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An Unexpected Lesson on Symbols from My Dreams

Experience submitted by Laura
Experience submitted by Laura Boeva

Once, my husband and I were traveling to visit an ancient sacred place which was a bit out of the way, deep in the mountains. We spent the night in my husband’s hometown on the way there.

This is when this dream experience took place, where I received an unexpected teaching from a spiritual being.

Photo by Jasper Boer, on Unsplash.
Photo by Jasper Boer, on Unsplash.

Teachings from a Spiritual Being

In his book The Astral Codex, Belsebuub explains that higher beings may come to teach you during an astral experience without your expecting it. I was not expecting anything for that night; I was in a random dream scenario, without awareness of myself or that I was dreaming.

Two spiritual beings suddenly came up to me, and one asked, pretty rhetorically, what I was doing there, to help me realize the circumstances were unusual and I was dreaming.

I didn’t fully become conscious but got really excited and emotional. I’ve found that in the astral plane it’s important to be clear of emotions or thoughts, because they become your reality and it makes it hard to see what’s really happening there.

The beings started walking away so I thought to myself, ‘Oh, I have to be clear of this excitement and follow them.’ So I followed a few paces after them with the dream scenery still around me.

After a short walk one of the beings showed me a few symbolic drawings. Again I was starting to get exaggeratedly excited, which would have prevented me from paying attention and might have ended the experience, but he very patiently, without any annoyance and in a caring way tried to bring my attention back to his teaching.

Again I thought to myself, ‘I better be calm and concentrate,’ and I did and he was able to show me some more. Soon after that I got submerged into another dream, before shortly waking up in my physical body.

The Symbolic Language of the Astral Plane

By Steve F-E-Cameron (Merlin-UK) – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Some time later I saw a drawing similar to the symbols the spiritual being had shown me, in an ancient Egyptian papyrus.

I think I had seen that Egyptian image even before my experience but had never paid attention to that particular symbol, or even known it was something meaningful. This was incredible to me as I had read in Belsebuub’s work that the symbols found in many ancient texts and ancient sites around the world originated from the astral plane, and here I had seen it in my dream.

  • Hi Laura,

    What a wonderful experience you had. It makes me very happy and full of hope to hear how much patience and effort this spiritual being put into helping you became aware and giving you teachings.

    Divine mercy is such a magical gift to receive especially in times of darkness.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Such a lovely experience Laura. Sometimes I’ve had dreams and little experiences that seemed just given to me out of nowhere. To help me I’m sure. It always felt like a gift, something given out of love.

    • Yes 🙂 I think it is sometimes meant to help to get you out of feeling like things are impossible and will never improve. Like their gentle encouragement can help change my attitude of heavy troubles and worries to a similar gentle honest trying within.

  • It seems such a nice experience to get especially when you are in a great need of it. As you said the divine has a great mercy and love towards those that strive towards the spiritual. Thanx Laura!

    • It seems that our honest striving is our best qualifying factor 🙂 I mean they say we couldn’t do any of the spiritual work alone, so what we can do is really only our best in making efforts towards what we know is a better and more spiritual way of living. Without doubts or fear or being dejected but always upwards.

  • Thank you for deciding to share this particular experience, Laura. I have been continuously amazed and humbled by the care and willingness for help and encouragement that the Divine has showed in my dreams when I’ve gone the wrong way. It seems they are always at work giving and hoping that people will hear their message and return to the Light. Thank you! 🙂

    • This is beautiful, thank you Pavlin. I suppose/hope the divine doesn’t give up on us, but maybe we sometimes give up on ourselves/them.

  • Lovely experience Laura. There’s so much in that whole experience and leading up to it, that I’m sure has so much meaning for you and also inspires me

    Understanding symbols is not an easy task but in the astral I’ve found that we understand things intuitively, and its like our intuition is our primary way of understanding there compared to here where we rely on the mind so much. Maybe the more we use intuition here we would use it there more too?

  • Amazing experience there Laura.
    And yes, it is very easy to forget that the help from divine beings is there, just there. It is easy to become despondent and believe that because we have begun to give up on ourselves then everyone else has. But this is not the case, and as you stated the beings of Light are ever-patient and caring. If only we remembered this more often, it would
    add to the impetus needed to work consistently and begin to wake up here and now.

    • This is true, thanks Paty. It is a theme that I have always struggled with personally, ie. thinking I am not measuring up and imagining being abandoned by everyone and getting depressed and stop trying. But then when I get an experience like I have related above, or even simple help to wake up in my dreams, I am amazed and grateful that they keep trying to help me, and it helps me to come out of my dark illusions and see reality, which is that it is not so much about my (imagined) worth as a person than about my sincerity and determination in trying and truly wanting to see clearly and change. It makes me want to feel better and stronger and make the efforts I know I can.

