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A Few Experiences with Sound, Music, and Mantras While Out-of-Body


Experiences submitted by Karim El Bazi.
Experiences submitted by Karim El Bazi.

Once in the astral dimension I knew I was dreaming and found myself in a big open space in a wooden shed or building. Around that time in waking life I had been listening to some music by a musician who’d studied the brain’s reactions to sound and was using vocals and traditional instruments from the far east to evoke the native memory.

Over there (in the astral) I suddenly heard one of these songs coming up loudly, it had so much more fullness to it and it felt as if not only the space, but the whole building was echoing to the male vocalist’s deep voice and I could hear the sound reverberating through me. When waking up in bed I could still hear it.

On another occasion in a dream experience I heard and saw, with some variation, the scenes and music of the ‘A whole new world’ song from Disney’s Aladdin. Seems a bit cheesy, I know :-). But it was interesting as I could feel and know (though in this case not so much the musical merit) the deeper essence and ‘magic’ of that song.

One more experience, one I had a long time ago, about which I feel I can’t say too much because of its personal nature. Here I went through a number of symbolic and powerful personal scenarios given to me. Throughout the experience there was the divine sound of a woman singing to music. It perfectly fitted the message the experience was conveying, or better said it was like the golden warmth of the divine music that was enveloping me was the sound of that particular experience. It conveyed one and the same message and feeling.

This experience left a huge impact on me. And afterwards when thinking of that song or experience I could go into that sort of warm feeling and ’emotion’ of it again, where my whole body and inner state melted to its beauty. Over time this has faded to some degree, though the memory stays with me.


I first learned about mantras and how to use them from Belsebuub’s books, and definitely found them personally a very beneficial tool to lift my inner state and boost my efforts to explore the spiritual. I thoroughly enjoyed doing them. There was a time for example where I did the mantra OM a great deal everyday and combined it with mindfulness walks.

One night I found myself aware of the fact that I was in the dream world, and because I was practising the Mantra O a lot in waking life naturally I was curious to try it over there. Physically I could notice the subtle effects and sensation of the mantra. Over there though when I chanted the vowel sound O, the character and feeling of it was not subtle at all! It was like I went into the sound with my concentration. I could also clearly feel its effect on my consciousness and it seemed related to the heart area.

What I also noticed was more clearly catching the flavour of intuition, reaching the psyche from somewhere deep within. This experience was very useful for me in order to better recognize its manifestation physically.

Later in that same lucid dream experience I decided to also try another mantra using the vowel sound ‘I’ (as in ‘see’.) While I was doing it I started visualising a specific place in the park and it formed in front of me with great ease. I could catch the flavour of the resulting effect of that mantra upon my ability to visualise.

Another mantra I tried in the astral is one that starts with the Sanskrit word ‘KLIM’. When chanting it with strength and conviction I could sense how it was almost like there was an instant light or strength, shining from a place up high, right on to me. This effect matched what I had read about it from a spiritual teacher.


I knew praying is such a powerful, beautiful and personal thing, and that doing it can feel good, yet I personally only consciously opened up to it when finding Belsebuub’s work.

I once found myself doing the ‘Our Father’ in the astral. While saying it there I could more strongly sense the character of it and feel the deep sacredness and power of those words.

The last account I want to mention is a dream experience.

The experience took place in a sort of semicircular ancient arena, where I was inside one of the buildings along the inner edge. There were many others in there with me, who I felt represented humanity. It was a very dark place and in it we were completely bound, burdened, chained by a massive ego state.

There was no pleasure there, just the binding after effects and the complete and total imprisonment of consciousness. And in fact it was a prison that we were all in. Locked inside, utterly hopeless, I was holding onto the prison bars.

During that period in waking life I had been seriously practising and investigating a mantra, trying to know and feel its meaning. This was the Gayatri mantra, of ancient Vedic origin, which I learned about from Belsebuub’s work on the solstices and equinoxes, at that time presented through articles on his website.

Being there in that dream, enslaved in that prison, hopeless, I was holding the bars and looking out. Without even daring to hope, or believing anything could change it my fate. Just…. I started singing the Gayatri mantra.

“…..Ooom bhūur bhuvah svah….
tát savitúr vareniyam….”

I continued singing or could hear the song all around. It came from a pure place inside of me, as a true prayer, as I had no illusions to deeply knowing the situation I was in.

