Experience submitted by Pavlin Boev

I once had two distinct experiences where I felt a strong negative presence in the physical world. I had encountered previously some negative entities in my dreams and astral projection experiences, so I was familiar with this feeling, but I had never had it during my waking life.

After taking the astral and self-knowledge courses from Belsebuub I learnt to remember to use the recitations for dispelling negativity as soon as I became aware I was dreaming; however, feeling a negative presence in the physical world was something I had never felt before and it took me a while to figure out what it really was.

The First Encounter

The first time this happened was an evening like any other. I was at home. My parents were somewhere in the house, it was quiet and everyone was doing their usual thing. I was in my room when suddenly I started feeling fear, almost panic, but there was no obvious reason for it.

I could see it wasn’t coming from me, as I had not been upset or felt any other strong emotion that day. Instead I felt like it was surrounding me, but I had no idea what it could be.

As I stood there, experiencing this fear and near-panic feelings, the heater in my room went off unexpectedly on its own and started smoking a little. My dad then came in and took it away to have a look at it. I wondered if he could feel any of what I was feeling but it didn’t seem like it, as he was his usual relaxed self.

I tried praying and mentally sang the recitation Bellilin, but the feelings I was experiencing were still quite strong. With some time, the feelings of fear eventually passed. Looking back on it I see that I was not quite successful in dealing with it in a timely way.

I didn’t know how the whole thing happened and why. Only later did it occur to me that it might have been the influence of some kind of negative force, but nothing like that had ever happened to me before, so I wasn’t sure.

Unmasking the Instigator

Some time after that, when I had almost completely forgotten about the experience, I had another similar one. I was in the countryside with some family and friends. One day I took a walk on my own – I had planned to practice awareness of the present moment and do a mantra practice in nature.

It was a beautiful, sunny summer day. I crossed a small stream, sat down at a nice spot and thought, I’ll start with the mantra. As I began pronouncing it, however, I started feeling this negativity again.

Similar to the previous experience, those strong feelings of fear and panic appeared out of nowehere. I tried to continue with the mantra, but it felt too difficult. I stood up and walked away from the stream, towards a nearby forest.

I started praying for the elimination of my fears. It felt like if I gave into the feelings, I would just fall into panic.

I sat down at a spot with beautiful scenery around and tried to focus on a prayer. I could still feel that pressure in the atmosphere around me. I stood up, and then I felt it – a strong negative presence behind me.

I knew that there was obviously no one around me physically, but I also felt that presence very clearly. I looked back – there was no one there. But as I was turning my head back to look towards the scenery, out of the corner of my eye I saw, for a split second, what looked like a negative being, similar to the ones I had previously encountered in some of my astral experiences.

It seemed that for that split second, I had been able to experience polyvision, seeing something in the astral while being in the physical, perhaps my prayers had helped me to see what it was?

This is when I realized that I was being influenced by a negative being from the astral world, just like they have appeared in my lucid astral experiences.

Now I knew what it was, and with this knowledge in hand, it helped me to respond differently than the previous time with more faith, and eventually, the feelings of panic subsided.

At that time I had learned another general protective technique from negative influences and used it. Soon afterwards and before the end of our stay in the countryside, I had a clear dream where I saw myself fighting an animal that can symbolize negative influences. In the dream, I couldn’t see where it was and it kept evading me, but eventually I overcame it and saw what it had been.

Some Thoughts

This experience made me more aware of how sinister beings can influence people without us realizing it. In my case it had been through fear and panic, but perhaps it could be many other destructive emotions and patterns too? It made me wonder how many times this could have happened in the past without me realizing anything.

It showed me that even if negative influences are there in the physical, with the recitations Belsebuub explains I can deal with that negativity, just like I can in dreams and in the astral.

It also showed me how important it is in situations like this to have that connection with the divine, as my perception is usually so limited that I may not even realize where it is all coming from otherwise. And it showed me the importance of working on that connection every day, as much as I can.

In this video, Belsebuub talks about negative forces and demons, and the unseen war between the forces of light and darkness in the world, which for  me, it showed that I was probably on the right track in my inner search and after all, that was actually encouraging.