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Guided by Intuition in My Everyday Life

Experience Submitted by Dimi

I would like to share a couple of stories that highlight how intuition has helped guide me in small ways, not only through big life events, but through everyday happenings. I came to appreciate and gain a deeper understanding of how my intuition works from Belsebuub’s books and the courses he has written.

A Visit to the Supermarket

It was a typical day, needing to get to the supermarket to grab a couple of items. I was with my husband. He kept walking to the isles with the items we needed, while I got ‘distracted‘.

My attention was drawn to a box amongst the ‘specials items’.

Public domain image found on Pexels. (Image has been modified)
Public domain image found on Pexels. (Image has been modified)

It was an electric frying pan. For some reason, it stood out, as though I had to consider purchasing it. It was the only one left.

I found this feeling odd (I already have an electric frying pan) but took note of it. I felt like I shouldn’t dismiss this inkling, no matter how trivial or irrational it seemed.

I continued into the supermarket to find my husband. I told him about the feeling I was getting. He was a bit confused to start with, but agreed as I relayed that I had an intuitive feeling about it.

When we got to the check out, my husband and I looked at each other and at the electric frying pan that we did not need. But neither of us hesitated to complete the purchase at this point. We figured the answer will reveal itself.

A couple of days later, I was talking with a friend. She and I were organising a trip away. We had been buying items to share for the trip. She had bought an electric frying pan a while back (which I knew about), with the intent of bringing it along on our group trips.

I got to tell her that I found another electric frying pan and had the feeling to buy it. She then told me that she no longer had her electric frying pan, she had given it to someone else to use. The small mystery had revealed itself… My inkling now made sense…

Stop the Car… Grab the Camera?

On another occasion, a group of friends had decided to go away for the weekend. We were a convoy of 2 cars. I loaded my things in the small boot of the car I was travelling in.

As soon as I did that, I got a sense that I should not put my items there. I recognised a ‘warning feeling’ but did not listen to it at this point in time. Instead I pushed my bags deeper into the shallow boot space.

That feeling was still there, but I again chose to ignore it, hoping that by putting my things deeper into the boot, the feeling would go away. I did not listen for the second time.

We all got into our cars to drive away. I was in the back seat. As we drove off, that inkling feeling kept at me.

We were to travel along main roads for a short while before getting onto the freeway. Each time we stopped at the traffic lights, I would get the urge to ask my friend to pull over, but I still did not follow through with the feeling. We were approaching the freeway. We had a couple of traffic lights left to go through and then it would be much harder to pull over.

As my friend drove through the final set of lights, that feeling got really strong. I could no longer ignore it. I asked my friend to pull over and to open the boot. He initially did not want to do this but when I told him I had left my water bottle in the boot of the car he pulled over.

Not only did I grab my water bottle, I also grabbed my camera. I thought it strange that I should reach for my camera, but took it with me into the car. That feeling then was no longer edging at me, it seemed to have been satisfied. How odd.

Public domain image found on Pexels. (image has been modified)
Public domain image found on Pexels. (image has been modified)

We were nearing our destination. My friend had to stop behind a car that was turning ahead of us.  Our friends stopped behind us too. We were waiting for the car in front to make its turn. Suddenly we hear a loud crashing sound.

Next thing I know our car is jolted forward and the backrest of my seat is pushed into me. The whole boot had been smashed into by the car behind us (our friends) who in turn had been smashed into by a driver trying to change lanes last minute and decided to speed up in the hope he would get past us in time.

We were hit with such force, throwing our bodies and our things around. We all got out of the car a bit startled at what had just happened. We also saw the damage to each of the cars. That’s when I realised that if I had not grabbed my camera when I did, it would have been damaged…

* Featured image is a public domain image found on Pexels.

  • Thank you Dimi for sharing your stories. They are wonderful experiences about how intuition appears in our everyday mundane events and how it really can help us. I got very inspired in the way you listened to intuition’s hunches in these simple events, I felt you respected the Divine help and connection you were given and that made me reflect on what I do in my daily life.
    For me giving attention to these hunches and following them, avoiding my mind’s excuses and resistances gives another perspective to my day and makes simple happenings interested and beautiful.

    Much sorry for the accident I ‘m glad you were all ok expect of the car damage.

    Usually, as others have said, I ignore these hunches in daily happenings, to see the truth afterwards, but when a hunch repeats in α same happening or I have seen what has happened in a retrospection or another practice I manage to follow it the next time.
    Mike what I have seen is that I have the difficulty of being sure of what I felt was intuition when my mind has got involved and mostly in a tricky way, as Karim’s example, being influenced from the past. This usually happens when I’m lost and not really aware, and also in periods when I forget to seek inwardly and depend on my mind’s program.