As I kept singing, eyes closed and tears slowly running down my face, I started to sense something… gentle rays of warm sunlight started to shine on me in that prison. They came from the sun which was in the distance above the horizon. This sun brought with it a mercy I didn’t believe existed. A saving grace that I could feel. And even though it was at a distance, I felt a strange sort of personal connection to it, as if at the same time it was ‘my own’ sun.

Photo by Joey Kyber via Pexels.

This mantra embodied the plea of consciousness asking the Sun for this salvation.

I’ve seen through these experiences that the astral plane allows a deeper exploration of music, sound and prayer. At the same time I feel I’ve only glimpsed the experiences that are possible by practising the different elements Belsebuub shares in his work.

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  • Hi Karim,

    Your dream experience with the Gayatri mantra has stayed with me since I read it, and I wanted to share a small way it helped me today. Both me and my husband had been caught by some negative states, and the saying ‘water seeks its own level’ was happening in that this low frequency was vibrating within both of us, influencing both of us subconsciously. We were just in the kitchen and I sat down and started singing the Gayatri mantra, feeling it as a prayer to my Being to help us out of this mess. I tried to do it as focused and sincere as possible, and it was because I felt a little desperate. It didn’t take long before I could feel its powerful, peaceful emanations clearing the negative energy from within us and the room, and we felt much better afterwards and were able to communicate clearly again. So thank you!

    • I find your choice to decide to sit down and sing with sincerity in such a situation already very beautiful in itself. An example to me. Of a better way to deal with such difficulties, very inspiring.

      I can imagine how that energy of the Gayatri would’ve brought a change in atmosphere within and externally.

    • That’s great Laura, it reminds me of Zorana’s recent post. Sometimes when my home feels kind of ‘stale’ or infused with a subtle, or not so subtle, negativity, I try to ‘shake’ things up a bit by putting on some spiritual music, insence, candles – as well as trying to address my inner state. I find the change in atmosphere can really help, and again, that music and sound can plays a big part in it. One day recently I was listening to soft piano music all my working day, and I felt like it brought a really gentle atmosphere into my home and helped me be a bit more detached from my computer work – it kind of kept lulling me into an aware state.

      • What a powerful way to use a mantra, Laura. It reminds me of something Belsebuub said along the lines of peace and happiness being powerful weapons against the egos. Your experience really proves that, how striving for peace can push back negativity in a real (and immediate) way.

        Ella — It’s funny what you mention about the atmosphere of a room being important, because we recently got back to our more permanent living quarters (I wouldn’t go as far as calling it “home” 😉 ) and found that something was kind of off. Maybe stale, as you say. So we rearranged the bedroom quite a lot and added certain spiritual accessories plus some cleaning along the way, and the room felt like an entirely different space. I love being in there now. Definitely worth shaking things up every once in a while.

  • Hi Karim,

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. I really enjoyed reading them.

    It’s interesting how practising this side of Belsebuub’s work has taught you so much about the impact of sound and mantras in particular. I know it has been very revealing for me and over the years I’ve become more careful what kind of music I listen to as I want it to uplift me, rather than bring me down.

    I also wonder where does it all come that sound (the Word?) has so much power. And music in itself seems to have its important part in the different dimensions.

  • Karim thank you for these beautiful astral experiences you had with mantras and music.
    It impressed me very much the one in the jail and the power of the Gayatri mantra in that dark moment in the astral.
    How amazing to see the rays of warm sunlight from the Sun to shine on you in that prison. To see the light again from your own Sun.
    Many times In the past I was practicing the effect of mantra on my body and I have felt less tired in my daily life or in a better phycological state, more subtle as you said.
    Also when I am in a bad mood the effect of a good music has a benefit impact upon me.
    The power of mantra and the effect of good music is something that we can explore with interest in our lives either in the physical or in the astral dimension.

    • I am also very impressed with the Gayatri mantra. In the past few days I practiced it in meditation, and during a walk. Both times I was struggling with compulsive thoughts, unable to find any degree of peace. I found that the mantra had a rapid and uplifting effect on my psyche in both cases.

      During the sit-down practice I chanted Gayatri after chanting Raom Gaom. I could clearly see a difference in this uplifting effect. Whereas Raom Gaom (which I chanted for a good half hour) brought back memories of my dreams, and possibly other memories/thoughts, it did not uplift my state. I found myself moving from one memory/thought to another and back to the mantra. When I started chanting the Gayatri mantra my mind cleared and I felt a peacefulness within minutes of chanting it.

    • Thanks for your message Eleni.
      That experience with the Gayatri was very special for me, and one that was on another level or of a different kind than even many of the inspiring experiences I would have.

