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Reaching Higher Worlds by Silencing the Mind

Experience submitted by Nathan Greene

Back in 2009 I had an experience which has still stayed vividly with me to this day. A group of friends and I were studying Belsebuub’s work and were looking into exercises to try to bring stillness to the mind.

Duality Meditation Technique

As the group had agreed to dedicate a number of days to the duality meditation technique. It was trying it out during the day when I could and then giving it another attempt as I went to bed (even though I’d never really given it much of an attempt as a way to have an out of body experience before, preferring other ones instead).

Coming Out of Body by Silencing the Mind

One night, without expecting very much, I lay down in bed and relaxed my body. I had been out for an awareness walk not too long beforehand which had brought about a certain degree of stillness within and helped with the practice.

I started to see different thoughts coming up, some of which seemed quite random, but kept applying the opposite as best I could.

Photo by Dev Benjamin found on Unsplash.
Photo by Dev Benjamin found on Unsplash.

Suddenly, I found myself sitting bolt upright on my bed, without any memory of having gotten up. There was this feeling that time had passed, as though I had been asleep, with a vague remembrance of the heaviness and darkness of the subconscious associated with that. The colours of the walls in my room were different and much more vibrant.

Everything shone out at me and there was an intense feeling of beauty, one that’s difficult to fully explain in words.

The experience lasted for a short while, and then I found myself coming back into my physical body.

I had a real sense of coming back to a world that was quite mechanical and full of pain, and I actually started to sob quietly at being back in such a place.

I then had this feeling come over me, almost comforting me, which conveyed there was a magic to this world too as things change here – growing, fading, becoming something else. A reminder that there’s much beauty and wonder in creation that we rarely perceive, but that’s worth reaching, both inside and outside of ourselves.


* Featured image is a public domain image found on here.

    • By the way, I kind of forgot about the duality meditation, so will try it again soon πŸ™‚

  • What a lovely experience and goes to show how effort applied naturally and from the heart opens us up to experiences out of the body.

    I really valued also your experience afterwards, and what you wrote about how you were moved emotionally to perhaps capture that distinctiveness between two world. And that compassionate and very caring understanding you were given to inspire you to achieve that bliss through the treasure trove that this world offers us in our experience here in it, with everyone we encounter and the things we go through.

    Thanks for sharing that inspiring experience!

  • Nice to read your experience, Nathan.
    I found a great relief since I learned how to silent the mind at Belsebuub’s courses and I can relate to your feeling from that practice. I don’t know about the 6th dimension but in “silence”, there is definitely a different state of mind/being for a short time that gives a so different perspective of where we live in.

    When I start practicing the duality technique I liked also to start learning how the mind works and I was amazed how much tricky can be. Maybe I should give it a try for astral projection as well…

    Thank you for sharing it!

    • Hi Fotis,
      It was the same for me – I did not know much about meditation nor how it can help to reach these moments of silence within the mind, where worries and stress disappear for a while. And like you, I found it was definitely very interesting to help see the ‘bigger picture’ – and how a worry can become insignificant instead of the big monster it was beforehand..
      Nowadays, meditation has become much more common, even making its way into places like hospitals, big companies where office workers even have the ability to attend meditation at their job as so many benefits have been found in scientific studies from simply giving the mind some ‘time off’ / ‘silence’ to help it rest, relax. And really, it makes actually a lot of sense.

  • That sounds like a beautiful and moving experience Nathan. Like others I’m also familiar with that sense of coming back from a higher experience of life to the physical reality and heaviness of this one. But yeah, like you say we can use that opposition and difficulty of this dimension to become stronger within in consciousness.

    A thing that suprises me about the duality everytime, or what I notice again and again, is that I can gain so many insights about how the mind works from it, as well as about particular thoughts that would normally go unnoticed.

    Looking forward to give it a few serious go’s again. Thanks.

  • Thank you for sharing this experience, Nathan. Reading it made me remember how once after doing a spiritual practice I had a short glimpse that I find difficult to put into words. I had a feeling that this earth is not ‘home’, in a way it’s not ‘safe’, I cannot put my hopes in it, but that we belong to something beyond, something greater. It was unexpected and short realisation, but it stayed with me for a little. It brought me a feeling of uneasiness, but it also helped my very much in the situation I was in. Thank you, this was very helpful to read. πŸ™‚

  • I can relate to this experience. It is such a useful tool to quieten the mind, something that is taken for granted in my view.


  • Thanks Nathan for the description. I have been reflecting on giving duality another go earlier this morning and this is the inspiration I need to do it.

  • I have grown to appreciate the technique of the duality more lately. At first I had a hard time seeing the value of the exercise, but I eventually grew to recognize what a powerful technique it is to experience a real detachment from the mind.

