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My Encounters with Negative Forces in the Physical World

Experience submitted by Pavlin Boev

After taking the astral and self-knowledge courses from Belsebuub I learned to remember to use the recitations for dispelling negativity as soon as I became aware I was dreaming; however, feeling a negative presence in the physical world was something I had never felt before and it took me a while to figure out this is actually what was happening to me in the following experiences.

The First Encounter

The first time this happened was an evening like any other. I was at home. My parents were somewhere in the house, it was quiet and everyone was doing their usual thing. I was in my room when suddenly I started feeling fear, almost panic, but there was no obvious reason for it.

I could see it wasn’t coming from me, as I had not been upset or felt any other strong emotion that day. Instead I felt like it was surrounding me, but I had no idea what it could be.

As I stood there, experiencing this fear and near-panic feelings, the heater in my room went off unexpectedly on its own and started smoking a little. My dad then came in and took it away to have a look at it. I wondered if he could feel any of what I was feeling but it didn’t seem like it, as he was his usual relaxed self.

I tried praying and mentally sang the recitation Bellilin, but the feelings I was experiencing were still quite strong. With some time, the feelings of fear eventually passed. Looking back on it I see that I was not quite successful in dealing with it in a timely way.

I didn’t know how the whole thing happened and why. Only later did it occur to me that it might have been the influence of some kind of negative force, but nothing like that had ever happened to me before, so I wasn’t sure.

Unmasking the Instigator

Some time after that, when I had almost completely forgotten about the experience, I had another similar one. I was in the countryside with some family and friends. One day I took a walk on my own – I had planned to practice awareness of the present moment and do a mantra practice in nature.

It was a beautiful, sunny summer day. I crossed a small stream, sat down at a nice spot and thought, I’ll start with the mantra. As I began pronouncing it, however, I started feeling this negativity again.

Similar to the previous experience, those strong feelings of fear and panic appeared out of nowhere. I tried to continue with the mantra, but it felt too difficult. I stood up and walked away from the stream, towards a nearby forest.

I started praying for the elimination of my fears. It felt like if I gave into the feelings, I would just fall into panic.

I sat down at a spot with beautiful scenery around and tried to focus on a prayer. I could still feel that pressure in the atmosphere around me. I stood up, and then I felt it – a strong negative presence behind me.

I knew that there was obviously no one around me physically, but I also felt that presence very clearly. I looked back – there was no one there. But as I was turning my head back to look towards the scenery, out of the corner of my eye I saw, for a split second, what looked like a negative being, similar to the ones I had previously encountered in some of my astral experiences.

It seemed that for that split second, I had been able to experience polyvision, seeing something from another dimension while being in the physical, perhaps my prayers had helped me to see what it was?

This is when I realized that I was being influenced by a negative being from the astral world, just like they have appeared in my lucid astral experiences.

Now I knew what it was, and with this knowledge in hand, it helped me to respond differently than the previous time with more faith, and eventually, the feelings of panic subsided.

At that time I had learned another general protective technique from negative influences and used it. Soon afterwards and before the end of our stay in the countryside, I had a clear dream where I saw myself fighting an animal that can symbolize negative influences. In the dream, I couldn’t see where it was and it kept evading me, but eventually I overcame it and saw what it had been.

  • Thank you for sharing your encounters with sinister forces Pavlin. It is a great reminder that we are never really safe from negative influences, both internal and external, and should always be watchful and alert.

    When I was reading your description of feeling of fear, panic and that unpleasant invasive pressure, a memory of a similar experience surfaced into my memory. This was some years ago when I was just starting to learn about the non-physical aspect of the reality. I did something unwise when conscious in the astral and upon waking up in my physical body I instantly felt that something has followed me to my house. I was awake and alert in my bedroom, and started feeling an overpowering sinister presence, panic and fear I had never felt before. It felt very different, external, strange and evil, and was coming in sharp waves. I prayed as much as I could for it to go away. I wish I knew recitations at that time! My brother was sleeping in the second bedroom and I started to worry about his wellbeing. As soon as I thought about my brother, he started mumbling something incomprehensible out loud while sleeping. I never heard him doing that. I intensified my prayers but those waves just kept coming. I felt that I must maintain focus and use all my willpower to keep pushing this thing away. All of that lasted quite some time, seemed like forever at the time, but gradually things got clear. I felt really drained of energy.