      Yes, I agree the impact of music can have on us, to turn our low mood completely around for example, is amazing.

  • Awesome experiences Karim. They are a real inspiration what really they are the effects of various Mantra and the importance and significance of prayer.

    The last account is the most awesome but also with the image the sun shines its rays through the chain creates a unique connection with your experience.

    • Thanks Seraphim. Both mantras and prayer, and their amazing potential, were not part of my life before I found Belsebuub’s work. Now they’re such a big part of it! Very happy to be able to experience and explore them.

  • Thank you Karim for inspiring me to reignite my interest in mantras. I have just rekindled it yesterday, starting with a short mantra O. It brought a stillness to my mind that I could not find otherwise.

    There is one inspiring experience that I had with the mantra O that I’d like to share. It was in a dark place with people who have a lot of tension. I was in the same room, but lucid and not part of what was happening. In that room there was also a woman who felt like she was part of the situation, yet her inner state was very different. I think her way of being emanated the mantra O. This mantra in turn created a calm atmosphere in the room even though other people there were on the verge of outbursts. One such outburst happened and shook the whole space. However, the woman who created the sound O continued, and I felt how the sound gradually recreating the harmonious atmosphere of the room.

    • Nice experience Alex. interesting how this woman ‘felt like the mantra O.’ It makes me think that hopefully, by practising these mantras regularly, we can vibrate with them and help to change atmospheres. It sounds like the power of this woman to maintain harmony was quite powerful. Even if we can’t effect others so beneficially or powerfully, this higher vibration may help us to maintain an inner calm when surrounded by chaos.

      • At the time I thought that the woman had advanced spiritually and that her strength came from an inner work as opposed to a practice of mantras. I felt that because she had a state of heaven within she was able to significantly impact the atmosphere of this place, even though there were many negative people there.

        • That’s very interesting experience, Alex. Actually, I think I have felt this O-vibe from someone in the physical world. That person was just sitting quietly, but when I looked at them I could ‘feel’ their peaceful inner state almost emanating and I could immediately become more receptive and able to achieve a peaceful state within myself.

          It seems like when people change internally and elevate their state, they can have positive influence on others, just by the way they are. That is if other people are not too lost in their negativity, I guess.

    • That does sound like a nice experience and teaching Aleks 🙂 Thanks for sharing it.

      The effects mantras and their vibrations can have on ourselves is substantial. Apart from that I also know how much of an impact our own inner state and how we act and speak with it can have on others.
      Your experience makes me wonder though (beyond showing that wonderfully harmonizing power of the mantra O) if there’s even more to it. Like people have experienced able to feel more aware in the presence of a spiritual being or like Christos mentions here as well on meeting an extraterrestrial “I remember feeling peace and joy being next to him”

  • These sound like amazingly special and beautiful experiences Karim. Especially of course that symbolic dream with the Gayatri mantra. Quite a magical feeling to your whole article. Thank you so much for sharing.

    I also used to find the Lord’s Prayer a little uninteresting. It’s amazing to hear you felt its sacredness and power in the astral, it inspires me to pray it more.

    I once came across something that was said to be the original Lord’s Prayer translated directly from Aramaic. I’m not sure if it actually is, but I was struck by its beauty and strength:

    Oh Thou, from whom the breath of life comes,
    who fills all realms of sound, life, and activity.
    May your light be experienced
    in my most holy moments.
    Your heavenly domain approaches.
    Let your will come true in the universe,
    just as on earth, which is material and solid.
    Give us wisdom and understanding,
    and assist us in our daily need.
    Detach the fetters of the faults that bind us,
    just as we let go of the guilty acts of others.
    Let us not be lost in superficial things,
    the material, the common temptations,
    but let us be freed from that which keeps us
    from our true purpose.
    From you comes the all-working will,
    the lively strength to act,
    the song that beautifies all,
    and renews itself from age to age.

    • Hi Laura,

      I also noticed there are a few versions online that claim to be original Lord’s prayer, translated from Aramaic. When I first found the version below, I was amazed how “alchemical” it sounded. I also liked the rhythm in the verses and in general, it felt very nice. But now seeing so many versions appearing, claiming to be ‘original”, I am not sure and there are also articles online that try to “debunk” this. So its hard to say…

      In any case, whether it is original Lord’s prayer or not, some of these prayers are really touching. Here is the one I talked about before:

      Father-Mother of the Cosmos, Shimmering Light of All.
      (Ah bwoon d’bwashmaya)

      Focus your Light Within us, As we breathe Your Holy Breath.
      (Neeta kadasha schmach)

