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When I Met an Extraterrestrial in the Astral Plane

Experience submitted by Christos Grapsas
Experience submitted by Christos Grapsas

One night an extraterrestrial came to me while I was dreaming. He was the size of a small child and had a similar playfulness. He was different though. He did not look like a normal person because he was made of light. A white-blueish shiny light.

I could not really decipher all his facial characteristics because he was all full of light. I say ‘he’ but I am not really sure if that being was male or female.

Because I was dreaming, I was not in control of my movements and I remember feeling disoriented within my dream, a bit like what a drunk person acts/feels like. The dream experience was happening while I was floating in space. I don’t remember how I got there, or what I had been dreaming about prior to the encounter with the extraterrestrial. I just remember that I was in space, away from earth, with silence all around me.

I had some notion of various things that I could see, just not very clearly.  The glow of light from the being was therefore very pronounced yet it was hard for me to shake away the sleepiness I was feeling. Due to this sleepy state, my perception was very limited, although I was not dreaming of something specific, I blurrily acknowledged that I was in space and that a positive presence was next to me.

He came to me and said cheerfully, “I am an extraterrestrial!” His voice was like that of a child’s, innocent and playful. I was quite unconscious but that stunned me enough to realize that there was someone talking to me. I answered in a sleepy manner “Yes, yes you are an extraterrestrial’’ but I remained motionless and indifferent to the interaction because of the heaviness of my dream state and great lack of awareness of what was going on around me, despite the hard effort of the little being.

He realized that I was still quite asleep in a dream state and so he repeated, “I am an extraterrestrial!!” even louder this time. This startled me a bit more but I still remained unconscious.

And a third time he said even louder, “I AM AN EXTRATERRESTRIAL!!!” and at the same time he moved forward a couple of meters as fast as the speed of light leaving behind a trace of light that matched the blueish quality of light that glowed from his body.

Composite image of public domain photos found on Pixabay and Pexels. (Images have been modified)
Composite image of public domain photos found on Pixabay and Pexels. (Images have been modified)

Well, that snapped me out of my dream state and I said surprised, “YOU ARE AN EXTRATERRESTRIAL!!” realizing finally that I was in front of an actual extraterrestrial, who shined like a being of light.

I had woken up in the astral plane before and had a few experiences consciously traveling outside of my body since studying Belsebuub’s work, but I had never been woken up by an extraterrestrial

Now that I finally became aware of being in outer space, floating in front of an extraterrestrial, my excitement and enthusiasm took the best of me, and I quickly returned to my body, waking up physically in my bed.

I opened my eyes and I laid there in amazement. The experience was so vivid that it was hard to forget it. I was going back over it in as much detail as I could, recalling the gentleness and childlike mannerisms of the little being. He was one of the most peaceful beings I’ve ever met and his intentions were clearly loving and full of care.

From what I was able to perceive, the peace he was emanating throughout that short interaction became greater and greater the more he was trying to wake me up in the astral plane. It was part of him but in a strange way it became part of me as well. I remembered feeling peace and joy being next to him. I began to understand that the more I was able to perceive this peace emanating from him while he was there next to me, the more I was vibrating with it myself.

I lay there in bed remembering the interaction, and going over the scene over and over again. It was very inspiring, and I couldn’t believe how unconscious I had been. But the peace that I perceived was still with me and remained throughout the next couple of days especially whenever I remembered him.

  • What a great experience, Christos!

    Like others have said here this just confirms what Belsebuub talked in his work about the need to become conscious during our day so that this
    translates into our nights in the astral.
    I too have had experiences when I recall encountering a being in the astral and then remembering it as a dream but I was so asleep that I
    cannot recall anything that was said. I just remember their face and the fact that they were actually talking to me!
    Such a lost opportunity, and this is one that I actually remembered. It is terrible to think of the ones that we don’t remember at all.

    What an amazing being of Light, what an amazing experience. To think this being was trying to wake you up. So much care and love for you.

    I hope you have many more conscious experiences!

  • Ahaha! This was so funny to read. I love how the being was determined to wake you up — third time’s the charm truly! And what you said about perceiving more of the peace from him allowed you to feel more of it within yourself was really intriguing. I wonder if it’s the same way with negative environments where we can pick up on the overall lower state just by perceiving certain things or if the being perhaps “sent” peace your way — maybe a bit of both. By becoming more aware, thereby being capable of sensing the peace and joy around you. Thanks for detailing your experience, Christos.