    Interestingly, exactly a year after this incident, I had a lucid dream with a sinister influence of the same unmistakable flavour, but this time I was able to deal with it more effectively. Then again, exactly two years later, I again experienced a very similar influence in the astral, but thankfully it was just a weak echo of the original encounter.

    Thank you Pavlin again for your story as it reminded me of the need to maintain alertness against evil forces.

  • The battle between the forces of light and darkness always seemed for heroes and knights out of those great stories and not for me, but it looks like it is more common and happening in everyone’s lives daily.
    Once I started to become more diligent about practicing the techniques Belsebuub gives, I did notice more resistance and attacks coming my way. When waking up in dreams I’d often encounter negative beings but I could not recall the recitations, ending up wrestling them to no avail and loose the experience.
    As this obviously wasn’t working, I decided to use recitations whenever I felt any negativity in the physical world. Maybe I was missing something during the day? Initially, it did not make sense to me as I was under the impression that it was my own negativity. That said, after a while, again in the astral, a negative being tried to stop me. As I almost religiously sang the recitations during the day, this time I remembered, used them and the negative being disappeared. It took a few goes but eventually the negativity cleared up both in the physical and out of the body. I almost forgot about these events but your experience brought the memory back and how that negativity was present in both dimensions.

  • Hi Pavlin,
    Well I’m glad you were able to figure out where this negativity was coming from and be able to deal with it and get rid of it! Interesting too the dream you had – it almost felt like it was a replication of what had happened to you in the physical, being replayed to you and perhaps showing that yes, you had overcome it.

    I had something happened to me once several years ago, as I went to sleep (though it was not the astral and i was not asleep) – I had just turned off the light, and as usual there were some light from the street pouring into my bedroom. But all of a sudden, total blackness engulf my bedroom – it had become completely dark – no more light coming in from the street. I was like – “well that’s something new” – at first I thought, well great, I’m going to be able to get a good night sleep – but as I closed my eyes, something within me was like,” hey, that can’t be right.. Where is this darkness coming from?” Then I started to feel it, it was not something really nice at all. So I re-opened my eyes, and the darkness was still there, really all encompassing. I thought perhaps I’m imagining it, closed my eyes again, and re-opened them – nope still fully dark, and that dreading feeling I was getting too – so I started to use the Bellilin recitation and after several tries it went away, like literally crawling away from the walls, slowly revealing the lights from the street again. It was so strange, almost movie like. I remember thinking, well thank God I know the Bellilin recitation, and more! I had pretty much forgotten about it until I read your experience and that of others as well, but it seems it’s not uncommon to experience such things.

    • That’s interesting Geraldine, as I also noticed this sudden darkness in the room where I sleep at times, especially before starting my usual Bellilin recitation, but always assumed that maybe the lights outside just went off or something… But now thanks to your story, I am going to pay more attention!

  • One dream experience I once had I think is worth mentioning on this topic.

    Quite a few years back now a few friends and I would come together on a certain day of the week for some spiritual practices. Sometimes some other friends would also join in. We could all get along very well and were enjoying chatting before doing meditation practices.
    One night though I was in a dream in that exact same situation where we chatting and laughing and having a good time. However I could see there was a negative entity present hovering around the room who would feed and spur on those energies of that joking around too much, overchatting, that sort of pleasure in the emotional centre, which impacted the whole atmosphere of the group. This caused everyone’s state and mood to not be suitable for spiritual practices.

    It was interesting for me to see this in an astral experience. That ‘pleasant’ ego states could also be exacerbated and utilized. Especially in a group atmosphere like that. Makes you wonder what inter dimensional influences are going on at concerts or football matches etc.

    • Wow, that’s really good you have seen into these subtle tricks Karim! Like Andrew mentioned below, I feel like these entities operate best when their tricks and agendas are not recognized. But once the light shines on them, they run away. Its a good reminder of how important it is to guard our inner states, especially before a spiritual practice.

    • I actually found this very useful Karim, thanks a lot for sharing. It makes me realise I’ve noticed this but haven’t quite brought it to my conscious attention in order to combat it. When getting together with spiritual friends for ‘tea and a practice’, if it isn’t very well structured and people aren’t determined, it’s easy for the practice not to happen at all. Could of course just be our egos influencing us, making us procrastinate and feel resistance, but in either case I feel it’s important to go against it and hold onto your spiritual principles and goals.

