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Being Touched by a Spiritual Being

Experience submitted by Andrew Sepic
Experience submitted by Andrew Sepic

One night I had become lucid in a dream and I stood looking out onto a busy street, trying to stay clear and aware, which I’d learned to do from taking Belsebuub’s courses.

There was lots of activity and I tried to take it all in and yet not be absorbed by it. There was so much going on I tried to see it as clear as I could to figure out if there was something I could learn here.

I saw an older man being pushed down the street in a wheelchair. He was bent over and hunched as he was pushed slowly through the crowds. I felt a draw to this figure and as they approached I knew that he was not as he appeared.

There was something hidden about him and so I asked him “Who are you? Because I know you are not as you appear..” The man got up out of the chair and it was as if his sickness fell off him like robes to the floor.

There was a great light which shone out from him and he was immediately transformed into a being of strength, power and love. I felt him smile as he approached me, acknowledging that I had seen through his guise.

As he got closer, I could feel the powerful energy coming off him, so much so, that I began to be afraid. Although loving and good, the energy was so strong I was uncomfortable and worried it would harm me. The being paused for a moment and I watched as he ‘down-shifted’ his energy, his radiance dimmed and the strong energy field I felt, was now very reduced.

It was as if he stopped a moment and threw a breaker inside himself and then continued towards me.

Love & warmth emanated from him and so I didn’t mind when he reached out with his hand, went into my mouth and touched a tooth in the back lower right side of my mouth.

Photo by Dev Benjamin via unsplash (image has been edited)
Photo by Dev Benjamin via unsplash (image has been edited)

There was a rush of energy that bloomed in my tooth and went down through the root, into the jaw and subsequently into much of the right side of my body. It was so shocking that I woke up in my body and still had a clear sensation in my tooth and mouth.

As I pondered on the experience, it seemed to be quite a strange encounter. I had never thought that a spiritual entity would touch my tooth. Why would it do this?

As I reflected more about it, I had a few insights. Some weeks earlier I had gone to the dental school for a cleaning and had been told that I had a cavity in the tooth which the spiritual being had touched.

I didn’t have money to spare at that point and was not considering going to get it repaired until sometime in the distant future when I had a surplus of money or when the pain or sensitivity of the cavity became too uncomfortable to bear.

I also researched and learned that the teeth are actually organs and they are intimately connected to other systems in the body, each tooth being connected to different tissues and organs of the body in a mutually dependent relationship. So if the tooth suffers, that corresponding part of the body may have issues as well.

In any case, it was six years later when I finally went to the dentist once again and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I didn’t have a single cavity, even in the tooth where it had been previously diagnosed.

I’m not completely sure what to make of this experience, but I definitely felt that this benevolent being affected my body in some way to either heal my tooth or certain body tissues, or that there were higher energetic imbalances that he was helping to equalize.

Besides the very visceral experience of the energy which moved through my body, I am still amazed at how powerful that being was. It gave me personal experience of the power of divine energy and helped me understand that if I wished to have that power within myself, I’d need to make changes internally to be able to contain such power.

  • What an amazing encounter Andrew! I also think that you were probably given this experience of healing because you were able to perceive through the old man’s disguise. Sometimes it feels that there is so much out there for us to receive but because we are not receptive we don’t get what we could.
    I am glad that your tooth is completely healed now and possibly other corresponding organs.

  • That’s so incredible Andrew! Thank you for sharing that.

    This healing story is really amazing in and of itself. But it’s also quite fascinating that this spiritual being first appeared so weak, old, and fragile, before revealing himself. I wonder why. Do you have any ideas?

    • I’m not exactly sure Mike, but I think if he was a real Master of Healing, he might have found it a fine joke to conceal himself as a frail, sick person not even able to move on his own; the exact opposite of his true identity. That sense of humor also seemed to be relayed to me through his smile once he was transformed. Many times have I been surprised by the humor of spiritual beings and it’s always refreshing.

      • That is quite the sense of humor, I must say πŸ™‚

        It’s always great to see that spiritual beings retain a sense of humor! It seems humor has a lot to teach us, and in such a loving way.

  • Wow, this is amazing Andrew. What a gift in learning and healing. It makes me yearn to understand more about how healing works, or why does instant healing like yours sometimes occur and other times not.

