Experience submitted by Christos Grapsas

Experience submitted by Christos Grapsas

One night an extraterrestrial came to me while I was dreaming. He was the size of a small child and had a similar playfulness. He was different though. He did not look like a normal person because he was made of light. A white-blueish shiny light.

I could not really decipher all his facial characteristics because he was all full of light. I say ‘he’ but I am not really sure if that being was male or female.

Because I was dreaming, I was not in control of my movements and I remember feeling disoriented, a bit like a drunk person. The dream experience was happening while I was floating in space. I don’t remember how I got there, or what I had been dreaming about prior to the encounter with the extraterrestrial. I just remember that I was in space, away from earth, with silence all around me.

I had some notion of various things that I could see, just not very clearly.  The glow of light from the being was therefore very pronounced yet it was hard for me to shake away the sleepiness I was feeling. Due to this sleepy state, my perception was very limited, although I was not dreaming of something specific, I blurrily acknowledged that I was in space and that a positive presence was next to me.

He came to me and said cheerfully, “I am an extraterrestrial!” His voice was like that of a child’s, innocent and playful. I was quite unconscious but that stunned me enough to realize that there was someone talking to me. I answered in a sleepy manner “Yes,  yes you are an extraterrestrial’’ but I remained motionless and indifferent to the interaction because of the heaviness of my dream state and great lack of awareness of what was going on around me, despite the hard effort of the little being.

He realized that I was still quite asleep in a dream state and so he repeated, “I am an extraterrestrial!!” even louder this time. This startled me a bit more but I still remained unconscious.

And a third time he said even louder, “I AM AN EXTRATERRESTRIAL!!!” and at the same time he moved forward a couple of meters as fast as the speed of light leaving behind a trace of light that matched the blueish quality of light that glowed from his body.

Composite image of public domain photos found on Pixabay and Pexels. (Images have been modified)

Composite image of public domain photos found on Pixabay and Pexels. (Images have been modified)

Well, that snapped me out of my dream state and I said surprised, “YOU ARE AN EXTRATERRESTRIAL!!” realizing finally that I was in front of an actual extraterrestrial, who shined like a being of light.

I had woken up in the astral plane before and had a few experiences consciously traveling outside of my body since studying Belsebuub’s work, and had success using reality checks during the day that have helped me many times to wake up in dreams, but I had never been woken up by an extraterrestrial.

Now that I finally became aware of being in outer space, floating in front of an extraterrestrial, my excitement and enthusiasm took the best of me, and I quickly returned to my body, waking up physically in my bed.

I opened my eyes and I laid there in amazement. The experience was so vivid that it was hard to forget it. I was going back in as much detail as I could, recalling the gentleness and childlike mannerisms of the little being. He was one of the most peaceful beings I’ve ever met and his intentions were clearly loving and full of care.

From what I was able to perceive, the peace he was emanating throughout that short interaction became greater and greater the more he was trying to wake me up in the astral plane. It was part of him but in a strange way it became part of me as well. I remembered feeling peace and joy being next to him. I began to understand that the more I was able to perceive this peace emanating from him while he was there next to me, the more I was vibrating with it myself.

I lay there in bed remembering the interaction, and going over the scene over and over again. It was very inspiring, and I couldn’t believe how unconscious I had been. But the peace that I perceived was still with me and remained throughout the next couple of days especially whenever I remembered him. I felt very lucky to have met this being of light and at the same time I felt sad for my inner state because I was not able to interact with him properly since my consciousness during the dream was so asleep.