Experience submitted by Olga Grapsas

During a period when I was immersed in a lot of spiritual practice and activity while taking some courses by Belsebuub, I increasingly became aware of how my daily activities had an effect on my dreams.

Every day I would go for a walk to practice mindfulness and awareness of the present moment, trying to feel the senses and be free of internal chatter. I would try the same at work or when I was at home doing some house chores.

It wasn’t impossible. But it wasn’t easy.

It All Started With a Lucid Dream

One night, I had a dream where I was half lucid, walking down a busy city area trying to hold a concentrated and focused attention on walking. It was a bright day, and I was walking for a while down a long sidewalk with shop windows on my right about a meter away. I could feel that I was holding onto a goal to maintain a sense of inward focus and awareness for as long as I could go.

It is hard to explain how much I knew whether or not it was a dream, but there was something about what I was seeing, experiencing and going through that felt like I needed to explore and not lose consciousness from.

I remember feeling the subtle pressure of wanting to turn my head and look into the window shop displays that I was quickly passing by. But I maintained my attention on walking and looking ahead, feeling every step I was making that would take me forward and forward as I continued with a focused attention on moving on.

The scenes around me were not distinct, like a fast moving blur that moved passed me as I continued walking. I was not paying attention to anything but walking ahead, so I don’t remember any details or observations of what I was passing other than it being an urban area with a road on my left, some tall trees, people walking passed me, and shops with large windows and merchandise displays on my right. It was a scene I was normally accustomed to, and would often peer into the window or enter the stores on a given day.

By Nick Page from Hertford, UK (The Les Paul Temptation) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

By Nick Page from Hertford, UK (The Les Paul Temptation) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

A Mystical Encounter

After having walked in this concentrated focus for quite some time, all of a sudden, the dream vanished and was no more. The scene I had been in which didn’t seem like it could be timed, maybe lasted for at least 15 minutes to half an hour, completely disappeared, as though a veil had been lifted. I then found myself in a room, fully conscious of myself and knowing that I was out of my body.

This time the question of whether I was in fact sleeping or not was 100% obvious and determinable. I felt the weight and position of my body very clearly, as though I was standing and observing the room while wide awake. I was very aware of the space between myself and the walls and furniture. The room was small to medium sized and had two tables and a few chairs. I also tried to maintain that same internal focus I held for so long just a few moments before. About two meters in front of me was a spiritual being waiting for me, smiling and very happy to see me.

When I returned to my body and was back in my bed, I couldn’t believe what I had just experienced and wondered if that spiritual being was behind the first part of my experience when I had been walking down the sidewalk. Did he create the dream scene and then make it disappear?

I was filled with excitement with the realism of what had happened to me, and how different the dream world was to the conscious experience of being out-of-the-body and encountering a spiritual being who existed only in higher dimensions.

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The experience remains so vivid that I can remember it like it was yesterday. It gave me faith in the importance and credibility of spiritual exercises and the impact of awareness and the present moment in daily life. The practical approach towards spiritual activity I gained from taking Belsebuub‘s courses benefited me greatly, allowing mystical experiences to become reachable realities.