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My Experiences with Bellilin

Experience Submitted by Lucia Beznik

Upon hearing the Bellilin recitation for the first time on an MP3 recording done by Belsebuub, I loved how gentle it sounded, and this simple “weapon” against anything negative became my favorite tool to use.

As with everything though, it took me some time to figure out the details. For example for a while I would be confused and stop applying this recitation in the astral plane when I found out that I could not hear my voice there anymore. However, this was just a trick that the negative beings used to undermine my confidence in this tool.

A friend told me back then, that the recitation works even if sung mentally, and after confirming it worked that way too, I found it to be very effective in all kinds of situations in the astral plane, as well as in the physical world.

Bellilin as a Wind

One morning, shortly after attempting to astral project with the mantra Egypto, I found myself conscious in the astral plane, flying, while still singing the mantra. As I was flying, trying to move my hands and legs in my usual ‘swimming style’, I realized that something was obstructing my flight by holding my arms so they could not move.

In the same time, I also felt very heavy, could not see, and the flying was very difficult. I figured those had to be some negative astral entities trying to prevent me from my explorations as usual, so I immediately started to sing the recitation Bellilin for dispelling any negativity. This recitation has to be sung 3 times for it to be effective, and after singing my second round, I started to be able to see…

I saw this recitation working very well in the past (entities disappearing or freezing from it), but was not prepared for what I was about to see this time.

I saw those people/entities that were holding me before being literally blown away from me in all directions, like some powerless puppets, their hair and clothes ruffling in the air, as if they were amidst a hurricane. After finishing my third round of the recitation, they were gone.

The interesting thing was that even though these beings were being blown away with such a force, I didn’t feel any wind on myself at all and was not affected by it, nor were the other people who were present in that astral landscape (there were some people on the ground below me, going about their business).

Only those that were holding me were blown away. This experience corroborated with what I have heard before, but never witnessed myself before: that Bellilin is indeed a wind that blows away any negativity.

Some Funny Encounters

Despite the fact that these encounters with negative entities may sound scary, I discovered that the reality is that these beings were just trying to stop me from my astral explorations. 

And while some encounters were very unpleasant, some were more on a funny side.

On one occasion, after becoming lucid and not remembering my astral goal very well, I just aimlessly flew from one rooftop to another, enjoying the flying sensations.

Soon, I was joined by a being and we jumped together, even having a conversation of sorts that I no longer remember. Only after some time, it occurred to me to start applying the recitation. As I started singing it, the being told me that it was nice to meet me, but that he was very busy now and had to go. While still singing my recitation, he departed…

On another occasion, I felt being blocked in my movement (a typical sign of the presence of a negative being) and started singing Bellilin. Gradually, I felt the grasp on me loosening, until I was free completely. However, the entity that held me didn’t disappear, I just saw it walking away.

I was somewhat outraged at this (how could he block me before and then just walk away as if it’s nothing!) and I let my anger start to manifest and started running after him, beating him with my fists on his back. Amused, he turned to me and told me that I had no idea how busy he was, and that “they need to walk around in the astral and check on people.

I woke up shortly afterwards, a bit disappointed that I let myself become so angry instead of just doing more rounds of the recitation. On the other hand, it was interesting to hear a bit about the agenda that these beings have.

Bellilin in the Physical World

After hearing some people talk about how they used this recitation also in the physical world, whenever there was some sort of negativity going on around them, I decided to try this too.

An opportunity presented itself one day while traveling by a train, in a compartment of 8 people. There was a mother sitting across from me, with a little child on her lap. Something seemed to be wrong with the boy, as he kept disrupting the atmosphere in the compartment by constantly moving, even beating or biting his mom. She tried to calm him down by speaking peacefully to him, but he would not listen.

After some time of witnessing this, I decided to sing Bellilin mentally to see if it would improve anything. After singing it three times, the boy calmed down for a while (like five minutes or so), before starting to torture his mom again. So I sung Bellilin again, and again he calmed down.

This repeated a few times, until they got off the train. 

It was interesting for me to see this recitation working in the physical world, and also how it had this ‘time frame’, during which it was effective, as I found a similar thing happening in the astral plane too. Even after I got rid of a negative entity there, after some time I would be attacked again, and need to apply the recitation again.

  • I am new to belsebuubs work. The audio file of bellilin is no longer available and he has said it has to be pronounced correctly for it to work. Can anyone tell me the correct pronunciation of bellilin? Is it pronounced bell – uh – Lin? I am mostly wondering about the second syllable. Is it pronounced uh, ah (like the ‘a’ in account), or il ?

    Thank you

    • Hi Violet,
      In my experience, this is how you pronounce “Bellilin”: Be-lli-lin as Be = bay, lli = lee, lin = lean, with these 3 syllables.
      I have found also that having faith in it is also key – like just “knowing” that it works.
      Best wishes with your astral explorations!

    • Hi Violet,

      The second one is “lee” as Geraldine mentioned, but just very short. The first one (Bell) is prolonged, and sung a bit higher than the other 2 syllables. The last syllable (lin), is also a bit prolonged, especially the “n”, and sung at the same note as the middle one. Not sure if it is of any help, but at least something. 🙂 Hopefully the audio files will be back up at some point.

      Wishing all the best with your astral explorations!

