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My Experiences Overcoming Negative Entities Using Bellilin

Experience submitted by Rajko Beznik

Being attacked so many times in the astral plane after my first astral experience, the recitations to dispel negativity that I learned on an astral course written by Belsebuub were a great relief for me.

Below are some of the more memorable instances when I used this recitation.

Encountering a Witch-Like Entity

One night, I astral projected in my bedroom and flew through the closed window, finding myself hovering in the air outside of my house.

Immediately, I became aware of something sinister on the roof of the house. I just saw it with the corner of my eye, but I could feel the fear-invoking atmosphere that was emanating from it.

I decided to immediately start chanting the Bellilin recitation (my favorite). After saying it the third time, the entity started being literally sucked into the ground at rapid speed, becoming smaller and smaller as it went down. I then noticed it looked like a witch, it even had a broom! It hit the ground and disappeared in it.

Saying Bellilin with Love

During another one of my conscious astral explorations, I suddenly encountered a vicious negative entity that was just about to attack me. Feeling a lot of fear, I nevertheless started saying the Bellilin recitation for dispelling negativity.

I sang the mantra three times, but still felt quite fearful as I was pronouncing it. When I finished, I noticed the entity was still there and then I got an intuitive “message” to try saying it with love instead of fear.

I followed the advice, sang the mantra again three times, and the entity very quickly vanished.

Breathing out Bellilin

Another time, after coming out of my body consciously, I asked to be helped to go where I needed to go and started to be pulled at a rapid speed. I then found myself somewhere in a dark chamber where I saw something that may have had a symbolic meaning.

Shortly after that, a negative entity appeared in front of me and started attacking me, and being very persistent in its attacks. It was quite small, but it felt very evil.

I then remembered to sing the Bellilin recitation. And after finishing it the 3rd time, the being was still there, still being very aggressive. I was holding it with my hand and decided to do another round of the recitation.

This time though, I got an intuitive feeling to literally “breathe” the Bellilin into the entity, as if blowing a small wind on it. After just saying the word “Bellilin” this way, the creature disappeared immediately.

  • Thank you Rajko for sharing you experiences with singing Bellilin in the astral plane. Your comment about dispelling negative forces with Love is particularly inspiring.

    Thank you again for sharing such remarkable experiences.

  • Thanks Lucia, I’ve never realised that Belsebuub had created those audio recordings, they great.

    • Yes they are! I really loved them when I heard them for the first time, with Bellilin and FaRaOn being my favorites. Bellilin because of its gentleness and FaRaOn because of its strength.

  • Thanks, Rajko. I want to try feeling love as I say the recitations now. To see if it makes them work better 🙂

    • Me as well Anne Linn. 🙂 I think especially this recitation – Bellilin, has been meant to be sung gently, as if its power lied in this gentle tone rather than some fierce words. That’s what I liked about it when I first heard it on Belsebuub’s recording – it sounded very calming somehow (https://belsebuub.com/audio/mantras-and-recitations).

  • Thank you Rajko for sharing your experiences in the astral, I enjoyed reading it. Also, I find that it’s nice to have a photo included when reading someone’s experience.

    Hopefully your story will encourage others to learn and verify the astral by using Belsebuub’s books which are easy to understand, and especially very effective.

  • This is very neat and inspiring Rajko 🙂 Especially how you were helped to say the Bellilin with love and not with fear. Fear is what the dark side uses against us, so I guess it didn’t have much effect against them, but the love that comes from the spiritual was much more powerful. A great teaching! How interesting too that you understood you had to breathe Bellilin into the entitiy. Not sure I understand what it means but it’s great you got these hunches on how to do it effectively.

    It comes to mind that there was an instance where somebody was trying to use the recitations against a negative entity and it didn’t work, but when some children did it, the entity didn’t stand a chance 😉 I guess it’s this childlike faith that can make a real difference. Sometimes I feel that when I really yearn for this divine wind to come and blow away any negativity it feels stronger than if I just say it mechanically.

    It’s interesting too that you saw the witch with a broom, to discover from your own experience that what we think as mythical evil creatures can actually really exist in the other dimensions. And how we have incorporated them into some of our holidays, even spiritual 😮 At least in Scandinavia we associate witches with Easter (wonder why??), not to mention Halloween.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Very interesting experiences and teachings about how to use Bellilin Rajko. It’s quite common that my recitations are weakened by fear – I will hope that next time I have to use them I remember what you’ve shared here – thank you!

  • Thank you for sharing all these experiences, Rajko. It’s really interesting to read about your approach and findings with Bellilin.

  • yeh it’s great that you were able to persist and despite the presence of the entity, the fear and the Bellilin not working from the beginning, you managed to go through. I found very difficult to overcome all these three factors. But I guess is a matter of experience and since that was happening often to you, you were more familiar to do something more effectively.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Amazing experiences Rajko. It is good to know that there are many ways we can sing this mantra – i never thought about it. I felt sometimes that an entity wouldn’t go after singing the mantra – but i didn’t get this intuitive feeling you are talking about. I will keep this in mind for the next time. Thanx!

  • Those are some rather interesting experiences with Bellilin, Rajko.

    Until reading your experiences, I also had never considered chanting it with love. I’m glad you were able to persist in those different encounters as I learned some new approaches to take. It’s also neat how you breathed the Bellilin mantra into the entity!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Really interesting how you were shown to use different types of Bellilin and overcoming the negative entities like that. Thank you for sharing.

  • Thanks for sharing those experiences Rajko. They show how powerful the Bellilin recitation can be and how valuable it is for anyone who wishes to explore the astral plane without interferences. You have also shown how it is important to persist when something doesn’t work the first time, rather than giving up.

  • Those are some very cool experiences with Bellilin Rajko. I enjoyed reading them. I think your encounters show that it’s not just the words, but the intention we have and feel while doing these recitations that also matters a lot.

    I especially like the idea of saying a recitation with love 🙂 I’ve never intentionally done that. But I have noticed that sometimes when I only just manage to say the words and it’s a bit superficial, then it has less strength, or I’m still a bit unclear inside which reflects in my ability to perceive my surroundings. Yet at other times with a strong intention and faith the recitations were incredibly powerful and I felt it could overcome anything.


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