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Carried to a Temple in the Astral Plane

Mike L
Experience submitted by Mike L

Below is an experience I once had of visiting a spiritual temple during an out-of-body experience.

Learning about Temples in the Astral

I had heard that in the astral plane there are spiritual temples where beings impart esoteric teachings. This was while studying about astral projection through Belsebuub’s courses, where it was also mentioned that there are different temples, some with different standards for entrance, and that apparently there are temples with different “themes”, if you will, such as a temple of music, a temple to ask for and receive spiritual strength, etc.

At one point I was working towards astral projecting and traveling to a temple in the astral. My daily efforts included visualizing what I believed such a temple would be like (as I had never been), doing lots of reality checks for lucid dreaming, applying awareness throughout the day, and then in the evening, I would attempt to astral project several times by visualizing myself at a temple as I would fall asleep.

Waking from a Dream

In a dream on one of those nights, I managed to become lucid. I don’t think I had quite become fully clear of all the subconscious imagery: just clear enough to know I was in the astral and to ask my Divine Mother to take me to a specific temple. I took a jump up in the air, expecting to be guided to the temple through the sky, but I found myself coming back down to the ground… and then through the ground into the earth. Into darkness…

I could tell that I was moving, falling; it didn’t feel scary, but I couldn’t see anything. This seemed to go on forever until I eventually lost my focus and started to dream.

Normally when I fall into a dream, that’s the end of the experience. But this time, I became lucid again and I was high above the ground and it was broad daylight. I was lying on my back and I was being carried by an invisible presence, quite likely my Divine Mother.

I gazed up into the sky as I was gracefully carried down to the earth and placed in a grass field outside of a building. It kind of looked like a church; it was quite plainly decorated and seemed to be in the middle of a big grassy field with a forest on one side. I was near the front door.

Entering the Temple

The door was open; there was a man, possibly another, standing by the door. The man could see I was approaching and I calmly walked past him and entered.

It had a pleasant atmosphere: simple, but elegant. The inside seemed to be appropriately lit: brighter than candlelight but darker than artificial lighting in offices.

I won’t describe much more of it, but towards the front of this church, there were three or four men talking amongst themselves (I couldn’t hear them from my distance – or perhaps the conversation was telepathic, as I found astral communication often to be).

One man was sitting on a pew with his back to me and the others were facing him, but given the direction they looked, I could see their faces.

Carried to a Temple in the Astral Plane
Public domain image found on Pexels.

I wasn’t quite sure what to do to gain a teaching here, since that is why I wanted to come to the temple. Through an unfamiliarity with the proper “procedure”, I wound up making a rather poor choice of how to proceed (brought about by an ego I know only too well).

Long story short: I didn’t receive a teaching and I woke up in bed shortly thereafter.

Reflecting on the Experience

It was a truly inspiring experience and I am so grateful to my Divine Mother for having carried me, even after I “fell asleep” psychologically, all the way to the temple. While I could feel a little dejected at not having received a teaching, like I expected, I actually was taught a lot through that astral experience.

Through the behaviour I exhibited, and then failing to receive a teaching like I originally planned, I did in fact receive a very powerful teaching on that particular issue I now knew I needed to work on. I could see as plain as day, upon waking, how terrible it was to allow such an inner state to arise: it was completely out of place.

I had heard Belsebuub explain before that the knowledge and teachings we receive are given according to our level, which made me think perhaps if I had not allowed this bad behaviour, my lesson would have been different…

  • Such a nice experience Mike.
    Thank you for sharing a bit more about this experience, why you did that and how. Sometimes I feel it works mathematically if I just do the right kind of things to have the relative results after. Of course, divine help is above mathematics but as Belsebuub says there are some requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to get higher knowledge. And I try to keep that in mind.
    Sometimes, I feel grateful even for a fraction of a dream I will recall because is what I can have accordingly my general state and even is a mundane type of dream there is always something to say and give material for my inner work during that day.

    Keep on posting Mike!!

    • I, too, often share a deep gratitude simply for being able to remember a dream, let alone to have a conscious out of body experience. Even the small things can be immensely beneficial, especially if we are helped to overcome an ego.

      Thanks for your comment!

  • What a magical experience you’ve had Mike, well done.

    It’s great that you’ve used the knowledge/techniques from the teachings of Belsebuub to have such experiences in the astral plane. Hopefully you will continue to use these tools and have many more experiences including conscious teachings in temples with the Masters.

