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Meeting an Extraterrestrial in My Dream

Experience submitted by Anne-Linn
Experience submitted by Anne-Linn

I had been struggling with some heavy emotions that were really bothering me, and one evening I decided to go to bed early and pray for help. I wanted to talk with my Divine Mother and ask her to remove what was hurting me, the way I had learned from Belsebuub’s work.

Later that same night, I woke up and left my room for a few moments. When I came back I noticed a small, clear star in the sky, next to the evergreen tree outside my window. I hadn’t seen it there earlier as the sky had been full of clouds then.

Lying down I positioned myself so I could see it from my bed, and fell asleep trying to feel the inner guidance of my heart. 

I had a clear dream where I was standing in a line with other people about to meet extraterrestrials.

Public domain image found on  Pixabay. (Image has been modified)
Public domain image found on Pixabay. (Image has been modified)

It seemed to me that everyone had a different ET to meet, one that was special to each one of us. When it was my turn I met a blue ET about the size of a child. Somehow I knew it was a he. A part of me felt reluctant to look at him, afraid of what he might see. I felt a certain emotion in me and I didn’t want to be judged for it. But when I looked into his eyes I felt only love and a wave of energy rushing through me.

It was as though I was shown what it would be like not to have this ego. Or perhaps he was merely showing me compassion, understanding, love. I felt quite startled. I remember saying “Oh!” Not knowing how else to respond. I could feel him smiling at me, and I felt that I knew him and he knew me, as though we had met many times before. I felt amazed and a little ashamed that he could love me like that.

The next day I went for a walk in the late Autumn evening and felt a glimmer of peace that wasn’t there before. I felt a sense of relief from my emotions, and I still felt connected to the ET. I can still feel a bit of the love he shared with me, and when I focus on it I remember him.

  • This was so beautiful, Anne Linn. When I read, “I felt amazed and a little ashamed that he could love me like that,” I could see many layers within me responding to that sentence in a way. It gave me a lot to look into. I feel like I read exactly what I needed to in this moment. Thanks very much for the share 🙂

  • What a wonderful encounter, Anne Linn. It’s inspiring to read of the unconditional love that ET felt towards you. Since things are felt so much more profoundly in the astral, I can only imagine what a beautiful feeling that must have been.

    It also lends itself to contemplation: many ETs who try to make contact with our humanity quite likely feel this unconditional love towards all of us. But throughout the world, we cannot even feel this love towards our neighbour and many have hostile/fearful thoughts towards ET visitors…

  • It must have been so special to feel this unconditional love and compassion from this being Anne Linn. It is so rare that when you feel it, it inspires you to be like them. It always strikes me how we best learn by someone else’s example rather than by telling us what to do.

  • Thank you Anne Linn for sharing such a nice experience. I can appreciate your pleading for help with the emotion and smiled at how you described the star in the sky. I have also felt ashamed in the presence of an extraterrestrial because of my emotions and appreciated the understanding that they had of the state I am in.

  • What a nice experience, thank you for sharing Anne Linn. It’s humbling how these beings can be interested in us despite our state, to show us how we could be. I hope you’ll meet that being again and perhaps even uncover where you know him from.

  • Wow Anne Linn thanks for sharing that experience it sounds like such a extraordinary experience and feelings the type that are carved into out consciousness that we never forget

  • Oh Anne Linn, what a beautiful experience! Thank you so much for sharing, it is very uplifting and awe-inspiring. WHat really caught my attention too was how you started this experience by looking at a star, and wanting to feel its light in your heart – it felt so real and true, and it really touched me and resonated with me in a way I can’t fully explained. That yearning for the light feels like it is what could have called the Blue ET to come to you, maybe?
    It is amazing really for anyone to be able to give off that compassion and love, lacking all judgement toward another and how you felt that love.. It is making me reflect on how motivating it is to yearn to achieve this in daily life! Thank you <3

    • Thanks, Geraldine. I feel very drawn to the stars, to look at them. I always feel they are reminding me of something, or telling me something that I just can’t remember, but that I know deep in my heart. Maybe it’s the same for you?

      Yes, maybe that blue ET came because I was looking at the star, and longed for beauty, light 🙂

  • I love this! I can relate to the brokenness and sincerely yearning to hear from my Divine Mother and for her to make it better. I loved that you just went to bed to pray and looked at that star and felt its beauty, instead of spending the night getting distracted with something ‘fun’ because of the awful emotions and then going to bed feeling disillusionment and regret for not choosing more wisely.

