Experience submitted by Jon Haase

Experience submitted by Jon Haase

One of the most memorable out-of-body experiences I had was about six months after completing Belsebuub’s course on astral travel and dreams. I had also just attended a retreat which Belsebuub had been at too, which was a cool experience in itself, and it had given me lots of motivation and inspiration to experience the spiritual in my life from being there. 

I was remembering many dreams each night, and they were mostly very clear, so that was showing me that my efforts during the day were paying off. Then one night, an unexpected experience took place.

Waking up in the Astral from a Dream

It was the early hours of the morning, maybe around sunrise on a Sunday morning. I had woken up a couple of times during the night, writing down the dreams I had remembered. Each time I went back to sleep I tried to astral project, although I kept falling asleep without consciously leaving my body. But finally I became aware of being in a dream.

I was outside in an area well lit with sunlight. There was a garden in front of me with nice water features. The scene was just so pleasant, with the warmth of the sun, and the quality of the light very beautiful, which made me pay attention very closely.

It was this close attention and looking in awareness that made me realize I was in the astral. Any thoughts I may have had up to that point (being in a dream), were gone – I knew I had to take advantage of this opportunity and not spoil it with falling back into the dream or waking up with an emotion of excitement. 

Staying calm I began to perceive more around me. There were others there that I recognized. To my amazement I realized they were people I had met recently at the retreat I had just attended. They seemed to be very aware and making an effort to be conscious as I was. We noticed each other but stayed fairly calm, perceiving the area with its beautiful sunlight, water, and plants.

Being Taught in the Astral Plane

I then noticed someone who seemed to have more authority, teaching and showing us something. I concentrated on what they were showing, continuing to be aware and not get excited. It was great just to be there, knowing I was in the astral, feeling so light, warm, and clear, and on top of that being taught with all these people also having the same experience. As it was so awesome, I didn’t want it to end, and for that I knew I had to keep concentrating, being very aware and not letting the slightest thought take me away.

After being taught by this person, I began to move around while still making the strong effort to be aware. I explored the garden a bit more, seeing and acknowledging the other people. I just wanted the experienced to continue… and at this stage it didn’t seem like it was ever going to end!

I left the garden area and moved over a meadow, again trying to stay calm and not get carried away. Still I kept aware as I walked/floated, even though there seemed to be lots more activity after leaving the garden. It seemed there were people all around. I didn’t notice they were doing anything in particular – actually I didn’t focus on any of them really, but just kept moving, not wanting to be distracted.

At this point I had the thought that this could actually be my life, that I could seriously live here. There was so much life around me that I really felt it could be so. And the experience to this point had seemed to go on forever, possibly longer than all the astral experiences I had had combined up to that point. But still I tried not to let myself drift off too far, and continued exploring.

I came to a building of some kind, perhaps like a warehouse, and went inside. There were different sections and areas. There were quite a number of people in there too. I had thought more about how this experience just kept going on and on and didn’t seem to end. I know I spoke to a couple of people in that building, but at that point I was probably thinking a bit too much, so it wasn’t quite clear what was said, and I then woke up back in my bed.

Verifying My Astral Experience with Others

Amazed, I simply opened my eyes and let the experience soak in. I really couldn’t believe what had just happened. Again, I thought, “that could be my life!” It showed me how long you can stay in the astral by concentrating and not losing the experience.

A while later I chatted with a couple of people that I had seen in this experience from the retreat about what had taken place in the astral, and they too mentioned they had a similar experience around the same time, which makes me believe some or all of the people I saw in that garden were actually there at the same time, and were not just representations in my mind.