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How I Met a Spiritual Being in the Astral Plane

Experience submitted by Olga Grapsas

While taking some courses by Belsebuub, I increasingly became aware of how my daily activities had an effect on my dreams. So I made focused attempts at practising mindfulness and awareness of the present moment every day, especially by taking walks where I focused on feeling the senses and being free of internal chatter.

It All Started with a Lucid Dream

One night, I had a dream where I was half lucid, walking down a busy city area trying to hold a concentrated and focused attention on walking.

It was a bright day, and I was walking for a while down a long sidewalk with shop windows on my right about a meter away. I could feel that I was holding onto a goal to maintain a sense of inward focus and awareness for as long as I could go.

It is hard to explain how much I knew whether or not it was a dream, but there was something about what I was seeing and going through that felt like I needed to explore and not lose consciousness.

I remember feeling the subtle pressure of wanting to turn my head and look into the window shop displays that I was quickly passing by. But I maintained my attention on walking and looking ahead, feeling every step I was making that would take me forward as I continued with a focused attention on moving on.

The scenes around me were not distinct, like a fast moving blur that moved passed me as I continued walking. I was not paying attention to anything but walking ahead, so I don’t remember any details or observations of what I was passing other than it being an urban area with a road on my left, some tall trees, people walking past me, and shops with large windows and merchandise displays on my right. It was a scene I was normally accustomed to.

By Nick Page from Hertford, UK (The Les Paul Temptation) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By Nick Page from Hertford, UK (The Les Paul Temptation) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

A Mystical Encounter

After having walked in this concentrated focus for some time, all of a sudden, the dream vanished. The scene I had been in which didn’t seem like it could be timed, maybe lasted for at least 15 minutes to half an hour, completely disappeared, as though a veil had been lifted. I then found myself in a room, fully conscious and knowing that I was out of my body.

I felt the weight and position of my body very clearly, as though I was standing and observing the room while wide awake. I was very aware of the space between myself and the walls and furniture. The room was small to medium sized and had two tables and a few chairs. I also tried to maintain that same internal focus I held for so long just a few moments before. About two meters in front of me was a spiritual being waiting for me, smiling and happy to see me.

When I returned to my body and was back in my bed, I wondered if that spiritual being was behind the first part of my experience when I had been walking down the sidewalk. Did he create the dream scene and then make it disappear? I could also see how the experience highlighted the positive impact of the spiritual exercises I had been doing in daily life (such as focusing on awareness of the present moment).

The experience remains so vivid that I can remember it like it was yesterday.

Belsebuub sharing some insight on how to earn mystical experiences & real esoteric knowledge from the higher dimensions.

  • Hey Olga,
    That is a really neat experience! It made me realize how we can be taught in the astral in something which may seems like nothing yet carries so much. And it seems to me that by the end of the experience, you were being shown and rewarded for your efforts with a special visit 🙂
    Very encouraging and inspiring to read, glad you shared this one.

  • Thanks for sharing this, Olga. I feel in turn that I’ve received a small reward just reading it as it gives encouragement to be determined and even have a clear goal when exploring awareness. Wishing you many more similar experiences!

  • Thanks very much for sharing. It is very inspiring to read about meeting a spiritual being, and even the fact that we are able to share and talk about such an experience is testimony to the power of Belsebuub’s work.

  • It really seems like the efforts you were making during waking life translated into your dream and then you got to experience something amazing as a result. Very inspiring indeed.

  • Whenever I work towards being aware in every moment there is always a reward. Your experience demonstrates that very well Olga. And it’s great to share these experiences so that people can be reminded what it takes to fight for the light and what we create with our efforts.

  • Thanks Olga – what a great experience. Such a normal situation – I can totally imagine the usual meandering down the high-street, having your attention drawn by the shop windows and letting yourself be sucked in as and when something desirable arises in front of your eyes. Such a common and acceptable way to live, and yet so draining. And then to be in that same everyday scenario but inwardly different, it shows how we can spend every waking minute either in the pursuit of awakening or just immersed in a daydream.

    • Exactly Ella, I found there was a very expansive lesson about how much life can suck us into unnecessary fascination and identification (all the time) , yet those moments walking down that sidewalk were magical, even whilst being in this continual effort. Deep down, I knew it was worth it.

  • Very nice experience, Olga. You must have been putting in very,very strong efforts towards awareness in the day, to see such a strong effort while in the astral. I don’t think I could manage 15 minutes of fighting for awareness in the astral: I’d forget myself within a minute or two 🙂

    What a nice reward for your efforts. So nice of that spiritual being to be there to welcome you once you could see the reality of your surroundings.

  • Super inspiring Olga… I keep struggling with awareness a lot, especially with keeping it going on a regular basis. Your experience inspired me to try harder.

  • That was a very inspiring and valuable experience you shared there Olga. Like Layla said, your enthusiasm for the experience of spiritual practice really comes through, as the importance of persistent efforts to achieve one’s internal goals.


  • Very inspiring experience, Olga.

    As the others wrote, it is a nice motivation to practice the awareness with strong will during the day.

  • I agree, it seems to be a great way to learn and understand that lesson.

    Nice of you to share your experience Olga. There’s such a world of difference between living life psychologically asleep or living life while being awake awake in awareness!

    Reading your story is a nice motivation to focus on for the rest of the day 🙂

    • Thanks Karim, yes this experience has really highlighted itself for me in the past few days, resonating a deep call towards living life awake. The comparison of this experience and the memory, and flavors associated with it offer an interesting comparison to when I feel myself pulled into psychological sleep during the day, whether I am daydreaming, having random discussions or making meaningless remarks, or reflections on how am I doing. Its a memory that stays quite close to me, like an answer to many things. And the moment I feel myself anchored again in awareness, I feel I am on to something and my dreams again are changing.

  • That is very inspiring Olga. I can just imagine that it was indeed that spiritual being who had put you in the dream scenario and was observing you behind the scenes all the time with a smile on his face.

  • That’s a really motivating experience, thanks for sharing that. Seems like a really clear teaching in there about staying focused – and quite the inspiring reward!

  • That’s such an inspiring experience Olga and I was really touched by your real heartfelt and determined efforts to experience spirituality. To see it transpire into waking up in the astral is such a wonderful experience.

    I hope you have many more experiences to spur you on and hopefully be able to share with us too!


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