    • That’s very interesting Karim. I know I’ve felt this kind of good-bad energy before, and that how especially in social situations (often over shared meals I find) you can really make a mess out of your energies, even if with friends also interested in spirituality and in the context of gathering for a spiritual practise.

      Thanks for the reminder that it’s not just the ‘bad’ states, but the ‘good’ and pleasurable ones too that can actually be feeding something negative.

  • Interesting experience Pavlin! Thanks for sharing it. I’m certain I’ve experienced negative entities stirring up egos within me during the day but nothing quite so dramatic as what you’ve shared here. Mostly I know they try to keep their influence as secret as possible from me as it’s much more effective for them. This way it’s much easier for them to manipulate me through the egos, rather than if I can sense their presence which would give me a great strength and a lot of fight. So I often have to be quite aware to pick up any out of place negativity.

    It is worth mentioning that I’ve often felt very negative presences through real people in the world though. It’s like they act as a conduit for negative forces, and even if they are unaware of the darkness they spread I pick them up pretty quickly. In these cases, Nicole might feel like I’m being very judgmental 🙂 but at the time it’s quite clear through intuition and a general energy ‘feeling’ that these people are quite immersed in dark stuff. There have been a number of times I have felt this through coming in contact with others, but most recently I remember coming across a booth at a craft show this year near Christmas time. It was full of all sorts beautiful artisans wares, paintings, pottery, jewelry etc.. As we toured around the stalls I came upon a stall called ‘Mean Folk’ – As far as I could tell the fellow there wasn’t actually an artisan, but a rep for the company. But all they had were patches and hats, socks and buttons which celebrated violence, insulting others, greed, money & power and made demon’s cool and soo hipster. I saw through this attempt to sow apathy into youth and make being a terrible selfish person seem cool. It was obvious this was some sly brand developed with a dark entity behind it. In this case, the fellow working the booth wouldn’t even make eye contact with me. It was like he was a child who had been found out he was being bad. I carefully looked through all their memorabilia and the symbolism it used and had a strong feeling it was intentionally crafted with dark intent. I did some research afterwards on their website and found they had ‘branded’ an upside down pentagram with 4 upside down crosses in a poster format, which was not visible at the craft fair. To me it was such a shame that this group was hijacking an artisan fair traditionally run in conjunction with Christmas, and it blew me away at how this was not really understood for what it was by the shoppers.

    • I’ve met a few people like this Andrew. One experience with a man was so surreal it almost seemed like it was in the astral, the way he approached me out of the shadows, what he said, and how I ‘dispelled’ him – it was all so other-wordly it felt like someone really heavily under the influence of something sinister. Also as a teenager and young adult, there occasionally popped up very dark and manipulative figures who I could see would try to kind of corrupt the groups of friends, similar to how you sensed what was behind the ‘cool’ crafty items, these people seemed to be real pushers of evil. I sensed it a lot in music concerts and things like that which I used to attend, events that could stir up a lot of emotion and energy.

    • That’s a good point Andrew about those forces acting through people, I also think this is a major venue of influence.

      Interesting story of your time at that market. I can relate to being quite surprised that all the people around sometimes don’t seem to understand dark things for what they are. I’ve then often wondered why, reflecting on it the possible answers weren’t so positive.

  • This was very interesting to read Pavlin! I like how you were able to uncover their influence and unmask these entities for what they are. It makes me think how many times they act upon us uncaught, influencing our inner states without our knowledge.

    I also find it interesting how many people report on seeing these other-dimensional beings (either dark or light), with the corner of their eyes. Something about that type of vision I guess allows us to perceive these things. It never happened to me, and I am curious to try out, even though, obviously, preferrably to catch something of Light. 😉

    Your story brings back another story a friend told me back in California. He had to visit some shops in the area known for a high-level of depravity and corruption. He did what he was supposed to do there, and then while walking on the streets of that area, he said he saw with a corner of his eye a big demon-like creature with huge wings sitting on a top of a high tower there (not sure if it was church or something like that), as if over-seeing the whole area.

