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My Experience Being Taught in a Classroom by a Divine Being in the Astral

Experience submitted by Aleksandr Klyashitsky
Experience submitted by Aleksandr Klyashitsky

One night I had a series of spontaneous out-of-body experiences with the Being Belsebuub.

The experiences came soon after making a significant personal decision, and gave me encouragement to go forward with my choice.

Meeting Belsebuub in an Out of Body Experience

I was reflecting on that decision for some time. I sought guidance through dreams, out-of-body experiences and meditation. It was only through meditative practice when I had a relatively silent mind that I finally understood major aspects of the issue. I saw the sacrifices that would need to be made and found peace with the fact that there were no guarantees of anything in return. I also saw my motivation. I realized that it was genuine and that I would regret not giving it a chance. Based on this understanding I made my choice.

Soon after taking these first steps I had a series of out-of-body experiences with the Being Belsebuub.

As I was sleeping, in my dream, I found myself in a classroom with Belsebuub teaching a group of students, including some that I knew. I became aware that I was in the astral just as the lesson ended and people started leaving. I went up to Belsebuub and asked something unrelated that was on my mind at the time. Belsebuub answered and the situation ended.

Another Experience with Belsebuub in the Astral Plane

Moments later I became conscious once again. I now saw Belsebuub in the street next to a high-rise building. Belsebuub was towering at least as high as one of the floors. He was huge and I was tiny in comparison. The difference in size was similar to how we perceive the size of fairies compared to us humans, being roughly the size of our hand or elbow.

I flew up to Belsebuub to speak with him. As we were talking I was engrossed in dream after dream, and while I knew that there were lessons in those dreams and tried to learn from the dream situations, I could barely understand him.

Belsebuub saw what was happening to me, and asked if I could understand what he was saying. I replied honestly, admitting that it is difficult for me to listen, but that there were some dreams that came up and I understood something.

Origin of photo: Skitterphoto
Origin of photo: Skitterphoto

My reply brought a new degree of lucidity and the experience continued.

We were now back in the classroom and Belsebuub was of a similar size to me. I felt grateful for the opportunity to take part in his lesson, and I thanked him for that. At this time Belsebuub gave me simple advice about being aware. It was a simple teaching that helped me to remember to practice awareness and addressed some of my issues with the practice. With this, the experience ended.

Looking Back over the Insights Gained from These Multiple Experiences

After some time I started to reflect on the dreams that had hurt my ability to communicate. I noticed that I did not do much to address the issues that they showed. I realized this showed me I did not value seeing those dreams. I remembered the decision making process. At the time I also did not take note of the compulsive thoughts that made it difficult for me to assess the situation clearly.

I knew these thoughts were not conducive to spirituality and that they could potentially bring a lot of harm. I tried hard to not be biased by them. But, in the process I missed to take note of the thoughts themselves, and clear their influence from my mind.

Looking back, I realized that in that decision making process I missed an opportunity for self-knowledge. Had I made myself free from the inner states that clouded my reasoning I could have probably faced my upcoming circumstances much better.

  • Hi Alex, Thank you for sharing this experiences with us. I am glad that you managed to make that important decision and that you are enjoying the benefits of it.

  • It’s so great you put the effort in to get such direct teachings. It’s quite an inspiring read. Thanks, Aleks! And those quotes too — I’m particularly curious to fully understand the Lao Tzu one.

    I admire your honesty with yourself regarding how you realized that you didn’t put enough value on understanding what those dreams revealed to you. It’s hard to see that clearly sometimes. To make efforts after being shown what must change is like a way of communicating, I feel. The efforts might express the understanding that it needs to change, the gratitude for being taught something, and that it’s worth teaching that person because they’ll actually go and do something about it. I notice if I ignore — for whatever poor reason I might have — a teaching, there’s silence until I demonstrate a greater understanding of its importance and put actions behind it.

    • Yes, I also feel that we need to put in efforts to act on a teaching after it’s been given. I found that for some time after the experience I did not make enough efforts to implement what I was taught and as a result felt unworthy to receive more teachings. So, I definitely agree with you.

  • Thanks for sharing your experiences with Belsebuub Aleks. Very inspiring that you managed to get teachings for your every day life.

