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My Astral Voyage to Machu Picchu

Experience Submitted by Lucia Beznik

This is a story of my struggle to get to the mystical location of Machu Picchu while taking Belsebuub’s online astral course some years ago.

A goal was set for the week to try each day to astral project to this city. We were given pictures of the location — usually ruins covered in fog, with fresh green grass growing among the stones. I liked the pictures very much, they had something in them that sparked my interest, and so I spent the entire week searching for even more pictures of this mysterious location on the internet. I would then visualize the place from different angles, imagining how I would land among the ruins.

Getting into the Astral Plane

A few days went by without any success, but I continued with my efforts, determined to make it sooner or later. On the fifth day I woke up early in the morning and decided to try projecting again. I could not focus very well though, and ended up being awake for some time.

Photo by James Preston, under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.
Photo by James Preston, under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

This was a blessing in disguise though, as my physical body suddenly fell asleep very quickly (just drifted off), while my mind stayed wide awake.

At that point, I found myself standing on a balcony. This made me question how I got there so quickly when just a second ago I was trying to fall asleep and so I realized that I was in the astral plane. I then asked to be taken to Machu Picchu and started flying, but found myself back in my body half way through my flight there.

I remained still and started to concentrate again. Due to my sleepy state, I soon found myself conscious in the astral again. I took a little jump, asked to be taken to Machu Picchu and started flying again.

After some time I found myself flying above some high mountains with a platform and an antique-looking railway on the top of a mountain. I thought it had to be my subconscious creating things, because I had never seen a railway located so high, so I continued to ask to be taken to Machu Picchu, but returned to my body shortly after that.

Negative Interference in the Astral Plane

As I was returning back to my body, I got a suffocating feeling, as if I was lying down with my face in the pillow. I decided to ignore the feeling and to continue concentrating on my destination and immediately found myself in the astral again, inside a big building reminding me of a warehouse.

I could still feel as if there was something stuffed in my mouth and throat. It was dry and suffocating, but I didn’t pay too much attention to it and just tried to get to some open air by flying out of the windows there.

However, every time I flew out of a window, I found myself in another hall; I could not get out of the building. It felt like a labyrinth of sorts, and I could not find my way out of it. All the time I was maintaining my determination to get to Machu Picchu though.

Encountering a Negative Entity

Then suddenly an entity appeared straight in front of me — a masculine-looking woman with dark eyes, staring at me. I looked into her eyes and thought “that’s what they mean by ‘evil eyes’.” There was nothing good in those eyes, just pure hatred and a determination to stop me or interfere with me in a negative way.

Surprisingly enough, I didn’t feel any fear; I just wanted to get rid of her quickly so I could get to my destination. I started to sing the Bellilin recitation for protection. The woman tried to tell me that this didn’t work on her, but I just continued anyway and after saying it 3 times she froze, but didn’t disappear.

I fled away and as I looked back I saw her still standing frozen in the same spot, so I started singing another round of those recitations to be sure she vanishes completely and didn’t follow me. When I finished, I finally managed to fly out of a window to a sunny landscape with bright colors.

In the same time, I felt something falling off my mouth, nose and ears — some “plugs” that were previously suffocating me. That’s when I finally realized that I had been under her negative interference that whole time. This entire struggle made me lose a lot of time and energy and my focus started to deteriorate. However, I kept asking to be taken to Machu Picchu.

Arriving at Machu Picchu

I must have been given some help at this point, because as soon as I asked I found myself amidst the rocky ruins of Machu Picchu.

I was standing on the bottom of the valley, and all I could see were ruins, lots of stones scattered all around, with majestic mountains towering high above me. I have never seen such high mountains before and decided to take a flight and look at the whole area from above.

Public domain photo found here. (This image has been modified)
Public domain photo found here. (This image has been modified)

As I was flying, I saw blue water running in a stony tub — it was an aqueduct. I found it strange and could not imagine who would build the aqueducts at such high altitude.

The Mystical and Musical Mountains of Machu Picchu

I suddenly became aware that the whole area was actually resonating with music, the mountains were singing! It was an Andean type of tune, similar to the Andean folk music we can find in the physical plane, but even more refined and beautiful.

Also, it was not like in the physical dimension, where we hear music being played from an outside source, here the music was everywhere, as if emanating from the mountains themselves. It seemed to be the natural sound of the area and now I was a part of it.

A strong emotion of joy came over me as soon as I became aware of this, and as a result, I woke up in my physical body shortly afterwards, still feeling the soothing sensation of the music vibrating within me.

Verifying What Was Real

Public domain image found here.
Public domain image found here.

Some days later, I decided to verify some things I saw during my experience. Could the railway be real? Are there aqueducts in Machu Picchu?