      Enter the sanctuary of our hearts, Uniting within us the sacred rays Of Your Power and Beauty.
      (Tay tay malkootha)

      Let Your Heart’s desire Unite heaven and earth Through our sacred union.
      (Ne-whey t-savee-yanak eye kanna d’bwashmaya opfbaraha)

      On earth, as it is in heaven.
      Help us fulfill what lies within The circle of our lives today.
      (How-lahn lachma d’soonkahnan yow-manna)

      Forgive our secret fears As we freely choose To forgive the secret fears of others
      (Wash wo-klan how-bane eye-kanna dahp hahnan shwaken el-high-ya-bane)

      Let us not enter forgetfulness, Tempted by false appearances
      (Oo-lah tah-lahn el-nees-yo-nah ella paewh-sahn min beesha)

      For from Your astonishing Fire Comes the Eternal Song which sanctifies all,
      Renewed eternally In our lives, and Throughout all creation.
      (Metahl dih-lah-kee mal-kootha, oo-high-la, oo-teeshbohk-ta.)

      We seal these words in our hearts, Committed in trust and faith.
      (La-alahm, ahl-meen. Ah-mayn)

      • @Lucia, Wow, that is really amazing. Thanks for sharing! I will try to say this in a prayerful/quiet state and feel if it has any different effect.

        But yes, it must be down to each person translating an original esoteric text like this who then brings in it their knowledge not only of the language but maybe spirituality as well.

        @Karim, I think that’s really nice, trying to really feel the prayer and make it your own. Much stronger and more meaningful than when said mechanically, which may not have any power or merit to it at all. Though the intention can be to get to a state where you can pray sincerely, through repeating a prayer you know has power in it, which I do sometimes when I don’t seem to have words or the strength to pray but want to elevate my state and connect to the Divine.

        Also it comes to my mind what someone said they experienced in a near-death-experience (freely paraphrasing from memory): weak prayers arriving to the higher dimensions were like tiny pinpricks of light, but strong sincere ones were like bright beams of light. The strong ones were answered first, but every prayer got answered eventually, which I thought was nice and interesting.

    • Thanks for bringing that to attention Laura. I find it very interesting. When looking into it a bit it does seem like the modern standard version is but one specific translation. Whereas the meaning of the original words can have multiple nuances.

      I find it a really amazing prayer though, even the most standard version. When I do it I often try to really feel its meaning and often I add sub-lines of my own, saying the main idea but in a different way that feels appropriate for me on that day. For example ‘Give us this day our daily bread’ and then I ask more specifically for this help, intervention, nutrition, strength, or help in facing a particular difficulty etc. Anyway I really try to make it come alive, to feel it.

      This version you posted seems very nice actually and makes me want to study each of the ways those individual words in Aramaic can be interpreted so I can best feel the overall meaning of the words and hopefully the most original meaning of the prayer.

  • Cool experiences Karim. I can relate to some of it – I’ve also vocalized mantras and sung in the astral. Is quite powerful and I recommend others try it if they get the opportunity!

  • Really lovely experiences Karim, especially the one where you heard the voice of that divine woman singing to you, and the dream that seems to fit the Gayatri mantra so well.

    When I was younger I went through a phase of listening to music a lot and asking myself “what is it?” I just couldn’t understand how something could convey so much but have so few ‘rules’, if that makes sense. It was really interested to be introduced to mantras through Belsebuub and I’ve felt fortunate to be able to discover the more esoteric part of sound through practising them.

    I also remember when I first vocalised a mantra in the astral – I could feel the vibrations going all through my body – the mantra was OM, and it seemed to move through me from my head to my toes. After that I gave a lot more respect to mantras, knowing that the sounds are able to energise me in a mysterious way.

    I also had an experience with the Lord’s Prayer in the astral which was really helpful. To be honest, I didn’t feel much conection to the prayer before this – actually the opposite, it felt like a symbol of blind faith. But when I did it in the astral, I saw it had immense esoteric power.

    Thank you for sharing – it’s inspired me to practise mantras more!

  • Thank you Karim for sharing these wonderful and powerful experiences you had, it was uplifting only reading them. For me they highlight the magic power of the notes and music and what we can gain in the astral plane when we use it to feed our soul. Your stories are very inspiring.
    Music affects us so powerfully and directly in both directions. In Belesbuub;s Teachings I learned how to use music in order to benefit me, to gain strength, inspiration, insights and I learned about the Mantras as you say, which are more powerful but I never had a related experience in the astral as you and others describe.