    It’s also pretty amazing he touched your tooth in the astral plane and it healed in the physical world. For a normal person this would be inconceivable, but knowing a bit how we are multidimensional I suppose it makes sense. I haven’t ever heard about such a case before though so it’s very nice to read.

    It was uplifting to read about this being; it makes me yearn to try to connect with them more. It sounds like your big efforts to maintain lucidity in the beginning of the experience were instrumental in making it happen.

    I wonder if the being had that disguise on as a kind of ‘test’ for you, and if you would have gained this experience at all had you not questioned it. That then makes me wonder if such help and experiences could sometimes be prepared for us but we could be missing it because of not being clear and receptive enough, basically not with the right preparation or the right inner state.

    • Laura, I think it was sort of a test, and because I was able to recognize him, the above events happened. I remember another time in a dream where I was down on the ground praying for help when suddenly I was yanked by my foot up way up into the air and dropped back down onto my feet so I was standing. It seemed kind of like a reprimand for not being active enough, but just hoping for help from the Divine. I became conscious in the astral then and I looked around trying to find who was responsible for this. I had to search for a few minutes, questioning all sorts of people, going here, there etc.. Asking ‘Was it you?’ etc.. before I finally found the person who accepted responsibility for it and then I was given a teaching. It was a bit of a surprise to me that I could stay aware and try to figure out what had happened for so long (as the astral can be quite fleeting) but when I had persisted I was rewarded and then woke up immediately.

  • Definitely a peculiar experience, Andrew. Maybe you were a dentist in your past life and had some dharma pending? πŸ˜‰ Pretty neat you were cavity-free afterwards. I wonder what part within the body was possibly cured because of this act by the spiritual being. Maybe somewhere down the line you’ll get a clearer picture of the reasoning behind it.

    • Yeah! I think I still haven’t understood fully yet and hopefully it’ll be more clear what happened some time in the future.

  • Incredible story Andrew . It really makes me ponder about the unseen magical forces working out there and how we’re oblivious to so many wonderful things that are taking place around us that we can learn about if only we put our minds and bring our focus to it. I had a similar encounter with a physican/divine healer in the higher realms . When I first started taking Belsebuub’s courses I wasn’t feeling very well. I was experiencing a lot of discomfort, cramping and pain in my upper abdomen area. I went to so many medical specialists who couldn’t figure it out and ended up diagnosing me with having IBS which didn’t help me at all. One night I had a very vivid dream. In the astral, I was brought to a clinic where a physician would assess me and heal me. I was nervous about it but he had assured me that it was okay (my Divine Mother was with me too) and he reached into the problem area with his hand and pulled out the painful energy that emanated from it. Incredibly I felt immediately well after the procedure. I recall waking up from my dream completely perplexed from it and feeling an instant lightness and sense of relief in my upper abdomen area. It was an amazing experience and I’m very grateful to have received divine help.

    • Wow! Surgery in the astral plane! That’s extra-ordinary & inspiring Patricia. And at the same time it’s so down to earth that the physician was trying to put you at ease and you had your Mother there with you too πŸ™‚

  • What an amazing experience Andrew. Thank you for sharing. I also find it fascinating that you recognized him for something more than what he first appeared. Maybe it was a test of some sort? I wonder if this is something we can use in daily life too…to see people more for what they are.

  • Haha Andrew πŸ™‚ I read the start of your encounter and thought will it be similar to a specific experience I once had? and then as I read on part of it was.

    In my experience I saw an old man working in a field. His appearance was completly unknown to me. But right away I could just feel it was a spiritual being I know so well, and said that I saw through his disguise with a big smile. Somehow a natural intuition worked and I felt and recognised his signature/character. He then also smiled, happy that I had recognized him even through the difference in appearance.Β And then I was shown some other things and the initial field was also already part of the message.

    But your experience feeling the ‘fuller’ spiritual strength of that being sounds amazing! Thanks Andrew.

    • Very cool Karim. It shows that this is at least happening to others too (spiritual beings concealing themselves). It also reminds me a bit of The Acts of Peter and the 12 Apostles where Christ disguises himself (I believe he’s disguised as a healer there too) and then uses that time to teach the disciples and waiting for them to ask the right questions before revealing himself.

      The spiritual force coming off this being was very intense. And it was so intriguing to me that he ‘stepped down’ his vibration in order to get closer to me and not harm me. It taught me a lot about energy.