I have never heard about these things before, but after doing some internet research I finally found out that there is actually a railway in that area, looking exactly as I saw it in my experience, and it is one of the highest located railways in the world. I also found out about the aqueducts built there, in order to bring the water up to the city. I saw this astral experience as proof that in addition to mystical experiences, astral traveling can also provide objective knowledge about places and things we have never visited in the physical.

  • What an amazing experience Lucia! It was great that you would keep trying and fighting against the obstacles and attacks. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Such determination Lucia! Good job! Interesting to note the negative being ‘blocked’ your perception and was then able to confuse you. You account of the music is wonderful too. I’ve heard such beautiful music in the astral and to imagine that the mountains themselves resonate with the music of the Andes just blows me away. Quite like how it’s describes by Judas in Flight of the Feathered Serpent as well…

  • Wow. I just kept going “oh wow” at every step of your experience, Lucia 🙂 What a beautiful visit with so many insights into this magical place. Thank you so much for sharing — very inspiring.

  • Thanks very much for sharing this account of your persistent efforts Lucia. I found it inspiring that you were able to keep going despite obstacles and negative interference. What you mentioned about the plugs and being suffocated seemed to show the level of disruption that you needed to overcome, along with finding yourself in a kind of labyrinth that you couldn’t get out of.

    However, it’s great that despite the continued interference from the negative side, you were able to become clear and eventually reach your destination. What really stood out for me was the fact that you were able to clearly verify the existence of the railway and aqueduct exactly as you saw them, neither of which you had any previous knowledge of. This must have come as a real boost, as it confirmed that the experience was real and objective, rather than just a figment of your imagination.

    The experience of the mountains being alive with music also sounded very special and memorable.

  • Amazing experience Lucia. It is wonderful to have such inspiration and lightness in the physical world to be able to let go of all daily concerns and even attacks to just focus on a goal. Apart from that it’s inspiring to hear about the music of Machu Picchu.

  • Thank you for sharing this experience, Lucia. It’s inspiring to read how dedicated you were to your astral goal and how eventually it paid off beautifully. 🙂

  • What a wonderful experience Lucia. It was well worth the persistence and effort you put in to succeed and overcome the obstacles in your way.

    It was really interesting to hear about the ‘plugs’ that were suffocating you and how they fell out when you got rid of that entity.

    It sounds like you really got to see Machu Picchu well, being able to fly over it and see all those details. It must have been magical to hear the music there.

    • Thanks Sue. Regarding the “plugs”, you know what was funny was that they were even wet after falling off my mouth, nose and ears. Just like any regular cotton plugs after being in the mouth or nose for a while… 🙂 Not sure how exactly that magic worked, but it was interesting how physical it felt and even looked like.

  • Wow! Lucia, what an amazing experience. How interesting that you heard music emanating from the mountains themselves – must have been a really magical experience.
    the fact that you realised that you had been attacked for a while was very inspiring as you kept going despite your challenges.

  • Thank you Lucia for sharing this beautiful experience and the video/music too. Machu Picchu always inspired me, but the way you describe your all efforts on this makes it more inspiring indeed.

    The part with the music was amazing and touched me deeper. It reminded me of a short but beautiful clear dream I had in the past where I was walking and I could hear diffusible classic music, and the happiness for this made me slowly wake up. I never have heard such a beautiful music in the physical world. Music can be magical and the point of nature having it’s music inspires me a lot.

  • What an amazing experience and determination Lucia!

    And discovering the music of the region must have been quite a wonderful surprise in hearing it emanate from the very living fabric of that landscape. It made me wonder if the music was inherent of that area from ancient times and the ancient people picked up on it or if its the resounding of ancient music from ancient peoples that has been embedded with that nature eternally.

    Thanks for sharing so much through this experience, it was wonderful to learn about your trials and determination!

    • I have the same exact questions Layla… Were it the ancients who imbued the music into the mountains, or were the ancients tapping into the inherent music of the mountains? Something like the famous question of what came first – a chicken or an egg. 🙂

      • Interesting you felt the same intrigue.

        You know as I was reading your reply, I was wondering if somehow you would one day be able to find the answer that question, and then I heard this music in my ears just out of the blue, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9Kb3DD0oEw Song of the Ocarina.

        I have been to Machu Picchu in a trip many years ago in the physical and yes there is a train line there that people use to visit the site. It is a spectacular place but unfortunately I wasn’t able to spend as much time as I would have liked there and with so many people it was difficult to take it all in – the energy was kind of busy with people walking around everywhere. Your wonderful experience goes to show how incredible it can be to experience these places in the Astral and learn so much more.

      • Hi Layla, your trip to Machu Picchu reminds me a little of my visit to Stonehenge. It had become a busy tourist attraction and this put a layer of different energy on the site at the time and I couldn’t really feel much there because of it. Whereas sometimes being alone at a not-so-famous site, or even better being there it in the astral world, can give a much better connection to the spiritual feeling of place.

