Experiences submitted by Karim El Bazi.

Experiences submitted by Karim El Bazi.

Once in the astral dimension I knew I was dreaming and found myself in a big open space in a wooden shed or building. Around that time in waking life I had been listening to some music by a musician who’d studied the brain’s reactions to sound and was using vocals and traditional instruments from the far east to evoke the native memory.

Over there (in the astral) I suddenly heard one of these songs coming up loudly, it had so much more fullness to it and it felt as if not only the space, but the whole building was echoing to the male vocalist’s deep voice and I could hear the sound reverberating through me. When waking up in bed I could still hear it.

On another occasion in a dream experience I heard and saw, with some variation, the scenes and music of the ‘A whole new world’ song from Disney’s Aladdin. Seems a bit cheesy, I know :-). But it was interesting as I could feel and know (though in this case not so much the musical merit) the deeper essence and ‘magic’ of that song.

One more experience, one I had a long time ago, about which I feel I can’t say too much because of its personal nature. Here I went through a number of symbolic and powerful personal scenarios given to me. Throughout the experience there was the divine sound of a woman singing to music. It perfectly fitted the message the experience was conveying, or better said it was like the golden warmth of the divine music that was enveloping me was the sound of that particular experience. It conveyed one and the same message and feeling.

This experience left a huge impact on me. And afterwards when thinking of that song or experience I could go into that sort of warm feeling and ’emotion’ of it again, where my whole body and inner state melted to its beauty. Over time this has faded to some degree, though the memory stays with me.


I first learned about mantras and how to use them from Belsebuub’s books, and definitely found them personally a very beneficial tool to lift my inner state and boost my efforts to explore the spiritual. I thoroughly enjoyed doing them. There was a time for example where I did the mantra OM a great deal everyday and combined it with mindfulness walks.

One night I found myself aware of the fact that I was in the dream world, and because I was practising the Mantra O a lot in waking life naturally I was curious to try it over there. Physically I could notice the subtle effects and sensation of the mantra. Over there though when I chanted the vowel sound O, the character and feeling of it was not subtle at all! It was like I went into the sound with my concentration. I could also clearly feel its effect on my consciousness and it seemed related to the heart area.

What I also noticed was more clearly catching the flavour of intuition, reaching the psyche from somewhere deep within. This experience was very useful for me in order to better recognize its manifestation physically.

Later in that same lucid dream experience I decided to also try another mantra using the vowel sound ‘I’ (as in ‘see’.) While I was doing it I started visualising a specific place in the park and it formed in front of me with great ease. I could catch the flavour of the resulting effect of that mantra upon my ability to visualise.

Another mantra I tried in the astral is one that starts with the Sanskrit word ‘KLIM’. When chanting it with strength and conviction I could sense how it was almost like there was an instant light or strength, shining from a place up high, right on to me. This effect matched what I had read about it from a spiritual teacher.


I knew praying is such a powerful, beautiful and personal thing, and that doing it can feel good, yet I personally only consciously opened up to it when finding Belsebuub’s work.

I once found myself doing the ‘Our Father’ in the astral. While saying it there I could more strongly sense the character of it and feel the deep sacredness and power of those words.

The last account I want to mention is a dream experience.

The experience took place in a sort of semicircular ancient arena, where I was inside one of the buildings along the inner edge. There were many others in there with me, who I felt represented humanity. It was a very dark place and in it we were completely bound, burdened, chained by a massive ego state.

There was no pleasure there, just the binding after effects and the complete and total imprisonment of consciousness. And in fact it was a prison that we were all in. Locked inside, utterly hopeless, I was holding onto the prison bars.

During that period in waking life I had been seriously practising and investigating a mantra, trying to know and feel its meaning. This was the Gayatri mantra, of ancient Vedic origin, which I learned about from Belsebuub’s work on the solstices and equinoxes, at that time presented through articles on his website.

Being there in that dream, enslaved in that prison, hopeless, I was holding the bars and looking out. Without even daring to hope, or believing anything could change it my fate. Just…. I started singing the Gayatri mantra.

“…..Ooom bhūur bhuvah svah….
tát savitúr vareniyam….”

I continued singing or could hear the song all around. It came from a pure place inside of me, as a true prayer, as I had no illusions to deeply knowing the situation I was in.

As I kept singing, eyes closed and tears slowly running down my face, I started to sense something… gentle rays of warm sunlight started to shine on me in that prison. They came from the sun which was in the distance above the horizon. This sun brought with it a mercy I didn’t believe existed. A saving grace that I could feel. And even though it was at a distance, I felt a strange sort of personal connection to it, as if at the same time it was ‘my own’ sun.


Photo by Joey Kyber via Pexels.

This mantra embodied the plea of consciousness asking the Sun for this salvation.

I’ve seen through these experiences that the astral plane allows a deeper exploration of music, sound and prayer. At the same time I feel I’ve only glimpsed the experiences that are possible by practising the different elements Belsebuub shares in his work.