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My Glimpse into the Akashic Records

Experience Submitted by Luke

When I heard mention of the akashic records in one of Belsebuub’s online talks my interest in this subject, which I’ve heard of before, got rekindled. I became interested in seeing if it was possible to use the akashic records to look back in time to understand and correct my psychology.

Committed to Finding the Akashic Records

I still didn’t know how exactly I would access the akashic records but I knew they weren’t physical and that if I was to discover them it would have to be through a metaphysical experience. I also knew that it required help from spiritual beings in other dimensions, faith, and a proper purpose.

man-meditating-smallerPlan of Action

So I put together a plan of action that involved prayer, meditation and concentration practices. After a period of preparation I felt ready to give it a go.

So on a set night I began with strong and sincere prayer and then a series of practices with the intent of traveling in my astral body to the akashic records.

My Out-of-Body Experience

After a few hours I finally found myself out of my body and in the astral realm though things were not quite as I expected.

Everything was crystal clear, I was focused and aware, but I wasn’t quite where I expected to be. I had thought I’d find myself in some illustrious library or perhaps in an old and dusty basement surrounded by books (as in the past I pictured the akashic records to be a book of sorts, with records of the past). But it was neither of those places. Instead I found myself in the backyard of my parents’ home on a bright and sunny day.

I heard a familiar voice in the street on the other side of the fence, so I hopped up onto the top of the back fence and surveyed the scene in front of me. In the street I saw a newish car with a handsome young couple emerging from the front seats. Sitting in the back, buckled into their seats were two well behaved young children.

I looked at the mother as she tended to her children and was startled to realise that it was my mother, and the car was identical to one we had owned when I was a child. She said something to the man, who was actually my father, then turned to unbuckle the children. I looked more closely at the children and realised that sitting right before my eyes was my sister and myself, she looked about seven and I would have been six.

I was startled by what I saw, not quite believing my eyes. “Mum” I called before I could stop myself. She turned and looked at me wide eyed in disbelief. “It’s me, your son” I said. She looked at me totally confused, an adult was addressing her who was totally familiar yet totally unknown. I could see I was causing her some distress, which was the opposite of what I wanted, but how could I put her at ease? I knew there was nothing I could say that would make sense of the scene for her. I hopped down from the fence and onto the street, quickly I muttered “my mistake”, then walked rapidly away leaving the scene behind.

A Fresh and Eye-Opening Experience

Soon thereafter I returned to my physical body and woke up. Wow, that was really intense I said to myself. It was totally different to what I had expected, yet so real and compelling I knew it was real. I had just been in the akashic records and it wasn’t like anything I expected. It wasn’t some old and dusty book full of stories of the past, it was a real and living record of what once was.

  • That’s a great account of the Astral. It certainly would have been strange to see your younger self!

    Thanks for sharing Luke.

  • What an amazing experience Luke. Though I had thought the akashic records were a living experience of the past as though you were there at that time time I never realised they were interactive, that you could be seen and heard. It kind of reminded me of the movie Back to the Future when you explained how you called out to your mother. What a wow experience I can only imagine how you must have felt when you woke up from that – amazing read. Thank you!

  • Hi Luke,

    That’s an amazing experience!

    I’m impressed by your methodical approach, how you followed it up and achieved your goal. This is very inspiring to me as I tend to struggle with self-doubt.

    “it required help from spiritual beings in other dimensions, a great deal of faith in divinity, a sincere desire for knowledge and a purity of purpose.

    “After a period of preparation I felt ready to give it a go. I knew I had the right level of faith, the right intent and the strength required to do whatever it would take.”

    I want to write this down and really reflect on it. So much seems to be down to one’s resolution and faith that it can be done when aiming for spiritual experience and learning. And it seems like we can make a lot happen when we really yearn for it and put everything we are and all that we have in it. Thanks a lot for showing with your experience that it’s possible.

  • It must have been amazing to return to a moment in your past, to see it so clearly. It makes me long to go back to moments in my life, and even explore the past, explore past lives, to see how ancient people lived etc.