  • Thank you for sharing Lucia. I especially love the music you describe, the mountains singing. It makes me wonder if all nature has a music it to it, that we cannot hear in this dimension. Or maybe we can, if we listen very closely 🙂 Your persistence with this practice is very inspiring to me.

  • Amazing experience Lucia!
    It is an inspiration for me
    Your persistence was unique in order to take a very good result.
    Nice the music/video you suggested.
    Thank you for sharing

  • Thank you very much for sharing this magical experience Lucia. Your determination in getting past all the obstacles is inspiring, as well as the amazing rewarding experience you gained as a result. I have been stopped in my astral efforts by and even feeling afraid to try because of this feeling of being suffocated, as the sensation feels quite physical of not being able to breathe. But the astral body is different so I don’t think it needs to breathe! 😮 Somehow I haven’t realized it could be just interference from negative beings in the astral and have given up too quickly, wondering what is going on. But your determination is contagious 😉

    • Yes, looks like those negative entities can invoke all sorts of feelings that can be quite strong! I remember back in the astral course of Belsebuub, one person projected to the Pyramids of Egypt and said he found himself standing on the top of the Sphinx. But as soon as he realised he was standing there, he fell with his face down. Tried to get up, but could not… Then he realised his legs were chained! Don’t remember if he did Bellilin or not, but just thought this was a really weird kind of attack. :-O

  • Hi Karim, thank you for your comment.

    Yes, the music was quite something… that’s why I woke up so quickly – could not take in so much beauty! 🙂 I don’t remember any specific tune, just the type of music – it sounded very similar to the traditional Andean music, it had that same scale, instruments (as far as I could say) and the warbling/trilling sounds, but was everywhere, and even resonating within me… It felt as if the mountains themselves were impregnated with it, like it was their innate sound.

    This actually made me wonder later if the native people of that area play that kind of music as a result of their intuitive tapping into this music of the mountains. Maybe not the people today, but back when this typical native style of music was developed. I feel it could be because the people of those times somehow tapped into it and expressed it through their physical instruments.

    If I had to chose one video/music that makes me feel in a somewhat similar way, then maybe this one would be it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_H1WZ8KPkE&list=PL5F4AACB7FFEB3EE1&index=24

    • Beautiful experience Lucia! Funny how you said you couldn’t ‘take’ so much beauty! Makes me think of how, in this work, we are trying to build internal bodies that are able to hold a higher frequency of energy.

      Very interesting about the music being innate in the mountains too – I wonder if different areas have different sounds? Wouldn’t it just be amazing to be able to hear these sounds with our inner ears?

      • I’ve considered this as well at times Ella. Really feeling that what a normal psyche can experience spiritually has got a definite cap, a limit. And how something needs to fundamentally happen to go beyond it.

    • That music is so beautiful!

      Along with those images of the place it makes me think how wonderful it would be to live there at its spiritual high time. The mystical and daily life much more blended together, being a child running and playing outside in nature. 🙂

  • Wow Lucia, what a lovely adventure. Your description along with those images gave me some sense of what your experience must’ve been like. It seems like a wonderful place to visit in the astral dimension.

    Great to read as well that you’re efforts were rewarded, I’ve also found the same thing that when I put a lot of effort in I often get helped.

    Do you have any particular song that you found that comes closest to what you heard? (although I understand it would obviously not be the same, nor be the same experience.)

    The encounter with the negative entity is all too familiar. Feeling something wrong and trying to overcome it for a long time only to find out later it was because of the influence of such beings. What I’ve also had a lot of times is where they try to thwart my singing efforts by ‘bending’ my voice, trying to make me go off track with the words, or like you say acting (before having finished it 3 times) as if it doesn’t have an impact on them and thus attempting to undermining one’s confidence etc. Sometimes it would require me to put in everything I have to maintain my focus on finishing the recitation three times. But when done properly these recitations always work. On the positive side sometimes when encountering an evil being I would just need to start and they’d decide to leave right away because they knew, and knew I knew, that it would overcome them.

    Anyway thanks for sharing that magical experience!!

  • What a neat experience Lucia! That is really cool how you were able to keep your focus and just get rid of that negative entity with the recitation! I remember another lady a few years back telling me that she had no fears in the astral because the recitations always worked, while in the physical she did not feel so ‘brave’! How amazing you were able to verify facts about Machu Picchu that you did not know but uncovered via your astral travel, that something I always treasure to be able to gain these simple yet powerful verification.

    • Ha ha… I can relate to the fear thing! Even using it as a “reality check” sometimes, as I found I am often not afraid in the astral in situations where I would normally be in the physical. I remember once walking through a forest alone and wondering how weird I don’t feel any fear, which helped me to realise I was in the astral. 🙂


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