    I really enjoyed reading your experience, thanks for sharing.

  • What a great experience Mike, it has been very inspiring to read. How wonderful to hear that your divine mother carried you to the temple even after you fell into a dream. I guess the big efforts you made during the day were rewarded 😉

    I think its great that you still gained deep insights into a defect, even though you never received direct teachings from the beings in the temple.

    Something i have found within myself at times, is that i have a preconception of what an experience will be like, but it doesn’t always unfold as expected. This can blind me from understanding the lesson that was being shown to me.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Yeah, that’s a good point, Chris. Preconceptions can be extremely limiting.

      Over and over gain with this work, I’ve discovered just how different an experience can be from my expectations based on what I’ve read or believed up to that point.

  • Thanks Mike for describing the experience. It’s wonderful to realize the help that we can be given when we try. I find myself often in a lot of confusion on what it means to ‘try’. Seeing as trying in our world has become synonymous with doing physical works, but I don’t know if that’s it anymore. I wonder if you remember any outstanding efforts you made that you feel played a role in you getting a breakthrough with the experience.

    • Hmmm… good question.

      I guess I find that this experience, along with the other deeply meaningful astral experiences I’ve had, came about very “naturally”. It’s hard to describe this. But maybe two aspects stand out.

      1. When I had these experiences, I don’t think I can say my work was the very best it could ever be (always room for improvement), but the way things were going internally in daily life had reached a level of consistency, strength, and sincerity that just felt very natural. And the experience, when it happened, unfolded in this same, very “natural” way.

      Your comment on “try” is an interesting one; we’re used to a physical try, which is based in the mind, where we can say, “Yes; I tried awareness today. Yes, I did a mantra, …” But I think a spiritual trying is more conscious. It needs to be felt, and doesn’t arise through thought, besides perhaps our remembrance for the work. I haven’t quite figured out how to turn this trying on at will, but that’s the sort of trying I find most useful spiritually.

      2. The other element I feel is harder to describe, but it feels like some experiences are almost pre-destined.

      There are lots of things that inspire me about the astral plane, but every so often, I “lock” into a goal that just feels totally right. I truly want to achieve the goal and internally I start to work towards it, building my work up sometimes over months. While I’m working towards it, intuitively, I somehow also sense that I will succeed. This sense is not a feeling of arrogance or feeling like “I deserve it;” it just feels like the experience has already been given to me and I just have to find it…

      From this temple experience, and the many profound mystical experiences I’ve read from others on these blogs, I wonder if our esoteric history from before this lifetime plays a role in what we are shown and when, and if sometimes, as we work towards our personal goals, we are sensing what our Being already has in store for us.

      • Hi Mike,

        I like what you say about going for what we feel is right at any particular time. I think then we can do it more wholeheartedly.
        At times I’ve also just done things based more on my mind or a thought, ‘oh, that sounds like an interesting astral goal.’ But it often wouldn’t make me put in enough to get that in-depth experience and learning.
        Although I have to say that rather than having no goal, or a time when we can’t feel ‘it’, it can still be useful to go for what we think is best so that the structure we create with that still makes us get active.

        Anyway I think it’s important to feel what’s most important 🙂 at any time. It might be a focus on a particular ego or situation in life we need to overcome, or a change we need to make in our lifestyle, or to reach a certain breakthrough in a practice or astral experience.
        I’ve found that although doing our best will bring us experiences, it is given according to how the divine sees it best to be given.

  • That was a very inspiring experience Mike. Thank for sharing. Interesting that you were taken through the earth to the temple rather than flying over it.

    It is also interesting that by being “rejected” or not being given a teaching you actually received one. I guess teachings are there to usually help us in our next steps. And you got that in an unexpected way. It is really amazing that in the presence of the divine there is an abundance of teachings if we are open to them.

  • Wow Mike, just beautiful. And inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing, it really goes to show what’s possible when we put our spiritual learning at the centre of our life. It’s great that you ‘kept your cool’ both travelling through the earth (the times that’s happened to me I’ve lost the experience through fear) and when approaching the doorkeeper. Very interesting how there are these ‘procedures’ to adhere to which enables teachings to happen over there. I guess it’s a process of learning like everything else in the internal work, and it takes a lot of getting it wrong before we get it right!