  • Thank you for sharing these experiences Lucia. About Bellilin in physical, I had one experience with it that I still remember very clearly. It happened during my work in the forest with my co-workers. After some time working, we decided to take a little break as we usually do. My friends started talking and joking around and suddenly, the communication turned very lustful. I didn’t like it and didn’t want to participate in the discussion, but it was very difficult as here and there, my friends would turn to me, asking me what i thought, etc. At first I was just quiet, avoiding answers or trying to turn the conversation in a different direction. It didn’t work tough, and I didn’t know what else I could do. Only after some time I remembered from Belsebuub’s courses how the negative entities can sometimes stir up people’s egos in physical dimension so they manifest with greater strength and how it is possible to protect ourselves with Bellilin recitation. So I started pronouncing this mantra mentally, trying to be very focused and not let myself to be distracted by my friends’ remarks. At first it didn’t seem to have any effect, but as soon as I said the recitation for the third time, my friends stopped the conversation immediately and went each after their own business.

  • Thanks for sharing those experiences Lucia. It’s amazing how you saw the effects of chanting Bellilin literally as a divine wind over in the astral plane. Its effect on the little boy on the train was also noteworthy.

  • These are very interesting experiences with the Bellilin recitation Lucia. It’s good that you had that proof of what the entities in the astral really want from us. It can be a very scary encounter if we don’t understand what they are about.

  • Just wanted to say that I think this article is to thank for my success with Bellelin last night! After becoming aware I was dreaming I had all kinds of problems with not being able to fly, not being able to remember what I wanted to do, etc., so I did the Bellelin and things became much clearer. I still didn’t see it as wind though, but felt like I’d been ‘unlocked’. I then could fly better and was able to get rid of some little menacing entities with the Jupiter … I don’t think I would even have been able to see what was there without the Bellelin and really feel like I remembered to do it (sometime I totally forget) because of all this new interest in the astral these articles have given me – so thanks again for sharing!

    • That’s awesome Ella! And I know what you are talking about; I also felt a lot of inspiration from reading people’s accounts here and became lucid in my dream as a result. 🙂 Bellilin is awesome, I like how it clears the whole area, like a kind of “light-bomb” – you throw it and everything around you is cleared. 😀

      • “Light bomb” – great term! Yes it’s amazing how it works on so many levels – so often there’s been something not quite right in the astral that it has helped clear, like not being able to see or a ‘drunk’ feeling in my body. In that state there’s no chance to do the Jupiter conjuration, but to sing Bellelin always helps.

  • Thanks Lucia, a great example of how to use this wonderful recitation and how effective it is.

  • Nice experiences Lucia.

    It’s awesome how effective is the Bellilin recitation. In the beginning, you think that it will not work but when you apply it three times, you can see how much effective is against negative situations and beings in the astral plane.

  • Lovely experiences Lucia. Bellilin always sounded very beautiful to me, to sing it, and I like that it’s a wind blowing away negativity 🙂 It’s interesting, that being you met who said he was checking on people in the astral. It’s almost surprising to me that they would be so diligent to get people who are even a little bit aware. That it’s very important to them that no one gets to explore the astral consciously.

    • Yes, looks like they are VERY determined… or possibly have instructions to be very determined about that. Today I had another encounter, with an entity that looked just like my father. At first I was unconscious, but then something happened and I started vaguely remmebering that he had died already. Still not quite aware, I just wanted to hug him and enjoy that I can at least be with him in my dreams. So I came to him (or what I thought was him), hugged him, but then noticed I can’t see him, it was just pitch dark everywhere. So I asked him why he does not put on some light. And the entity replied with a weird voice “You know why” and then I abruptly woke up. :-O So looks like they are playing on our trust by looking like our family members very often, and it works well if we are unconscious there.

  • Neat Bellilin experience, Lucia. Seeing the entities blown away by the wind would be great. I’ve often just seen them walk away or disappear… but seeing a gust of wind take them away would sure be nice!

  • Very good point Karim – What you said reminds me of the allegorical story of the ‘drowning man’ who prays to God to be saved, and though he gets help from various people to save him out of the flooding waters, he refuses that help three times because he expected some type of supernatural power to save him, and he ended up drowning.
    Common sense exists for a reason 😉

  • Some good stories of your favourite go-to recitation there Lucia 🙂

    I’ve also used it in the astral many times to dispel negative beings and influences around me. We’re very lucky to know that song.

    And like you I’ve also used recitations succesfully in the physical world in different scenarios. Although it’s important to know on what they have an effect and what they don’t affect, so that we use common sense and act physically if needed as well.

  • I was laughing aloud at your funny encounters with those mean entities Lucia! It’s interesting indeed how he told you about what they were doing, ‘walking around and checking on people.’

    That’s beautiful when you actually experienced Bellilin as a wind.

    Many times when I’ve tried to sing the Bellilin in the astral to get rid of a negative entity or some kind of block, I didn’t have any voice like you said, or it sounded really distorted or scary, or I had to make a great effort to make a sound, or something like that. But I learnt to just keep going with it, even mentally if I had to, and it was always effective in the end if I managed to finish with it. Also like you said, they’ve only ever tried to block me or scare me, but haven’t actually done anything to me.

    • You know, that entity actually told me something like “we go around and check on the people that….” but I don’t remember what kind of people he told. I can only guess on people that are showing the signs of becoming lucid and awakening from their slumber.

      • Yes, that seems likely, trying to stop people from even remotely exploring the astral. It is amazing to know (some of?) their agenda as well as how to get rid of them. Much less likely to be stopped by them.

  • Great experiences with Bellelin Lucia! I remember the first time I tried it in the physical I was riding a horse that was really spooked by something invisible; I started singing it quietly and the horse gradually calmed down. I’ve since tried it many times in the physical and it seems to work, but of course, in the astral you can really see its power. Though I’ve never seen it as a wind, it has helped me to get rid of dark forces, and I’ve used a ‘visualization/sense’ of it as a purifying wind when chanting it, which really seems to add a power to it.


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