Experience submitted by Rajko

Experience submitted by Rajko Beznik

When I was living in a mountain village, I took Belsebuub’s courses online. In the course we were practicing mantras for astral projection, concentration on the heart, and other techniques.

After these practices, I would go to sleep and often have conscious astral experiences. Surprisingly for me, during some of these travels outside of my body I encountered beings from other planets.

All my meetings with them were very peaceful and left an impression of me that they were much more advanced than us, especially when it comes to spirituality. Below are two of these experiences that stood out for me.

No Plans to Visit Earth

Photo by Soren Astrup Jorgensen via unsplash

Photo by Soren Astrup Jorgensen via unsplash

On one occasion, I found myself flying in outer space. Everything around me was dark, with just the stars shining. I was enjoying the freedom of the flight outside of our planet and the vastness of the space, when I suddenly became aware of being under a HUGE spaceship.

It was so big, that I could not see the beginning nor the end of it; I just saw all the machinery from the bottom. I don’t quite remember what exactly happened then, I just recall suddenly facing a member of the crew in that ship. He looked very much like us, was nicely dressed in a kind of uniform, sitting behind something that looked like a table.

I remember him being very kind and polite, and we were having a discussion about some things that I no longer remember very well. After that I asked him if they were planning to come to visit the Earth.

Photo by NASA via unsplash

Photo by NASA via unsplash

The reaction I got from him was a bit surprising for me, as I didn’t think things were so bad here… However, the being immediately said that they had no plans whatsoever to come to Earth, and I could feel from him that they didn’t really consider the Earth to be a good place to visit at all.

After that, I found myself back in my bed, remembering everything very clearly.

A Brief Meeting with an Extraterrestrial on Another Planet

Photo by Stefan Stefancik via unsplash

Photo by Stefan Stefancik via unsplash

In another conscious experience, I found myself in a desert-like place that didn’t look like anything on earth, about 2 meters from a being.

He was about 6 feet tall, dressed in a sort of uniform and had a differently shaped head that was becoming more conical towards the top (it could have also been a part of the uniform).

We talked for a while, and shortly after that I found myself back in my bed in the physical world.

I wish I wrote these experiences down immediately after I woke up, as some details now have vanished from my memory over time. Still, I feel very grateful for these unexpected encounters that have allowed me to come into contact with these special beings, even if just for a few brief moments.