    This makes me wonder that maybe there is more to these areas that feel bad than meets the eye. Similarly, the former satanist J. Ramirez explains in his youtube video (from 7:00 to 7:36 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I11L71PD3Lw) how he used to astral project and visit different neighborhoods to cast different negative influences/spirits upon those areas. He also mentioned that the only areas he could not access were those where people were getting together and praying for the neighborhoods.

    • Given the dark and heavy energies present in some parts of cities, Lucia, it wouldn’t be too surprising to discover there are other influences present, beyond just the unconscious states of humanity.

      That video was really creepy. There is some really dark stuff out there!

    • Yes that account was very educational for me to get more insights into the reality and incessant works of darkness that are really going on.

    • Hey Lucia,

      Yeah, it’s interesting about the corner of the eye vision. I wonder why it works like that. It feels like I saw it with ‘the corner of the eye’, but if I think about it I was able to grasp details of the face and eyes of the entity, which I wouldn’t have been able to catch and remember if it were just a regular glimpse like that, with my physical eyes.

      Only once I was able to have similar glimpse with the corner of the eye of a human-size being of light. I had just received some sad news, and as I turned around I captured it for less than a second. Right after that I had a feeling of consolation and support, and I think that was the purpose of that being showing itself there.

      Perceiving little of the spiritual side of life just strikes me with this opposition between virtues and goodness, and selfishness and evil. I see them within myself and I can feel and see how trying to decrease the bad and harmful sides of me and increasing my awareness can be so liberating. At the same time I see how it opens up my perception to the spiritual side of life, seeing better the divine hand, and in the case with this article how there are also evil beings trying to make me feel heavy.

      And I have to ask myself, if I am not trying to change, being on the side of the light and opening my perception, then where am I? What is my direction and what is influencing me? Am I not vulnerable also to the evil side? If I am not changing to be better and work on spiritual qualities every day but am locked in my selfish behaviour, isn’t it that I am going the other way, attracting the other side?

      And then on a global scale, how many people are actively working on themselves to avoid or at least be able to recognise such bad influences? Ramirez’ testimony paints a serious situation, but unfortunately following that line of questioning it makes sense. Because it seems most people don’t pay attention to these things and we can be vulnerable to those influences, if we cannot see within, if we cannot recognise what is happening inside ourselves and where it is coming from.

      • Hi Pavlin, I really liked what you just wrote – thank you for that, it was really good to read and reflect upon.Very inspiring, challenging but in a very good way. Here’s to the light!

      • @Pavlin: I agree with Geraldine. Thanks for the profound and inspiring comment.

        @Lucia: Ramirez’s account definitely makes you stop in your tracks. I especially found it amazing where he says he used to go to the dark temple from 7 pm to 5 am as a 10-year-old to learn about the demons, and Christians can’t even pray for one hour per day, and how his account highlights how organised and efficient the dark forces are. It makes me feel determined to put in more efforts to change and reach for the light.

        • Yup, I agree that’s some dedication! It really looks like when one has the inner drive, he uses it wherever he stands – either on the path to Darkness or on the path of Light. But how to get that inner drive is the question…

          Interestingly, I also naturally tend to be more active starting at the evening hours, going to the early mornings, and wonder if that may show some tendencies. :-O In any case, now trying to work on going to sleep very soon, and I must say my nights have been more lucid as a result.

  • Extraordinary experience Pavlin. Just amazing that you were able to see first hand the source of the negative and fearful vibes you were feeling. What a testament to the hidden negative forces at play and what can be done to counter them.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • I have also had experiences like this but often wondered if it is just my inner states causing this I have also used the recitation in some situations, when I remember, and it has also seemed to help.

    Like you said it would of helped to confirm it in your case were you did happen to see the neg.

    I also quite often wonder how much influence these negative being to have on us throughout the day, its something you can often over look with out gaining the direct experience of these beings being present

    Thanks Pavlin enjoyed reading your experiences

  • Thanks, Pavlin. A very interesting, and slightly creepy experience. It makes me wonder if I’ve been influenced, or how often I’ve been influenced by something negative without knowing. It’s easy to assume it’s all my own thoughts and feelings. I remember one time when I woke up in the astral. I was still lying in my bed and I felt someone there with me in the astral plane. I reached up and touched their hand, which was placed against the back of my head. It didn’t feel like a nice being, and not even sure if they were negative. But I wonder why they were there…..Not sure if it has anything to do with this, but I just thought of it now. Maybe that being was influencing me in some way….And well, we really don’t know what’s around us at all times.

