Mike L

Experience submitted by Mike L

Below is an experience I once had of visiting a spiritual temple during an incredible out-of-body experience.

Learning about Temples in the Astral

I had heard that in the astral plane there are spiritual temples where beings impart esoteric teachings. This was while studying about astral projection through Belsebuub’s courses, where it was also mentioned that there are different temples, some with different standards for entrance, and that apparently there are temples with different “themes”, if you will, such as a temple of music, a temple to ask for and receive spiritual strength, etc.

At one point, I don’t recall if this was part of a group effort with other mystics or just a long term personal goal of mine, I was working towards astral projecting and traveling to a temple in the astral. My daily efforts included visualizing what I believed such a temple would be like (as I had never been), doing lots of reality checks for lucid dreaming, applying awareness throughout the day, and then in the evening, I would attempt to astral project several times by visualizing myself at a temple as I would fall asleep.

Waking from a Dream

In a dream on one of those nights, I managed to become lucid. I don’t think I had quite become fully clear of all the subconscious imagery: just clear enough to know I was in the astral and to ask my Divine Mother to take me to a specific temple. I took a jump up in the air, expecting to be guided to the temple through the sky, but I found myself coming back down to the ground… and then through the ground into the earth. Into darkness…

I could tell that I was moving, falling; it didn’t feel scary, but I couldn’t see anything. This seemed to go on forever until I eventually lost my focus and started to dream.

Normally when I fall into a dream, that’s the end of the experience. But this time, I became lucid again and I was high above the ground and it was broad daylight. I was lying on my back and I was being carried by an invisible presence, quite likely my Divine Mother.

I gazed up into the sky as I was gracefully carried down to the earth and placed in a grass field outside of a building. It kind of looked like a church; it was quite plainly decorated and seemed to be in the middle of a big grassy field with a forest on one side. I was near the front door.

Entering the Temple

The door was open; there was a man, possibly another, standing by the door. The man could see I was approaching and I calmly walked past him and entered.

It had a pleasant atmosphere: simple, but elegant. The inside seemed to be appropriately lit: brighter than candlelight but darker than artificial lighting in offices.

I won’t describe much more of it, but towards the front of this church, there were three or four men talking amongst themselves (I couldn’t hear them from my distance – or perhaps the conversation was telepathic, as I found astral communication often to be).

One man was sitting on a pew with his back to me and the others were facing him, but given the direction they looked, I could see their faces.

Carried to a Temple in the Astral Plane

Public domain image found on Pexels.

I wasn’t quite sure what to do to receive a teaching, since that is why I wanted to come to the temple. Through an unfamiliarity with the proper “procedure”, I wound up making a rather poor choice of how to proceed (brought about by an ego I know only too well).

Long story short: I didn’t receive a teaching and I woke up in bed shortly thereafter.

Reflecting on the Experience

It was a truly inspiring experience and I am so grateful to my Divine Mother for having carried me, even after I “fell asleep” psychologically, all the way to the temple. While I could feel a little dejected at not having received a teaching, like I expected, I actually was taught a lot through that astral experience.

Through the behaviour I exhibited, and then failing to receive a teaching like I originally planned, I did in fact receive a very powerful teaching on that particular issue I now knew I needed to address. I could see as plain as day, upon waking, how terrible it was to allow such an inner state to arise: it was completely out of place.

I had heard Belsebuub explain before that the knowledge and teachings we receive are given according to our level, which made me think perhaps if I had not allowed this bad behaviour, my lesson would have been different…