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How I Learned about Karma through Symbolism

Mike L
Experience submitted by Mike L

I had this very short, but powerful dream experience one night. In the dream, I found myself somewhere very familiar to me, somewhere I’d known almost my entire life.

Very consciously, I said something very esoteric aloud. But it wasn’t a normal sort of “conscious,” it was as though the statement I made came from my essence, with a sense of all-knowingness, beyond what my mind could come up with.

After making my statement, which was seemingly just me talking to myself because no one was around, I looked around at my surroundings.

There were many objects around me, some looking like fine antiques. I gazed around, feeling the significance of what I had apparently just said, and gained an intuitive feeling for everything that I was looking at.

Public domain photo found here. (Image has been modified)
Public domain photo found here. (Image has been modified)

There was certainly a highly symbolic aspect to my surroundings.

That was it, as far as the dream went.

Despite its brevity, I’m not sure I could even summarize everything I learned into words. Part of the teaching related to the cosmic laws of Karma and Dharma as they are explained in Belsebuub’s work.

It was one of the clearest pieces of proof, gained through a mystical experience that I had received pertaining to the reality of Karma and Dharma.

And instead of being a highly intellectual idea (because I’d read many books on the subjects), with just a vague notion that it may exist and how it may work, I also was shown more about how these cosmic laws operate and how their consequences, good or bad, are determined.

I certainly make no claims to fully understand such profound cosmic laws, but even the little knowledge I did gain is something I am deeply grateful for.

This was a really big surprise for me, because this sort of teaching wasn’t even one I was expecting or praying for at the time.

I came to realize through this experience that everything we do, even the seemingly little things, matter a lot.

*Featured image by Winnifredxoxo  licensed under CC BY 2.0

  • Thanks Mike for sharing the experience. It is definitely short, but I can appreciate the depth that can be gained from even a few moments of conscious awareness. Unfortunately most of the time awareness is so little that even in highly symbolic surroundings very little is seen and understood.

  • Interesting experience Mike, it must have been wonderful to have that glimpse of both yourself and such a profound esoteric law beyond the mind like that. Makes me remember that for all the wise books in the world and our diligent intellectual study, nothing comes close to your own direct experience.

    Regards what you and Pavlin shared, about speaking from within you but from some place that feels beyond your conscious awareness – I had a similar experience: in a dream I was in a really dark and hellish place, under the influence of some sinister beings/forces who were tormenting me, when I somehow said something and made a gesture that immediately freed me from that place and their influence. It’s nothing I’ve been taught that I remember or would have thought up. It just emerged. It reminds me of something Belsebuub says of our essence knowing what to do, in any given situation. The thing is, it needs ‘food’ to be able to act. This is something reassuring to me; when I think I’m stuck and can’t find a way forward, then when I remember that the answer lies in ‘feeding my essence’, I focus on spiritual practise and lo and behold – things get unstuck 🙂

    • Very cool, Ella. Thanks for adding your experience and good thing your essence knew what to do! I wonder if you were somehow naturally recalling deep, esoteric knowledge you’ve acquired in past lives, etc.?

      The notion that our essence know what to do is indeed reassuring.

      For me, it seems most of those experiences happen in the astral when higher faculties are more active, perhaps, and we are beyond the limits of the material world. But I imagine, with feeding the essence, as you describe, we could tap into that knowledge more often.

  • Hi Mike,
    Thank you for sharing this experience. I remember some time ago I occasionally would have a dream where I would be clear and say something deep or even something esoteric that had a meaning. It felt like it wasn’t coming from my mind but had some sort of a depth that I didn’t understand the source of. It’s interesting to hear other people have had similar experience, maybe it’s another way of teaching people over there.

    • And thank you for this comment, Pavlin, and sharing your experience.

      I find it really cool and inspiring when hearing about others’ similar or shared experiences – one of the big benefits of these experience blogs!

      It’s neat to see how we can be taught and helped with similar modalities, especially when they are means that we hadn’t heard others share before and that we might not have shared before ourselves.

  • What a wonderful help that was Mike, to have that direct experience of the importance of every action and the consequences of it. That is such a precious dream experience,

  • Hi Mike,

    “Afterwards, I felt a great boost in my spiritual practices, and the knowledge imparted to me has stayed with me and helped me in my actions in daily life.”

    Its great to hear how this dream gave you a big inspiration in your practises and even more that it made an impact on how you act in daily life. I personally feel that receiving an insight to acting in a more conscious and loving way is something invaluable to the spiritual work.
    I feel that i am most connected to the divine when i am making bigger efforts in daily life and working to not do wrong by others.

    Thanks for sharing

  • Indeed, Laura, such learning is quite the opposite of intellectual learning. I guess I find that with many elements of esotericism, how the experience and acquisition of knowledge is very different to the intellectual learning we’re so conditioned to through formal education.

    I’m happy the teaching could help 🙂

    • Definitely, Mike. Before getting into spirituality through Belsebuub’s courses, I was such an intellectual person. I feel I had blocked my feelings, both lower ones but also higher ones, and what was in my heart, and couldn’t access them. I was reading some spiritual books at the time (for example theoretical Buddhism) but thought that the information that was in them was something to work through with the mind, like you had to be special or have special powers of the mind to come up with these elaborate theories. Or be a special guru in a monastery to be able to meditate. So spirituality could not work for me obviously, because I hadn’t found these powers in myself. It felt far from my life and was confusing and disheartening.

      It was like a complete turnaround of my ideas of spirituality to find Belsebuub’s work, and it also took a very long time to truly understand even the basic concepts of awareness through feeling and not thinking as my mind was so strong. It was a relief to see that I didn’t have to be special to start to experience something spiritual and even develop spiritually in my daily life, and that the spiritual work is given more through the heart than the mind.

  • That’s a very interesting way of having that understanding reach you Mike, through your own words 🙂 Makes me wonder where it came from, knowledge deep within your consciousness that was helped to come so clearly formulated to the surface perhaps?

    When going into those things it goes very deep, who or what am I? The consciousness yes, but how would it ‘look’ without the mind? without memory? etc. Or in the other direction what is it like to have other parts of our higher being joining with consciousness?

    Anyway I think there’s a lot to it that remains to be explored and recovered etc. Like Geraldine said on Belsebuub Out-of-Body Experiences. the astral can at times gives us that feeling of being a bit ‘closer’ to one’s real self.

  • Sounds like an amazing and powerful experience Mike. I think I can understand a little bit what you mean that such a short experience can teach you deep and profound and far reaching lessons that are hard to even put to words. Quite the opposite of intellectual learning. How wonderful you were able to use it to help you in your life.

    Your last sentence, “I came to realize through this experience that everything we do, even the seemingly little things, matter a lot.” has stayed with me since I read it and has actually helped me with some things in my daily life. So it’s great the teaching you got is now also helping me in a way 🙂 Thank you!

  • Thanks Mike I understand how you feel when you say that although the experience was short how powerful this ,seemingly small amount of knowledge, can have on our personal understanding, thanks for sharing


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