    That dream sounds so special. How curious that all the people had their own special ET, I’ve never heard anything like this before, and how yours had such love for you. Was it him giving you this teaching, about how it would be to be without the ego? Was it the same ego you had been struggling with the night before? You don’t have to answer that of course, I was just wondering 🙂 I can relate to that feeling of not wanting to look at someone in the eyes, because of the shame of what I have within me and not wanting to be seen and judged. It must have been wonderful to be so deeply understood, accepted and loved by a higher being. And then the fact that you felt you knew each other and had met before is amazing. It is all very inspiring 🙂 Thanks a lot Anne Linn. I feel inspired to look for beauty and healing instead of distractions.

    • Yes, it felt to me that he was showing me what it would be like to be without that ego, and maybe more egos than that one? I’m not entirely sure. But I felt a lot of energy coming from him, and it made me feel that my emotions are draining me a lot. I think the night before I was struggling with a general low feeling, and that feeling tended to come up every day. I felt quite lost in it.

      Writing this experience is a reminder to myself as well, to focus on beauty and inner guidance instead of running away from myself 🙂

      • Yes, I know how draining those general low states can be 🙁 and if it tends to linger around a lot you don’t even notice how exhausting it is but wonder why you can’t seem to quite live your life! It’s interesting you felt he had so much energy. Makes me wonder what we would be without all the negativity that sucks away our energies.

  • SO lovely Anne Linn, thanks for sharing. Your experience makes me remember a time when I had a much more natural connection to the spiritual – moving my bed so I could sleep in the moonlight, things like that.
    I wonder if these blue child-like ET’s are from a particular planet and have a special connection to humanity – it’s very curious to hear that you felt like you knew him. I’ve heard some planets are home to our ‘brothers and sisters’ …

    • I feel they are lovely and somehow important these inspirations we had as a child, that came from somewhere inside of us. Sounds so poetic to sleep in the moonlight 🙂 I also wonder where they might be from.

  • What a lovely experience, Anne Linn. I loved it, especially the “oh” part 🙂 I think I’ve done that as well in a similar circumstance.

    Do you remember when that experience happened by any change? I had an experience with a very similar feel to it a few years back.

    • It happened a few years ago, not exactly sure how far back. Maybe 2014 or 2015? I think it was in autumn or early winter.

  • What a lovely experience Anne Linn.

    That you felt a link or connection to this particular being is very interesting. It again makes me realise that they are right out there, and we can meet them if we make the efforts to communicate with them.

    Btw your way of connecting to that other side seems like a very good one. To want to change something sincerely, to focus on a star and try to feel its light in your heart, praying while falling asleep etc. I think the key to connecting to them is much less about the hightech and much more about the heart.

    • It makes me wonder if they are looking out for us, checking in on us even if we don’t know about them. The experience was very surprising to me. I didn’t intend on having a dream like that at all. Perhaps it was a gift to remind me to keep exploring what’s out there. And also to lift me up a bit, I think. I was struggling with very heavy emotions.

  • Thanks for sharing your story Anne-Linn. It’s always special to experience how unconditionally loving superior beings can be, and how much energy they have within them. I hope the memory continues to give you strength when you need it.

    • Thanks, Andrew. Yes, that love was so surprising to me. Almost a bit confusing since I didn’t expect it at all. They must have a very deep understanding of things.

  • Hi Anne-Linn, what a wonderful experience you had. Its nice to hear how these extraterrestrials continue to show so much love and warmth to our humanity. I wonder if your sincere prayers to your divine mother were answered through this being?

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, I think it must have been. These extraterrestrials gives me hope, and makes me feel that we’re looked after 🙂

  • Yay! 🙂 These experiences are just getting better and better. Thank you so much for sharing Anne. I really liked how you said “Oh!” as a response to the unconditional love of the being. Like a realisation maybe, that things could be different… These beings must have so much compassion towards us I imagine.

    Its interesting that you weren’t actually trying to meet an ET in your experience; you just focused on a star. I also liked that the people in your experience were meeting with some sort of “personal ETs”. I think I would like that – to meet an ET that I can relate to in some way.

    Thanks for sharing again, and hope you get to meet your compassionate friend at some point again! <3

    • I do wonder about him sometimes. Like where is he now? Will I see him again? Why did I feel connected to him? Maybe we all have a relationship with these ETs but we just don’t remember 😮 And yes. I felt he was showing me how different my life could be. How much my egos were draining me. And I wasn’t even focusing on that star that much. I just found it beautiful and liked to look at it, and maybe that inspired me to go somewhere nice. Sometimes when I feel beauty inside of me before falling asleep, I have nice dreams.

      • Yes I find that too! About feeling beauty and being inspired before going to sleep – need to practice that more often rather than just worrying all the time that I am not doing enough, etc.


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