    • Hi Anne Linn, I can relate to these negative beings always touching us in the astral. I often find them holding me in the astral, preventing me from moving and also most likely influencing my inner state. I even have a suspicion, that they can make me feel more “groggy” than I would normally be even in my subconscious. They also pose as people i know, and in this way influence my response to them.

      Once as I was becoming lucid in the astral, I also felt a hand on me. I could not see, but I touched it, and could feel it had claws on fingers… :-O After using Bellilin recitation the grasp vanished and I started to see.

  • Very interesting accounts, Pavlin; thanks for sharing. That experience with polyvision must have been very useful to see the root cause!

    It makes me wonder about some experiences I’ve had in the physical, too. There have been a few nights over the years, before going to bed or sometimes in the middle of the night (when I maybe didn’t do an effective circle of protection) that I have felt a very sinister presence beside me: one that feels very evil and brings a chill to the air. Through a lot of prayer and chanting the recitations and (re)-doing the circle of protection, I’ve been able to clear away that feeling. I remember once needing to turn on all the lights and stay up for a while, reading an esoteric text, before I was able to go back to sleep.

    Given what these beings may be capable of, in stirring up different emotions, one can only imagine what sort of situations they can cook up in the physical world.

  • Thanks Pavlin.

    I’ve also experienced some similar things, but it seems to me you’ve gotten a more thorough grasp of it and your article makes how these things work seem very clear.

    I was a lot slower in this regard, maybe due to some of my down-to-earth mindsets which we actually blocking me from realising what was going!

    One experience that changed my view and understanding was a bit like yours. Where it was so obvious that it was real that it overwrote my perspective and mindset that such things could happen to me.

    I was at a nice retreat place gathered with others. It was evening and inside it was warm, light, there were candles, spiritual and protective symbols in statues and paintings on the walls, good people, and likely the presence of lots of benevolent forces. At one point I decided to go outside on my own just to get some fresh air. I was in a very good state and walked away from the warm and brightly lit place out into the grass field where it was pitch black. I wasn’t afraid, in fact such a thought hadn’t even crossed my mind, I was just looking forward to enjoying inhaling some fresh breaths. All of a sudden I felt a big fear inside me, totally out of nowhere and I was really surprised by its manifestation without a trigger. When I observed it I felt it was because it felt like there were evil creatures all around, and when I looked around I could sense that there were these negative beings hovering around in the air, although I couldn’t see anything it in the pitch black. And yet my mind came in and started ‘reasoning’. I’d had many encounters in the astral with such beings but for some reason there was an unrecognised belief in me that it wasn’t possible physically, that it wouldn’t happen to me. My immediate reaction to that fear was to strongly go against that emotion within myself, but had I realised what was going I would’ve been able to act in a better way. It was only after some time that what happened there became so obvious to me. I also found it interesting that this house or retreat place was almost like a fortress with its warmth and light inside, and outside all around in the dark (unable to get in?) were these negative entities.

    Another thing that happened more recently was where at work I was speaking to someone and at some point the discussion got more heated. For some reason it occurred to me that there could be a being around enflaming that person through those emotions. This made me more careful of my own emotions and I made sure to stay very calm. Interestingly at that time just before it reached a boiling point it was completely diffused by both of us deciding not to go with those ego’s and switched to expressing care towards each other. With that other person realising I wasn’t out to harm them and me feeling I hadn’t phrased things very considerately. I could almost imagine a negative being turning away bummed about its ‘defeat’ and unable to do anything further.

    I’m still pretty stubborn when it comes to these things. I often notice or think of such things, but just dismiss them. As the difference between something coming from within and sensing something external can be subtle, so when I doubt I often just dismiss. Another reason why careful self observation and experience in it is important.

  • It’s amazing how much must be going on ‘behind the curtains’ so to speak. It’s incredible to think of all the vastness of light and darkness that must interact with this world all the time, and yet how little of it we normally see because of our limited perception.
    Definitely an incentive to be aware and wake up more in daily life.

