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How I Accidentally Fell into a Flower Temple

Experience Submitted by Lucia Beznik

On one occasion, after working on some powerful negative states during the day, applying the technique of elimination of these states I learned on Belsebuub’s courses, I had a humbling experience in the astral plane the following night.

After praying before going to sleep I became conscious in the astral plane and asked to be taken to a certain location that used to be a location the groups sometimes tried to astral project to on Belsebuub’s courses. Immediately, I felt a magnetic type of pull and started flying. After some time, I found myself in a town somewhere, next to a building with some strange looking people standing in front of it who started luring me to enter it. However, I didn’t have a good feeling about them, and started applying the Bellilin recitation for dispelling negativity.

Encountering a Flowery Place

After singing it 3 times, the whole scene disappeared and I found myself close to a big flower, or better said a flower bouquet. It was not a destination I asked to be taken to, but it immediately caught my attention because of an aura of incredible beauty that was emanating from it. It also had some sort of luminous mist around it and was exuding very gentle freshness. Completely captivated by the bouquet, I flew closer and let myself to be “hit” by its beauty, feeling as if I was ”breathing it in”, being in a state of awe and ecstasy.

flowerAs soon as I felt that, I started to be taken into the flower, almost as if falling into it. Upon my “landing”, I immediately saw some sort of wooden wall in front of my vision, and heard some concerned women’s voices saying “take her out, take her out”… Even though I could not see much (it felt like the wooden wall image was put on my “mental screen” to prevent me from seeing the interior of that place), I had a feeling of just women being present there, arranging flowers in vases in a very peaceful and deliberate way.

At this point, a woman started taking me out, and I felt like a little soiled animal that had accidentally made it to a very pure and beautiful place where it didn’t belong. It was obvious that my presence was disturbing the vibrations there and I needed to leave as soon as possible…

After this experience I slowly lost my conscious perception of the experience and fell into regular dreaming before waking up, remembering everything clearly.

  • Such an interesting learning Lucia, maybe you can try revisiting that experience through you memory? I find that the more I try to understand it by going back to an experience I learn something, especially if I try to recall with a question in mind as though I’m looking for an answer int that experience.

    Thanks for sharing your interesting experience. That fragrance and beauty must have been breathtaking!

    • Hi Layla, that is a great suggestion, thank you. Actually, just by thinking about it again, and also pondering on the actual destination I asked to be taken to in this case, made me suspect some things about this experience.

  • What a beautiful experience Lucia … even if, perhaps, you weren’t supposed to be there :o) . I doubt that was an accident though. Your story reminds me of the many tales of fairies at the bottom of the garden – except these were actually working in the flower.

  • Thanks for sharing, Lucia. I hope you find out someday what that place actually was. Sounded really beautiful.

  • What a beautiful experience, Lucia. Thank you for sharing.

    So much could be hidden in every flower, beyond its beauty and scent. It’s a shame you couldn’t stay in there longer.

    • Yes Mike, it came to my mind that I could have at least asked what were the major inner defects preventing me from staying there, as it is sometimes hard to say with so many egos which ones are the most detrimental ones. :-O

  • :-)! The impression/view of that flower bouquet just seems so nice to me… No wonder you allowed yourself to get lost in the ‘beauty of that flower.

    It does also seem to me you were presented this experience due to your efforts during the day. And even though it might’ve seemed accidental, the way it ‘unfolded’ seems like it could be quite intentional to me.

    Your experience does make me wonder about all of the things out there, the different dimensions and who abide there, what they do etc.

    • Hi Karim, yes I also suspect it must have been intentional, otherwise I would not have been brought to the presence of that flower. Not sure if my Divine Mother anticipated that I will fall into it, but maybe she did as she must know me quite well. 😀

      • To feel that spiritual joy would have been very uplifting Lucia 🙂 and a help to keep going.

        • Yes it was Layla; it was like… you almost feel like fainting from feeling so much beauty. Like just breathing it in and in, and never breathe out. 😀

  • I love this experience so much, Lucia. I remember when you first told me about it while we were walking somewhere, and that day still stays with me. It makes me feel that beauty is very meaningful, and can take us somewhere…well beautiful. And I wonder what kind of temple that was. It makes me yearn for something like that here, a beautiful place of peace and flowers.

