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My Magical Winter Solstice Experience

Experience submitted by Sue

Having learned from Belsebuub of the spiritual significance of the solstices and equinoxes, a few years ago a small group of friends and I organized a get-together for several days around the time of the Winter Solstice. The place we stayed was a very beautiful and quite private house overlooking a lake.

The days and evenings were spent doing a number of spiritual practices that we had learned when we took courses by Belsebuub, but our main purpose was to perform an ancient ritual related to the Winter Solstice. During this particular day we had all spent a reasonable amount of time setting out an area for our ceremony, to be held at sunrise the following morning, in which I was to play one of two primary roles.

After dinner that evening I took myself outside to look at the stars. I stood on the edge of the verandah looking up to the sky. Due to the quite isolated location and lack of competing light, the sky was very clear, black and scattered with stars. There was not a cloud in sight.

As I stood enjoying the solitude, I noticed a huge, unusual cloud formation starting to appear overhead and within a couple of minutes it had fully formed. It was directly over the spot we had prepared for the ceremony the following morning.  The cloud shape was a very clear, very large white circle with a separate white dot right in the centre – a symbol of the Sun and of the Absolute, the source of the all.

The could shape was a very clear, very large white circle with a separate white dot right in the centre.
This is the geometric shape of what the clouds looked liked: It was a very clear, very large white circle with a separate white dot right in the centre. (Composite images by Pexels and by Melian)

Interestingly, the person who was to perform the other primary role in the following morning’s ceremony came and joined me on the verandah. He was also very surprised to see this large, clear, symbol floating in the otherwise cloudless sky.

We called the rest of our friends out to join us and we all stood watching in awe at the amazing symbol that had appeared. The cloud formation remained for about 15 minutes or so and then dissipated just as quickly as it had appeared. There remained no other cloud in the sky that night.

This seemed to us all to be a truly awe inspiring and magical acknowledgement of the ceremony we were to perform at sunrise the following morning.

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  • What an amazing experience, Sue.

    What a great way to prepare for the magical event the next day. It certainly looks like there was magic in the air and much assistance for all
    to be inspired by this event.

    thank you for sharing.

  • Hi Sue,
    That was so interesting to read, and it must have been truly special to experience that with others as well. I remember seeing some special shape in the clouds as well after a summer solstice several years ago. We had been able to see the sun rise but there was a thick blanket of clouds. We saw ‘2’ sunrise in essence as the sun rose to disappear and reappear again. But then the thick clouds were too much. As we stood later on in the outside of our ceremonial space for it, there was an opening in the sky in the shape of an eye – it was striking how it reminded me of the all-seeing eye symbol often seen in various cultures. Then with a few minutes, the clouds closed in again and the shape was no more- But interesting nonetheless. I feel that indeed the solstice and equinox are very special times of the year.

  • Very cool experience. I have also seen an interesting cloud formation at a winter solstice ceremony, what seemed to be a cross in the sky (and pretty sure it wasn’t chemtrails!).

    At another other solstice/equinox celebration as we stood around the fire at night the bits of wood randomly collapsed to form a cross.

    I think these times of year are pretty magical when you tap into the spiritual side.

  • Hi Sue, Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It can take a lot of time and preparation for me to tune into the energies of the solstices and equinoxes through reflection and reading. So I can just imagine how it must have been to receive this kind of experience that has the power to inspire and guide you deeper into the mysteries of these events.

  • Incredible experience Sue! It must have been so beautiful to witness this divine symbol appearing in real life instead of just reading about it and its meaning in a book.

    It seems like the more efforts are made to tune into the event and prepare the location, the deeper you can go and the more you can get out of it.

    It has been magical to celebrate the solstices and equinoxes based on Belsebuub and Lara Atwood’s work. Otherwise I’d be entirely missing out on this profound dimension of life and creation.

  • That sounds like an incredible phenomenon to have witnessed Sue and the fact that it had occured during the time you and your group were preparing to celebrate the winter solstice makes it even more special.

  • Hi Sue,

    What an amazing experience that must have been, especially to have shared it with other spiritual seekers!

    Recently i made a trip over to Egypt, and couldn’t ignore the significance they placed on the equinox and
    solstices. Having studied Belsebuubs book ‘The Path Of The Spiritual Sun’ beforehand, it was clear how a lot of the ceremonies and structures built were expressing what they were going through internally.
    From what you experienced makes me confident that celebrating these important days of the years in accordance with the spiritual sun, is a big help for us to connect with the divine, to receive much needed help on our path.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for sharing, Sue. The times around equinoxes and solstices seem to be quite magical. I hope your ceremony also went well!