  • Thanks Aleks, it’s wonderful that you received such guidance. It’s drawn me to reflect on how much I call upon and use divine help when faced with decisions. Sometimes I can feel that my will is still too strong and I am not wanting to genuinely listen to something that I might not like, even when I am meditating on it and making efforts to some degree.

    Once when I had what felt like a really crucial decision to make (that I felt boiled down to: do you take a big step in committing to the spiritual work, or do you keep a foot ‘on the ground’), I waited until the real last minute to make the choice. I even ‘tasted’ both options, starting the one. It was actually when I was there, physically present in the one option, that I felt it was wrong. That was interesting to me – it was as though I could feel physically that this was the wrong direction.

    Not being able to see properly in a dream/lucid experience must be a very common thing, with the strength of the mind. It’s an amazing account of being aware of trying to communicate to Belsebuub through that confusion, and how he helped you to come out of it.

    I also like the emphasis of there not being any guarantees, but that through examining your motives you were able to come to a peace with that and move forward in confidence with your decision.

    • That’s a good point Ella about being able to feel you’ve gone off track or made a wrong decision while actually getting to ‘y’ or working on ‘x’. Preferably of course you’d want to make it in advance which is within our ability, but I’ve also often felt once I’m somewhere or doing something that it was not the best thing to do that I’ve been able to tell very clearly.

      I’ve also had times though where I thought something was a good idea and I just kept pushing, even though there was this intuitive nagging feeling of the conscience underneath saying something is wrong. When I realise it’s not the best thing, as soon as I then stop putting efforts in the whole thing just falls away instantly.

    • Thanks for sharing that Ella and Karim about the decision making. I often feel that with small decisions that don’t require a huge external change in your life, or like Lucia said, things you don’t even necessarily know are decisions, but are important nevertheless, I feel lost. Then it’s my default action to do the ‘safe’ thing anyway, just in case, but it comes from the mind so maybe it isn’t always the best thing to do. There is a decision I have to make and I think I feel wrong with one option (the one that seems almost too easy) and want to go for the ‘just in case’ option, which would require sacrifices that I’m ok to make because it would be safe, but is it the conscience or is it just worries or other egos? It was helpful to read your comments, thanks!

    • Hi Ella, the examination of the motives was what really gave me the strength to move forward. It is possible to see the underlying emotions that push for each choice. Sometimes it’s not so important what decision is made so long as you are facing the underlying emotion.

      The experience with Belsebuub happened after I made the decision and took some steps with it. The experience brought my feet back on the ground helping me do the spiritual work in the new situation. In retrospect I also started to understand that my decision making process was incomplete because I did not take up the chance to die to the emotions and thoughts that were making the decision unclear. Had I done so then I could have done a substantial work on myself in that situation and would have probably had a much easier time in the new situation.

  • Thank you Aleks for sharing these inspiring encounters with Belsebuub and also about your learning during this period of your life.
    I also find decision-making process difficult, especially since sometimes it looks like we are being left on our own to decide, and only after the decision is made, we are either rewarded (like it happened to you), or something starts to feel “off” and we have to go back, reassess things and hopefully correct. To make things worse, sometimes we are not even aware that we are, in fact, making decisions… But they are decisions nonetheless, and can have a big impact on our lives.

    I can also relate to the small size in comparison to Belsebuub. In one of the astral experiences with him, I was also the size you described (about the length of a hand up to the elbow). I also had to fly up to talk to him, and he then proceeded carrying me very carefully on his hand/palm towards a symbolic place. It looks like we definitely are little fairies/children in comparison to these awakened beings. 🙂 But just as you mentioned, this is not always the case, and sometimes he appears to be a normal size, like what we know from the physical world.

    In any way, I am also very grateful that I’ve found these teachings and got a chance to learn and experience spiritual things through Belsebuub’s clear guidance.

    Thank you for sharing again and wishing you many more right decisions and continuous Divine protection.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Lucia. I was pretty sure that I was not alone in seeing this perspective of Belsebuub’s size, and like you I also thought that it was related to us being like little children compared to awakened beings.

      I can also relate to what you say about the decision making process. Although the process is hard I think that it gives us opportunities to move forward and experiences when we come out on top. The decision making process in this post gave me a lot of faith at the time (even before the experience with Belsebuub) and is something that is a support for me to this day.

