Experience submitted by Dimi

I was familiar with visitations from other family members after they had passed on, but this time, I had more knowledge and understanding about it, since I had discovered courses and books written by Belsebuub that had content on the afterlife, what happens to the person when they pass away, where you can find them, how they can visit us, etc.

While it was a very sad time when my grandmother passed away (I had known her all my life, she had been there for me while growing up, and even lived with my family for many years, and my whole family was grieving her death for a while too), I intuitively knew I would be visited by my grandmother based on prior experience and so felt more prepared for this.

I also decided that this time I would use these experiences to learn more about death and take note of what happens to a person over time.

Seeing My Grandmother in the Astral After Her Passing

There were indeed many, many visits from my grandmother. Each of them set in different scenarios but with essentially the same theme. We would be together, doing something, talking with each other, sharing an experience as though things were the way they were in the physical. This unfolded for months.

It seems I witnessed a process unfold before my eyes to show me what happens to an individual, to their personality/persona once they have disembodied. I can’t say whether this is exactly what happens to everyone, but this is what I saw take place.

As time went by, I started to notice a change during these astral visitations. This was gradual. Our interactions were getting shorter as though my grandmother would fatigue or get tired easily, and withdraw.

As more time went by, I noticed that she became more repetitive in her interactions, her phrases. Her facial expressions were not as detailed. She was losing her ability to be as engaged and to share her ideas or thoughts in as much detail as she used to.

Still more time went by, and I noticed that details about her appearance started to fade, her overall demeanor was becoming less detailed and less able.

Eventually, I sensed that I was around my grandmother but she would not be able to speak with me anymore, as though she had lost the ability to use words or to put her thoughts into words, even though telepathy is possible in the Astral, it is as though she had lost the ability to think, and put those thoughts into words. It felt as though she had reverted to an infant like state.

Over time, it seems I witnessed the gradual decay of my grandmother’s personality as it was unfolding in the Astral and was happening before my eyes.

I started to wonder if this is what happens to each of us as our deceased physical form decays and so does our personality in the astral until it may be time for us to re-enter the physical in a different form, to become a different personality/person.

I feel this experience gave me a better understanding of what happens after we die in the astral, and how the life-death cycle may repeat if I do not re-connect to my inner Being, if I ignore the purpose of life without awakening internally.

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