually looking different to what we know it should be, but still accepting it as the person. Sometimes I think those entities play with our egos related to politeness, social fears, etc. to try to trick us.

    I remember having a similar experience once when I became semi-conscious in a dream, where a being (who I thought was Belsebuub) was talking in a vague, even nonsensical way about love. Unfortunately, I just woke up when I realised. Looking back, I think the entity had just latched onto a very spiritual sounding subject to keep me distracted.

    II think you made a good point the feeling of the experience. It’s amazing how much the astral speaks in feeling and intuition. As others have said, real spiritual encounters don’t seem to have that hollow feeling to them like experiences with negative entities.

    • “I can relate to what you said about the face actually looking different to what we know it should be, but still accepting it as the person.” — I suppose that’s the strange world of dreams and the mind and just highlights the need to explore and understand those areas better. Reminds me of how you can dream something that’s completely impossible, yet still believe it is “real” (like how one time I was flying in a dream and thought “oh cool, I can fly now (physically). That’s fantastic!” 😀 )

    • Thanks Nathan – your comment made me ponder on some dreams I’ve had where Belsebuub has appeared to be present, but where I couldn’t really see what the purpose of his presence was. It’s possible that I was just not clear enough to pick up on any genuine teaching, or that I just happened to dream of him being there, but I also need to consider that it could have been a negative entity trying to deceive me.

      It’s telling how you said the disguised entity you encountered was talking about love in an almost nonsensical way. It makes complete sense, as how could a creature of the dark side that has forsaken love really pass on anything of value on the subject? As well as the eyes, the content of what they say can also be a sure give away.

    • Can I know this spiritual being named Belsebuub?@@ it was the author itself or rather a spiritual being incarnated?? I need to have an answer for that being i saw in my dream whom i thought my spiritual guide, he was tall, slender and i can’t see his face but telepathically he gave me a wisdom.

  • Thanks Jenny, what you shared sounds very familiar to me, having had similar events in the astral. When I was reading your story I was like: “come on, find out already, unmask, don’t be tricked!” 🙂

    But even though your experience didn’t go as hoped, in my opinion it’s still a good learning, so we know what such distracting deception feels like so we’re better prepared next time. Like Lucia said in those times I’ve also felt I needed to be polite or was afraid to be disrespectful, but those fears were cleverly used by those negative beings to stop me from acting. I remember once, a bit like you, reaching a point in the communication with a “spiritual being” where I was like ‘something is not right’ and I pushed through the fear and embarrassment still present within me to do the Jupiter recitation towards this “spiritual being”, who at first was still trying to pull at my ‘guilt chords’ but once he realised I was going to proceed ‘exploded’ into anger and simultaneously changed appearance, and attacked me. This caused some fright, but at the same time dispelled any ambiguity I had and I had the resoluteness to deal with it.

    Anyway thanks for sharing your educational experience, to hopefully help the next person to notice quicker. 🙂

    I’ve also found that compared to these empty and muddled meetings with imposters, often mixed up and playing with our own thoughts, that meetings with real spiritual beings has a very different nature and quality to it.

    • Yes, meeting a real being of light in the astral is quite something else. But unless you’ve had that experience, it’s easy to get fooled by these false scenarios — especially when someone is trying to intentionally deceive you.

      • Well that will learn you! 🙂 hehee

        Seriously though Jenny, I loved reading your experience. I have had similar experiences but in dream states not conscious ones and woken up thinking why was so duped by it all. Its interesting to reflect on what holds us back in questioning in the astral and that could be married up to our level of questioning in the day, when things don’t seem to make sense but kind of assume that the problem is with us instead of looking to find out why something seems out of place, or at odds with us. Also I’ve found niceties can also interfere with reality and while decency is a quality all of it’s own, niceties have a lot to answer for. But what I also found interesting was that you did question the situation and started to look and listen and I think that’s koodos to you for trying to act on that voice of something’s not right.

        Well forewarned is forearmed and I think your experience nicely explains how the dark side can deceive sincere spiritual seekers. Like you I’ve also seen that spiritual beings teach in the astral with very little words since the language of the astral is symbolic but we inherently understand it because it speaks to our consciousness, not to the mind.

    • That’s a good example of how the dark side can try and hide what’s within, which they can’t help but reveal when confronted. You did the right thing by continuing with the Jupiter recitation.

  • Thanks for sharing Jenny! It must have been quite something to see that entity being unmasked, standing there in all his attire and so on… I have never experienced the “vacant” eyes, sounds creepy.
    I can also relate to the deception when it comes to calling a spiritual being, and actually even when not calling… I find these entities often appearing in my dreams, looking like Belsebuub and keeping me busy. In my unconscious state I usually don’t dare to question them, trying to be “polite”, even if they usually don’t look anything like him after a while (looks like they put more efforts into looking like him at the beginning, and then later on they don’t care that much since I trust them already).

    Keep lucid! 🙂

    • Yes, vacant and hollow — almost like a pit of darkness. It’s strange to describe it — it’s more of a feeling you get from looking at them. Interesting you’ve been having those deceitful experiences too, and how funny about the initial appearance vs/ afterwards — almost like a “don’t need to try so hard this time around” conclusion…

  • Hi Jenny,
    Wow, what an experience! Thanks for sharing. I could feel myself living it along with your description. I can relate to how you said you really wanted to have the experience of meeting Belsebuub, that you didn’t notice it wasn’t him. I’ve experienced something a bit similar.

    I can also relate to how you saw those black vacant eyes on the entity, and it’s interesting you used that word, vacant, I think it describes well what it feels like. It seems like they can’t well disguise their eyes, except with dark glasses or such, even if they can wear other types of disguises. So that advice you mentioned from Belsebuub, just to look into the beings’ eyes and it can show them for what they really are, I have found to be true too.

  • Sounds like a very valuable lesson and experience. I guess it’s another sign to listen to our intuition in the astral (and elsewhere). I’ve found it very useful to look closely at any being’s face and eyes to discern what their intentions are and if they’re benevolent or not.

  • I wonder if I met the same negative entity! That distraction to keep talking and keep you from interrupting or guessing their real identity sounds all too familiar. What an encounter Jenny! Amazing to have witnessed the mechanism and appearance of the entity so clearly and with so much detail. An experience to remember!

    • Gosh, imagine it was your job as a negative entity to go around talking gibberish to barely conscious people in the astral 😀 That would get old pretty quickly 😉 Just kidding. Definitely seems like a type of commonly used technique to keep you from exploring further.

  • An incredible experience to see a negative entity like that. I imagine it gave you quite a bit of motivation.

    I am sure everyone had encounters with negative entities, and got hurt by them. The difference for me is when the entity is unmasked. The times when I was conscious enough in the Astral to do that stayed with me as valuable lessons. I think there is something about them being unmasked that alters their intentions into something potentially useful. Thanks for sharing the experience.

    • What do you mean by it alters their intentions into something potentially useful? I’m not sure I understand, but would love to hear more about your experiences there — sounds interesting.


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