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My Experience with the Mantra U

Experience submitted by Pavlin Boev

When this experience happened, I was taking one of Belsebuub’s online course, which ran for several weeks. For that particular week, a goal was set to experience how some mantras could be related to a certain spiritual faculty. I had learned that when practiced regularly and coupled with efforts to be aware and observe one’s inner world, mantras can activate spiritual faculties such as intuition, telepathy, and even the ability to see and hear into other dimensions.

I remember many people choosing to work with the mantra ‘O’ for intuition for the week. I was interested to try out the mantra ‘U’ to see if I could experience telepathy.

Focus on Awareness & Chanting the Mantra ‘U’

Previously when I was taking other courses by Belsebuub, I had experienced what I believe were some instances of telepathy such as having the feeling that a particular person is going to call me on the phone, or sometimes being able to find the missing word that the person I was talking with was searching for in their mind. And I thought this was pretty much what there was to telepathy, but my experience with the mantra ‘U’ for that week proved to me that there is more to it.

I could tell that everyone’s feeling on the course was inspired to work to gain experiences, so it boosted my motivation and determination as well. Having the time frame of a week also felt and meant for me that this inspiration had to translate into action.

I chanted the mantra ‘U’ daily to have the solar plexus chakra activated.

Me in nature, meditating and chanting a mantra.

Beside this, I knew that once the chakra is active, I will have to actually be able to recognise the telepathic feeling. And for that I had to do my best to be aware of the present moment in anything that I would do throughout the week. That was the challenging part, really, but having  that common focus with other people from the course helped me with remembering to be aware more.

Hearing Through Telepathy

Towards the end of the week I still didn’t have any results. Then one early morning, I was heading to a nearby café where I was catching up with some friends. As I was getting off the bus and I was about to cross the road, I looked at the sky and sought for determination to be as aware as possible.

The sky was gray and cloudy, nothing particularly beautiful. It was a cold late autumn morning. I crossed the road and walked on. I had only about 100 meters to go, and I wanted to walk it in clarity.

I remember seeing the naked branches as I walked under a tree, a few crows flying above me. My mind was calm and I felt no particular emotions, I was simply clear and silent.

Then out of nowhere I heard a pop song, but not with my ears. I heard the sound coming into my solar plexus area.

I was puzzled. I wondered if it might not be a random thought, but it wasn’t in my mind. Then my mind started analysing it further, berating myself for losing my focus with the awareness of the moment so easily etc. To stop this process I just dismissed the whole thing and tried to come back to clarity.

I reached the café and as I opened the door, I heard the very same pop song playing on the radio. It was unexpected. I realised that what I had just heard in my solar plexus area was actually a bit of reality that I perceived through telepathy. I hadn’t known that it was possible to ‘hear’ it so clearly and tangibly.

Even though my experience was simple and it involved no big events or revelations, it has stayed with me as a precious one, because I understood a beautiful side of telepathy that had been unknown to me – that you can actually hear things inside your chakra. This made me question if I had even experienced telepathy before as I was describing above, or if it had just been intuition. It was also great to see my efforts paying off.

That week, other people on the course also gave their feedback and shared some of their experiences. It was nice to inspire each other with what we had achieved.

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  • I remember many people choosing to work with the mantra ‘O’ for intuition for the week. I was interested to try out the mantra ‘U’ to see if I could experience telepathy.

    This part made me chuckle. I lived in a house with a few other mystics and we would practice mantras together, inevitably it ended up being just the mantra ‘O’. One week I got tired of this and tried the mantra ‘E’, which had very interesting results. I started getting the feeling of being ‘told’ things, it was a very useful ability, and as in your experience somewhat surprised me and expanded my idea of what’s possible.

  • Very interesting experience Pavlin!

    Similar to what others have said, most of my own experiences with telepathy has been getting a ‘sense’ of what someone was thinking, usually by thinking of something myself right before another person says the same thing.
    It’s happened before actually that I’ve had a pop song stuck in my head and then others nearby start singing it to themselves.

    One of the only major instances I’ve had is hearing what someone was thinking very clearly as of they were speaking out loud, and if I hadn’t seen them standing quietly at the time I would have thought this is exactly what had happened.

    It happened with someone I felt quite close to, which I’ve noticed tend to be the type of people psychic sensations come up stronger for.

    Similar to what you said, I didn’t feel like the experience had anything to do with me, and was more to do with being shown something by the divine as an act of mercy to help me learn.

    Amazing to think how much more we could understand about life if we perceived it through more senses than just the usual 5!

  • Neat experience Pavlin! Similarly like others, I had always thought telepathy is what mainstream spirituality says about it – communicating with others through thoughts basically. Probably like most people, I’ve also had those moments when I’m thinking about something and another person says it out loud just then, or thinking about a person just before they call or text me, or picking up the phone just before getting a call or a text etc.

    It was nice to read that you were persistently putting efforts in this goal during the week, and even on the last day when you thought you’d have nothing, you were simply being clear and then that instance of telepathy or whatever faculty it was happened unexpectedly. Belsebuub says something like (hope I’m not completely off, quoting him from memory) spiritual faculties work through divine mercy, not because you have some kind of special powers of your own. This is contrary to what mainstream spirituality thinks about it – that you DO have some kind of special powers that others don’t, if you are a person whose telepathy, clairvoyance etc. happens to be active and you are using it. It can probably lead to these abilities being quite misused, if you don’t have the humility and spiritual knowledge to use them the way they should. It’s the same with any spiritual experiences I think – it is given as a divine mercy, love and help because of the sincere efforts you had made, not because you had expectations or demands or were special.

