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My Experience through the Jaws of the Crocodile

Experience submitted by Daniel L. 

The experience occurred around 8 years ago, it was some years after I had first found the work of Belsebuub. I had previously had many astral experiences, and had observed progress in my self-knowledge, as a result of becoming familiar with Belsebuub’s various books and courses. Though at this particular time in my life, I remember not actively using what I had learned much, and was lost within the stream of daily mundane distractions.

During this period, in the physical world I had started engaging in an activity that would not be considered incorrect behaviour in wider society; however, after this experience my view on that radically changed.

As I said earlier, at this time I was not actively pursuing spirituality. I was not attempting astral projection at night, nor really trying to be aware of the present moment during the day. Nevertheless, I went to bed that night, and woke up in a lucid astral experience. I was in the bathroom of the house I lived in, which was right next to my bedroom.

I remember the bathroom had a really luminous quality to it. The walls and everything in there seemed to glow. Before this occasion, any astral experiences I had had seemed to be shrouded in darkness and had a dingy quality to them.

The creature Ammit waiting to devour Ani’s soul if deemed unworthy – Detail from The Weighing of the Heart from the Book of the Dead of Ani – Public domain photo (image has been modified)

In the bathroom before me were three distinct figures. One had the appearance of a crocodile, and seemed to me to be a representation of the creature Ammit. This creature is depicted very frequently in ancient Egypt, and without going too much into it, Ammit is said to swallow unworthy souls at death, who are then left to wander aimlessly. Those who avoided being swallowed by Ammit were said to have a much brighter future in the afterlife.

I didn’t get the feeling that this was a ferocious, mindless creature that just wanted to attack me. This seems an important point to make as normally creatures in astral experiences have been aggressive toward me. This was not the case with this being. There was a very neutral feeling coming from it.

Not long before this experience, I had seen my own astral body in a different experience. And in that experience I had the opportunity to study my own astral arm. I was quite disappointed looking at it. It was heavily translucent and almost looked vaporous. I had read Belsebuub say that this is the way most people’s astral bodies look like before they achieve any serious spiritual work, he refers to them as “lunar bodies”. I definitely thought I possessed one of these inferior lunar bodies.

I am a little embarrassed to admit this now, given the seriousness of this experience, but at the time I was so curious to examine this figure, to see “what it was made of” for lack of a better term. I wanted to see if Ammit had a translucent-type body like me, or something superior. Upon inspection, I was surprised to see that this figure seemed to be made of something much sturdier than myself, it was almost like it was made out of living stone. There was no translucence to this figure whatsoever. Looking back it was probably quite rude to get so close and examine what this being was “made of.” I hope they forgive me…

Another thing that struck me about Ammit’s appearance was the face. It seemed expressionless, but not in the way a person daydreaming may look vacant or absent. More in the sense that, it seemed clear of the stresses and emotions that tend to taint a person’s face as their life goes on. Ammit wasn’t smiling, but exuded a peaceful aura.

Standing there in the presence of these figures, I suddenly started feeling a huge amount of repentance for my recent actions. I will say that no words were spoken by anyone throughout the experience, but a lot of information was communicated. Though in my day-to-day life I thought nothing of what I was doing, all of a sudden it hit me how damaging this behaviour was, and how spiritually wrong it was. I felt a true repentance and also a repugnance for what I was doing.

This next part of the experience happened in what felt like a split second, though the message it left me with is much bigger than that. Suddenly the crocodile figure opened its jaws. It wasn’t like it attacked me or even motioned toward me, but just opened its jaws and I seemed to be sucked through the opening the jaws created, like being sucked into a vortex.

Belsebuub has made reference to people being swallowed by the crocodile before. That it represents going down into hell. People who have near death experiences sometimes relate an experience of being swallowed by a crocodile, then having a hellish-type experience, before being revived. Though I wasn’t actually going to hell. I was being shown what it would be like to go through that process, and what it would feel like. I felt what it was like to lose my human life, what it feels like to have the opportunities we have in this life taken away. The despair I felt at the prospect of losing this was indescribable.

I woke up understanding what all this meant. If I continued with my current behaviour, I would quite quickly be faced with going through the jaws of the crocodile. This impacted me so deeply, that from that moment when I woke up, I have not indulged in that behaviour nor has it really crossed my mind. More than just showing me how bad my actions were, it showed me the despair I would feel at losing my human life, which I undoubtedly have taken for granted.

* Featured image is a public domain photo found here. (image has been modified)

  • Hey Daniel, an amazing experience a real wake up call,
    thank you for sharing.

  • Hi Daniel,
    Thank you so much for sharing this experience – I can only imagine how much of an impact this would have been..! Seeing for yourself the reality of what we face at our end, and how our destiny is really in our hands, and in the choices we make.. It reminded me a lot of a near death experience, of people being given a testimony of the afterlife (like the life review) and then brought back for a second chance, and how they are changed by what they experience, but also getting a peace from knowing what is ‘out there’, so to speak. This was really motivating and inspiring to read, so glad you decided to share it here. Much appreciated 🙂

  • Thanks Daniel sounds like a very profound experience and like you said the type you never forget that stays with you forever, its interesting to reflect on our actions to see what is really harming us spiritually even though they may be very accepted in todays society, something worth looking into

  • Daniel, Powerful experience! Thank you for sharing that. I can imagine how much of a catalyst that was for inner change. You’re quite lucky! I agree with @Martin also that this shows how societal norms aren’t really that useful to guide us these days. I think our conscience is a better compass.

