Experience submitted by Aleksandr Klyashitsky

Experience submitted by Aleksandr Klyashitsky

One night I had a series of spontaneous out-of-body experiences with the Being Belsebuub.

The experiences came soon after making a significant personal decision. They gave me strength to go forward with my choice and shed light on the decision making process.

In this article I describe parts of the experience as well as the major aspects of the decision making process.

Taking a Chance & Meeting the Divine Being Belsebuub in an out of Body Experience

I was reflecting on the decision for some time. I sought guidance through dreams, out-of-body experiences and meditation.

It was only through meditative practice when I had a relatively silent mind that I finally understood major aspects of the issue.

I saw the sacrifices that would need to be made and found peace with the fact that there were no guarantees of anything in return.

I also saw my motivation. I realized that it was genuine and that I would regret not giving it a chance.

Based on this understanding I made my choice.

Soon after taking these first steps I had a series of out-of-body experiences with the Being Belsebuub.

As I was sleeping, in my dream, I found myself in a classroom with Belsebuub teaching a group of students, including some that I knew. I became aware that I was in the astral just as the lesson ended and people started leaving.

I went up to Belsebuub and asked something unrelated but that was on my mind at the time. Belsebuub answered and the situation ended.

My Continued Interactions with Belsebuub in the Astral Plane

Moments later I became conscious once again. I now saw Belsebuub in the street next to a high-rise building.

Belsebuub was towering at least as high as one of the floors. He was huge and I was tiny in comparison. The difference in size was similar to how we perceive the size of fairies compared to us humans, being roughly the size of our hand or elbow. I felt like the fairy in this experience.

I flew up to Belsebuub to speak with him. As we were talking I was engrossed in dream after dream, and while I knew that there were lessons in those dreams and tried to learn from the dream situations, I could barely understand him.

Belsebuub saw what was happening to me, and asked if I could understand what he was saying. I replied honestly, admitting that it is difficult for me to listen, but that there were some dreams that came up and I understood something.

Origin of photo: Skitterphoto

Origin of photo: Skitterphoto

My honest reply brought a new degree of lucidity and the experience continued.

We were now back in the classroom and Belsebuub was of a similar size to me. I felt grateful for the opportunity to take part in his teachings, and I thanked him for that. At this time Belsebuub gave me simple advice about being aware.

It was a simple teaching that helped me to remember to practice awareness and addressed some of my issues with the practice.

With this, the experience ended.

Looking Back over the Insights Gained from These Multiple Experiences

After some time I started to reflect on the dreams that had hurt my ability to communicate.

I noticed that I did not do much to address the issues that they showed. This was interesting for me to realize because it showed me that I did not value seeing those dreams.

I remembered the decision making process. At the time I also did not take note of the compulsive thoughts that made it difficult for me to assess the situation clearly.

I knew these thoughts were not conducive to spirituality and that they could potentially bring a lot of harm. I tried hard to not be biased by them.

But, in the process I missed to take note of the thoughts themselves, and clear their influence from my mind.

Recently I re-read several spiritual texts, and found several passages which I feel really reflect what I went through and understood from this time in my life:

“Free from desire, you realise the mystery.
Caught in desire, you see only the manifestations”
~ Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, translated by Stephen Mitchell

Looking back, I realized that in that decision making process I missed an opportunity for self-knowledge. Had I made myself free from the inner states that clouded my reasoning I could have probably faced my upcoming circumstances much better.

Yet thanks to these reflections, I now have a better understanding of the obstacles I faced within at the time to be able to learn from future situations.

“Know what is in front of your face, and what is hidden from you will be disclosed to you. For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. [And there is nothing buried that will not be raised.]”
~ Jesus, The Gospel of Thomas