Experience submitted by Julian Kingman

Experience submitted by Julian Kingman

Several years ago, I came down with an extremely strong and unusual cold, which was very sudden, very persistent, and my symptoms lingered for well over two weeks. What was very hard was that there was an event that my friends were attending at the time that I really wanted to be a part of, but I obviously couldn’t until I was well again.

Consequently I was pretty miserable, both for feeling left out, and for feeling sick.

I had learned through Belsebuub’s courses that we can communicate with various types of divine beings who exists in higher dimensions, who can be called upon for help. I decided to pray to these divine beings, to ask for understanding on why I was being afflicted in a way that seemed so unjust.

I wasn’t angry but genuinely wanted to understand my situation, and I prayed with feeling and humility. That night I had an astonishing experience..

Painting of a Shah, circa 1670. Source.

Painting of a Shah, circa 1670. Wikipedia, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

I was in a hot desert climate, possibly somewhere in the middle east. I must have been quite wealthy, which I surmised by my ornate golden robe, which looked similar to that of the Shah pictured above. The deference and respect from those around me suggested that I was in an important position. I was generally a good man, but could feel that with power came the temptation to abuse it.

One of my servants (or ‘courtiers’, as I believe they’re called) brought me an opportunity to do something that would harm others for my own benefit.

In that situation, with the power I had and the respect and desire to please me that my courtiers had, no one would think badly of it, and in fact everyone would be pleased if I accepted graciously, even the ones that would be harmed.

Looking objectively at the action itself however, it was not good.

Upon waking up and recalling this dream experience, I intuitively recognized that the wealthy man was me in a past life, and what I had just seen in my dream was the reason for my karmic suffering that I was going through now.

More astonishing still, however, is that just before I got sick, I had opportunities to observe the same thoughts and emotions that had lead me to that darker path in my past life; I had been given the opportunity to change and choose a different outcome but didn’t.

It feels to me that if I had used that opportunity to change those set of egos I had seen in this present life, I wouldn’t have gotten sick in the first place, and could have avoided this karmic payment.

The experience gave me a lot of respect for the care with which life events seem to be laid out and how karma is earned and paid from life to life, and showed me the compassion that higher beings have by providing opportunities for me to change, as it could be an opportunity to change consequences that I set in motion for myself in a past existence.