  • Christos you had a beautiful experience.
    But as you mentioned your inner state in that moment didn’t help you to be more awake in the astral and to have a proper contact with this spiritual creature.
    I wish some day more people who are interested in having meetings with extraterrestrials make it without fear or doubts but I think it needs a lot of internal work.
    Nothing is given but earned with effort and work except the fact that some experience is given as a gft to encourage someone.

    • I wish the same too Eleni. It would be amazing if one day we could reach a standard where we could harmoniously live with extraterrestrials.

  • Incredible experience Christos thank you for sharing, it must of been such a memorable experience to experience that love and light from a spiritual being

  • I can relate to that sleeping state, like being drunk as you said Christo and I know is embarrassing but real.
    I was wondering how I would react if I’d met an ET being on the physical plane? Would I be conscious enough to respond with the “right” way? And in general how much prepared I am to have such an encounter? At Karim’s experience, for example, he was trying to have something like that and it happened. Did you Christo had that intention or it happened “by accident” 🙂 ??

    Thank you for sharing it!

    • I didn’t have the intention to meet an extraterrestrial Fotis. I didn’t apply any particular method. I took it as help although I am not sure sure about the reason. Maybe the reason was to write this article so that more people become aware of the peaceful nature of extraterrestrials and to counter the negative propaganda against them. Every little counts. 🙂

  • Very amazing and funny experience Christos 🙂 What an effort the little being made to wake you up, perhaps because he wanted to teach you something? And not getting disappointed or frustrated with your sleepiness, but more peaceful like you said. It’s also amazing how you were vibrating with the same peacefulness and joy as him especially as you became more conscious. It would be lovely to meet a higher being like that, probably just their way of being can teach you so many things. What a difference to the idea being portrayed of ETs in the media as well 🙁 So many new movies in the recent years have been about them being evil and attacking us. So it’s very nice to see these first hand accounts of who and what they truly are. Thank you.

    • Yes, it seems that just the presence of a spiritual being is a teaching in itself.
      II agree it is terrible that hidden agendas and the wish to profit out of people’s fear of the unknown have created this fear-mongering propaganda against extraterrestrials.

  • Hi Christo,

    Thank you for sharing this experience. It was really heartwarming to read about that being.

    Your experience also made me think of my dream this morning. I dreamt two people that I know, they’d come to see me and were telling me and showing me things, but my state was literally like a drunken person. It was almost impossible to keep my focus and I was coming in and out of this comatose-like state, where I was only able to see them, but not having enough clarity to interact. I think my best attempt at trying to focus was when I studied closely the face of one of them. I woke up feeling a bit embarrassed and really wanting to know what could I have learned in this dream!

    As for fear, I can also very much relate to it. Somehow it’s there at some level although I know it shouldn’t be. I remember Dr. Steven Greer mentioning a story how he was guiding a group meditation to establish contact with ETs. At a point they saw a UFO in the sky and it was coming closer. But then there was a lady who became afraid and said something to the effect that she doesn’t want them coming closer. Then the UFO stopped and went away disappearing in the sky, as if to respect that lady’s wish. I thought this case showed how much they care about us. I guess this is one reason why they don’t make themselves publicly visible. Many people will not be able to handle their emotions.

    • Interesting Pavlin. It happens too often that our emotions and lack of awareness stop us from acquiring knowledge and interacting with spiritual beings.

  • What a wonderful experience Christo! It’s incredible that the beautiful blue being was so determined to wake you up. It’s also incredible to imagine you/people in general, floating around in space all groggy and dreaming, not knowing where they are or who’s around them!

    It’s very inspiring to hear of the light, playful feeling of the ET and how here on earth we see something of this in children. That innocence does seem to be eroded with age.

    Your description of feeling the peace of its presence after waking up and again with you in the following days I can really relate to. Just one short experience can stay with you for so much longer than its duration. I’ve also felt like I’ve stayed surrounded with the energies of a higher being/my own being for a long time after the experience has faded, you can still feel them from the other side, it’s really very magical.

    Thanks for sharing, it’s a really inspiring testimony and I hope it helps people open their hearts to our ET brothers and sisters.