    I had an experience in the past with classic music in a very alive dream which it’s remembrance remains enough strong until now. I’ve never had heard such beautiful music in the physical world, I remember I didn’t want to stop listening, it felt Divine.

    Thank you again Karim and everyone for sharing and inspiring so much.

    • That sounds wonderful Maria, a piece of classical music so beautiful you didn’t want it to stop. 🙂

      I remember when first getting more seriously acquainted with classical music, this was after listening to a lot of rubbish pop as a teenager. It took me some time to learn to learn to listen to it. Almost as if I was listening with another part within myself to that music, which I wasn’t used to. At the start a lot of the classical music seemed ‘boring’ to me, but it was Beethoven with some of his more fire-y and strong pieces that opened me up more to classical music.

  • This is so so beautiful Karim, thank you for sharing. I also don’t know which experience to touch on, since they’re all beautiful. At times I’ve also heard music in the astral, and it always brings with it a feeling that is hard to recreate here. Your experiences make me long for more beauty, almost to worship beauty and let it takes me somewhere magical.

    Your last experience, though, it really touched me. About feeling the sunlight reaching you in that dark prison. I could feel it inside of me, being trapped like that. It makes me want to cry. I also love that mantra very much, and kind of felt like it is a prayer to the sun, a calling upon the light.

    I also like that even simple songs can mean something to us. I feel happy when I listen to a whole new world. It brings with it a sense of magic and wonder.

    • Yes I find the emotion of music over there can be much stronger or able to hit me on a deeper level. Whereas physically I seem to have a lot ‘thicker skin’ and it is not able to, or rarely able, touch me that deeply. When I was a child it was different though, then music could move me and completely transport me to this other realm or region where this music was coming from. Which could be magical places or horrible places depending on the type of music. But as I grew up music doesn’t go that deeply anymore most of the time, with that stronger sense of it felt more subtly.

  • What incredible experiences, Karim. Thank you for sharing! I found what you related very inspiring as I have recently been reflecting upon music and its spiritual effects.

    Your experiments of trying mantras in the astral plane are quite interesting and I hope I, too, can explore the power of sound in such a way.

    And your experience with the Gayatri mantra in that symbolic dream is really powerful. I can imagine how beautiful that light and mercy must have felt, when imprisoned in such dire and hopeless circumstances, as humanity is… Just to perceive that light and to know there is hope to build a connection with it…

    • Thanks for your comment Mike. Wishing you all the best in your sound experiments in the astral. I think it’s something worth giving a go when we come to realise we’re in the astral plane in a lucid dream for example.

  • Hi Karim thanks for the summary of all your experiences they are all very inspiring particularly the one with being in jail with the sun and the Gayatri mantra that really resonated with me, just wondering Karim do you remember the artists that you listened to that studied the brains reaction to sound

    • Hi Richard,

      Yes that was music from a group called Geinoh Yamashirogumi, who are best known for their work on the Japanese anime film Akira. You can see a bit more in this ‘making of’ explaining the pioneering use of native instruments and new technologies to create the soundtrack in the 80’s.

      One track I personally find more than amazing, and which on first hearing it made me think what far out planet or realm is this coming from?, is ‘Requiem.’
      But maybe it’s not for everyone, as it goes with music. 🙂 (especially without the right context to ‘get’ it.)

      Also just to say I wouldn’t recommend all the music they produce or anything like that. Some of it has quite a bit of ‘chaos’ in it before order and harmony is brought back to it.

      Studies where they measure brain responses to sound and music have become a bit more widely researched since then I believe, with the advancement of technology. But I haven’t looked into it so I could tell you much about it. But it is very interesting and there’s a lot to be explored about sound and music. On this this page the person describes hearing music of ‘non-earthly origin.’ Imagine how magical it could be, to be hit with the right note within by those who have musical and vibrational knowledge, and with the deeper feeling and emotion of a higher dimension.

  • Hi Karim, Beautiful experiences, and the last one you shared about the connection of the Gayatri mantra, the Sun, and the position you had of being locked in the jail touched me very deeply – I think it is something we can all relate only too well – but it also gave hope.. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Thank you Geraldine.

      In that experience I was given to really closely and deeply feel that ‘imprisonment of consciousness’ or ‘chained fate.’
      But perhaps similar to what you say, everyone knows it in some way deep inside.

