Using the Astral Plane for Spiritual Learning


Experience submitted by Geraldine Price

One morning, as I drifted in and out of sleep, I found myself projecting spontaneously out of my body. I was standing in my bedroom and everything looked the same, but I had just started to learn about the astral plane after taking a course on astral projection by Belsebuub, and I knew I could check ‘where I was’ by taking a small jump and see if could levitate/fly.

I jumped a couple of times, and found myself being able to hover/fly; this was all the confirmation I needed to know that I was now on ‘the other side’. I had made it to the astral dimension!

As I hovered toward my bedroom door, I recalled that Belsebuub had mentioned in his work to use the astral plane for spiritual learning. As I was flying through my bedroom door, I genuinely wondered what it was made of, as I did that, I felt a pull toward the interior of the door, and literally merged with it.

I started to see all the different materials that the door was made of. It was like seeing a layer after layer unfolding: from the various coats of paint, down to the wood,  to the grain and as I watched, I kept going deeper and deeper in the door itself down to seeing the molecules, then down to the atoms – it was simply amazing.

Public domain image found here.

Public domain image found here.

I could see the nucleus of the atoms as a bright shiny ball of light with tiny flying smaller sparks (the electrons) orbiting around these ‘small suns’.

It was incredible to be able to see this first-hand. It was like they were holding a certain distance to each other, and knew where to go, avoiding one another, yet everything was in motion and at great speed.

Yet, there was an order to what seemed like total chaos. It was both filled with light and darkness. It was like seeing miniature galaxies, each spinning around each other with the electrons as planets and the nucleus being their suns. It really felt like seeing the universe but at the atomic level. Looking back on this experience, it gave me a certain understanding of life, of what we are made of ultimately: light and darkness.

All this happened very quickly, and I then felt myself being pulled out of the door toward another part of my house. This astral experience continued for a while, until I went back into my body, and woke up, but what remained with me was the amazing and untapped knowledge that the astral plane contained, and it gave me a better understanding of how spirituality and life are intrinsic to one another and why Belsebuub writes so much about using the astral plane as a source of spiritual learning.

Dealings with a negative entity

One morning before going to work, I was trying to astral project using concentration as talked about in the Astral Codex by Belsebuub. I relaxed my body deeply and concentrated on visualizing my home, imagining myself walking around, and really interacting with my place. I fell asleep quite quickly, but realized that I had made it to the astral because my body felt very light. I gently rolled over and and stood up next to my bed.

As I had been experimenting with astral projection for several months, I had found myself meeting with both divine beings and negative beings. While meeting with divine beings was obviously an encounter I always welcomed (who wouldn’t?), I had quickly realized that as soon as I would become lucid and aware in the astral plane, I would often be first met with a negative entity trying to shorten my experience and send me back to the physical world.

I’d say many of my conscious astral experiences have ended due to a negative entity blocking me from experiencing the astral plane and ensuring that I would wake up and return back to my physical body. The remaining  of my astral experiences endings are usually due to me falling back into a dream state, or waking up due to a strong emotion, or being woken up to ensure I remember what I have just experienced.

Over the years, I found that going to the astral plane is not difficult, but staying there is what is difficult! With this in mind, even though at the time of coming out of my body I could not see a negative entity, I started to sing the Bellilin recitation which dispels negative forces in the astral.

I had learned to do this from the course I had taken on dreams and out of body experiences by Belsebuub, who has written as well about protecting oneself while in the astral plane so that people could experience and explore the other side without being bothered by a negative entity.

After having done the recitation, I went on with my exploration and started hovering, leaving the house and found myself in the apartment complex’s hallway.

Public domain image found on Pixabay.

Public domain image found on Pixabay.

There to my surprise was a negative entity, all cloaked in black, with a hood, and red lining on the edges of the cloth. As I stepped closer, I could see that it looked like it was caught in a whirlwind, unable to touch me, or interact with me.

I felt a certain sadness for it after seeing it – I tried to look into its face to understand better what made it who and what it was, but the hair of this entity was in the way like if a wind was blowing it all around, while I perceived no wind at all. The entity was actually spinning on itself, seemingly out of control, frozen into this one spot. I was not sure how long it would stay that way, so I did not stay around to observe it much longer but went on with my exploration – however soon after, the alarm on my phone rang and I woke up!

But since that day Bellilin is my go-to recitation as soon as I find myself lucid and aware in my dreams. And it seems, I’m not the only one feeling that way. In this video of people talking about their experiences going into the astral plane based on the work of Belsebuub, what I found interesting is that at the 8’22 mark, a friend of mine talks about her experience with encountering a negative entity and how she overcame it using the Bellilin recitation, and had a similar experience as I did.

What was neat for me personally, is that we never talked about our common experience until I saw that video, and it was like a third party confirmation of what I had also experienced.

Receiving Belsebuub’s Help and Guidance in the Astral

Several years ago, one night, I found myself becoming lucid and aware in my dreams. There I was in this beautiful room, filled with light, white walls and pastels colors. It had a really nice feel to it, like everything in this place seemed to hold a meaning and as I looked around I started to feel this pull toward different objects and symbols in the room. As I got closer to one, all of a sudden a negative entity came in and grabbed me by my feet so that I could not get closer to the symbol. I struggled to say the protective recitation – so realizing this I called for help, and I called on the being Belsebuub – praying for his help. To my happy surprise he appeared – he saw the situation and directed his right hand toward my feet and a beam of blue light came out of his fingers. I saw the negative entity completely disappearing, and I was now free.

I was so thankful yet as I stood before him, I realized I was not sure what I wanted to ask him – so he directed me toward the symbol I was drawn to in the first place so that I was able to look at it. As I was able to now have a good look at it, I knew that Belsebuub was more than happy to help out people, but since I did not have any particular question, I understood that he had to go which he did after providing some advice for my personal inner spiritual work.

I was so very thankful for his help, as well as seeing him again in the astral. He had such a simple yet powerful and loving presence. I woke up from the experience in awe of having seen not only Belsebuub, but also the power of the light in defeating negative entities.