    • Thanks Ella. Yes it was amazing to be able to vibrate with these feelings for a few days after the interaction. It gives a glimpse of the potential we have. Unfortunately life is too overwhelming and makes us sacrifice these feeling for things that just pass in time. It would be nice if one day we could be like that extraterrestrial.

  • What a lovely experience Christos. It reminds me of a dream I once had. It wasn’t a lucid dream exactly, but it felt very vivid and clear. In it, I met a small, blue ET. And I felt a lot of love coming from him. It was going through a difficult time and it was so nice to remember him during my day, to feel a bit of that love again. Somehow I felt a connection with him. Did you feel the same with the ET you met?

    • Yes it felt similar Anne Linn. Although he was playful I felt a lot of care coming from him.

      Although I could feel that love and peace that this extraterrestrial being of light was emanating I was not conscious of it. I did not feel its depth until I woke up in the astral for a few moments and when I woke up in my bed.

  • It’s great to hear another experience of love and light from our ET brothers and sisters.
    Thanks for sharing Christos.

  • Wauw Christos that gentleness and kindness of that being seems really so nice. How free that being must feel, without (I imagine) many of those lower emotions and floating in space. 🙂

    Thanks as well for that lesson on the psychological sleep we find ourselves in. A downside of it clearly demonstrated in your experience. And in general it’s impact on our whole life, and the great opportunities we might miss out on because of it, terribly costly.

    Let us know if you have anymore of these experiences! They’re very inspiring.

  • Thanks John. It would very interesting to read about your experiences with extraterrestrials.

  • It’s very nice to read your experience Christos, thanks for taking the time to share it with us.

    Your encounter with this beautiful being of light is very inspiring and must be very special for you. I find that it’s very important to share this type of information with others since it can help with a true understanding of their purpose on earth. To me is another example which shows that ETs are here to help us, and not harm us as we are led to believe.

    Since discovering the work of Belsebuub, I’ve been very blessed to have quite a few experiences with ET’s, and they are the ones who first showed me the truth about Belsebuub and his mission for humanity. This is something that I hope many will verify and stand strong by his side in the days to come.

  • Thank you Christos for recounting this experience. I can relate to your dream state during the interaction with the ET. I had a short experience some time ago that showed me the fears that I have relating to ETs. From what I remember the ET was just standing there. He looked like an ET that you would find in documentary films with a hairless head shaped a bit like an upside down drop and with big eyes. His body was smaller than a human adult, but larger than a child. The main part of the experience for me was that he was just there and I could see myself feeling fear. The fear was not in relation to anything the ET did, but simply because I could not handle his presence.

    • I was just going to relate a very similar experience I had Alex.

      It was during a time when I was trying to make contact and learn about them. I had a lucid dream and realised I was dreaming and decided to try to make it to Giza in Egypt. At some point I actually found myself there or in a place that looked like it. There was a big monument or statue of some sort a bit like the Sphinx (although it wasn’t) and it was more of a grey polished granite. In front of it there was a little being looking at it and observing some writing, as you would see people do in museum for example. The being looked very quite cute and was no taller than a meter or so and was wearing a green full body type suit. I looked at him and he simply slowly turned his head sideways to me and very calmly said: ‘hello’.
      “NnGWAaahaaaaahhHHH!!!” was my response as a huge fear ‘jumped into my body’ and simultaneously it pulled me backwards rapidly out of that place back to my body. The being still looking at me calmly.

      I did not want to react like that. And there was no need to be frightened of this being at all, not in how he looked, not in anything he said, not in anything he did. I thought I was ‘cooler’ than that I would have much rather talked with that being or something. However this fear, which properly felt like a separate thing from me existed within me and irrationally came out on realising I was in that particular situation. When looking at the details of that experience, I believe that was the lesson. I mean this being could’ve been a teddy bear and he just said ‘hello’ in the most calm and neutral way you can imagine. The point was, whether I liked it or not, there was this entity of fear within me.

      We need to work on fears like that, as well as excitement like Christos mentioned in this article, in order to properly interact with them. I mean imagine sitting around a nice campfire and asking them to visit us, and it would actually happen 🙂 I can tell you each of us, whether we want it or not, has big fears hidden within that would very likely come out in a situation like that.

      • Thanks for sharing that Karmin, and Alex. I remember one evening I was reading about ETs and feeling very curious about them. And during the night I had an experience where I was floating through space on my back, feeling as though I was being gently taken somewhere. Immediately I got terrified and woke up. I felt sad that I had made the experience end. Maybe some ETs were about to show me something?