  • Thanks for sharing those experiences Alex. It’s good that you were able to apply the guidance to your life in a practical way, in order to understand the obstacles you faced and to make better decisions in the future.

    • Thanks Michael for the comment. I hope that I am able to do that because it takes a lot of effort to implement any understanding on a lasting basis.

  • Hi Aleksandr, what great experiences you had with the Being Belsebuub!

    I can also relate to being slack in action after receiving a teaching in the internal worlds, it seems there is always a strong current of life that pulls us along with nature and it is essential to be on guard against all that trying to pull us with it.

    I find it wonderful, we have such a great opportunity before us. We are fortunate enough to have Belsebuubs work put in front of us here in the physical and over there in the internal worlds 🙂 Hopefully all this will help us reconnect with our inner being!

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Chris, thank you for your comment. I am also very grateful for Belsebuub’s help personally and also for the opportunity to witness his progress on the spiritual path.

      “for I say to you, that many prophets and kings wished to see the things which you see, and did not see them, and to hear the things which you hear, and did not hear them.” ~Jesus, from Luke 10:24, New American Standard Bible

  • Thank you, Aleks, for sharing your experiences.

    While the sacrifices you had to make to earn those teachings and the nature of the teachings themselves do stand out, I found your honest assessment that you perhaps did not fully value the teachings the most striking. This is a realization I have from time to time, that although I seek out teachings and want to be shown things about myself and how to change, when I am shown something, I don’t apply the lessons with all my dedication. It’s like a passivity takes over, despite my intentions to heed the warnings and guidance…

    That’s a really beautiful passage from the Tao Te Ching!

    • Recently I looked back over my dream diary and was left with the distinct feeling of being grateful for having so much guidance and teachings. Yet my default feeling is that it’s hard to come by; something doesn’t add up! I think I’m also doing all I can to glean understanding from what I’m given, or by not even trying to act on things, which when you’re doubtful you have an excuse for, a line gets broken in what could be a real connecting stream between my daily life and divine guidance.

    • Hi Mike, that is one of the long-term lessons of the experience. I also feel that I need to put efforts to bring the teachings and understanding that I have into real life. I think this is even more important now because amazing teachings are so much more rare, but we can still use the details that we get now to move forward.

  • That seems like a great insight you reached there Alex. I have at times also seen that studying exactly the thoughts and emotions pulling at me when faced with a decision or difficulty, when I come to understand those motives, that it is then that clarity arises. As that which caused the confusion and cloudiness disappears.

    It is interesting what you mention about Belsebuub being so tall in that experience and I how you felt small. It reminds me of one experience I once had with him. Where I was lucid and I was sitting in front of him, both of us cross-legged and we were talking. At one point I stopped talking as I suddenly had the realisation and said this out loud smiling: ‘I’m as a child compared to you.’ Meaning in knowledge and everything. He simply smiled, as we both knew this was the case. I was happy to be in his presence and found it so nice that he’d come to visit me.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences Alex.

    • It took me a long time to understand that decisions can be made as a result of dying to the thoughts and emotions that pull in either direction. Even today this is still a problem for me because I feel like the faith in this method is little and I can easily be swayed back to confusion.

      Your interpretation of the difference in size between me and Belsebuub is the same as I had at the time.

  • This was very helpful to read Aleks. It’s beautiful how Belsebuub was teaching you in your dreams. Your seeing his huge size and feeling miniature in comparison was powerful to read. I’m also inspired by your persistent efforts at meditating on your decision to be sure it was right – I tend to make decisions almost instantly, or just be confused and restless if I don’t know instantly, perhaps being put off by the time and work it would take to truly meditate on them to find the answers? Not to mention trying to get answers consciously from the astral. And yet I know this could be done, and even how…

    Thank you for sharing your honest and thorough reflections. Some things jumped at me and I felt uneasy – I know I have to address these in my life, such as that very important lesson of how much value do I place on the dreams that try to show me something, by taking the steps to change those aspects in my life? And am I doing enough to clear the compulsive thoughts and emotions so I can get real understanding of what I’m facing, what mistakes lead there, and what I should do to overcome it? I have to work harder at this and have to understand why I am not, to do it. Thank you again.

    • Hi Laura, the decision I was meditating on was a fairly significant one, the kind that people seldom make instantly. I am glad my post was helpful.


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