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My Extrasensory Experience during a Mantra

Experience submitted by Tina Nurr

One evening I was with a group practicing the mantra ‘I’ (pronounced as E). I liked the mantra as I was very familiar with it and which often brought me into a place of peace and calm.

The mantra was based on a combination of practices from Belsebuub’s work. That evening I was sitting in the last row and the doors were just behind me. After a nice long relaxation, we went on pronouncing the mantra.

At one point near the beginning, I felt a wind coming from the direction of the door. I thought – oh maybe the doors were left open – I quietly looked towards the door but they were closed. Again I felt quite a strong wind coming from the door.

This time I just continued with the mantra as I thought the doors are closed and this must be something else. I was very aware of this wind and at some point, the wind became stronger and I felt a figure (feminine) that had come to the beginning of the rows where we were sitting and stayed there for a little while looking toward where the person guiding the mantra was.

Photo by Christian Newman found on Unsplash. (Image has been modified)
Photo by Christian Newman found on Unsplash. (Image has been modified)

I continued the mantra nevertheless and felt that the figure after a while standing there slid towards the direction of the person who was guiding the session and then just disappeared. The whole experience felt very nice and I had a faith that this was someone from the “good side”, a peaceful and caring divine being, and who was quite happy with what was happening there at the session.

I have been to other groups and places where people practised spiritual practices but I have never had any experience that matches this one and some other ones that I experienced throughout my time exploring Belsebuub’s work.

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  • Thank you Tina for sharing your inspiring experience. I’ve also have felt the energy that is created by chatting mantras in groups trying Belsebuub’s methods, it’s so beneficial, but I’ve never had experienced something so beautiful.
    Thank you Laura for sharing your beautiful story too, it surprised and inspired me that you had that kind of an experience in an online practice. The rational mind, as it has been mentioned, can capture reality and blocks it.

  • Very nice experience Tina, I wonder if anyone else sensed the presence of the being you felt in the room as everyone was chanting the mantra?

    It’s really amazing to consider how we can lift ourselves up internally by doing the right kind of practices along or in a group which can attract spiritual beings. All of a sudden doing mantra’s becomes more than just sitting down and making sounds.

  • That was nice that she made herself visible to you Tina. I wonder why she walked towards the person guiding the practice.
    I have had some very peaceful moments while chanting mantras but I had never actually perceived a spiritual being present. That must have been a wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for sharing that experience Tina – I remember you mentioning it at the time. It does show that when we create the right kind of spiritual environment, we can also attract forces of light to it.

  • Nice experience Tina! I liked very much. Thank you for sharing this.
    Definitely, Mantras are an awesome practice that you can experience many internal things.

  • Thank you Tina for sharing this. It sounds beautiful how you described that being and what she did. It is also amazing that you were able to perceive this after pronouncing the mantra I, which is connected to clairvoyance.

  • Thanks Tina for sharing that experience.

    I can related to your mystical experience with spiritual practices from studying Belsebuub’s work, and how the experiences can be incredibly profound. There’s definitely has been a lovely quality and beautiful fragrance of spiritual divine connection when everyone is really yearning to reach an experience.

  • What a magical experience Tina :-)! Where the mystery of the practice room opens this portal to other dimenions.

    I think it’s great how you were able to sense this presence, even though to a very ‘rational’ person it might not make that much sense at all. I find that I had to (and still do) unlearn lots of blockages of my mind and thoughts as to subtle extrasensory perceptions I was picking up on. It’s not so much not perceiving these things, rather they get ‘rationalised’ by the mind and disregarded.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Karim, I know what you mean by the rational mind. In this respect, I think I am more on that side as I always double check what is going on and let it be for a while in order to assess if it is a mind thing or something real.

  • Interesting to read your experience, Tina. I wonder who that being was. Do you think she was somehow attracted to the exercise?

    • Hi, Pavlin. Yes, it felt as if she was not just interested in the mantra session but it seemed she was attracted to much more going on.

  • Nice experience Tina! I love mantras, they can really change the internal state massively, and when sung in a group of people it does feel like a very special, spiritual energy is created. Amazing to have experienced so clearly how it attracted a benevolent force.

  • Beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing Tina.

    Reading your experience made me recall something similar. It also happened during a group exercise on one of Belsebuub’s courses. We were doing it online, with people in different countries around the world. I don’t remember what the practice itself was, but at a point I slipped into a slight dream state, still focused and awake in my mind though. I felt a benevolent male being come and be surprised and pleased about the way we were doing the exercise.

    It was interesting that it happened as we were doing the practice online and not in a physical location all of us together. It is very encouraging to have someone come like that as well as to know if you are doing spiritual things right.

    • That’s beautiful Laura! There definitely seems to be a sense of connection between the participants, even if a practice is being done online. But how nice you’ve got this confirmation of a spiritual strength to be present from this direct encounter!


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