    Those pictures and the description – could be a chapel from my childhood! 🙂

  • What stood out to me from your experience Mike is that you had a clear goal to visit a temple and that you have done a lot of work to achieve it. Your divine mother knew that and helped you on the way, giving you something for your efforts. It gives me the inspiration to try harder to work on myself and to receive help in return.

    • I wonder what it means when fell asleep and woke up as a totally different person. I didn’t recognize my existence there as the person I am in the physical realm. I felt so light and free. My abilities were limitless and it felt so good as though all my earthly burdens and worries were gone.

      The people there were living a harmonious life. It was as though I could feel their joy resonating from them.

      I was over joyed and the first thing that came into my mind was to jump into the air. I floated, which never used to happen before.

      I didn’t know where to fly to because this was new to my experience. So I saw this small noiseless flying object that caught my attention and I couldn’t resist following it.
      It was elongated, 2meters,with short wings at the front, all pure white with red and yellow short stripes.

      It led me to fly over beautiful scenery. The vegetation was lush, colourful. Everything was so more advanced and easy there. Thought clarity is far higher there. It’s as though I could think and create anything that I wanted to create.
      We reached the waters or the sea whatever they call it there. I have never seen water so clear and so blue in my whole life.

      I tried to race with this flying object to get in front of it to see what’s controlling it. But I never managed to get close . I fell into the water but wasn’t afraid. I never had such confidence in my entire life. I just flew myself out of the water.

      The flying object wasn’t there anymore. It didn’t bother me. So I decided to look up but it felt more like an instinct. I saw the moon and rocketed straight up to it.

      I looked back for a moment. The land looked beautiful and colorful.
      When I was close to the moon, it was becoming bigger and bigger and brighter. It was totally filling my view.

      I didn’t get to it because it was so noisy. More like a big aeroplane flying over the sky and a radio that is not into any station or channel. I was forced to fly behind it.

      This moon thing didn’t look like you could land on it. It looked like a hologram or a ball of energy, light and dust. But this noise is what got me curious. I stood a far distance from this moon thing and focused on that noise. As I focused I received something understandable. It was more like I was tuning into a radio station. I heard music.

      I surely never heard that track in my life. It was beautiful, organized music with voices and instrumentals. I listened to this music for an estimate of 3 minutes before I started to lose concentration. That noise was getting back again but I concentrated more and another music track started to play. It was a woman singing. The music was like rnb but sounded more nicer and meaningful than rnb. But most the lyrics faded out of my mind. It words I remember go like ” there is something in the air, you don’t know it, it’s there, you don’t need to know it, some day you’ll be there”.

      I just received a thought while listening to this music for about an estimate of five minutes . The thought said “all music comes from this moon thing. Some people are gifted to receive the music and some are gifted to receive ideas from it. You just need to calm down. Don’t be troubled, just calm down and you’ll receive. Your body and everything is controlled by this ball moon thing , all these things are in you”.

      In a few seconds of receiving these messages,
      I started to feel like I was falling out of this joyful feeling . I began to remember my name, the world, worldly memories.

      I felt my body and I realized that I was somehow dreaming but everything was so realer that this physical real.

      I don’t know how you can understand or explain that, but I wish I could go back.

      • Hi Clifton

        Your experience sounds amazing. I feel that those kinds of experiences are given to us for a reason. I hope it gave you what you needed.

        • Yes, thanks for sharing your experience Clifton. It sounds like an awe-inspiring experience, which had a great impact on you.

      • What a beautiful experience! It sounds not only deeply uplifting in what you saw and did, but also it sounds like you were taught a lot of valuable, meaningful things. I hope you can go back there and experience and learn more!

  • It’s a very worthwhile astral goal, especially when we can be given divine assistance.

    That’s cool you’ve been taken through the ground, too. I guess sometimes that’s the most direct route. Too bad in that experience you didn’t reach your destination. I later found out, when travelling through the earth, that it can be helpful to focus intensely upon being in the moment (there’s really nothing else to see or do) and having no thoughts of time. Then feelings of anticipation or impatience don’t arise – those usually end my experiences and take me back to my body.

    That sounds like a very beautiful scene: do you think it was a real place on earth, from a past life, or maybe a vision of the astral?

    • Thanks for that advice. Yes, I think my experience ended because I had nothing to focus on, and it confused me.

      I’m not sure what that place was. Somehow I thought it could be from a past life. It felt familiar to me.