  • Thank you so much Karim for sharing all these beautiful experiences! There were so many of them, and all of them so inspiring; I don’t know what to comment on first. 🙂

    To start with maybe, I would like to say that I just love how the sound is so pronounced and touching in the astral. I had a couple of experiences where I also felt how deep a music, mantra or just a regular song can go there, and how it reverberates within us, while at the same time giving us an intuitive insight into its meaning.
    I experienced something similar to your story of the “Whole New World” song with “I Could Have Danced All Night” song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=av_79tvxTFA) from the My Fair Lady musical (quite cheesy as well!). I found myself singing it in the astral, it was loud and resonating all around and I sung it with a sort of inner yearning, kind of as a “hymn to a dance and freedom”. I remember nailing the high-pitched tones perfectly, feeling very happy while doing that, swirling in the air.

    I also loved your experience with Gayatri mantra and could almost feel the emotion you have experienced when singing it in the astral, addressing the Sun with a deep longing for salvation – how beautiful… It is amazing how out-there, we sometimes seem to act not just merely from this simple physical personality we have here on Earth, but from something deeper within us, that expresses itself in these precious moments.
    Not so long ago, I had a similar experience with Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya mantra. What happened was that found myself lucid and walking through a beautiful landscape in the astral. As I was walking, I encountered some young people who were chanting this mantra. I joined them and started feeling the familiar sensations I get when singing something from the heart in the astral. The music went all through me, and I felt joy and freedom. Upon waking, I was very surprised that I have sung this mantra in the astral, as it is not a mantra I would normally chant, although I have read about it in Belsebuub’s guide to the celebration of Solstices and Equinoxes. Curious what it could mean, I searched for its meaning, and found that it is considered to be a “liberation mantra” and a surrender to Krishna/Christ who will deliver us from “all sinful reactions”. The explanation also said it can be sung like Gayatri mantra.
    Another thing I found interesting was that I didn’t sing it exactly as it is on the recording that I watched before in the resources for the celebration of Solstices and Equinoxes, but like a combination of that video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZHzwcBCPsM) and another video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXtQ-HRkrXE), with the general scale and pitch matching the first video, but the melody/intonation matching the second one. So since then, I prefer to chant it that way. 🙂

    So much to write about the beauty of sound, I better to end here… 🙂 Thank you very much again for sharing those deep personal moments with the sound/music you had. I have been chanting the mantra Oooo in the last couple of days, and now I am inspired to continue with it with more determination after reading your experience with it.

    Wishing you many more musical nights!

    • Thanks Lucia.

      I know what you mean about singing the high notes perfectly, or having each part of the music we formulate within be expressed exactly like we want (and even prettier) over there, whereas physically I wouldn’t have the musical skill, nor voice 🙂

      That sounds very nice where you joined that group of people chanting Om Namo Bhagavate, giving you your own personal deeper knowledge of the feeling of that mantra. Looking forward to giving it more of a try to explore it, heading towards the spring equinox time.

  • Hi Karim, what you have shared with us, i personally find very inspiring. Im so happy to hear you were blessed with these special moments.

    The experience you had when you were praying the “Our Father” was amazing to read. It gives so much hope to know that even when we are in prison to our own negativity, if we are sincere for change, there is always divine mercy to come to our salvation.

    Its really interesting what you have mentioned about the subtlety of this physical dimension, compared to the experiences you had in the astral dimension.
    Something i have learnt through Belsebuubs teachings is that its also the case with the negativity within if allowed it to manifest. I have been fooled at times into thinking i am doing ok with a certain defect as sometimes i have noticed only subtleties related to it (in the physical) , but over there (in the astral) it has much more severe effects.

    This has made for much deeper reflections of how important it is to be on guard against these negative states that go against everything i stand for, it also highlights the importance of how the negative thoughts and words is very detrimental to our wellbeing. On the other hand i see when we listen to nice sounds, speak nice words and pray with sincerity, it can connect us with so much beauty, as you have described so well 🙂

    Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Chris,

      I can relate to what you’re saying about ego states ‘coming out’ and showing their true colours more fully in the astral, expressing themselves in an unhindered way. Like anger for example, with us shouting or even letting out a swear word strongly, or worse wishing to harm someone else.
      In a way it’s useful because from such a manifestation there we can really get a clear sense of how it feels, the ‘taste’ of it. In a way that it probably wouldn’t (hopefully) come out physically unless there’s some really rare circumstance. But the details of that same state do manifest more regularly and feed that bigger thing. All the best with your inner work!

  • Dear Karim,
    Thank you for sharing those nice experiences. Even I didn’t have similar ones I felt a bit from your descriptions how magical may it was.
    And inspired for my astral practices.


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