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How I Met with Extraterrestrials in the Astral Plane

Experience submitted by Rajko
Experience submitted by Rajko Beznik

When I was living in a mountain village, I took Belsebuub’s courses online. In the course we were practicing mantras for astral projection, concentration on the heart, and other techniques.

After these practices, I would go to sleep and often have conscious astral experiences. Surprisingly for me, during some of these travels outside of my body I encountered beings from other planets.

All my meetings with them were very peaceful and left an impression on me that they were much more advanced than us, especially when it comes to spirituality. Below are two of these experiences that stood out for me.

No Plans to Visit Earth

Photo by Soren Astrup Jorgensen via unsplash
Photo by Soren Astrup Jorgensen via unsplash

On one occasion, I found myself flying in outer space. Everything around me was dark, with just the stars shining. I was enjoying the freedom of the flight outside of our planet and the vastness of the space, when I suddenly became aware of being under a HUGE spaceship.

It was so big, that I could not see the beginning nor the end of it; I just saw all the machinery from the bottom. I don’t quite remember what exactly happened then, I just recall suddenly facing a member of the crew in that ship. He looked very much like us, was nicely dressed in a kind of uniform, sitting behind something that looked like a table.

I remember him being very kind and polite, and we were having a discussion about some things that I no longer remember very well. After that I asked him if they were planning to come to visit the Earth.

Photo by NASA via unsplash
Photo by NASA via unsplash

The reaction I got from him was a bit surprising for me, as I didn’t think things were so bad here… However, the being immediately said that they had no plans whatsoever to come to Earth, and I could feel from him that they didn’t really consider Earth to be a good place to visit at all.

After that, I found myself back in my bed, remembering everything very clearly.

A Brief Meeting with an Extraterrestrial on Another Planet

Photo by Stefan Stefancik via unsplash
Photo by Stefan Stefancik via unsplash

In another conscious experience, I found myself in a desert-like place that didn’t look like anything on earth, about 2 meters from a being.

He was about 6 feet tall, dressed in a sort of uniform and had a differently shaped head that was becoming more conical towards the top (it could have also been a part of the uniform).

We talked for a while, and shortly after that I found myself back in my bed in the physical world.

I wish I wrote these experiences down immediately after I woke up, as some details now have vanished from my memory over time. Still, I feel very grateful for these unexpected encounters that have allowed me to come into contact with these special beings, even if just for a few brief moments.

  • A very inspiring experience, meeting these wonderful beings. It must have had a very deep impact in you. Personally, reading it, it uplifts me and gives me hope.
    Thank you very much Rajko for sharing it.

  • Rajko, Thanks for sharing those experiences! It’s nice to hear from you and I second how great it is you can access these experiences from remote mountain villages 🙂

  • It makes me sad that we’re so bad, and I wish we could be more like those ETs. I wonder if they were ever bad, and learned and improved, or if we’re just a special, very bad case.

    I do hope they’re out there, looking out for us.

    Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  • Thanks Rajko for sharing. It seems that we are always being helped in some way or another.

    I got the sense that earth was not being considered, for a visit…

  • It is very inspiring to hear that we can meet these highly spiritually evolved beings from other planets just by trying to astral project and trying to develop spiritually, that we don’t have to be gurus or something for them to take an interest in coming to us and even talking with us. That they haven’t given up on earth altogether, or maybe as a planet it isn’t going well but that they are still trying to help individual people.

    Thanks a lot for sharing these wonderful encounters Rajko!

    Ps. A good reminder too on writing down meaningful experiences on time before forgetting about the details.

  • Great encounters Rajko. It’s such a shame to think that we are ‘off the cards’ for visits from some extraterrestrials. Though there are many accounts of beings from other planets that do live among us, or come here on special missions, it seems like it’s a lot of ‘outreach work’, helping us to stop blowing ourselves up, etc., rather that the kind of inter-planetary relationships that might occur between two places on a similar ‘level’.

    It’s also telling that as soon as you mentioned that bug spaceship I had an image from the film Independence Day, one that perpetuates the unfounded idea that ET’s are a threat.

    I’m glad for you that you had such incredible experiences. And I know what you mean about loosing the detail if you don’t write it down. It works the other way too for me – sometimes when I read back through my dream diary I’m amazed at the help I’ve been given that I all too easily forget it there.

  • Hi Rajko. Thank you for sharing these experiences with us. I can imagine how much you got out of them – just to see it for yourself that there are other beings out there and that they are quite ahead of us in many ways must have been pretty amazing to witness. I wish we can all become worthy of their visit one day!

  • Hi Rajko,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with these beings of light from other parts of the galaxy.

    I find it very sad to hear how the E.T’s viewed our planet from an objective position. But it is obvious how much destruction we as a humanity cause to this earth! Fortunately with the help of Belsebuubs teachings we have the opportunity to change ourselves, and if we can connect with our divine parents, start to bring much needed light into this world…

  • Thanks for sharing those experiences, Rajko. It is a real shame they don’t want to visit… but if I were more advanced and from a society with spiritual standards, peace, and love, I don’t think I’d want to visit earth either.

    Still great to hear that we can meet these beings in the astral!

  • Nice experiences Rajko. Thanks for sharing. I have tried to fly into outer space many times, but in the process lost consciousness in all but one or two occasions, and I don’t have a clear memory anymore of what happened at those times. It’s also good to hear of accounts of meeting extraterrestrials using astral projection.

    • This also tends to happen with me as well a lot of the times when I try to fly into space. If I just sort of blindly ‘superman’ up it’s very likely that I just end up in some sort of subconscious cloud (and in reality still being somewhere close to where I was before.) I’ve had more success when I’ve taken it more slowly and was more concentrated. Just flying up above my house, slowly rising through the clouds while staying clear and calm, and rising up higher. But in general it’s not very easy for me to go there and be there in that very clear way I’d want to.

  • Thank you for relaying such a inspiring experience, It was very up lifting and I think it helps each us all when we read these type of stories it gives a lot of motivation and a boost to try harder to also have these type of experiences as well . Many thanks Carmel

    • I also found it motivating and it helps me to remember to try to have such experiences and contact myself, because it can easily become something too far back in the mind to remember to try to achieve.

  • These are such neat experiences, Rajko. Thanks for sharing them. And wow. Not even a visit! I guess that’s not very surprising but still quite sobering to read it from the way you related the encounter. I hope you have many more (and that you write them down ;-))!

  • How nice Rajko!

    It seems so magical to me that someone living out in a rural place, perhaps gazing at the stars at night, and especially of course practising astral travel, can open this sort of doorway in contact with these beings.

    Those experiences are definitely something to treasure.

    I can understand the point of view, or at least what I once had of this world being quite okay, so why not have extraterrestrials come here? Yet if you dig deeper into the workings of our planet and also into what’s inside us as people on Earth here, then it becomes obvious. We’re really in quite a predicament.

    Your example is a great inspiration that contact is still possible through this other dimension. 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing those experiences Rajko. From what you and others have said, it sounds like the spiritual standard on our planet is significantly less than among extraterrestrials.


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