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My Experience with Prayer

Experience submitted by Ella Klyashitsky

A Prayer Quickly Answered

My husband and I had been flooded out of the place that we were living in. We found ourselves in-between homes, in a city without friends or family to turn to, and with winter on the approach. We didn’t have the spare money to put down a deposit on a new house. Basically, we suddenly faced a very difficult situation out of nowhere and needed to quickly sort things out.

Sitting in the office that I worked at that evening, we decided to ask for help from the divine. We held hands and entered into a silent prayer, asking for a solution to our problem.

During those minutes we heard the sound of a text message coming through to one of our mobile phones, but of course ignored it. After, when we were speaking about what to do, I reached for the phone. To my amazement I read something along the lines of:

Hello, my name’s Paul and I’ve got a property that needs a lot of work on it. Would you be interested in living there rent free in exchange for helping to renovate it?

I read it to my husband and we laughed in happiness, because we were glad to have been brought a solution, but mostly because of the feeling that we were being looked after by the divine. He phoned the man back to find out more about the arrangement, though we already had a feeling that we would say yes to it because of how it arrived in the middle of our prayers.

Still, the offer sounded reasonable and helpful to both us and the owner of the property. The next day, we moved in. My husband had put an advert online months prior, but we hadn’t heard anything from it and had entirely dismissed it.

Public domain image found here. (Image has been modified)
Public domain image found here. (Image has been modified)

Learning How To Ask

This talk by Belsebuub on the power of asking, of prayer, is something I have returned to again and again since I first heard it.

Since changing my perception and habits of prayer, after studying Belsebuub’s message on prayer and asking, my prayers have been answered in many different ways: messages in dreams, intuitive understanding and through life’s events changing and opportunities arising. But the above experience stands out as being a real help – both practically, and as an encouraging reminder that the divine are always there, always here, and are able to act incredibly fast.

  • Really nice experience Ella. It seems that the level of intensity and sincerity of our prayer has an impact on it. I remember the first time I prayed was when I was about 7. I borrowed someone’s bike and I left it on the side of the road (in a very small village) – later I came back and the bike wasn’t there. I felt awful and as I didn’t know what to do about it I just start praying, although I wasn’t ever taught how to do it and was growing up devoid of any religion. I just felt that there is someone and that this is my only way out of the situation. I prayed so sincerely and intensively for a while and then as I was walking to my surprise a person from the village told me that they took the bike to look after it. I was so amazed at this and felt that my prayer was answered. I was so grateful to the divine and that experience changed something in me as I started to feel this strong feeling of being looked after.

  • By the way Ella, when I was speaking about thanks giving, i wasn’t referring to your situation 🙂 it was comment on my own reflection on how I forget to give thanks for all that I have in my life, and the difference of when I do, which seems to me a part of prayer that I tend not to offer.

  • Its funny I recently was listening to this audio talk by Belsebuub and it struck me how very little I ask and yet its the very thing that is ‘vital’ to awakening consciousness.

    Your experience helped me a great deal Ella and thank you for sharing it… I hope it touches many more hearts yearning to experience that divine love and support that is ever present.

    As people I feel that we tend not to realise our fortune in life as we tend to look at our misfortune as the go-to review of our situation, and as someone once said to me, how do we know that our situation could have been worse had it not been for divine mercy and love that may have already acted and made things more bearable than what they could have been. That message reminded me of thanks giving and to give thanks for all that I have, and that in itself is so uplifting because it opens my eyes to all the good in my life and all the opportunities in front of me and then I feel empowered to come out of darkness and see the new that I didn’t see before..

    The first time I saw the power of gratitude was through Dr Emoto’s research on the effect of sound and thought upon water. The water crystal that formed after the water was thanked and then frozen had the most beautiful crystal formation almost perfect in symmetry and very pristine. Since our bodies are made of 70% water, its incredible to imagine how gratitude can be so healing, uplifting and giving to us and to all who and that we appreciate. Not that I think we should go around thanking everyone or everything but just opening up to all that we have and appreciate what we have been giving in our heart is like making use of the unspoken prayer but that has been heard nevertheless.