  • What a beautiful experience. Makes me feel that there’s always someone out there looking after us. Teaching us.

  • That’s incredible Sue – it really makes you wonder how that occurred. Was it some kind of direct gift from the divine, an acknowledgement for you and your friends, a cosmic nod of approval, or was it something more ‘scientific’, like some kind of system of resonance that meant the natural/energetic forces of creation imbued in the winter solstice ceremony were mirrored and made visible by natural phenomena?

    Very curious … I hope that and the whole ceremony helped you to move forward inwardly.

  • That is an amazing thing to witness Sue, very profound and symbolic.

    When you yearn to tap into the spirituality through these incredible times of the year, its amazing how much the sky can open up like a story book and teach you something about there significance.

    Now as i go through the quarters of each solstice and equinox I feel that I can learn much more about spirituality and the lessons in life that are to unfold and how learning goes in stages that repeat but on different levels according to how we uptake the learning we are given in life. Very grateful for the huge, precise and incredible knowledge that Belsebuub and the vast research that Lara Atwood have given in their book Path of the Spiritual Sun. I find that as each solstice and equinox appears and I re-read the relevant chapters it highlights how much this resource is like a wonder of wonders itself.

    • I agree Layla – The Path of the Spiritual Sun is a unique and wonderful resource, which draws together numerous threads of spiritual history that would otherwise have been lost to humanity.

  • Wow, “magical” is right. That’s really amazing you all saw that and the timing of it — very inspiring. Thanks for sharing, Sue.

  • What a beautiful message from the sky, thank you for sharing Sue! It sounds like a magical gathering at an inspiring location.

  • What a beautiful symbol to observe in nature, and so fitting for the occasion. I’m sure it made the ceremony all the more powerful the next morning!

  • Wow Sue that’s such an amazing experience, Solstices and Equinoxes are certainly proving to be very magical events. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks Sue!

    How was that possible :-)?

    I have also been fortunate to have witnessed some amazing occurrences of natural phenomenon carrying messages/symbolism at ceremonies. But yours just seems so unmistakably clear, obvious, beautiful— indeed magical.

    What else did it make you feel was going on when you saw that?

    Nice to hear your story and that particular symbol is one I’ve always found so nice.

    • Hi Karim.

      It was one of those moments that you just know is not explainable in ‘Earthly’ terms. We all believed that a far greater force was at play and that we were truly blessed to have this experience. It was very special; very powerful. What else did I feel – a really deep sense of gratitude.

      • 🙂

        I find that it’s already amazing to receive the guidance, help, care, experiences etc. that we do in the astral.

        At times I feel a strong sense of gratitude welling up inside me for it. (off topic: It’s interesting because I didn’t feel this 10 years or so ago, perhaps in part because I’ve been better able to see how things work and thus see how kind and even great, the help is that we receive.)

        Yet on a few occasions I’m also aware of a big help, guidance, protection, or a symbol in the physical world. Like you say that can be very special. It makes things get even more ‘real.’ Shows that the divine is not just there in the astral, but also just behind the ‘fabric screen’ of the physical dimension. That this presence has made this event to occur for us. A big nod with a smile, showing they’re also there in the gymnasium we face in everyday life.

  • That really is magical that this symbolic cloud formed over the ceremony circle!
    Makes you wonder how exactly did such a thing happen.
    It does seem to be some kind of acknowledgement from higher forces.
    A cloud circle, amazing!
    Thanks for sharing this inspiring story Sue.

  • Thanks for sharing that experience Sue. It sounds like quite an awe-inspiring one, which would bring about a lot of wonder.

    I also participated in quite a few similar ceremonies with friends, in a rural area, and became aware of mystical phenomena occurring around that location. Several people commented independently of each other about noticing unusual lights in the sky, which seemed to resemble extra-terrestrial activity. I was interested in this, but wanted to see it for myself, before being convinced that this was the reason.

    Then a while later, I was approaching the same site with a housemate and we noticed some lights in the sky, which were behaving in an unusual way. They resembled stars and one was moving quickly, but then stopped at a certain point. Then another star seemed to do the same thing – moving along fairly quickly, before stopping completely. I then noticed these two stars had formed two of the three points of an equilateral triangle.

    Although from a scientific perspective, it’s difficult to determine the exact cause of these unusual phenomena, it’s certainly something I’ve never witnessed before or since. I’ve never heard of stars behaving in this way, which makes me wonder if the moving lights were in fact stars, or were of an even more otherworldly origin.


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