    I’ve had a few experiences of feeling that cold, negative feeling from those entities in the physical world too. I remember once walking with a friend one night through a country park and having a strong sensation that something sinister was watching us, even though there was nothing else around.

    I didn’t say anything and just tried to do the recitations from Belsebuub’s courses internally. Later on, without being prompted, my friend brought up that he had had a feeling throughout the night of being watched too. I had very negative dreams and astral experiences during that night as well.

    • Hi Nathan, thanks for sharing this experience. I’ve seen references elsewhere where ‘cold’ sensation was described, so I thought that’s interesting.

  • Thanks incredible you experienced that, it makes you wonder how much these beings influence us but everyone cannot see them.

  • I’ve definitely felt the influence of sinister beings physically before. It’s easy to dismiss or overlook, but after a few experiences where I had definitive evidence of their influence / presence I learned to trust my gut feeling and discernment. I shared one of these experiences here. In that case, I could clearly feel that entity influencing things from outside the physical dimension in many ways.

    I also wanted to share a related story that Ella’s comment reminded me of: when Jordan and I went on our honeymoon many years ago we rented a room in a beautiful tiny bed and breakfast Mediterranean villa. It was advertised as a small castle and was set in a small quaint and remote village in the mountains. We booked our stay online really looking forward to it. From the photos on the website it looked absolutely breathtaking — pretty, simple, charming — like a scene of out of a warm and enchanting classical painting. Lots of beautiful gardens and flowers around, little fountains. It looked amazing. When we pulled up in person it looked just like that — breathtaking. But when we stepped inside the villa we both felt strange. It was very elegantly decorated on the inside — antique furniture, beautiful classical paintings. The owners were very nice and friendly people and we chatted for a long time. There were fresh flowers everywhere. Our room was nice. But despite all that we both felt this weird “heaviness” and negativity somehow.

    I recall I had a weird experience of going out to the balcony in our bedroom that day. It was overlooking a gorgeous ancient forest behind which was the ocean — we were at the top of a mountain. The air was fresh, the view was beautiful, I felt good and just wanted to take a moment to enjoy it all. I sat down in the chair to relax and suddenly felt completely flooded by a strange feeling of fear and I also felt like I was being watched by something sinister. It was so intense that I could pretty much “see” it nonphysically somehow (I could somehow actually describe what it looked like). I came inside abruptly a little startled and I remember Jordan asking me if I was ok, and I said, “yeah, just a little creeped out” his response was something like “oh, like feeling like you’re being watched by something?” — I remember thinking it was odd that he guessed so precisely. We then talked about the place and wondered why on earth would such a nice place feel so strange and somehow “oppressive”.

    The next day we talked to the owners over breakfast and they told us more about the history of the place. Turns out it was a brothel and a gambling outpost for soldiers during the war… And so despite being restored into a respectable establishment, the place was clearly still under the influence of those forces. Mystery solved…

    • Ugghhhh Jenny… brothel and a gambling outspot – things could not have been worse! Interesting how you both could feel the heaviness and negative presence so strongly.

      I remember some years ago, a friend bought a new house and decided to make his music studio in a former garage that also served as a pigsty and a killing place for the pigs for some years before. I just started studying the spiritual things at that time, and thought to myself that I would not really want to work or sleep in such a place. He renovated everything nicely, and never mentioned any bad feelings, but I just thought that there must have been some “remains” of the former activity on the energetic level.

      • I know what you mean — I’ve definitely thought of things like that too when we were house shopping a while back. And yeah, strange that we landed in a place that was a brother, drinking, and gambling establishment of all places 😮 From looking at the place today you would never know though.

    • Wow Jenny, what a contrast between the perfect dream castle and its horrific history. Hope you were able to cancel your booking and go to a better place for a honeymoon!

      But it just shows that without knowledge of how energies are built and accumulated in physical places you can make a place as beautiful as ever externally and still not be rid of the evil in it, and it will continue to influence the people there.