    Thanks again Dimi for sharing and everyone for your comments, it’s so helpful to reflect and reconsider on things. Roy your story was very sensitive, thank you for sharing it.

  • Hi Dimi,

    It’s wonderful to be in touch with that sense of intuition and your two stories really show that. I’m glad to hear nothing bad happened in the car accident and the camera and I guess the water bottle both escaped death by a hair 😀

    I found Belsebuub’s work helpful in activating intuition too. Before that, it never occurred to me that intuition could be developed as any skills like lets say riding a bike or tying your shoe laces. It’s just a matter of doing exercised that help to strengthen it or notice it more.

    I can relate a lot to those moments when you get a hunch but the mind is just too quick and brushes it off as, nah, that doesn’t make sense, or the resistance is too big to take action on the hunch.

    One instance where I found intuition particular rewarding is when I helped someone out who apparently needed it, but at first I didn’t know. A few years back I was selling a microwave and one lady wanted it. It was a bit of a hassle to figure out where I should drop it off and it wasn’t really clear what she wanted. Another person wanted the microwave too and offered to pick it up, no hassle. initially, I went with that but I had this feeling of not going with the easy solution here, unsure why. So I wrestled a bit to get things sorted with the lady and dropped off the microwave that same evening. Turned out she was quite poor and in harsh conditions. She was almost crying when I arrived because I went out of my way to get it to her. I’m glad I did as my microwave ended up in someone else’s life who apparently needed it.

  • Thanks for sharing this article Dimi. It’s interesting to see how intuition can help us in the simplest events of everyday life, if we tune into it. I’m also glad that you and your friends didn’t come to serious harm in the car accident, since the other driver was accelerating at speed before he hit your friends’ car.

    I never really considered myself as being someone with great intuition, as I tended to approach life from a more analytical perspective, weighing up every option mentally before making a decision. But although I can’t think of many examples of intuition that stand out from my everyday life, I did feel a strong intuition towards the particular spiritual work that Belsebuub describes, when I first came across it. I had looked into various spiritual and psychological approaches before finding Belsebuub’s writing, but somehow his work made perfect sense when I first discovered it, even though I couldn’t fully grasp every aspect of it intellectually.

    When I looked further into what Belsebuub wrote about, it became clear that it not only drew together many of the concepts that I had previously looked into, but developed them to a much deeper level, which began to explain many of the questions I had been asking myself for years, but was unable to find answers to.

    Another example stands out where I had put some years of preparation into achieving a particular goal, which came unstuck shortly before its completion. I had the option to push to try and continue with it, but had a strong feeling that it would be a bad move to do that, despite the years of hard work that I would lose. Around the same time, I had a strong feeling to move to a different area, which I followed up a few months later. The move had a beneficial effect upon my living circumstances, which was good in itself, but then unforseen events occurred over the following year, which would have made it almost impossible to make a similar change again. So if I had pushed to try and complete my initial goal, it’s likely that I would have lost the later opportunity altogether. I’m glad that I followed my hunch in that instance.

  • A beautiful testament Dimi, to the practical and accessible spiritual guidance we can find in our own lives… thank you for sharing!

  • Hi Dimi,

    That’s a really helpful reminder about intuition in daily life. I can relate having those feelings, unfortunately mostly not following them only to realize later that it was something valid.

    I’d like to work more to ‘feeling’ it and learning to recognize and go according to that hunch. I guess a lot depends on being in that perceptive state.

  • Nice examples Dimi.
    I like how you said that through Belsebuub’s work you were able to cultivate listening to your intuition more. When I first heard about intuition I thought it might be more like this ‘big, obvious, external’ thing or something. But I’ve found it’s actually much closer to home than that. That gut feeling like you say, very natural. Maybe sometimes we even go with it without even realizing it. But at the same time it’s still such mysterious thing to me.
    Your story also makes me want to pay better attention to it.

  • That’s really nice how you were really paying attention to those intuitive hunches Dimi, and followed through with them, even if only eventually 🙂 How interesting indeed that these were such mundane events, dealing with material things, that you got this guidance on. It gives me a feeling how our Being is watching over us and wants to help us so much, even in these little things…

    It’s also nice your husband agreed for you to buy that frying pan, even though you both didn’t know why it would be needed. It’s helpful to have that faith from a loved one to strengthen your own.