      I can see that their help can only go so far though, if I have let my efforts and inner level go down there is only so much I can do even with their help. It is walking at least the half way or more when I feel I can truly make use of the help I am given. But it is helpful in getting me out of the dark distortions the mind and lower emotions can create. In the past I used to believe those distortions and they were causing a lot of harm in my life. Without the self-knowledge techniques Belsebuub teaches I wouldn’t be able to manage.

  • That’s a wonderful experience Laura.

    I’ve also come to see that many experiences with spiritual beings are not like I would have imagined them before. Rather, often they are more like you describe. Where a real kindness and mercy is shown to undeserving us in our difficult times. And this means so much.

    • Thank you, yes. There are times like these when I get the sense that my ideas about spiritual beings and probably even spirituality are a bit distorted. My mind has fabricated them through reading and hearing things, sometimes out of context, and not through direct experience. It then affects my behaviour, expectations, emotions and everything, which a little absurd when seen in objective light, because what do I really know about them vs what I am just thinking about them? Important food for observation and reflection.

  • What a lovely and powerful experience Laura, I can imagine how encouraging it would have been to receive such a spiritual boost. Really shows the love and generosity Beings of light have towards us, and how patient their behaviour and teaching is.
    What you say, and others have shared, about excitement gives me much to ponder on. Excitement is often the first emotion that hits when I become lucid in the astral, and I can see how it’s a swing in one emotional extreme here in the physical which only takes me towards the opposite eventually – I guess I must root it out here to have longer experiences there.

  • What an inspiring experience, Laura.

    I can also relate to receiving experiences as a boost, in my own personal dark times with this work.

    The excitement is so hard to contain. It’s hard to stay detached when faced with something profound and mystical, such as being in the presence of such beings. I think Olga’s comment on looking within to find where the excitement lies psychologically is quite important.

    Thanks for sharing that quote, Karim.

  • It really was a lovely and inspiring experience Laura. I can just imagine the look on your face when the spiritual being asked you what you were doing there 🙂

    I can really relate to that excitement that can overwhelm the experience and ultimately lose it. I think this is a huge part of gaining meaningful experiences in the astral plane, and I have found it helpful to try to understand where this excitement is rooted psychologically and where it exists emotionally in daily life. I know personally, if I was more open to learn, have less expectations and not get carried away by excitement I would more easily be able to maintain countless experiences. At the same time, its amazing that these beings helped you throughout. In one experience I had, I was so excited to encounter a spiritual being who appeared suddenly, that I began to lose the experience and felt my self get pulled back to my body, only to then perceive the being try to reach out to grab me so that I could remain in the astral plane to be taught — which unfortunately only surprised me further!… and I came back into my body and woke up physically. Calmness seems like the most useful and essential tool for out-of-body experiences. Especially the ones where you need to listen and take in information.

    • Hi Olga, That actually reminds me a bit of a part in the book ‘Flight of the Feathered Serpent’. Where the main character is worried about his friend and then: “But the following morning, first thing, my friend presented himself at my house. My eyes were irritated due to a lack of sleep and the excess of alcohol that I had drunk during the whole night. His smile gave me life. I put my arms around him and I was almost about to cry from happiness. But he calmed me with his tranquil:
      “Don’t lose your head.””

    • Thanks for sharing Olga. Yes, that is the feeling I had, that I need to look at this emotion and understand it in daily life, as I knew I did experience it (or its opposite) here and there but had not understood why it was an obstacle to my spiritual growth. It was interesting to have it highlighted in that experience, and also a little embarrassing, not the way I want to be acting around higher beings! It was nice though that they weren’t offended or annoyed in any way by it. In a way it also felt like help that I was able to calm myself down and not lose the experience immediately, and able to be determined to follow them and not get upset that they started walking away. I think they walked for a bit to help me be stronger and more coherent by following them.

      I love that, the being reaching out to grab you and you getting more surprised! I mean it is funny. It is amazing that he tried to help you like that.

      I agree with you, calmness in the astral but also in daily life really helps, and lack of expectations/disappointment/pride/excitement about our spiritual learning and experiences.

  • This is so beautiful, thank you for sharing Laura! And I can also relate to the Divine beings coming to our dreams and clearing out our subconscious mental images in order to teach us or show us something. It is so beautiful when it happens! And then we can really see the difference between that sudden clarity and the heavy state we normally find ourselves in in our dreams or daily life… Also looking at that image of the Egyptian papyrus above, I am wondering which picture you might have seen in that dream. 😉


Belsebuub is a British-born author who writes about out-of-body and other types of mystical experiences. He withdrew from public life in 2010. Read more here.

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