Experience submitted by Ella Klyashitsky

A Prayer Quickly Answered

My husband and I had been flooded out of the place that we were living in. We found ourselves in-between homes, in a city without friends or family to turn to, and with winter on the approach. We didn’t have the spare money to put down a deposit on a new house. Basically, we suddenly faced a very difficult situation out of nowhere and needed to quickly sort things out.

Sitting in the office that I worked at that evening, we decided to ask for help from the divine. We held hands and entered into a silent prayer, asking for a solution to our problem.

During those minutes we heard the sound of a text message coming through to one of our mobile phones, but of course ignored it. After, when we were speaking about what to do, I reached for the phone. To my amazement I read something along the lines of:

Hello, my name’s Paul and I’ve got a property that needs a lot of work on it. Would you be interested in living there rent free in exchange for helping to renovate it?

I read it to my husband and we laughed in happiness, because we were glad to have been brought a solution, but mostly because of the feeling that we were being looked after by the divine. He phoned the man back to find out more about the arrangement, though we already had a feeling that we would say yes to it because of how it arrived in the middle of our prayers.

Still, the offer sounded reasonable and helpful to both us and the owner of the property. The next day, we moved in! My husband had put an advert online months prior, but we hadn’t heard anything from it and had entirely dismissed it.

Public domain image found here. (Image has been modified)

Public domain image found here. (Image has been modified)

Learning How To Ask

This talk by Belsebuub on the power of asking, of prayer, is something I have returned to again and again since I first heard it.

From exploring Belsebuub’s message on prayer and asking, I started to realize that the beliefs that I’d grown up with acted like a wall between me and true spirituality. Any mystical experiences I had were tainted with pride, and I started to feel how detrimental that was to my inner development.

I realized I didn’t know how to pray, and that this was a huge block within me, so I felt drawn to trying what seemed like the ultimate sign of humility and prayer in order to break this psychological habit: getting down on my knees

I would go to an open field, and in the middle of it get down on my knees and pray. I think I prayed to be taught how to pray. In that area there were lots of Kookaburra birds; their song is known for sounding like a laugh, and this cackling sound filled the air as my presence seemed to disturb their world. This laughing felt to me like the internal sound made manifest of the mocking subconscious forces that I could feel within me; they hated this turning towards the divine with prayer. But as I learned to pray I felt a substantial shift in the connection I felt with the divine until now it’s become a way of life.

Since then, my prayers have been answered in many different ways: messages in dreams, intuitive understanding and through life’s events changing and opportunities arising. But the above experience stands out as being a real help – both practically, and as an encouraging reminder that the divine are always there, always here, and are able to act incredibly fast.