Article by Vida Norris

In early 2012 I had a very interesting mystical experience that felt to me to have been a glimpse of a past life. I can’t say with certainty that it was a life that I personally previously lived, but it seemed like it could have been a scene taken from the akashic records. My connection with it remains unclear.

I had this experience (and many other experiences of a similar nature) around the time that I was taking a few of Belsebuub’s courses and was reading his books quite regularly (2010-2012, mainly). I was exploring a lot of practices from his courses and books and my dreams were becoming clearer and easier to remember. I had many meaningful dreams around that time.

A Scene From 1940’s Germany

One dream in particular started out as a pretty regular type of dream. In it I was hanging out with the actor Hugh Laurie and I was walking toward a bench where an older lady was sitting.

Suddenly, the whole dream shifted. Everything started to turn and move and pull and the scene changed right before my eyes. It became very ‘real’ feeling and had a quality to it that is very difficult to describe; it was very vivid.

The street I was on had become a cobble-stone road lit by lampposts on a foggy and grey night. The only thing that remained the same was the bench. A row of townhouses began after the bench and ran upwards on an incline past it. The bench seemed to be in a kind of parkette next to where the townhouses began. It had the feeling of an older time period. My guess would be sometime in the 1940s and from what I could tell probably in Germany.


Photo by Sigfrid Lundberg and licensed under CC BY SA 2.0

A mother and her son walked into the scene (I was watching this as a kind of spectator and didn’t interact with anyone) and went towards the bench. I became aware of her name (it was something like ‘Vale’) and as they approached the bench a door opened in one of the townhouses and a tall man came out.

I became aware of his name as well but I couldn’t quite make it out, all I remember was that it had a kind of title to it that would be associated with a soldier’s rank. He was dressed in an army uniform and came to meet the mother and child at the bench.

The man pulled the little boy onto his lap and the mother sat down next to him. The father began speaking about how they were a family. For some reason I felt connected (or became aware of specifically) to the little boy’s feelings towards his father.

He took the boys hands and touched them towards his face (they all had lovely round faces, particularly the father and son) and chest and said a few other things. I could feel how the boy loved his father very much (although I got the sense that he was not a very good man) and the scene kind of zoomed in on the father who had very brilliant, clear blue eyes.

Then the scene started to pull away as it did in the beginning. I felt myself suddenly near the ground next to the cold, wet cobble-stone as I was being pulled out of the scene. They all looked in my direction as I left and then I woke up.

Finding Answers

When I woke up I had a very striking feeling from this experience. It was so vivid and the content was unfamiliar to me. I had never been to Germany (or anywhere in Europe) and it wasn’t something I had read about, heard from a story or seen in a film.

I didn’t know the people in it but even in that short period of time I got the sense that there was a history there, that they were real people who had lived, perhaps in 1940s Germany or some other European country. I’ve looked around to see if I could verify some of the information from this experience but haven’t yet been able to piece it together.

I’ve had other experiences like this that had a similar feel to them, but were more personal so I can’t go into details. I can say that they illustrated a connection to my own past beyond this life in ways that enabled me to understand people and situations in my current life.

A Deeper Meaning

While the experience itself was very cool and interesting, there was something deeper that made it a big source of inspiration for me. After I had that dream I realized that there was so much that I didn’t know about the mystical or spiritual side of life that exists beyond what we experience through our five senses and that it was there waiting to be discovered.

The efforts I was making with the practices I tried from Belsebuub’s work enabled me to start to tap into this information that would have otherwise remained hidden.

I saw that there was a really great potential for learning and personal/spiritual growth from the practices and that if I was able to actually walk a spiritual path I would uncover even more. It was really motivating and exciting at the time and continues to really inspire me.