    • Hi Anne, yes I also feel like the abitlity to feel beauty is something important – just like lifting our state with mantras, music, etc., which can then transport us to the places of corresponding vibrations. Unfortunately, it does not mean that we can also stay in those places, as this experience shows. 😉

      • Totally agree – it’s so helpful to be surrounded by things that remind us of higher qualities, but also to reach them inside through practise.

  • Sounds like quite a special experience Lucia! I wonder what type of temple it could be. Your description reminds me a little of what I’ve read about the Vestal Virgins or the Inghean au Dagda in ancient Ireland.

    I’ve had similar experiences in the past of feeling as though my own nature was out of place in the presence of spiritual beings, and somehow the subconscious heaviness, energies, etc of myself have been highlighted during those times.

    I’ve found that the death of the egos has often been strongest when I’m sincerely sorry for how I am, like a conscious repentance, and that’s often only come after being able to see myself as that animal you describe.
    It’s easy to get lost in ‘human life’ so to speak and see ourselves and our inner level in relation to the world around us, but when measured against divinity, it suddenly shoes we all have a much longer road to walk.
    On the flipside though, seeing places and people of such harmony I guess shows the levels of beauty that can be reached, which is quite amazing.

    • It would be wonderful to go back in time and see those temples, where they tended the fire perhaps.

      What you write made me reflect on how I even feel out of place when walking in nature. It’s like I can perceive how everything is in stillness, except for me. In a way, I guess nature is a temple too, and now I want to learn to be in it better so I can be allowed to visit those higher places.

      Just some thoughts that came to me 🙂

  • Lucia – that sounds like an amazing experience. I somehow feel that the reason you came there wasn’t at all accidental but a gift given to you from the divine for your hard efforts fighting that inner state you mentioned.

    • I thought the same reading your experience, Lucia. Maybe it was given to you both as a reward for trying to overcome those difficult feelings, but also perhaps to show you that there is a next step to take and that would open up even more opportunities to perceive more of the beauty of the astral. 🙂 Really inspiring, thanks for sharing!

      • Thank you Pavlin, it is quite possible what you say. The “next step” seems to be quite a hard one for me though!

  • Wow Lucia! That sounds like an incredible place. I would love to be able to see that! (and maybe some day arrange some flowers in a vase there too!!) 🙂

    • Hey Vida, for now, at least you have a nice chance to work with the flowers here in the physical world… 🙂 But try to ask to be taken and maybe you will be allowed to see more than me.

  • What an amazing encounter. I can’t think of anything similar that I ever experienced, but reading your account of visiting the flower temple gave me a laugh (although I hope that you did not cause too much damage).

    • Yup Aleks, I also though that the ladies there must have had a bit of a cleaning/raising vibration session after my visit. 😉

  • I’m quite in awe after reading your experience Lucia. I wonder what the purpose of that place was and who the women were. It seems like you somehow made it there in connection to your efforts to eliminate the negative states during the day, but how interesting that it was almost by accident, you weren’t allowed in but still you made it… It’s also interesting to me these requirements such places seem to have, and how strongly different vibrations affect things over there, like how they needed to protect that place from your presence. What a powerful metaphor it is to think of a dirty animal entering a pristine temple and its influence there. It’s inspiring for me to try to lift and clean my inner state more.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Oh, I wonder about that too. What the purpose of that place was. Were those women just tending to beautiful things, and was that its purpose? Beauty? It inspires me to work to be worthy to enter such a place. It also makes me ponder upon beauty, and if feeling it deeply inside of us can take us somewhere wonderful.

      I once read a book that moved me very much, where the author was describing a meeting she had with God, and the amazing gifts he gave her, symbolic gifts after years of suffering. That night I went somewhere beautiful in the astral.

      This also makes me wish that beauty was more honored here on earth. I think what hurts me the most is when beauty is being destroyed, like forests, lakes etc.