    I think I have not been paying enough attention in my daily life to receive this intuitive help in the small things, but I really want to now, thanks to you 🙂

    Sometimes I get this feeling, especially in bigger decisions, in my bones so to say, that I will choose a certain option. It doesn’t even feel like a decision, just that my life is flowing that way. If I look at it intellectually, logically the option may not make much sense, but those decisions have always turned out to be right, life changing. Maybe it isn’t intuition as such, I’m not sure, maybe just sensing the way my life has been predetermined? Such as, there was once a time I spoke with someone I didn’t really know. He lived in a different country and was describing a naturopathic practitioner in his city. It was completely impractical and illogical looking at it intellectually, but I just felt this is it, I must go to see her. My health that was very poor back then has improved dramatically because of that decision.

  • Interesting experiences with intuition Dimi – though I couldn’t help think: ‘maybe if you hadn’t stopped the car you would have missed the little crash!’ 🙂 Though this opens up a new can of worms … was that crash meant to happen for some reason … so that it couldn’t be avoided?

  • Those are all wonderful and practical examples of intuition at work, thank you Dimi for sharing! I am also very inspired by your trust in these hunches and how they seem to be a natural part of your life (with even your husband taking them seriously by now :)).

    Like others have said, I also experience these intiuitive knocks, but often brush them aside only to find them true later. And as your examples show, these things don’t necessarily point at something huge in our lives, but can just be simple actions that would make our life easier if we only listened to them.

  • Those are really interesting experiences Dimi. I often watch this feeling you are describing but sometimes it seems a bit difficult to decipher between the real intuitive feeling and an anxiety in relation to those little things that happen in life. On the other hand, I have seen into the future a lot – just by feeling a current situation for example and knowing what would happen in the future – to my surprise it often came true. I don’t know if that is anything to do with intuition but I feel that although I know certain things will happen I don’t have the strength to go against them – as though they were meant to happen..

    • Thanks, Dimi, for those highly practical examples of intuition. I really want to cultivate my sense of intuition further now!

      @Tina: I can really relate to that: not being able to differentiate between a hunch and a small feeling of anxiety. I wish I could comment further on what has helped me, but it’s still a challenge for me to tell the two apart. Perhaps others can share some insights on this obstacle.

      • Hi,

        I’m also often still looking into that one Mike. At one point in the past I would catch the bus to work every morning. Once I was walking down to the intersecting street where it would leave like normally, but had this intuitive feeling that I should hurry up in order to catch it. So I ran down and only just managed to catch it. Nice.
        But here comes the muddling up. The next day I was walking down I also ‘felt’ the need to hurry up…. but where did it spring from this time? Was that real intuition or something else. In that case I noticed, when thinking back a few seconds, that actually it was seeing the same view of looking down the street that sparked the memory of the day before and triggered an emotion/fear of needing to hurry. But then my mind would say: ‘are you sure? maybe it’s also the case today, maybe that was intuition and you’re going to miss your bus :p’
        Well it only got more messy and less clear after that.

        That’s just one example but yeah. I think very careful and precise self-observation will allow us to most clearly see where that intuitive feeling came from in the moment.

        But it’s really a matter of exploration and practice to learn how make use of it in life imo. For example at one point I was on the other side of the coin. Where I decided to go with each of the feelings like that that would come up even if they didn’t make sense. But at one point the ‘walk into this random store’ didn’t seem to have a purpose at all and so it seemed I was being tricked by some very subtle and quick tricks of the mind rather than intuition. Anyway something to explore, develop and improve for sure.

        • Thanks for sharing your experience with this, Karim.

          I guess the self-observation is the real key. And ideally being clear when the feeling arises so it’s easier to differentiate between an intuitive feeling arising with awareness present and an ego masking itself as intuition.

          • Hi Tina, Mike & Karim,

            I can relate to what you mentioned here. I have also found it can be tricky to separate inituition from anxieties or tricks of the mind. I think that’s why it’s so important to ask for divine guidance, to avoid going off track.

  • Oh, this makes me think of all the times I’ve ignored that simple feeling telling me to do something. I really want to listen to my body and heart more, and go with what my intuition has to tell. Even if my mind doesn’t understand. I feel inspired 🙂

    • I thought the same thing when I read Dimi’s experience. I think these hunches are fairly common, and it is very easy to brush them off. I’ve had a recent experience like this too, although I cannot remember the details. I remember that I had a feeling to not do something, but I had my mind set on it and persisted. I can’t recall any serious consequences, but the regret of forcing my way has stayed with me.


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