Mike L

Experience submitted by Mike L

I had this experience while I was partaking in a group effort, shared by people taking Belsebuub’s courses, to astral project and travel to Ganymede, one of the moons of Jupiter.

This was a special experience for me, as it took place shortly after I had learned some of the more advanced techniques for self-knowledge, such as the elimination of the egos, which finally put me in a position where I could explore the psyche more substantially.

Most of my astral experiences have come from waking up in my dreams, as opposed to astral projecting directly from bed, and this one was no exception. In a dream, I realized that I was dreaming, and I immediately asked my Being to take me to Ganymede.

I took a leap into the air and visualized Ganymede, as accurately as I could given the images I had studied during the day.

At a certain point, I found myself floating in space towards Ganymede. It was getting bigger and bigger in my vision. But it was very hard for me to maintain my focus, and I began to see less and less clearly. My subconscious began to interfere with my vision and I even found myself underwater surrounded by bubbles (most likely these were subconscious images). I really didn’t want to lose the experience and I asked for a spiritual teaching.


Photo of Ganymede by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration via Wiki Commons

Meeting a Spiritual Being

After asking for a teaching, things became crystal clear, and I felt myself being gently carried, almost by some sort of magnetic force, towards a small doorway. The doorway was decorated with a few strings with beads on them, acting as some makeshift curtains perhaps, and I was taken through the doorway and found myself standing in a small, candlelit room.

In front of me, there was a man, dressed in a nice shirt, sitting at a desk. He vaguely resembled a French teacher that I had back in the 10th grade and I felt very calm in his presence. He seemed very conscious and I sensed a genuine care and warmth that he felt towards me.

This was a rather new situation for me, but it somehow felt very natural. I’d never seen anyone else during an OBE before, but my intuition guided me to then ask if he was a Master (essentially a synonym for an Angel or Spiritual Being).

He confirmed that he was, and then told me his name.

As we communicated, our conversation seemed almost telepathic. I would speak to him, but I’m not even sure if I was speaking aloud: my speech was more like a clear thought, spoken in my head, directed to him.

When he responded, the response came about as a thought in my head (which still clearly came from him and had pauses in speech, voice inflections, etc.).

Although I recount this later and it sounds a little unusual, at the time I didn’t even notice that our communication was different to ordinary speaking.

Perhaps sensing that our time would be short, he “cut to the chase” so to speak and taught me: he made a very profound but brief statement, just about 4 words. It was paradoxical and symbolic in nature.

I asked him for a clarification on what he just said (I was not used to the “symbolic” language of the astral), and also asked him about an esoteric topic I was struggling to understand.

He responded directly to the esoteric question that I asked, even adding something to the response I did not anticipate, but which greatly enhanced my knowledge of the topic. And he rephrased the original symbolic statement into a slightly longer, but still deeply symbolic phrase.

Then I woke up in bed. I jotted down my experience in my dream diary, and was then faced with the dilemma of having to comprehend his teaching.

It took me a long time to develop an understanding because my approach to deciphering the message was heavily based in my mind, instead of listening to my intuition, and it had become quite difficult to separate the intuitive understanding from the thoughts.

An Ancient Text Shares the Same Message

About 4 or 5 years later, I did come across an ancient spiritual text that I had never read from or heard of at the time of my meeting the man on Ganymede, and within the text there was a passage with nearly identical wording to the symbolic teaching I had received.

It was an interesting discovery, to see that the teaching I was given was part of a wider and greater spiritual knowledge of the past.