Experience submitted by Seraphim

For a period of time, I was practicing intensively some of the spiritual practices I had learned from taking courses based on the work of Belsebuub.

One of these was  the visualization on a candle. It has been one of my favorite meditative exercises and it is very important to me.

Learning How to Consciously Visualize an Object

I had learned in Belsebuub’s works that spiritual practices were best done in a conscious way to get the most benefits out of them.

So while I was doing the candle visualization I aimed not to get lost in thoughts, to be able to stay concentrated and focused on what I was doing, without letting my mind race back and forth from a thought to another. I also made a point to not let any negative feelings affect my attitude towards the exercise.

During that period of time, I noticed that when I managed to visualize the candle in this conscious way, without allowing thoughts to interfere, I was surrounded by a sense of control over myself.

Seeing the Fire in My Heart

In one of my meditative visualization, I was trying to visualize the flame of the candle, and to imagine myself inside the flame but without losing the sense of myself. This helped me to remain conscious and not get lost in thoughts.

When I visualized the flame relatively well in my mind, I could see how the flame moved, I then visualized myself gradually getting into the flame.

Public domain photo found here. (Image has been modified)

Public domain photo found here. (Image has been modified)

I then began to ask questions to get answers about the flame, such as, “What is fire and how does it work?” I was trying to do that in a sincere manner and to wait for an answer to come to me while I was in this meditative and receptive state.

In order for the questions to be genuine, sincere and have meaning, I tried to realize what I really knew about the flame. I realized that I knew nothing!

After some time though, an image appeared in my visualization. I could see the flame burning and moving in a natural way inside my heart. My heart looked like it was made of glass and inside of it was the flame, a glowing light, like a flame would look like on its own in a dark place.

This image of the flame inside my heart touched me very deeply. It was so clear and vivid and it came to me so suddenly and without any warning. It was there for perhaps less than a second but because it took me by surprise when I least expected to see something like this, I lost my concentration, and with it, I lost that image that had appeared of the flame in my heart.

The Outcome of Seeing the Flame in My Heart

This mystical experience left me with a very pleasant feeling, and since I still had time before my practice was due to end, I tried to repeat this short experience many times during that particular meditative practice, but I didn’t manage to see the flame in my heart again.

When I finished this meditative exercise, I was left with a sweet feeling inside of me from having experienced and seen what I did, and with it a renewed desire to try it every day. I also had the yearning to try to be more conscious during the day.

This direct experience and learning about the nature of the flame of a candle was much more interesting and meaningful to me than depending exclusively on what my mind would have understood from a book.