    • That’s so true Layla, “As people I feel that we tend not to realise our fortune in life as we tend to look at our misfortune as the go-to review of our situation, and as someone once said to me, how do we know that our situation could have been worse had it not been for divine mercy and love that may have already acted and made things more bearable than what they could have been.”
      I remember many moons ago wondering why we dwell on the many problems in our lives when in reality there is so much good. I would see so many examples in my relationships but although I tried not do go along with those negative states, I didn’t really have the knowledge to make much of a difference in my life.
      I began to see the same issues when watching the news and reading a newspaper, we were being told nothing but bad events in our world, that’s why I got them out of my life. Thankfully I found the work of Belsebuub.

      I’ve also enjoyed Dr Emoto’s research, I have 600ml of water every morning, 40 mins before I eat and ever since coming across Dr Emoto’s, I often thank my filtered water:)

    • Just to add to my previous comment. Your comment Layla reminds me of what I read recently, that God only allows us to feel a fraction of the pain in our lives, and the rest he takes on himself. I’m not sure how true that is but when you think about the problems in your life in that perspective, it makes you feel embarrassed, but so grateful. Also this makes me think of something I’ve heard, that our pain hurts our Divine Mother even more than us.

      It’s indeed incredible to imagine what our negative thoughts and emotions are doing to the water in our bodies, and through that to our organs and various systems! I remember also looking through some of Dr Emoto’s research, and the water that had been given a negative word such as ‘ugly’ or ‘I hate you’ had a sad, deformed crystal. So if we keep thinking that about ourselves or others, what is it doing to us. Gratitude seems to allow light to come into our lives.

    • I really like that point about us not seeing the divine mercy at hand Layla, and yes it’s true that we can tend to find a way to look at the problems rather than the gifts – and so much can be seen as a gift in our life, (our life in itself!) especially when you start to attempt to awaken and start to see even the difficulties as gifts.

      There’s a very distinct different in talking to/dealing with someone who’s naturally optimistic compared to pessimistic – I know, my mum is one way and my dad the other! I’m also not suggesting you try to bend reality or pretend everything is rosy for some kind of ‘good ego’ satisfaction, but I have found that when you generally treat people as though they are decent people, expect things to work out well, look for solutions rather than problems and find gratitude for little things, you do tend to avoid ‘swimming’ in that soup of self-generated negativity … or perhaps, this outlook is a result of not swimming in general negativity …

      Emoto’s walk is really interesting. I did a little experiment with some flower bulbs when I heard about it, telling one I loved it, the other I hated it and using one for a control. Love blossomed, hate was stunted and the control was somewhere in the middle. Amazing. Amazing what effect we can have on every living thing around us simply with our words, and surely our thoughts too.

  • That’s such a wonderful testimony John on to how to pray, the multi dimensional aspect of prayer and how prayers are heard and answered symbolically but so meaningfully. thank you so much for sharing that experience.

  • Thank you Ella for Belsebuub’s audio talk called “Asking”, that’s such a powerful talk. I sincerely loved every moment of it and Belsebuub’s true wisdom is always very helpful and inspiring. It’s not hard for me to understand why you returned to this talk again and again since you first heard it.

    For a very long time I’ve been struggling with a very powerful ego and to be honest I really believed that I was making no progress with it in the physical even though I had been praying quite a lot to my Divine Mother to get rid of it.
    Anyway, I would like to share an experience with the hope that it will inspire others to follow the guidance of Belsebuub’s work.

    In the early hours a few mornings ago, I woke up from a vivid dream and the dream continued to roll on and I experienced a very clear vision.
    In the vivid dream I was experiencing this particular monstrous ego but thankfully I wasn’t giving in to it, I found myself desperately crying out to my Divine Mother and pleading for her help. At this point I woke up and I could remember everything about the vivid dream but the dream continued to roll on. I saw a massive storm up in the heavens and a lightning bolt struck down into the earth. I knew instantly that my Divine Mother had come to help me.

    Today, I have a new understanding of the power of my Divine Mother and even though I know without a doubt that I’m not rid of this monstrous ego, I have a knew faith and a much deeper yearning to push forward.

    • Thank you so much for sharing that experience of the power of prayer John, it really is inspiring. I’m glad you received such help.

      For me also, as I’m sure for everyone who attempts to rid themselves of the monstrous egos within, I know that I am completely unable to act without the power of the divine. I can wrack my brains for an answer for how to overcome a problem, ‘make up my mind’ so many times to go against it, but the ego remains strong, stealthy and incredibly swift. Reasoning leads no where, though yes gathering intellectual information helps, in the end, there’s no hope than to employ my divine mother. It’s amazing to realise that the power is there, and all it needs is our sincere asking to activate it.

