Experience Submitted by Lucia Beznik

On one occasion, after working on some powerful negative states during the day, applying the technique of elimination of these states I learned on Belsebuub’s courses, I had a humbling experience in the astral plane the following night.

After praying before going to sleep I became conscious in the astral plane and asked to be taken to a certain location that used to be a location the groups sometimes tried to astral project to on Belsebuub’s courses. Immediately, I felt a magnetic type of pull and started flying. After some time, I found myself in a town somewhere, next to a building with some strange looking people standing in front of it who started luring me to enter it. However, I didn’t have a good feeling about them, and started applying the Bellilin recitation for dispelling negativity.

Encountering A Flowery Place

After singing it 3 times, the whole scene disappeared and I found myself close to a big flower, or better said a flower bouquet. It was not a destination I asked to be taken to, but it immediately caught my attention because of an aura of incredible beauty that was emanating from it. It also had some sort of luminous mist around it and was exuding very gentle freshness. Completely captivated by the bouquet, I flew closer and let myself to be “hit” by its beauty, feeling as if I was ”breathing it in”, being in a state of awe and ecstasy.


As soon as I felt that, I started to be taken into the flower, almost as if falling into it. Upon my “landing”, I immediately saw some sort of wooden wall in front of my vision, and heard some concerned women’s voices saying “take her out, take her out”… Even though I could not see much (it felt like the wooden wall image was put on my “mental screen” to prevent me from seeing the interior of that place), I had a feeling of just women being present there, arranging flowers in vases in a very peaceful and deliberate way.

At this point, a woman started taking me out, and I felt like a little soiled animal that had accidentally made it to a very pure and beautiful place where it didn’t belong. It was obvious that my presence was disturbing the vibrations there and I needed to leave as soon as possible…

After this experience I slowly lost my conscious perception of the experience and fell into regular dreaming before waking up, remembering everything clearly.