Experience submitted by Rajko Beznik

Being attacked so many times in the astral plane after my first astral experience proved to me that I was up to something with these practices. However, not knowing how to protect myself, I was left with just general prayers which sometimes helped and sometimes not. The recitations to dispel negativity that I learned on an astral course written by Belsebuub were therefore a great relief for me.

I immediately put them into practice and felt like the door of unhindered astral explorations had finally opened for me. I was still encountering these negative beings, of course, but now I had the tools that worked against them.

My favourite recitation is Bellilin, which I find very useful as I can use it even if the negative beings are blocking my movements or restraining me in any other ways.

Saying this mantra 3 times is usually enough to dispel them, but I also had encounters where I had to use it more times for them to be completely gone.

Below are some of the more memorable instances when I used this recitation.

Encountering a Witch-Like Entity

One night, I astral projected in my bedroom and flew through the closed window, finding myself hovering in the air outside of my house.

Immediately, I became aware of something sinister on the roof of the house. I just saw it with the corner of my eye, but I could feel the fear-invoking atmosphere that was emanating from it.

I decided to immediately start chanting the Bellilin recitation. After saying it the third time, the entity started being literally sucked into the ground at rapid speed, becoming smaller and smaller as it went down. I then noticed it looked like a witch, it even had a broom! It hit the ground and disappeared in it.

Saying Bellilin with Love

During another one of my conscious astral explorations, I suddenly encountered a vicious negative entity that was just about to attack me. Feeling a lot of fear, I nevertheless started saying the Bellilin recitation for dispelling negativity.

I sang the mantra three times, but still felt quite fearful as I was pronouncing it. When I finished, I noticed the entity was still there and then I got an intuitive “message” to try saying it with love instead of fear.

I followed the advice, sang the mantra again three times, and the entity very quickly vanished.

Breathing out Bellilin

Another time, after coming out of my body consciously, I asked to be helped where I needed to go and started to be pulled at a rapid speed. I then found myself somewhere in a dark chamber where I saw something that may have had a symbolic meaning.

Shortly after that, a negative entity appeared in front of me and started attacking me, and being very persistent in its attacks. It was quite small, but it felt very evil.

I then remembered to sing the Bellilin recitation. And after finishing it the 3rd time, the being was still there, still being very aggressive. I was holding it with my hand and decided to do another round of the recitation.

This time though, I got an intuitive feeling to literally “breathe” the Bellilin into the entity, as if blowing a small wind on it. After just saying the word “Bellilin” this way, the creature disappeared immediately.