      Wishing you much remembrance to ask!

  • I loved your story, thanks Ella. I hope that you and your husband can share many more beautiful moments connected in prayer with your Divine parents.

    The experience of praying is truly magical and I yearn for this connection in every moment.

  • Very touching experience Ella and a testimony that our divine parents are always there if we are in need of help. Through some experimentation myself I found out that free will is highly respected by the forces of light which I came to understand though not asking enough when I’m in need. If I’m not asking or not sincere enough, than that shows what I don’t really want the help. But when I do ask, help seems to come out of nowhere like that text message when you were praying with your husband 🙂

    • Good point Roy, thanks for that. Asking is what enables the light to work for us, otherwise our free will is respected. In the talk above, Belsebuub says:

      “If you try to take on darkness by yourself, you will fail. It is asking that draws in and enables the powers of light. But the arrogant have trouble asking. Those with self importance like to believe that they themselves have powers, that they themselves even are a channel for higher things. And people get mislead by them. It is asking that enables the light to operate, and only the humble can truly ask. It is not the individual that has true faculties of light. It is those faculties that come as a mercy to the humble which enable the individual to serve as a vehicle to those higher purposes. To fight the darkness without the light is impossible. But we must have asking to be able to activate and enable the light. So asking is that important to spirituality.”

      • I also had a listen to this wonderful talk again as well. It is very good.

        One of the things that stood out among what Belsebuub said was “they know your needs.”. That stood out for some reason this time, very comforting and reassuring.

  • That’s really beautiful how you described wanting to learn how to pray and kneeling in the field Ella, and going forward with it even with your subconscious disagreeing and hating it. And of course getting that amazing fast answer to prayer. That’s an incredible reminder by the way, that the divine are always here, they know what we are thinking and feeling and going through and are hearing all our prayers (even before we have time to form them into words, someone said) and able to act lightning fast if they see fit. So then I need to reflect on my own approach and life if I don’t hear back from them sooner or later.

    I don’t remember ever praying before finding Belsebuub’s work. It was a life changing revelation that you can have this real life relationship with the divine, that there is someone out there who cares about you and wants to help and hears your prayers.

    Pride then tries to abuse that relationship, with its demands. It’s either, ‘I’m sure I deserve it all’ or ‘I’m sure I deserve none of it’ (as an attempted emotional blackmail!) But they are both distortions of reality. The times when I’ve felt a real two way communication with higher beings was when I’ve gone to the bottom of my heart (cliche but literally that’s what it feels like,) to try to find the sincere need or yearning that’s at the bottom of what I’m trying to ask, until I can’t go any further, where I feel my inner loneliness and helplessness, and sort of pray without words with this feeling, reaching towards the divine with it, kind of like a child. A nice child, instead of the naughty impudent child 😮

    This topic has been on the surface of my life lately, so thanks for sharing as it helps me reflect and go deeper and understand better what I’m struggling with.

    • Thanks for sharing these insights Laura and beautiful description of our inner loneliness without the divine and some of the traps the mind ensnares us in when it comes to prayer. It seems like the mind really isolates us, from others and the divine, and in the end turns us on ourselves, fragmenting and dividing and creating all kinds of warring factions and mini-mutinies within our own psyche. I guess prayer goes hand in hand with faith and patience too, not to see our prayers as a wish-list to be fulfilled, but as a means of communication that we might merge our will with that of our Being, and to have anything that goes against that exposed, even though it’s painful, so we can overcome it.

      It seems to me that the more ‘awake’ I feel, the more prayer is an integral part of that state, in all its different forms, be it a silent force that helps keep me aware, a begging for help to remove a defect, a prayer of gratitude … perhaps the more of reality we are able to see and the more we can increase our consciousness the more we can feel our connection to the divine and within that … prayer.

  • This is such a lovely experience Ella, thank you for sharing. It’s beautiful that your prayer was answered like that, so quickly, like of course they already knew what you needed. And I also know about pride, and how difficult it can be to kneel in the dirt and ask for help 🙂

  • That’s incredible! I’m very happy to hear your problems were solved. Thank you for sharing that experience, Ella.