  • Thanks very much for sharing Daniel. It is amazing how what you went through, although so personal and meaningful to you, has the power to really echo such an important message that I really feel taken back by and inspired by the purpose of life and what our living accounts for. Thanks again for taking the time to share your experience.

  • That is an important point about behaviour that society regards as being okay, when really it isn’t. Thanks for sharing Daniel.

  • Thanks for sharing such an amazing experience Daniel, I really hope that this powerful message will give you and many serious spiritual seekers a lot of strength to address what really matters in life.

    Before coming across the work of Belsebuub I had a deep interest in Egyptian Mythology, I intuitively felt that the Great Sphinx of Egypt was very important but I wasn’t sure why.
    After finding the work of Belsebuub’s, he guided me to pray regularly to the Masters of Karma. Ever since then, I’ve deeply enjoyed praying to Master Anubis and the Masters of Karma. It’s such a special part of my life today.
    I don’t have any doubts that everyone of us will one day face the day of Judgement and I yearn deeply that many of us will find the magic of this special day.

    This is an extract from Belsebuub’s book “The Path of the Spiritual Sun” from the chapter Decoding the Ancient Meaning which has great information on this topic.

    Also, this is a link from Belsebuub called “Astral Journey Through the Mouth of Hell” .

    • Thanks for sharing that John. I too feel a connection to ancient Egypt. And have had the pleasure to have had astral experiences with some of the figures represented in ancient Egyptian art. It shows that these ancient cultures didn’t just created these figures out of simple animal worship, they were depicting actual scenes that they went through. That was another part of the experience that I didn’t really mention in the post, that it verified ancient Egypt in that sense.

      All the best John,


    • I agree John – I think it’s important to pray to Anubis and the masters of karma, as we need all the help we can get to move forward and to meet the standards that will allow us to avoid the immense regret at having lost all that we once held dear, which Daniel described, upon facing the day of judgement unprepared.

  • It’s a such a gift that you have been given this experience Daniel. Firstly you got a clear guidance that the behaviour you were engaging in is harmful and also it gave you a real feel of what it would be like to have your human life taken away. So powerful!

    Once I have been given an experience of what it would be like to have no faith. All day long I had no faith and thought how horrible the feeling felt, it was like there was nothing, a very empty feeling. Somehow I knew that this is just to show me how this feels like and I spent some time reflecting on this and concluded that the spiritual work cannot be done without it and in fact it felt as though even the normal life would be very difficult to live in the absence of it.

  • That sounds like a very powerful experience Daniel – thanks for sharing it. When we experience first-hand the consequences of our actions, it can often give us an understanding that makes us change our ways. But the impact of this experience seems even more direct and instant, as it shook you to the core and left you in no doubt as to its meaning. What struck me about the experience too was the mercy of the divine, as you were shown clearly what awaits those of us who don’t change within, while still having the opportunity to put in place whatever changes are needed, while there is still time left to escape that terrible fate.

  • Thank you very much Daniel for describing this experience. Glimpses like this reveal the vastness of the life which, unfortunately, can only be seen on rare occasions. It is also great to hear how powerful an astral experience can be. I have had a few powerful experiences that have remained in my memory for years and have the same type of impact as major events in my life.

    Other than that it is curious that you saw the crocodile and depict it as quite small and not ferocious. I have been reflecting on seeing a crocodile in my dreams. Because it was not ferocious or awe-inspiring it did not cross my mind that it could be a depiction of Ammit. The possibility that it’s so is making me go back to that dreams and see if it’s more significant that I first thought.

    • That’s incredible Aleks, yes sometimes we don’t realize just how significant some of the things we see and go through are.

      • Your post also made me remember that when I had nightmares as a kid, there was very often a crocodile present. They were never too close, but I was always running away from it, and there was the terror that’s unique to the lower dimensions.
        Also, one of the silly games that my sister and I made up and used to play, was that one of us was a crocodile on the floor, with arms as jaws, and the other one had to get past without getting bitten and eaten. Somehow in that game we really felt scared, like something in us knew of the deeper reality behind our child’s play.

  • Very powerful message Daniel, thanks for sharing. It’s very interesting to hear that the crocodile didn’t really attack you, he just opened his jaws and the vortex pulled you in. Though it must have been unspeakably frightening, at the same time to know that this crocodile had a ‘neutrality’ about him fits into the bigger picture of painful things, like karma and devolution, actually being administered by awakened beings that act from love.
    Also very profound to hear that while you were involved in something that was socially acceptable, it still broke higher laws. If only more people could feel or hear about these higher laws.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this experience.