    I spent a day trying several practices of the duality a few months ago and it had a powerful effect on my inner state, even though I didn’t succeed in leaving the body with it. It was as if the technique helped me disentangle a great deal from all the complexity of the mind and experience a simpler and clearer state.

    The description of your experience in that higher dimension was quite moving. I could relate to the feelings you described. I have had some experiences in dreams where the dream had that special feeling, of being in a world of beauty and happiness quite distinct from normal life. It is an indescribably spiritual quality that stays with you for a time after.

  • Thanks for your experience, Nathan. Reading your take on it, the different benefits, and your experience inspires me to give the duality another go; it has been a while since I’ve done that practice. That used to be one of my favourites.

    Your tips on dealing with images is extremely simple and practical – thank you!

  • I totally agree Seraphim. One major benefit I’ve found to this practice is how much it reveals about how the mind works – all of the thoughts, images and so on. I sometimes think of it being like a great computer, running different coding languages that work together, and all these background processes you start to see clearly as the mind becomes more silent. It’s such a vast and complex thing each of us carries within, a real gift. I feel that with myself, I’ve only just barely scratched the surface of it!

  • Thanks for sharing Nathan, I can relate to your experience a lot – that feeling of sadness when you return to this dimension, and also how quiet persistence in a practice is essential, even when the mind is telling you it won’t work. Your experience makes me think of how important it is for people who long for spirituality to work on having their pwn practises. Even short experiences like this can have such profound effects on us.

  • Thank you, Nathan. What a beautiful experience. This morning I had a short astral experience where I felt I was floating in beauty, in love. It was hard to get back to my body and everything I had to face as the day began. It made me long to stay in the astral longer. I thought it was so lovely, that comforting feeling you got, that this world has beauty to it too. Because it’s always changing, transforming into something else. I’ve felt that too, I think. That this world is very beautiful, and also sad, painful. But that those heavier things have some sort of beauty to them too.

    • This is so interesting Anne Linn! I am seeing quite a few people here describing how they had a lucid dream or an astral experience after reading the articles here. I had a lucid dream last night too, its incredible! πŸ™‚

    • I’ve also found reading people’s experiences really inspiring :)! That sounds like a lovely experience Anne Linn. I sometimes find after astral experiences that this place doesn’t seem like the world,but instead it feels like a world. I can kind of relate to what you say about there being some beauty to those heavier things. I think they help give definition to beauty, and help the process of transformation happen here, so true beauty can develop. Makes you think about what the world could be!

      • “this place doesn’t seem like the world,but instead it feels like a world.”

        So very true! I’ve also had this feeling/truth/realization especially after seeing something that exists in both worlds.

  • Wow, how beautiful Nathan… I liked what you said here “There was this feeling that time had passed, as though I had been asleep, with a vague remembrance of the heaviness and darkness of the subconscious associated with that.” – how nice it would be to have just a “vague remembrance of the heaviness of the subconscious” that we currently find ourselves in. πŸ™‚

  • Thanks for sharing Nathan πŸ™‚ It really goes to show the after affects of a silenced mind, how maybe our perception is freed to experience the beauty of all things, and it could potentially change the way we view and live through everything.

    I agree with Geraldine, it is very inspiring that you felt comforted after you returned to your physical body, that this world isn’t so bad after all :-), and that it has its own wonderful values and purpose.

  • Hi Nathan,
    What a really neat and special experience! I can relate to that feeling of coming back after waking up and feeling like this world is such a heavy place to be in, but not knowing/remembering where I had been while asleep.. I find it so very meaningful that you were able to further grasp more information afterwards about how this world has also so much to offer:

    “I had this feeling come over me, almost comforting me, which conveyed there was a magic to this world too as things change here – growing, fading, becoming something else.”

    Very telling really what you say, about why the physical world exists in a sense, for us to have a place to learn and change – Thank you for sharing, that was truly inspiring!

    • Thanks Geraldine (and Olga!), in many ways that was one of the most meaningful parts of the whole experience. In some ways I didn’t want to accept that this world had anything ‘special’ to it per se, even if it was useful, so it was interesting to get that other perspective from over there.

      What you mentioned is similar to a thought I had at the time afterwards, that if this world allowed for transformation, then the best thing we could do is to change ourselves. That way we could reach a ‘heaven within’ as Belsebuub describes it no matter where we were, and stop contributing to the pain that’s in the world. Much easier said than done, but it seems like the best way to make use of the magic of this dimension.

      • I think you made some good points there Nathan about the need to change ourselves, if we wish to create a heaven on earth.


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