Experience submitted by Andrew Sepic

Experience submitted by Andrew Sepic

One night I had become lucid in a dream and I stood looking out onto a busy street, trying to stay clear and aware, which I’d learned to do from taking Belsebuub’s courses.

There was lots of activity and I tried to take it all in and yet not be absorbed by it. There was so much going on I tried to see it as clear as I could to figure out if there was something I could learn here.

I saw an older man being pushed down the street in a wheelchair. He was bent over and hunched as he was pushed slowly through the crowds. I felt a draw to this figure and as they approached I knew that he was not as he appeared.

There was something hidden about him and so I asked him “Who are you? Because I know you are not as you appear..” The man got up out of the chair and it was as if his sickness fell off him like robes to the floor.

There was a great light which shone out from him and he was immediately transformed into a being of strength, power and love. I felt him smile as he approached me, acknowledging that I had seen through his guise.

As he got closer, I could feel the powerful energy coming off him, so much so, that I began to be afraid. Although loving and good, the energy was so strong I was uncomfortable and worried it would harm me. The being paused for a moment and I watched as he ‘down-shifted’ his energy, his radiance dimmed and the strong energy field I felt, was now very reduced.

It was as if he stopped a moment and threw a breaker inside himself and then continued towards me.

Love & warmth emanated from him and so I didn’t mind when he reached out with his hand, went into my mouth and touched a tooth in the back lower right side of my mouth.

Photo by Dev Benjamin via unsplash (image has been edited)

Photo by Dev Benjamin via unsplash (image has been edited)

There was a rush of energy that bloomed in my tooth and went down through the root, into the jaw and subsequently into much of the right side of my body. It was so shocking that I woke up in my body and still had a clear sensation in my tooth and mouth.

As I pondered on the experience, it seemed to be quite a strange encounter. I had never thought that a spiritual entity would touch my tooth. Why would it do this?

As I reflected more about it, I had a few insights. Some weeks earlier I had gone to the dental school for a cleaning and had been told that I had a cavity in the tooth which the spiritual being had touched.

I didn’t have money to spare at that point and was not considering going to get it repaired until sometime in the distant future when I had a surplus of money or when the pain or sensitivity of the cavity became too uncomfortable to bear.

I also researched and learned that the teeth are actually organs and they are intimately connected to other systems in the body, each tooth being connected to different tissues and organs of the body in a mutually dependent relationship. So if the tooth suffers, that corresponding part of the body may have issues as well.

In any case, it was six years later when I finally went to the dentist once again and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I didn’t have a single cavity, even in the tooth where it had been previously diagnosed.

I’m not completely sure what to make of this experience, but I definitely felt that this benevolent being affected my body in some way to either heal my tooth or certain body tissues, or that there were higher energetic imbalances that he was helping to equalize.

Besides the very visceral experience of the energy which moved through my body, I am still amazed at how powerful that being was.

It gave me personal experience of the power of divine energy and helped me understand that if I wished to have that power within myself, I’d need to make changes internally to be able to contain such power.

It was a short, mysterious and inspiring experience I’m quite thankful for.