Experience submitted by Jenny Resnick

I was attempting to have an astral experience with a particular spiritual being for a stretch of time some years back. Getting to the astral consciously was never easy for me to begin with — partly due to an inability to maintain my focus, and partly due to falling into dreams soon after I’d make it out-of-body.

To make it there and remain conscious enough to then direct my own experience to whatever I had my mind set upon was even more of a challenge. But I’ve never been deterred — every attempt and each experience, big or small, was of course always welcome. So I just kept on trying determined to meet this being.

The Being I wanted to meet was actually Belsebuub himself. I’d been learning about astral projection by studying his books and courses for quite some time at that point. So naturally I wanted to meet him in the astral as well.

Waking up in the Astral Plane from a Dream

One night I finally managed to have a bit of a breakthrough — or so I thought. I was trying to astral project but actually ended up just falling asleep.

I then had a dream of being in a particular place in nature, walking up a dirt road. I knew the nature to be distinctly Canadian — the pine trees along the sides of the road were very distinct. I thought they were really beautiful, and somehow extraordinarily vibrant — sharp in colors and definition, and mesmerising. It was winter-ish weather too, but the road was melted and naturally a sandy gold color. Somehow between this gold, the green of the trees, the auburn of the tree trunks, and the white snow on the tips of the pines and in between the trees the experience was incredibly clear and crisp.

I kept walking and observing the scene around me, clearly still dreaming but somehow a bit more lucid than normal. My attention wasn’t bombarded with unrelated thoughts so much — all I thought about was how beautiful and serene the environment had been.

It wasn’t until I spotted a specific animal in between the trees that was not uncommon given the environment, but that was still rather rare and one I’ve never personally seen in the wild before, that it somehow struck me that it must have been the astral plane and that I must have been dreaming! I knew I was lucid and in the astral.

Trying to Meet Belsebuub in the Astral

I was really overjoyed at the realization that I was consciously out of my body. I didn’t want to waste time or lose the experience somehow due to my excitement, and so I quickly proceeded to call the being Belsebuub.

I called out his name several times, mentally inviting him to come meet me in that place. The path ahead of me was foggy, but then the fog had naturally cleared. And suddenly up the road I saw a man appear. I was surprised it actually worked this time — I’d attempted to call upon a spiritual being in the astral before, always just ending up in dreams instead, or having no-one show up. But there he was seemingly standing up ahead of me!

Meeting a Negative Entity in Disguise Instead

In retrospect I should really have been able to tell that something was off by his dark outfit. Yet, I think I so wanted to have that experience and at the same time was so excited that I somehow overlooked that entirely. My wishful thinking got the better of me.

I saw the tall slender figure approach me, wearing a black outfit with a cloak (talk about what should have been a tell-tale giveaway sign of a negative entity!) — he more or less had the appearance of what I knew Belsebuub to look like physically, and I didn’t want to stare too much as I thought perhaps that would be rude somehow.

He advanced towards me, was very cordial, and proceeded to walk next to me up the path, nudging me to walk along with him and have a chat in a way that seemed very familiar and friendly. He began to chat me up about how things were going with my spiritual exercises and proceeded to give me some advice.

As he was speaking, I began to get some very funny vibes. His advice seemed very vague, empty, and generic, despite the embellished spiritual lingo he used. I sort of wondered if meeting a spiritual being in the astral plane wasn’t all that it was cranked up to be after all…? His advice was certainly not very helpful or insightful.

I think a big element of what was tipping me off in the advice style was the straight talking, and a bit rushed somehow. In all my previous experiences (and ones after that), whenever I was taught by a spiritual being in the astral it was using minimal words — somehow the message or learning was transferred via a mixture of symbols and feelings.

Yet in this case, the guy beside me was a total straight talker, sort of like a “let me give you a spiritual teaching now… “. In retrospect, I think he was just trying to keep me mentally occupied and distracted enough so that I didn’t question his presence — something that appeared to work for the short span of that conversation.

But I felt like I should keep listening — perhaps there was something I wasn’t understanding, or maybe it was some kind of a symbolic chat that I just wasn’t grasping, I thought. Describing this sounds like the conversation lasted a while, but in reality it wasn’t all that long at all.

meeting a negative entity in the astral instead of Belsebuub

Public domain image found here.

I realized the gig was up when that being began to give me some incredibly mundane advice about going back to university, what subjects I should be taking and other stuff like that, that I knew something was terribly wrong.

At that moment I looked up at the man beside me and realized he looked nothing like what I knew Belsebuub to look like. He had an overall similar facial appearance and slender tall physique, but his hair was blonde and he had a short mushroom cut that sort of reminded me of a monk’s hair style. I also suddenly noticed that dark demonic wings were protruding out from underneath his cloak, and that the cloak had a red lining on the inside.

In retrospect, I don’t know if what I saw in terms of that being’s appearance was actually real or symbolic, but I knew that he was exposed in his attempts to deceive.

At that moment I stared straight into his face, wondering how on earth I could have missed all of that in those moments before?! Our eyes locked, and his eyes were completely dark and vacant. I knew I was standing side-by-side with a deceitful impersonating negative entity and not any kind of spiritual being.

At that point I tried to arm myself to try out one of the recitations for dispelling negative influences (the Jupiter recitation I had learned from Belsebuub’s course on astral travel and dreams), yet I think I was so overwhelmed by my own complete obliviousness in that situation, and the realization something powerful and dark was standing so close to me, that I ended up physically waking up in my bed with a massive jolt.

Learning to Discern Between a True Spiritual Being and a Negative Entity

Well, that experience taught me real quick to be on the guard against meddling negative entities, especially ones trying to hijack what may have otherwise been a conscious astral experience or a lesson from the beings of light.

I learned also to really probe into the eyes of people I meet in the astral — something that was suggested to do anyhow to learn to discern the nature of who it is I’m interacting with. The eyes being a window to the soul, as they say, can tell quite a story — in this case that negative entity’s eyes were a clear giveaway and I should have looked into them straight away had I not let my awkwardness dictate the experience instead.