Experience submitted by Tina Nurr

One evening I was with a group practicing the mantra ‘I’ (pronounced as E). I liked the mantra as I was very familiar with it and which often brought me into a place of peace and calm.

The mantra was based on a combination of practices from Belsebuub’s work. That evening I was sitting in the last row and the doors were just behind me. After a nice long relaxation, we went on pronouncing the mantra.

At one point near the beginning, I felt a wind coming from the direction of the door. I thought – oh maybe the doors were left open – I quietly looked towards the door but they were closed. Again I felt quite a strong wind coming from the door.

This time I just continued with the mantra as I thought the doors are closed and this must be something else. I was very aware of this wind and at some point, the wind became stronger and I felt a figure (feminine) that had come to the beginning of the rows where we were sitting and stayed there for a little while looking toward where the person guiding the mantra was.

Photo by Christian Newman found on Unsplash. (Image has been modified)

Photo by Christian Newman found on Unsplash. (Image has been modified)

I continued the mantra nevertheless and felt that the figure after a while standing there slid towards the direction of the person who was guiding the session and then just disappeared. The whole experience felt very nice and I had a faith that this was someone from the “good side”, a peaceful and caring divine being, and who was quite happy with what was happening there at the session.

I have been to other groups and places where people practised spiritual practices but I have never had any experience that matches this one and some other ones that I experienced throughout my time exploring Belsebuub’s work.