    • I agree Ella, I often wondered why these higher laws are not taught in schools! If we knew something was a law, we would be much less prone to breaking it. And even though by breaking it and feeling the consequences we learn in a stronger way, sometimes I feel like there isn’t so much time to learn through trial and error all the time, and that it would be helpful to avoid some of these mistakes simply by knowing these higher principles/laws.

      • Yes, it would be nice if higher spiritual principles were taught at a young age Lucia. I think we’re far from that as a society though unfortunately. And even if we were taught these principles, it’s easy to brush advice aside until we experience the consequences of our actions first hand. I was certainly guilty of that as a young adult and it’s something that it prevalent in our society. For example, there have been government health warnings on cigarette packets for some years, which have become increasingly graphic, including pictures of damaged lungs and descriptions of the type of illnesses that are linked to smoking. But there’s still a big market for tobacco smoking throughout the world and many young people are still keen to take up the habit. I think it’s very common to understand the principle of something in an abstract or intellectual way, but until we are directly affected by something, that intellectual knowledge may not be enough to change our behaviour, as it needs to compete with the incessant drives of the egos, which are constantly craving pleasure and gratification.

      • I guess we’ve had a lot of time – if you think of all the time of our lives combined! And also now, in this Kali Yuga, it’s not even possible for these laws to be taught sometimes. Seems now we are left with our own inner knowingness, or willingness to learn and be wrong!

  • Hi Daniel, that’s really an amazing experience and I can imagine that something like this leaves a big impact on you. Strange as it sounds but I wish to see more of my own fate in dreams and astral experiences like you. As you said, experiences like these don’t tend to be the most pleasant ones, but from what I’ve seen myself, when I’m showing my mistakes and the harm I cause others, I want to stop this. I’m glad to see you took advantage of what was shown to you and made changes for the better. Thanks for sharing this, it is very motivating.

  • I could imagine the feeling you described, going through the jaws of the crocodile, although I’m sure the experience itself was much more powerful. That is the kind of thing that you don’t forget easily. What powerful teaching and a gift to help you see the impact of your actions and what you needed to change.

  • Incredible experience Daniel, thanks for sharing it and its unique message. Though it seems it was a terrifying reality to go through it sounds like such a powerful learning.

    I know what you mean about just getting lost in the daily run of the mill, it’s easy to take this life for granted day in and day out but never really knowing how our life will unfold from one moment to the next.

    Reality is inspiring sometimes not in the way we hoped for but in the way we need it the most.

  • Thanks Daniel for relating your experience. It sounds like a great help given to detract you from going down that wrong track.

    Interesting as well about the angel. Because it seems from the people I’ve spoken to that the spiritual beings they see out of body generally don’t take the appearance of a classical angel. So like you say maybe it was that specific being or angel with a certain important role?

    I’ve also had a few experiences here and there. Even though this information about a hell and its reality is very much not known about or something controversial and sensitive. And speaking about it can consequently put you in a difficult spot. I am extremely grateful to Belsebuub for putting himself out there and explaining about it. Giving people the chance to find out about it and even more importantly give the fundamental tools to change ourselves and our links to that place.

    • Thank you Karim, I am also grateful for the information Belsebuub has given to the world. Whatever little I have achieved spiritually, it is very unlikely I would have done so without Belsebuub’s work.

  • Thanks Daniel for relating your experience. It sounds like a great help given to detract you from going down that wrong track.

    Interesting as well about the angel. Because it seems from the people I’ve spoken to that the spiritual beings they see out of body generally don’t take the appearance of the classic angel look. So like you say maybe it was that specific being or angel with a certain important role?

    I’ve also had a few experiences here and there. Even though this information about a hell and its reality is very much not known about or something controversial and sensitive. And speaking about it can consequently put you in a difficult spot. I am extremely grateful to Belsebuub for putting himself out there and explaining about it. Giving people the chance to find out about it and even more importantly give the fundamental tools to change ourselves and our links to that place.

  • I can only imagine the impact of this kind of experience Daniel and definitely is not enough in order to have a picture of what you passed through. I guess after that you started practising again more regularly and it’s motivating for me as well to do so.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • That is one terrifying and highly motivating experience! Wow! Thank you for sharing, Daniel.

    I’m struck by its profundity and I’m only “experiencing” it second-hand.

  • What an amazing experience Daniel, thank you so much for sharing this. I’m actually at a loss for words after reading it but I’m incredibly inspired by your experience, so again, thanks for sharing this.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting Vida, I’ve also been inspired by reading some of your experiences.

  • Thanks for sharing this experience Daniel. Although it must have been scary to experience the jaws of the crocodile it must have had a big impact to you. Very inspiring to read. Thank you.

  • What a profound experience Daniel, thank you very much for sharing. We indeed have a precious opportunity with this spiritual work, a chance to get out of that terrible fate. Despite your a bit inappropriate “study” of the angel’s body, it looks like the beings understood you were doing it out of a sincere interest, not being aware of the more serious issues at hand… It also sounds very interesting what you said about the angel’s body being made of a very sturdy, stone-like material.

    Wishing you all the strength and persistence with your inner work!


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