  • This sounds like such a beautiful experience. I would love to visit a temple in the astral. Perhaps I should make it a goal now. I’ve always kind of assumed I wouldn’t be able to go to one, which of course stopped me from even trying 😮

    It’s interesting you were taken through the ground. That happened to me once too when I asked to be taken somewhere. But I lost the experience on my way there.

    And also, that temple sounds so lovely to me. Even though it was very simple. For some reason, I like small buildings in a nature setting even more than majestic halls and such. It makes me think of something that happened while I was taking a bath one time, many years ago. The hot water made me very relaxed, and suddenly in my mind’s eye, I saw this beautiful white church in a green landscape. There were even sheep grazing in front of it. It was like looking at a very clear, moving picture.

    • That sounds like a beautiful vision (?) you had in the bath Anne Linn! How nice that it was just the very relaxed state that opened you up to seeing that.

      I’ve also felt this, I wouldn’t be able to get in/make it anyway, so why try. But I think this attitude is very lacking and limiting. The skepticism and cynicism, almost, of the mind versus the sincerity and faith of the consciousness.

  • Hi, yes Belsebuub has always said that the next step in your development is just the next step forward, hoping your journey continues forward .
    Thank you for sharing.

  • I found your experience very motivating to read Mike. It made me think that many wonderful things are possible to achieve, I mean why not! If we dedicate ourselves to practices sincerely like that we might be helped by divine forces.

    Also that lesson that you did receive is pretty good. Even though we can be let into a temple, it’s our own inner states and behaviour that ‘kicks us out’ so to speak. Sometimes I might’ve thought that’s a bit unfair to not be let in and stuff, but it is due to our own level, our own ways of behaving.

    It seems inspiring to feel the sacredness and energy of a temple in another dimension. Thanks for the inspiration Mike.

    • Yeah, it was a pretty good lesson. It wasn’t delivered in a glamorous, mystical manner with deep symbolism and so on… I was just allowed to “be myself” there and through that I was shown a lot.

  • This is amazing and very inspiring Mike.

    I had read and heard about those temples in the astral plane, and always thought how wonderful it would be to even get to see one on the outside 🙂 but never heard of anyone that actually got to go inside, I mean I never heard a first hand experience before. It sounds really magical. I love your description of it, just this simple but beautiful church in the middle of a grassy field. I wonder who those men were inside, whether they were spiritual beings from higher planes, or people from earth with a high spiritual level, or something else. I also wonder if you could sense what particular ‘theme’ this temple had, if any of this is what you feel you can share of course.

    It’s great you did get a teaching, even if not what you were expecting. It’s your efforts that got you there and just the fact that you got to see a temple and go inside must have been very powerful. I think I should stop wishing and hoping I might get to see one one day but start putting in such dedicated efforts as you did! Thank you very much for sharing.

    • Hi Laura,

      I, too, wonder who those men were. Just having seen them discussing in the astral is so exciting: to think that it could be possible to be permanently awake over there and to use that time consciously.

      It’s hard to say if they were truly spiritual beings that were fully awakened or not; I got the impression that they were individuals with a very high level of consciousness, with important work to do.

      I didn’t sense a strong theme of the temple; I feel like it was a place to receive introductory teachings.

      With a strong effort and A LOT of help from above, there are so many experiences that are within reach.

      All the strength in your practices!

      • Very interesting and inspiring, thanks for sharing Mike! Wishing you all the strength as well!

  • How amazing you even made it there, Mike! Well done indeed, and how gentle and caring from your Divine Mother to keep carrying you to the destination despite your loss of awareness. I am sure the atmosphere of the temple and its surroundings have stayed with you since as an inspiration.

    • Yeah, I’m so amazed and grateful to my Divine Mother for taking me there, despite my dream-state. It certainly goes down as one of the most memorable and inspiring experiences I’ve had. And it really impressed upon me that the astral plane is really another dimension of life, with astral temples, astral meetings, and so much more.

      • Yes, definitely Mike, I can relate to that! I mean about the astral being just another “world” – with different beings, buildings, landscapes, even “astral restaurants”. How amazing it would be to go there consciously every night to learn something. I remember once as I was flying there, I saw a mansion hanging in the air. Everything else looked more-less like in the physical, except of this little “detail”. 🙂

      • An astral restaurant would be so cool! I remember reading about them.

        I guess in the astral, with fewer laws, you can build almost anywhere. Even in the sky!


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