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A Glimpse of a Past Life in Germany in My Dreams

Article by Vida

In early 2012 I had a mystical experience that felt to me to have been a glimpse of a past life. I can’t say with certainty that it was a life that I personally previously lived, but it seemed like it could have been a scene taken from the akashic records. My connection with it remains unclear.

A Scene from 1940s Europe

I had this experience (and others of a similar nature) around the time that I was taking a few of Belsebuub’s courses and was reading his books quite regularly.

It started out as a pretty regular type of dream. In it I was hanging out with the actor Hugh Laurie and I was walking toward a bench where an older lady was sitting.

Suddenly, the whole dream shifted. Everything started to turn and move and pull and the scene changed right before my eyes. It became very ‘real’ feeling and had a quality to it that is very difficult to describe; it was very vivid.

The street I was on had become a cobble-stone road lit by lampposts on a foggy and grey night. The only thing that remained the same was the bench. A row of townhouses began after the bench and ran upwards on an incline past it. The bench seemed to be in a kind of parkette next to where the townhouses began. It had the feeling of an older time period. My guess would be sometime in the 1940s and from what I could tell probably in Germany.

Photo by Sigfrid Lundberg and licensed under CC BY SA 2.0

A mother and her son walked into the scene (I was watching this as a kind of spectator and didn’t interact with anyone) and went towards the bench. I became aware of her name (it was something like ‘Vale’) and as they approached the bench a door opened in one of the townhouses and a tall man came out.

I became aware of his name as well but I couldn’t quite make it out, all I remember was that it had a kind of title to it that would be associated with a soldier’s rank. He was dressed in an army uniform and came to meet the mother and child at the bench.

The man pulled the little boy onto his lap and the mother sat down next to him. The father began speaking about how they were a family. For some reason I felt connected to (or became aware of specifically) the little boy’s feelings towards his father.

He took the boy’s hands and touched them towards his face (they all had lovely round faces, particularly the father and son) and chest and said a few other things. I could feel how the boy loved his father very much (although I got the sense that he was not a very good man) and the scene kind of zoomed in on the father who had very brilliant, clear blue eyes.

Then the scene started to pull away as it did in the beginning. I felt myself suddenly near the ground next to the cold, wet cobble-stone as I was being pulled out of the scene. They all looked in my direction as I left and then I woke up.

Finding Answers

When I woke up I had a very striking feeling from this experience. It was so vivid and the content was unfamiliar to me. I had never been to Germany (or anywhere in Europe) and it wasn’t something I had read about, heard from a story or seen in a film.

I didn’t know the people in it but even in that short period of time I got the sense that there was a history there, that they were real people who had lived, perhaps in 1940s Germany or some other European country. I’ve looked around to see if I could verify some of the information from this experience but haven’t yet been able to piece it together.

I’ve had other experiences like this that had a similar feel to them, but were more personal so I can’t go into details. I can say that they illustrated a connection to my own past beyond this life in ways that helped me to understand people and situations in my current life.

  • I can get the sense of the experience from the way you described it. While some one could easily say write it off as “just a dream”, these experiences have a vividness and flavour to them that is very different. It would be great if one day you found some corroborating information for it or came across that physical place.

  • This sounds like an intriguing and thought-provoking experience Vida – thanks for sharing it.

  • Hi Vida, that’s an interesting experiences. I remember having some dreams where I would experience the situation through each of the people in the dream and it would all ‘make sense’, later on realising that I don’t know neither the people nor the situation. I’ve wondered what that could mean.

    Not sure if you’ve seen the movie Yesterday’s Children. It’s about a lady from the US having vivid dreams of a previous life. Eventually, she is able to retrieve the details of a past life in Ireland.

    • Hi Pavlin! Yes! I’ve seen that movie. It’s an incredible story. I’ve had those kinds of dreams too – where in the dream you feel like you really know them and then you wake up and think, who was that?? 🙂

  • That’s so cool, Vida. I hope you are/were able to find out more about that scene and how it connects to your own past. It gives me a sense of wonder as to what’s really out there and the amazing things we can potentially explore/experience.

