Experience submitted by Trent H.

Experience submitted by Trent H.

In one of Belsebuub’s books, I had learnt about several meditation techniques to silence the mind, and I decided to try out one of those meditations called a koan. I wanted to experience what it would be like to fall asleep with no thought in my mind, with the aim to have an out of body experience into the 6th dimension.

I decided to dedicate some time and practices during a 2-week period trying to achieve this.

Setting up a Schedule

In addition to the Koan meditations, I trained my mind to concentrate better using three concentration/visualisation practices per day, as well as try as much as I could to concentrate on what I was doing during the day.

I would meditate on the koan two to three times a day, with one time usually in the early evening, which seemed to be the best time for me to do it.

The 2 weeks were almost over with seemingly no progress in getting any closer to silencing the mind or falling asleep while meditating. I seemed to continually get taken away by other random thoughts and images in my mind and into a fantasy/daydream.

A Breakthrough

During a meditation session towards the end of the two-weeks I had set, I really tried to get beyond my mind, to not allow any thought apart from those related to the koan exercise come in, and really try and quieten my mind.

Towards the end of this particular meditation, some results started to show. I could feel everything that I thought I was start to drop away, while I simultaneously started to feel like I was “collapsing” into myself.

Image by Pexel

Image by Pexel

Then all of a sudden, I could feel that I was a part of everything and that everything was a part of me.

It was as if nothing separated me from anything else, yet I still had my sense of self.

This feeling only lasted for a moment before it was smothered by an overwhelming reaction to what was happening, which subsequently separated me from everything else and had me thinking about ‘me’ again.

While I didn’t have an Out-of-Body Experience into a higher dimension, this experience really opened up some questions to me.

Is this something that could be felt all the time?  How do I get to this feeling in daily life?  Is it even possible? Is this something of what Belsebuub talks about when he says:

“Human consciousness itself is the substance of the universe and it is you and is everything else, but it is smothered in its perception from reality by ego states” ~ Belsebuub

This experience really gave me a renewed yearning to observe my subconscious, all the ego states that separate me from others as well as everything else, to try and get this feeling I had perceived during the meditation on a more permanent basis.