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Seeing a Loved One in the Astral

Experience submitted by Dimi

It was a very sad time when my grandmother passed away (I had known her all my life, she had been there for me while growing up, and even lived with my family for many years, and my whole family was grieving her death for a while). I intuitively knew I would be visited by her after her passing (based on prior experience), but felt somewhat prepared for this — especially because by this point I had discovered courses and books written by Belsebuub that had content on the afterlife and what happens to the person when they pass away.

I decided that I would use these experiences to learn more about death and take note of what happens to a person over time.

Seeing My Grandmother in the Astral After Her Passing

There were indeed many, many visits from my grandmother. Each of them set in different scenarios but with essentially the same theme. We would be together, doing something, talking with each other, sharing an experience as though things were the way they were in the physical. This unfolded for months.

It seems I witnessed a process unfold before my eyes to show me what happens to an individual once they have disembodied. I can’t say whether this is exactly what happens to everyone, but this is what I saw take place.

As time went by, I started to notice a change during these astral visitations. This was gradual. Our interactions were getting shorter as though my grandmother would fatigue or get tired easily, and withdraw.

As more time went by, I noticed that she became more repetitive in her interactions, her phrases. Her facial expressions were not as detailed. She was losing her ability to be as engaged and to share her ideas or thoughts in as much detail as she used to.

Still more time went by, and I noticed that details about her appearance started to fade, her overall demeanour was becoming less detailed and less able.

Eventually, I sensed that I was around my grandmother but she would not be able to speak with me anymore, as though she had lost the ability to use words or to put her thoughts into words, even though telepathy is possible in the Astral, it is as though she had lost the ability to think, and put those thoughts into words. It felt as though she had reverted to an infant-like state.

I started to wonder if this is what happens to each of us as our deceased physical form decays and so does our personality in the astral until it may be time for us to re-enter the physical in a different form, to become a different person.

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  • Your experience gave me some new insights, thank you for that. I have never really liked the idea of the personality living on after someone dies, like a ghost. It felt a bit creepy to me. But somehow, reading your experience, I just got a sense of it slowly fading away without any grief or pain. Not sure how to put it into words. But it didn’t seem so bad anymore.

    I think I interacted with the ghost of my dad’s personality after he passed away. I would see him all the time in my dreams, in the house he had lived in, in the house I was still living in. Even while awake, it felt like he was there somehow. But over time, that feeling went away. It was similar when my mom passed away. It was almost as though she was still in the house, doing things, though I couldn’t see her. And slowly, that feeling went away.

  • What a really interesting story Dimi. It must have given you a lot of peace to meet with your grandmother initially, and perhaps you had come more to terms with your loss more as time went on also. But, it is an interesting account of what happens to our personality over time.

    While it might sound strange in this (human) context, I had a very, very close relationship with my larger than life dog. He would sometimes accompany me in the astral. It was interesting that I only saw him in dreams relatively soon after he passed away. Sometimes when I was going through difficulties, however, a representation of him would appear. I knew it wasn’t him – there was something different/wrong about him. I’ve often thought that this representation of him was ‘sent’ to me to give me comfort in those times.

  • Hi Dimi,

    It’s quite amazing to hear you got your own experience on seeing the ‘fading’? of the personality of a person. I imagine it must’ve been impactful to see this happen to someone you were so close to? I think then the reality of the temporariness of such aspects of life would become very clear.

    It shows that not only do we leave our car, house, job, etc. behind with death (and our body of course). But what about many of our habits, ideas, language, all the things we picked up in our particular culture, most memories etc. It’s really quite a thing.
    I think the consciousness continues to exist, as well as all the ego drives, the program behind the ‘jacket’ of a new life.

    Similar to what you say Dimi, not being in control of, or even knowing, what happens to us in this sense is not so pleasant.

    Thanks for sharing your experience Dimi.

  • That’s so interesting Dimi, what an insight into how the mental energy that’s left behind when our consciousness moves on changes. I haven’t experienced anything like it, only, since my grandma died just over a year ago, noticing how her house felt different with time, like she was fading from it. At first I could sense her there so much, almost see her out of the corner of my eye, and of course I thought of her a lot too, and dreamed of her. But slowly it changed, I stopped dreaming of her totally and the house has a different energy. I wonder if she’ll ever fade from there entirely, I find it hard to believe. As a kid I felt like that house was just full of the ghosts of my ancestors! (Might of been the serious/scary portraits on the wall!)

