Experience submitted by Nathan Greene

Back in 2009 I had an experience which has still stayed vividly with me to this day. A group of friends and I were studying Belsebuub’s work and were looking into exercises to try to bring stillness to the mind.

There were many different benefits Belsebuub taught could be achieved from bringing the constant flow of thoughts to a stop, one of which was that if a person fell asleep with the mind completely silent, they could project into the 6th dimension, an area above the astral plane. The method I got the most out of was one known as the duality.

Duality Meditation Technique

I found this meditation helped give some insight into how the mechanics of the mind worked, observing the flow of thoughts, images and so on, but I’d never really given it much of an attempt as a way to have an out of body experience before, preferring other ones instead. As the group had agreed to dedicate a number of days to it though I decided to give it a go, trying it out during the day when I could and then giving it another attempt as I went to bed.

Coming Out of Body by Silencing the Mind

One night, without really expecting very much, I lay down in bed and relaxed my body. I had been out for an awareness walk not too long beforehand which had brought about a certain degree of stillness within and helped a lot with the practice.

I started to see different thoughts coming up, some of which seemed quite random, but kept applying the opposite as best I could.

Sometimes I wouldn’t be able to think of the opposite of a certain thought, but I took a friend’s advice they’d given once and tried not to dwell on those thoughts too much. I just did my best with them but moved onto the next thought that came up if one slipped by without silencing it.

If images popped up, I noticed they often had a meaning to them just the same as words tried to convey (like a desert scene indicating it’s hot for example), so I would try to imagine images that had an opposite meaning (like an Arctic scene in this case).

Photo by Dev Benjamin found on Unsplash.

Photo by Dev Benjamin found on Unsplash.

Suddenly, I found myself sitting bolt upright on my bed, without any memory of having gotten up. There was this feeling that time had passed, as though I had been asleep, with a vague remembrance of the heaviness and darkness of the subconscious associated with that. The colours of the walls in my room were different and much more vibrant.

Everything shone out at me and there was an intense feeling of beauty, one that’s impossible to fully explain in words.

The experience lasted for a short while, and then I found myself coming back into my physical body.

I had a real sense of coming back to a world that was quite mechanical and full of pain, and I actually started to sob quietly at being back in such a place.

I had this feeling come over me, almost comforting me, which conveyed there was a magic to this world too as things change here – growing, fading, becoming something else.

Interestingly, a few years later I read an account by someone who had also been studying Belsebuub’s works, where they described a similar feeling after they said they reached the 6th dimension.

I’ve described the experience to a few friends who are into these kind of things before, some of whom have said it may have been an experience of the 6th dimension, others who say it likely took place in the astral plane. My own feeling is the latter, that it was an astral experience influenced by a relatively silent mind.

It was a deeply moving experience either way, and became a big reminder that there’s much beauty and wonder in creation that we rarely perceive, but that’s worth reaching, both inside and outside of ourselves.

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