  • I loved reading your experience, Luke, thanks for sharing it! I first heard about the Akashic records through Belsebuub’s work and as you wondered about where this place is and what it would be like? From the many images online you are definitely given the impression it is a library of sorts. Your mind must have been clear and open enough to not project that idea upon the astral as in some experience can happen.

    I like how you put together a plan of action as others also have commented on. That combined with a sincere longing seems to be the formula for getting experiences. Most of my astral experiences happened I’m feeling that and when my concentration is up to par.

  • I also liked how you set a goal, plan, and structure to go for it. I’m glad you made it like this because it sounds like a reward to your overall effort and will.
    Thank you for sharing it. I guess even you got an answer, more questions came up as have happened to me and I like that like that the exploration never ends but lead to different areas of knowledge.

    Good luck with your next goals!

  • Thanks for sharing your experience of visiting the Akashic records Luke. It’s amazing that you were able interact with your mother during the childhood scene. I wonder if the experience triggered any memory of that event, or if it was too far back and general to pinpoint it to a specific occasion?

  • Thank you very much for sharing this touching experience Luke. It does sound similar to other people who astral projected and found themselves in their previous lives, or in this life long time ago.
    What surprised me on your experience was the fact that your mother was able to perceive you. Somehow I always thought these were just ‘records’ and even if we found ourselves there, we would not be able to interact with that scene or change the outcome of things, etc… So from this point of view, it would be interesting to find out how it works.

    I remember once finding myself conscious in the astral plane in the block of flats where I grew up. I entered the elevator and went to the floor where we lived, opened the door of our appartment and found my family there, with my mom looking younger too. They didn’t notice me though, and the whole scene lasted just a few seconds, so I didn’t get a chance to interact with anybody.

    Now you inspired me to find out how these akashic interactions work. 🙂

  • What an incredible result! I am particularly drawn to your approach of preparation and a specific date to do the practice. It sounds like it worked really well. How were you were able to gauge your preparation and commitment level? was it based on a personal feeling or a level of practice, or something else?

  • Very interesting experience. That’s really cool that you were taken right into the past, into the reality that was.

    It’s surprising that you were able to interact with your mother, despite her being in the past. I always thought (I only have an intellectual knowledge of those records) that the people of the past wouldn’t have seen astral travelers. Or maybe you were able to interact with psychological replicas of people in the past… It sure opens up a lot of questions!

    Thanks for sharing! I’m intrigued and inspired.

  • Thanks Luke, it must have been amazing to have your own experience of something so profound. I think I held ideas of big dusty libraries with deeds written down too. I’ve never been so drawn to exploring the Akashic records, but I’m really impressed by how you set out to achieve your goal, and aim to reflect on my own approach to my goals after reading this.

    I can really imagine that you were so compelled to say “Mum!” I think I would have done the same. It’s incredibly mysterious that your ‘mother’ saw you and responded to you. I mean, how can you interact with a record?

    • And that question sets the stage for a Hollywood Sci-Fi blockbuster 😉

      I personally think the astral dimension is a place where many opportunities for experiences exist. I did have (or still have) a bit of the tendency to wants to categorize experiences there, which is not without use I believe, to see what comes from where etc. But I’ve also seen that many experiences, in the astral especially, can be not so straightforward and be a mix of things. It may consist of a real astral place, with added circumstances and symbols through divine influence, plus our own subjective inner states and actions reacting to it. Often this very interesting mix can actually teach me a lot.

  • That experience sounds so fresh, and real and invigorating. Not at all old, in the past, dusty…

    It’s amazing you were able to see that or go there like that in the astral. Along with some of the other experiences on this websites it rekindles that wonder that experiences are possible beyond even the things I’ve already experienced.

    I have to say I especially like your plan of action. I can totally see that with the right kind of practices, attitude, efforts and plan, as you had, how you fill up the the parts of the equation in order to produce the result. Commitment as you say.

    It reminds me again to not just ‘go along’, simmering okay-ish, learning a bit. But to be a lot more structured and focused and how this can make our time much more fruitful to achieve greater things (such as in the field of self-knowledge.)


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