Experience submitted by Daniel L. 

I would like to describe a mystical experience I had many years ago. It is an experience that is still very clearly etched into my memory, and the message it conveyed is not one I have forgotten. I doubt I could ever forget it.

The experience occurred around 8 years ago, it was some years after I had first found the work of Belsebuub. I had previously had many astral experiences, and had observed progress in my self-knowledge, as a result of becoming familiar with Belsebuub’s various books and courses. Though at this time in my life, I remember not actively using what I had learned much, and was lost within the stream of daily mundane distractions.

During this period, in the physical world I had started engaging in an activity that would not be considered incorrect behaviour in wider society; however, after this experience my view on that radically changed.

As I said earlier, at this time I was not actively pursuing spirituality. I was not attempting astral projection at night, nor really trying to be aware of the present moment during the day. Nevertheless, I went to bed that night, and woke up in a lucid astral experience. I was in the bathroom of the house I lived in, which was right next to my bedroom.

I remember the bathroom had a really luminous quality to it. The walls and everything in there seemed to glow. Before this occasion, any astral experiences I had had seemed to be shrouded in darkness and had a dingy quality to them.


The creature Ammit waiting to devour Ani’s soul if deemed unworthy – Detail from The Weighing of the Heart from the Book of the Dead of Ani – Public domain photo (image has been modified)

In the bathroom before me were three distinct figures. One had the appearance of a crocodile, and seemed to me to be a representation of the creature Ammit. This creature is depicted very frequently in ancient Egypt, and without going too much into it, Ammit is said to swallow unworthy souls at death, who are then left to wander aimlessly. Those who avoided being swallowed by Ammit were said to have a much brighter future in the afterlife.

I didn’t get the feeling that this was a ferocious, mindless creature that just wanted to attack me. This seems an important point to make as normally creatures in astral experiences have been aggressive toward me. This was not the case with this being. There was a very neutral feeling coming from it.


Guido Reni – Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Not long before this experience, I had seen my own astral body in a different experience. And in that experience I had the opportunity to study my own astral arm. I was quite disappointed looking at it. It was heavily translucent and almost looked vaporous. I had read Belsebuub say that this is the way most people’s astral bodies look like before they achieve any serious spiritual work, he refers to them as “lunar bodies”. I definitely thought I possessed one of these inferior lunar bodies.

I am a little embarrassed to admit this now, given the seriousness of this experience, but at the time I was so curious to examine this figure, to see “what he was made of” for lack of a better term. I wanted to see if he had a translucent-type body like me, or something superior. Upon inspection, I was surprised to see that this figure seemed to be made of something much sturdier than myself, it was almost like he was made out of living stone. There was no translucence to this figure whatsoever. Looking back it was probably quite rude to get so close and examine what this being was “made of”! I hope they forgive me…

Another thing that struck me about his appearance was his face. His face seemed expressionless, but not in the way a person daydreaming may look vacant or absent. More in the sense that, his face seemed clear of the stresses and emotions that tend to taint a person’s face as their life goes on. He wasn’t smiling, but exuded a peaceful aura.

The third figure in the experience less obviously represented somebody I knew at first glance. Looking back at the experience now, I believe I know who this figure was. Though I don’t wish to reveal it at this time.

Standing there in the presence of these figures, I suddenly started feeling a huge amount of repentance for my recent actions. I will say that no words were spoken by anyone throughout the experience, but a lot of information was communicated. Though in my day-to-day life I thought nothing of what I was doing, all of a sudden it hit me how damaging this behaviour was, and how spiritually wrong it was. I felt a true repentance and also a repugnance for what I was doing.

This next part of the experience happened in what felt like a split second, though the message it left me with is much bigger than that. Suddenly the crocodile figure opened his jaws. It wasn’t like he attacked me or even motioned toward me, he just opened his jaws and I seemed to be sucked through the opening his jaws created, like being sucked into a vortex.

Belsebuub has made reference to people being swallowed by the crocodile before. That it represents going down into hell. People who have near death experiences sometimes relate an experience of being swallowed by a crocodile, then having a hellish-type experience, before being revived. Though I wasn’t actually going to hell. I was being shown what it would be like to go through that process, and what it would feel like. I felt what it was like to lose my human life, what it feels like to have the opportunities we have in this life taken away. The despair I felt at the prospect of losing this was indescribable.

I woke up understanding what all this meant. If I continued with my current behaviour, I would quite quickly be faced with going through the jaws of the crocodile. This impacted me so deeply, that from that moment when I woke up, I have not indulged in that behaviour nor has it really crossed my mind, so powerful was the impact that this experience had on me. More than just showing me how bad my actions were, it showed me the despair I would feel at losing my human life, which I undoubtedly have taken for granted.

I am very grateful for this experience, even though overall it was terrifying, it also gave me very clear information about what I was doing and the consequences they would have. This is not information I could have gotten from the normal everyday way of accumulating knowledge, where we are taught to read and mentally formulate ideas. This was a kind of higher, intuitive knowledge that occurred while out of the body.

* Featured image is a public domain photo found here. (image has been modified)