Experience submitted by Laura

Experience submitted by Laura Boeva

This experience is a special one for me because it happened during a difficult time in my life.

I had been studying Belsebuub’s work on spirituality for some years but I felt empty and dark within and like I couldn’t find a way back to the light.


My husband and I were traveling to investigate a sacred place where we wanted to celebrate the autumn equinox, inspired by Belsebuub and Lara Atwood’s book, The Path of the Spiritual Sun.

I believe the experience could have been given in connection to our activity and effort in getting to this place, which was a bit out of the way, deep in the mountains. We spent the night in my husband’s hometown on the way there.

Photo by Jasper Boer, on Unsplash.

Photo by Jasper Boer, on Unsplash.

Teachings from a Spiritual Being

In his book The Astral Codex, Belsebuub explains that higher beings may come to teach you during an astral experience without your expecting it. I was not expecting anything for that night; I was in a random dream scenario, without awareness of myself or that I was dreaming.

Two spiritual beings suddenly came up to me, and one asked, pretty rhetorically, what I was doing there, to help me realize I was dreaming.

I didn’t fully become conscious but got really excited and emotional. I’ve found that in the astral plane it’s important to be clear of emotions or thoughts, because they become your reality and it makes it hard to see what’s really there.

The beings started walking away so I thought to myself, ‘Oh, I have to be clear and follow them.’ So I followed a few paces after them with the dream scenery still around me.

After a short walk one of the beings showed me a few symbolic drawings. Again I was starting to get exaggeratedly excited, which would have prevented me from paying attention and might have ended the experience, but he very patiently, without any annoyance and in a caring way tried to bring my attention back to his teaching.

Again I thought to myself, ‘I better be calm and concentrate,’ and I did and he was able to show me some more. Soon after that I got submerged into another dream, before shortly waking up in my physical body.

The Symbolic Language of the Astral Plane


By Steve F-E-Cameron (Merlin-UK) – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Some time later I saw a drawing similar to the symbols the spiritual being had shown me, in an ancient Egyptian papyrus.

I think I had seen that Egyptian image even before my experience but had never paid attention to that particular symbol, or even known it was something meaningful. This was incredible to me as I had read in Belsebuub’s work that the symbols found in many ancient texts and ancient sites around the world originated from the astral plane, and here I had seen it in my dream.


I wish I had been more clear in the astral to take the opportunity to perhaps ask some personal questions to this being or get more teachings or continuing the experience, but it is amazing he had such love to personally come to get me from my subconscious dream.

I feel this was an expression of divine help and mercy, and shows that we are not alone and forgotten even in our darkest time.