      What people have shared reminds me of something that happened recently. We were traveling and staying at a friend’s place for about a week, she was out of town so we had it to ourselves. It had two rooms, and the living room felt normal and good, as well as the bathroom, but as soon as, and every time, I walked into the kitchen, I felt this sick bad feeling. There was a miserable atmosphere there, like something bad had been going on over a period of time, like it was a place of negativity or violence or something like that. It was clean and tidy, mostly renovated and all that and there was nothing wrong with it externally, but especially the corner where a table and two chairs were made me feel awful and depressed. My husband didn’t feel anything though, and he suggested maybe I felt that because the window, window frames, balcony door and balcony were not renovated and looked bad and were crumbling slightly, but they didn’t make me feel anything. It was that corner specifically.

      I don’t recall any negative dream experiences when we stayed there. I didn’t check if the friend knew anything about the history of the place either. It was just clear to me that I didn’t want to be in the kitchen as it made me feel depressed and miserable, especially after sundown. But yes as I didn’t verify it I can’t really say what it was, if anything.

      And yes it’s interesting about house hunting. In pictures a place can look nice, but in person it can feel very weird, bad or heavy. I’ve learnt to trust these feelings and never move into a house that has such a feeling, if at all possible.

    • Ah, Jenny, you seem to have a few of these inter dimensional investigation stories, where the truth comes out at last 🙂

      Makes me wonder when would those heavy energies/presence dissipate or will they eventually? Maybe if it was to bring higher opposing forces.

      I hope your honeymoon went well eventually!

  • Hi Pavlin,

    That’s just amazing that it was allowed for you to see for real what was causing those irrational negative feelings. I think it was courageous of you not to give into the panic the second time but persist and finally be able to deal with it properly, and it was inspiring to read. This really shows how empowering these techniques are, and how lost you would be without them and without knowledge and experience of the negative entities.

    I experienced something similar once, but it was over a prolonged period of time and difficult to deal with because it was constant – overwhelming feelings and sensations trying to pull at me, coming from nowhere it seemed. I’m really grateful that I knew of spiritual protective measures from Belsebuub, because with them I was able to gradually get over it. I didn’t deal with it perfectly though, because it created some fear in me that then stopped me from putting in full efforts with various spiritual techniques for a time afterwards. I can see it happened at a time when I was practicing a lot and being very active, as if it came to try to stop me, so for me like you it was also a sign I was doing something that was making a positive impact.

    Your account makes me reflect if something could have tried to influence me more subtly at different times, without me noticing. Sometimes I get such an exaggerated reaction to something which then spirals me into low states that it’s difficult to get out of, but looking at it logically, there really was no reason to, and it could have been avoided with the right counter measures. If the light side knows us intimately, so the dark side must know us too. Your account makes me feel empowered to be strong and not give in. Thank you 🙂

  • Hey Pavlin,

    Though your experiences were of negative entities or forces, it seems the more we learn to be able to perceive the inter-penetration of the dimensions, and with that the different kinds of life that reside there, the better.

    Your experience brought back to mind something that happened to me a few years ago. I was walking with my husband in the mountains, and it was getting towards night time so we started looking for a place to camp. There was a patch of trees that looked nice, but as we started to set up the tent I got a really bad feeling, and I thought I saw, out of the corner of my eye, or in my ‘mind’s eye’, a witch, standing on the hill looking over us. ‘Witch’ is for want of a better word to convey a sinister female force. I brushed it off as my imagination and fears coming from within me.

    That night was awful. We had wild boars outside our tent (I thought they were bears and about to eat us). I don’t think I’ve been more terrified in my life. And in our dreams we were both hounded by an angry negative presence. Even the next day, the village we passed through had a bad feeling to it. In retrospect it was like this part of land was in some way haunted by this angry presence.

    Apart from that, in a period that I felt very depressed in my teens, I could also half-see and very much sense the presence of a negative force that seemed to live along side me. I felt like it was able to latch on to me because of my low state, and played some part in perpetuating it.

    It’s good to remember that these negative forces can effect us from the the astral, not just in dreams and OBE’s, but in the physical world too.

    • Hi Ella, thank you for sharing your encounter. It’s really interesting how you felt the whole place had that negative feeling. It really makes me wonder about the source of it, just like sometimes ancient sacred sites can have an elevated feeling. Who decides that? How does it happen?

      There’s so much that we don’t see and we need our spiritual eyes to be able to perceive it.

      I’m glad to hear it was boars and not bears! Although boars can be also dangerous, I’ve had camping encounters with some.


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