  • What an interesting experience, Vida. It’s so inspiring to get glimpses into the past, really makes you feel different when you wake up and look around at the ‘normal’ everyday world doesn’t it? Who knows, one day you might get more information either through another mystical experience or some other means that lets you join the dots together further with the scene you observed, but nonetheless it sounds like it was quite impactful. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yeah that’s right. To be honest the feeling of the dream that sort of lingered when I woke up was what made the whole thing so incredible. It felt quite different to anything I’d experienced before. It would be really cool to put the pieces together for sure, especially if I’m able to find record of those people having lived.

  • This seems a very nice experience you had Vida. I also had a dream of my past life – I was in England living in a street where my friend lived at the time and what was so intriguing to me was that I was exactly the same person as I was in this life. I was walking the same way and had the same habits. Also, the time I dreamed of was not so far in the past, the times seemed almost identical to the times we are living in now…

  • This is so interesting to me, thanks for sharing. I’m very curious about my past lives, and wonder where I might have lived, who I might have been. Sometimes I get glimpses through dreams of places that feels so familiar, and yet I know I’ve never been there. I’m also very drawn to certain places, people, countries, and wonder if that could mean something as well.

    One simple dream that comes to me now is of lying in a bed in a hospital, feeling very old and sick. For some reason, I think my bed was in the hallway. I remember dreaming that I floated out of my body, just like that. I just floated out and disappeared. It was a wonderful feeling.

    • Wow that’s really amazing. Do you think that was the end of another life possibly? the floating out of your body part? I’ve seen that described in near-death experiences so it rang a bell. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing that.

  • A really interesting experience. I cannot relate to the experience itself, but I can relate to being inspiring by the potential to uncover things about myself and my past through Belsebuub’s works. It is a big source of motivation for me.

  • Thanks Vida for sharing a bit on what you saw in those moments. I can see how it would bring spiritual realities into question, such as past lives. The astral dimension is such a great place for mystical experiences!

  • Such an inspiring experience Vida, imagine the history each of us has beyond this life! I can certainly understand how it must bring a new insight into how others feel and experience life, beyond just empathising but actually glimpsing life from another perspective.

  • That’s really neat experience Vida! I remember coming across a documentary as a young adult on factual reincarnation cases, meaning that the researcher (Dr. Ian Stevenson) was only using verifiable facts that people (usually children, or young adults) could remember and he was tracing their memories back and could back up them up. It was really fascinating and impressive. Later on, when I came across Belsebuub’s work and realized that it’s not just the lucky few who could remember past lives, but everyone has that ability, it made me appreciate and understand better the sort of dream you talk about in your experience. Though I’ve only had a few glimpses that had a clear period-time to them (like 1930-40’s) and more from my childhood, similar to you these dreams felt very different to the normal every night type of dream – the mystical feeling and quality is slightly different. Like somehow, you know it’s in the past and is ‘still’ and is connected to ‘you’.

    • Oh that’s really cool Geraldine! I am familiar with Ian Stevenson’s work in general but I didn’t know he had made a documentary. I’ll have to look it up! It’s such a fascinating subject. Especially the aspect of how children are able to pick up on things. My daughter when she was around 2 years old started speaking in her sleep and she was dreaming a very realistic dream. She was in the water hanging on to some kind of piece of wood possibly, and calling for her brother (she doesn’t actually have a brother though, since she’s an only child and at that point wouldn’t really have known what a brother was). She woke up a bit and I asked her what happened. She said the ship had sank and she couldn’t find her brother. There was a big storm happening, etc. The details she described and the way she described it were so incredibly real like she had possibly lived that in a previous life and been in a shipwreck. We didn’t watch TV much and it wasn’t something she would have seen in a children’s film and she was so young so it seemed to me to be coming from somewhere else. I’ve since read quite a few articles or descriptions from parents who described their children having similar experiences where they could talk about things that had happened before. Pretty amazing.


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