    Though we don’t have any real ceremonies to mark the passing of time after someone’s died in the UK, just a casual ‘first anniversary’, when in different European countries I was interested to see how seriously upheld time-marking commemorations are, in the first year of the deceased person. I don’t remember when they are, but there are certainly a few, with the year’s anniversary being a serious one. Seems like they may be left over from a time when there was more knowledge of the slow process of departure, in all our different energetic ‘bodies.’

    When my grandma died I did a little bit of research into the religious traditions around death, in the hope of finding something that felt as though it contained some esoteric wisdom. I remember finding all kinds of traditions about not sleeping in the deceased person’s bed for a week or month after, not touching their clothes/bedding until a certain point, when you then HAD to throw them/give them away. I remember feeling really uncomfortable that my sister had to sleep in my grandma’s bed straight away after she died – of course there were clean sheets and was even in a different room, but my sister actually came down with a horrible fever and headache for a couple of days and was there, stuck in that bed, and I had a feeling it was linked to the bed itself.

    Thanks for sharing. It’s great that you were prepared for the visitations and could get a lot from them. A unique learning experience!

    • Ehhh, that’s quite creepy about the bed Ella! In the same time how interesting these old accounts of what to do after a person’s death seem to be revealing a lot of wisdom that has been lost in these “modern” times.

    • That’s interesting, and yes a bit creepy about the bed. I remember sleeping in the room belonging to my husband’s mom not long after she died. I felt so uncomfortable there.

      And I also had the sense of someone recently passed still being around in the house, and then that feeling slowly going away.

      My cousin and her husband moved into my grandmother’s house a while after she passed away. They made it beautiful and new. But apparently one of her kids would sometimes talk to someone invisible in the living room. He was seeing my grandmother there, sitting in her usual chair. Sometimes I would have dreams also of going into that house, finding her there. She lived there for a long time, and I visited it a lot since she lived very close to me while growing up.

    • Yes, that doesn’t feel like a good idea at all for you sister to sleep in that bed at that time.
      I think there’s definitely more going on than what we can see and current science can measure. So often it’s good to trust one’s feelings and intuition is such situations I think. Also some places (or even furniture like beds) can have strong heavy energies that can ‘latch onto you’ and bring you down so to speak. I’ve experienced this many times before with pubs, clubs, hospices, some hostels or even peoples houses. This can have a negative effect on us, and we can even be shown this in our dreams.

  • Wow, what a teaching you got through these encounters Dimi!

    Like Aleksandr, I was also thinking that imagining myself in your shoes, it would be difficult and painful to witness first hand how your grandmother’s personality ceased to exist, even if it was just her ghost, although the information you had about this being not the real her would have certainly helped. Makes me reflect on how we get attached to our loved ones’ personalities, mannerisms, ways of speaking, physical appearance etc. But to try to find a spiritual kind of love underneath the ‘unhealthy’, ‘fake’ love of our subconscious desires, that is basically selfish and not love at all, this higher love that can love the person’s essence or spiritual self, in a selfless way. There is joy and freedom in that kind of love, whereas the ego based love is always pretty painful.

    Thank you for sharing your journey of learning about death with us.

  • Thank you, Dimi, for that incredibly detailed description of what you observed of your grandmother’s personality over time. Your observations are quite interesting and precise!

    If I may ask, over what time scale are you talking about that you noticed these changes? Was it over weeks/months/years?

  • What an interesting series of experiences you went through Dimi, thanks for sharing. As you have mentioned, it highlights how important it is to work very hard to connect with our own inner divinity so we gave be free from this cycle.

  • I can only relate to meeting loved ones in my dreams who were alive. On several occasions I met people that I love (and longed to see) and these dreams brought me so much happiness. It must have been difficult to see your grandmother go through the process that you mention.

  • Amazing Dimi, thank you for sharing! I actually also had a very close relationship with my grandmother, and had also seen her in my dreams often after her death. And even though my encounters with her were not as detailed as yours, I also witnessed how she gradually became “less herself”, in some of the last encounters she didn’t really look like her at all. Now I sometimes still dream about coming to her house, but she is not there anymore… Interestingly, her house was demolished and something else has been built there, but in my dreams the house still exists, which makes me wonder if it is a real “astral imprint” of that house, or if it is just something created by my subconsious.


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