Experience submitted by Anne-Linn

Experience submitted by Anne-Linn

I had been struggling with some heavy emotions that were really bothering me, and one evening I decided to go to bed early and pray for help. I wanted to talk with my Divine Mother and ask her to remove what was hurting me, the way I had learned from Belsebuub’s work.

Later that same night, I woke up and left my room for a few moments. When I came back I noticed a small, clear star in the sky, next to the evergreen tree outside my window. I hadn’t seen it there earlier as the sky had been full of clouds then.

Lying down I positioned myself so I could see it from my bed, and fell asleep trying to feel the inner guidance of my heart. 

I had a clear dream where I was standing in a line with other people about to meet extraterrestrials.

Public domain image found on  Pixabay. (Image has been modified)

Public domain image found on Pixabay. (Image has been modified)

It seemed to me that everyone had a different ET to meet, one that was special to each one of us. When it was my turn I met a blue ET about the size of a child. Somehow I knew it was a he. A part of me felt reluctant to look at him, afraid of what he might see. I felt a certain emotion in me and I didn’t want to be judged for it. But when I looked into his eyes I felt only love and a wave of energy rushing through me.

It was as though I was shown what it would be like not to have this ego. Or perhaps he was merely showing me compassion, understanding, love. I felt quite startled. I remember saying “Oh!” Not knowing how else to respond. I could feel him smiling at me, and I felt that I knew him and he knew me, as though we had met many times before. I felt amazed and a little ashamed that he could love me like that.

The next day I went for a walk in the late Autumn evening and felt a glimmer of peace that wasn’t there before. I felt a sense of relief from my emotions, and I still felt connected to the ET. I can still feel a bit of the love he shared with me, and when I focus on it I remember him.