  • That’s incredible Andrew, what an interaction. It’s very interesting that you were able to sense this being through his poor man’s clothes. I wonder why he took on this guise. It makes me think of all the examples in religious stories where spiritual beings take on the image of a beggar or poor men, and come to test the kindness of people. (In Greece I believe they trace a tradition of welcoming people into their home and treating guests very well to stories of Apollo wandering in disguise.)

    It sounds like you experienced a real ‘intervention’ of spiritual healing and that the touch of this being was a gift and help for you. It’s amazing you were able to verify that teeth are linked to the body through the way the energy moved through you when that specific tooth was touched. No wonder you woke up in surprise!

    It’s good you did your own research about your dental care and decided to avoid what could have been a procedure that would cause more damage by disturbing the energetic flow of the body. Sometimes modern medicine seems so barbaric and thoughtless. We had so many teeth out as kids, and from a quick look online it seems like having wisdom teeth out is very common and mostly unnecessary. I remember meeting a women years ago who worked with kids to actually straighten their teeth naturally – through a series of movements related to eurythmy – I don’t understand how it worked, but it did take years and didn’t result in the perfect ‘American smile’, but worked to address the underlying energetic imbalance that caused crooked teeth. Still, like you point to – there’s a bigger esoteric work that can be done to radically transform our energy, and that needs to be done if we are to be able to hold the same spiritual voltage as you felt in this being – or even to be able to tolerate it!

    Thanks for sharing – it’s a very inspiring experience and shows how much help can be given from the ‘other side’.

    • I think I remember reading about something similar to that as well in the Odyssey, where a visiting stranger could be Zeus in disguise and therefore welcoming someone and gift-giving was very important. I guess there’s something to take from it.

      I once was given a very interesting clue at night that on that day someone ‘unlike others’ (perhaps an extraterrestrial, perhaps and awakened being working on earth, I do not know.) Someone ‘in the know of the other side’ would come by where I would be that day…
      What a day! Magic everywhere, so to speak. As I would be keenly looking around thinking: is it that person? would I be able to tell? I would also try to be as clear within as possible, to perceive and to be perceived on another level. I was considering that it could be anyone, an elderly lady, a child even, or perhaps the most normal unsuspicious looking person. Even when in conversation with individuals I didn’t stop my questioning, looking into their eyes, asking deeper questions, how well would they be able to ‘act’? Could I recognize it in the movements perhaps as I saw people walking away from me. Like I said it gave everyone, and life, a strange sort of magic with me being open to the unknown. In the end I didn’t see this ‘angel among the crowds’ person, at least as far as I know, but the particular way that astral experience came to me made me really quite sure it was referring to a real situation that would happen. I’m pretty sure this person would’ve been aware of me though.
      When thinking about it a bit more after, about why I didn’t meet this person even though my experience was telling me about it, realistically perhaps I wouldn’t have been so cool in my reaction, and also in the way of keeping one’s identity secret it wouldn’t have been beneficial for them.

      • I think if that was me Karim, I’d have had a hard time dying to my excitement; wondering who this person may be and what type of being they may be etc.. But it seems like even though you didn’t recognize that person in your day it was a great way to approach the day with that sense of wonder & questioning. Maybe you’ll have more understanding of what happened there sometime in the future, perhaps with a second encounter.

  • Thanks for sharing Andrew,
    Wow an amazing experience,there is so much more to this life!!!

  • How incredible, thank you Andrew for sharing! It is very interesting how you had that intuitive feeling about the old man not being what he seemed to be. I remember when I started looking into spirituality, I wondered how many spiritual masters or higher-level beings may be possibly living hidden among us, going through different difficulties as a part of their own Path/spiritual journey. For quite some time, I looked around questioning, trying to maybe spot a different type of being in the crowd… πŸ™‚

    It was also amazing to read how powerful that Being was and how you were almost afraid of his energy and how he compassionately “dimmed” it in order not to cause you any harm. And of course, the miraculous healing – how fortunate you are! It also sounds to me like he may have not just healed your tooth, but probably balanced more areas of your physical body through doing that.

    It is indeed amazing to imagine that through doing the spiritual work correctly, we could possibly have such a strength and light within ourselves too…

  • Thanks for sharing that experience Andrew. It is quite mind-boggling to read, so I can imagine that it must have caused you to reflect a lot on the mysteries of that unusual encounter and how it correlated with a noticable effect upon your physical body.


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