    Truly remarkable how much help is given to us, especially when we know how to ask with humility.

  • Hi Ella, that’s a beautiful experience. Thank you for sharing it. I never realised there is so much to learn about prayer until I started praying and also trying to bring balance within through the self-knowledge techniques that Belsebuub writes about. It can be a beautiful and soothing relationship with the divine. But also in difficult times, when it seems like it doesn’t give me anything, if I persist it can actually be used to transform pain into a higher way of being.

  • Hi ella,

    What a wonderful answer to your prayer. When i first was introduced to belsebuubs work i was making attempts to pray but it seemed as though i was getting nowhere , as if i wasn’t being heard.
    As you have mentioned i started to realise i didn’t know how to pray properly, but continued to try..

    I then came across a quote in THE FLIGHT OF THE FEATHERED SERPENT a book that was recommened from belsebuubs work.

    “Watch and Pray” was the heritage left by christ for the courageous.

    Watch is to do everything awakened; pray is a feeling of ardent yearning to be one with the being

    However he who watches and prays, even though they do it in an imperfect way, will receive generous help and he will learn to receive generously as well…..

    The help is in the here and it is now.

    This powerful teaching helped me to gain a better understanding of prayer. One night i was doing a meditation and was praying to my divine mother and begging for help with a defect that was troubling me, but this time something was different i was asking with words that were so beautiful and i could feel it in ways i knew i wasn’t capable of. I understood that i was being helped to pray, it was such a humbling moment of divine mercy.

    Thankyou for sharing your experiences.

    • Thanks Chris,

      Prayer can take so many forms, can’t it? I mean, it’s certainly not just getting down on your knees, it can be silent communication or asking from with the heart, it can be using words written by others. I feel like I must have been praying in a way before I found Belsebuub’s work – I would ask ‘the universe’; it was directionless in a way but just pointed towards that ‘thing’ …

      There’s so much built in to us about being independent … it’s amazing to actually start to feel yourself walking in tandem with your divine parents, trying to always ‘watch and pray’. And yes, The Flight of the Feathered Serpent is an incredible account of one man coming from being trapped in intellectualism and transformed by prayer and a relationship with the divine. (As well as being as opening up the conversation about the role of Judas of course!)

    • That’s such a powerful quote Chris. Thank you for sharing your experience of prayer during the meditation, very beautiful and inspiring.

  • I agree that prayer is very important for any spiritual work too, as it’s so easy to go off on our own track without divine guidance.

  • Thanks for sharing your story Ella – the quick accommodation solution is a lovely example of prayer being answered, particularly as it came right in the middle of your prayer!

  • This is one of those beautiful testimonies of the care and love the Divine can have for us! Thank you Ella for sharing and also about your journey to learn more about praying and how to do it in a sincere way. Its also interesting how you could feel those negative aspects within you hating these new activities… I am sometimes also very shocked how destructive these inner enemies can be, and how they literally seems to have their own intelligence that feels separate from us.

    • Since I learned from Belsebuub that if we give the spiritual work first place in our lives, then we will have all our basic needs met, i.e food and shelter, I’ve had a few opportunities to test the theory – and from my experience it’s true! Sometimes even when feeling materially very poor, I suddenly find myself living in a beautiful place and with plentiful food! This little experience was one of those confirming experiences.

      And yes, it can be very shaking to realise we have within us elements that want only the destruction of anything good within. And also, incredibly empowering to learn that we also have, through prayer, the power to defeat them!

  • What a nice little miracle, clearly being helped so directly 🙂 So kind indeed! I can just imagine when reading such a text that I would be ‘looking around the room’, feeling this other side very close and smiling.

    I personally only consciously turned to prayer after finding Belsebuub’s work. Praying, after a life with a mindset that blocked me from it, felt beyond words. A turning point in my way of life.

    Thanks for sharing Ella!

    • The way the higher worlds (and lower) worlds interact with this one has always interested me. Before I found Belsebuub’s work I used to feel like the divine would put things in my way to speak to me: a little scene, someone saying something, even a song or image that comes to you, or note found on the ground. And from learning more about how this world is simply a testing ground for consciousness to awaken I understand more about how things can change very quickly to bring about the situations we need for learning. But still, it amazes me when it happens!


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