      • Exactly Anne Linn, and Belsebuub talks about it as well in his books and articles, like this one: https://belsebuub.com/public-talks/a-sense-of-beauty. How beauty is not valued in today’s world. And I noticed its not just obvious things like polluted rivers, destroying the natural habitat, ugly concrete cities, etc., but even in our daily life, in every small action, people often sacrifice beauty for “practicality”. Which I personally feel it is such a loss, like they are not aware of what they are doing. Then it all adds up, from all the people, and then we live in an “ok-ish” environments, somewhat cold and dead, even if they are neat and orderly. But it could be so much more, it could literally feed us spiritually if we managed to bring an abundance of flowers and plants everywhere and learn how to arrange them, how to feel them, how to attract birds, etc.

        If I could, I would put this as a curriculum subject in schools, and then also when approving any project for a building (be it a public building or an individual house), it would not get approved until it would have already planned in its design how it will blend with living plants and its environment. But anyway, that’s if I became an inspector of beauty… 😉

        • That would be a dream, to have inspectors of beauty 😀 And to somehow build without destroying the nature around us. To somehow blend nicely with it instead…..Like the elves kind of.

    • Hi Laura, yes the elimination of the negative states during the day was how I earned this experience. It was actually not just one day, but after battling a persistent heavy emotion for a few days in a row, and finally making a breakthrough with it at the end, as I described here: https://selfdiscoverylife.com/2016/11/25/my-battle-for-inner-peace/.

      That night, I had a few lucid experiences and was shown things as gift I think. Funny thing was that even though the group astral goal at that time was to astral project to Ganymede, I didn’t remember that goal when I became lucid that night, so I asked for a different place, and that may have had some connection to what I was shown later in this experience.

      • I remember reading that article Lucia. It’s a good example of the importance of persistence, even when things seem to be getting on top of us. By persisting, you gained insights in relation to self-knowledge, as well as having these mystical experiences, which seem to have been like the icing on the cake, as a reward for your efforts.

  • Oh Lucia! That’s sounds like something from a fairytale! It makes me think that mystical experiences might very well be behind some of them. It’s funny and quite mind-boggling and awe inspiring to think of you accidently crash-landing in some flower temple somewhere in the cosmos, and being ushered out like a muddy puppy that’s just bounded into somewhere they shouldn’t be.

    It makes me look forward to planting flowers this spring very much! 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing that experience Lucia. I can imagine the feeling of “being ushered out like a muddy puppy” as Ella described it may have come as a disappointment, but at the same time it shows the importance of working on our inner level, in order to access real spiritual teachings or places.

    • Hey Ella, I have also always believed that some fairy tales can actually be describing real things, or principles. I remember one book of H. Ch. Andersen I had as a child, and there were these beautiful illustrations of “flower people” – small people living in flowers, dressed very nicely like little princes or princesses.

      Or a fairytale about a demon who tried to tempt a poor man by stealing his lunch while he was working on the field. The demon thought that when the man discovers what happened, he will utter a curse, and the demon will get “promoted” in his hierarchical status for making that pious man curse. However, the poor man only said something like “oh well, poor I am indeed, but there must have been somebody even poorer and hungrier to steal my sandwich” and continued in his work. The the “superiors” of that demon got really angry, since by his action, that demon only brought that poor man closer to God. So it was then decided that the clumsy demon has to go to Earth in disguise, to serve that poor man for free until he becomes wealthy and possibly more susceptible to crime… Somehow, this story really rang true, like somehow this is how things could possibly work on some level. 🙂

      • That’s a nice story Lucia about the man being tempted.

        I do think that many mundane stories contain principles that are in essence esoteric, and it’s those spiritual truths that gives life to it.

      • Yes, fairy tales often carry these symbolic messages in them, ‘beauty and the beast’ comes to mind straight away – but also, just the surreal nature of events in ‘magical’, higher worlds – this could easily have been experienced by someone and brought to earth in a book.

        • Yes, you know I have thought a couple of times, that it could be interesting if Belsebuub wrote a book of tales. 🙂 Now of course I know he has a more serious mission to do here, but it just came to my mind how inspiring it would be to read a book of fairy-tales/stories, based on real events that happened in higher dimensions or even in physical from a spiritual point of view. Like for example a story of an angel that fell and how he had to learn and correct things to rise again, or stories from life-events of elementals, or a story of a particular essence through different kingdoms… Written in a simple, fairy-tale kind of way. I thought those kinds of stories would possibly have a potential to inspire a spiritual yearning in children, especially in this dark age.


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