      • Pahaha – funny and sad Karim. I know what you mean, I’ve responded in similar ways to totally harmless things in the astral. Even in the physical I can jump a mile when the right noise takes me by surprise. Sometimes, even when I’m trying to prepare for the astral before bed, being aware and reality checking, I can feel a fear bristling inside me, if I imagine waking up and something being in the room with me. It takes quite a lot to break through this, to be aware and feel the reality of the astral realm penetrating this one, and to remain clear. The horrible irony is that we are so unafraid of all kinds of evil things, even walk towards them with our own inner resonance matching it.

        I wonder how to be rid of this fear. It’s so fast … I wonder if fear or anger had a race which one would win … I think for me, in part, it’s about feeling strong against the darkness, for example having faith in the conjurations from being able to use them with strength and clarity and pushing myself to step into the unknown more. I think fear is really one of the elements at the bottom of a lot of my ‘astral-entropy’. When doing an astral practise years ago I heard a really sinister snigger in my ear. I didn’t see anything, this was as mild as it gets, but I remember I was put off practising for months after that, but was kind of hiding that I was afraid through a bunch of other excuses. I have felt in general though how fear reduces when my overall state is higher – when I’m kind of ‘saturated’ with practises.

        I remember in Gurdjieff’s biography reading about how his father used to put all kinds of horrible, scary animals in his bed (snakes, cockroaches, etc.) to train the young boy out of fear. Not that I’m recommending we all do this, or saying that the fear of something like a benevolent ET is the same as that of a creepy insect, but it was interesting to me that this fear was known as a hindrance.

      • Thanks for sharing Karim. This message of not being afraid of extraterrestrials has come from many people that have met one. I can’t imagine what would happen if that fear would be on many people at the same time. Maybe that’s why extraterrestrials don’t appear on a mass scale but only to individuals. I’ve read about a case where someone shot an extraterrestrial out of fear.

  • Christos, how amazing it must have been to see a being made of light!And very inspiring to read about the peace this ET being brought you thereafter.
    I’m sorry that you had your experience cut short though, and I hope that you get to see him/her again 🙂

  • That’s such a cute and funny story!

    What a wonderfully kindhearted and helpful ET. His radiance is also quite remarkable. Sounds like a very spiritual light.

  • Its amazing to hear how much effort this being of light put into waking you up. Your experience gives me great hope that there is much needed help. I guess as is mentioned in your experience all they are waiting for if for us to “wake up” so they can make the connection 🙂
    Thanks for sharing

    • That’s right Chris. I feel that if we could get more in tune with extraterrestrials as well as more prepared we could learn a lot from them.

  • Instead of meeting up at a local cafe, it seems ETs prefer to meet people in the astral plane. 🙂 It always warms my heart to read these kind of experiences and in a way reaffirm that there are beings out there, more intelligent, and loving who try to help humanity to wake up. Thanks for sharing.

      • Good find Lucia. I’ve heard stories like that before. It’s incredible how much courage ETs must have to go through the trouble of meeting us in the physical. Seeing all the hate and division in the world against other countries and people, how much more hostile will we be towards beings that look even more different than us. I really admire what our space brothers are doing for us.

    • I can relate to this heart-warming feeling Roy. It feels nice to know that there are extraterrestrial friends that care for us and want to help us.

      • For a while I really had a strong urge to have an ET friend. It was pushing me to do practises and to pray to meet such a being. I wonder now if they are there, pushing us, but in my case I was/am too psychologically asleep to be able to meet them, simply translating this as a vague feeling.

  • What an amazing encounter, thank you very much Christos for sharing it in all this detail. It was interesting for me to read how the peace from the being felt even more intensive as he continued to wake you up. Here in our regular life, its usually the opposite I noticed – the more we try to persuade somebody of something, or if we have to repeatedly say something again and again, we tend to become less patient and more irritated. So it was nice to hear that it could work the opposite way too – I need to try this as soon as I remember! 🙂 I also liked how he was made of light, how beautiful.

    • That’s true Lucia; trying to convince someone comes usually with pressure and an uncomfortable feeling of irritation. This extraterrestrial being of light emanated a very gentle and peaceful vibration possibly because his actions were motivated by love and care rather than self-righteousness.


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