    • I think that’s important point to make and I think it applies to my experience, I feel it was rather ‘given’ because I was interested and did certain activities in that direction, but not because of my actual state or because it was deserved in any way.

      Sometimes when I’m confronted by my emotions, fears, desires etc, it seems everything is put into perspective and it becomes very obvious how only a higher help can lift me up and so I need to be seeking it, and really try to live my life under its wing.

  • What a nice experience Pavlin! I think it might be what Lucia said – that you probably heard your father’s thoughts.

    I have had some telepathic experiences in the past but the most remarkable one was when I felt other person’s feelings of being arrested. I was across a road where a guy was being arrested. As I was walking I suddenly stood and looked towards him and felt this sense of being arrested, the feeling of losing freedom was very strong. I knew instantly that what I was feeling was what that guy was feeling and I felt as though I understood very well what it feels like to be arrested. He was not going to a police station – he was going to a prison. This lasted for a minute or so and when I continued walking those feelings disappeared suddenly but I felt a bit amazed at what just happened and thought about how this must have been some kind of telepathic experience.

    • Hi Tina,

      I think you meant Karim and his experience below when you talk about father’s thoughts.

      Your experience with that guy being arrested sounds amazing, even though terrible of course… To feel what other person feels, his loss of hope and desperation over losing his freedom – quite profound. I wonder if we all could feel each-other’s pains and inner states, how much more compassionate the world would be!

    • This reminds me a little of how the masters say that we need to see things from other people’s points-of-view. It sounds like in that moment, even though you weren’t interacting with that man being arrested, you were able to perceive what he was experiencing.

      I think this sort of feeling for others, as Lucia pointed out, would do wonders for boosting compassion in the world!

  • What a neat experience, Pavlin! That’s definitely an aspect of telepathy I never knew existed. Maybe someone at the cafe was “thinking” about the song as it played and you were picking up on their thoughts?

  • Sounds very intriguing Pavlin! I don’t think I can imagine ‘hearing’ something in my solar plexus, but I can imagine how surprising it must have been for you to get this experience suddenly and without warning!

    Similarly to Ella, I have also experienced telepathy mostly as thinking of a person before they call or before they knock on my door, or thinking of something somebody would then say. So from this point of view, it seemed to me like telepathy was manifesting through the mind, but your experience shows there may be more to it.

    I also liked how you made efforts to be aware, it looks like many of these faculties can get naturally unlocked when we are in awareness.

  • Hi Pavlin, having read your previous experience and you saying “I crossed the road…” I was holding my breath 🙂

    But I find your experience very intriguing due to an experience I had myself. This was one morning a long time ago when I was at my old house. The night prior I had vocalised the mantra U as well for a very long time and this got me into a very nice state, but I didn’t have any extrasensory experiences or anything. However the next morning while I was waking up, and I was still sort of in that in-between/just coming back to my body phase, I heard my dad call from downstairs for me to wake up. It was so loud and clear I wasn’t sure if I had heard it psychically or physically. In fact I concluded that I had heard it physically because it was so loud and clear 😀 Even though it didn’t make sense that he would call me like that at that time. But later in the day I began to doubt and asked him whether he had called me in the morning while I was in bed, but he said he didn’t…

    This was a bit puzzling to me because I had always thought of telepathy being more like ‘feeling what another person’s thoughts are’, and yet this experience which was definitely due to that mantra U, was much more like hearing. In fact it was almost exactly like hearing, although without using my ears and I could hear it inside me?

    So in fact I’m not so sure what faculty mantra U actually activates to be honest. Or maybe it’s just my intellectual understanding being wrong and like you say this hearing is also part of it along with the mindreading/knowing another’s thoughts. etc.

    • Thanks for the verification Karim. Like Ella said, I don’t remember experiencing anything like that, although the mantra U is one I have not tried for any significant length of time. We had a small gathering as a group of friends some days ago and we were talking about perceiving with the body in a way that cannot be confused with thoughts, but can also help to bring ourselves out of the mind. It’s something that I am focusing on now and great to know that this mantra can do exactly that.

    • haha, Karim, I hope you are able to take a sigh of relief with the following paragraphs! Interesting to read about your experience. Perhaps, there are more layers and dimensions to these faculties.

    • That’s interesting Karim. I was wondering if maybe your father was wondering around that time if you had already woken up, and you “heard” his thoughts?

    • Maybe it was your Divine Father Karim, booming: “GET UP SON!” Or yes, maybe it was your physical father thinking, “time to get up, boy”.

      • I like your reverence and eloquence there Ella 😉

        What I felt at the time was that it did come from a higher source (though exact source unknown) giving me this ‘shout’ as a way for me to experience what the faculty was like that I had been activating with the mantra U the night before. Why it took the form of a wake up call from my dad? I don’t know. Maybe because in the past, a decade before it, he would call up the stairs like that and they thought it suitable to use? There is a small chance it would’ve been a thought from my physical dad, but the loudness of how it reached me makes me think it wasn’t.

        • Hi, Karim and Pavlin.

          In my comment to your article Pavlin, the first sentence was in relation to Karim’s comment, sorry.

          Anyway, Karim, I think that you must have heard your father’s thought somehow or maybe you “saw” in the future? Whatever it is – it confirms that the practices given by Belsebuub are really working and that it is just a matter of us using them.

  • That’s very curious Pavlin! I can’t say I’ve experienced anything like it, more the kind of ‘typical telepathy’ – knowing someone would call, thinking of something before someone says it, or just that sense of empathy with what another is feeling. It goes to show how little we can understand about these higher faculties until we actually explore them!


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