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Following My Intuition

Experience submitted by Steve Fowler
Experience submitted by Steve F

One day I was looking into intuition with a group of people during one of Belsebuub’s courses, and we did a practice with the mantra “O”.

The idea was to see if the mantra meditation would have an enhancing effect on this spiritual faculty, and to see how it can be used in normal everyday activities. We all pronounced the mantra together for a while and then we went about what we had planned to do for the day, trying to see if or how intuition could help us with whatever we were doing.

I was out and about and I remember pulling into a car park of a small shopping center and I was going to go off and start to do what I had planned to do there when I suddenly got a strong feeling to go in a different direction.

I didn’t know the reason I decided to go in this different direction but I had a strong sense to do it. It didn’t feel like a compulsion to do something different like following a whim or something like that, but there was a certain feeling to it that was different, more like a hunch. So I followed the hunch, which brought me to the other side of the car park.

As I wondered what I was to do next in this unfamiliar spot, I noticed a sign giving directions to a shop down the ally of this arcade. I went down the ally and sensed to go to this shop, which was an alternative shop and had different “new age” items in it.

I once again wondered why would I be here and then had another sense to go to a certain section of the shop and I found a selection of posters there.

I opened the selection of posters and browsed through them until I found one which I saw many years before at a friend’s place which depicted a type of astral travel scene. It was in a particular painting style and I had wanted to get this piece of art since the time I saw it but I didn’t remember the name of this artwork/poster and hadn’t been able to find it.

Steve with Print
Here I am with a copy of the poster

This sense of intuition I experienced that day was strong and directed me to a store which I had never been to before, which I didn’t even know existed, and to walk in there and find a poster that I had been wanting to find for such a long time without any assistance from other people was quite amazing to me.

  • Hi Steve. It was great reading about your experience with intuition. I guess the mantra exercise has opened something inside of you so you were able to tune into the guidance that is perhaps always there. It amazes me how life can be so magical if we make a space for it by doing the exercises and focus on the spiritual side of life.

    • Hi Tina,

      Not sure why it was so strong of an effect on that occasion as I’ve done mantra’s many times with others and the result wasn’t as strong but for some reason I really just felt the intuitive hunch so clearly that it sort of felt quite normal in a funny way, it would be really nice if that sense of intuition was a more common occurance because that afternoon was a really intriguing experience.

  • Hi Steve,

    Like others here have mentioned, I think it’s also remarkable how you felt the intuition so strongly that you were able to follow it seamlessly and get to what it was trying to give you. So perhaps this was showing you what it might be like to have your intuition activated, like as a true faculty? It would be wonderful to always be in contact with such strong guidance.

    From your and some others’ experiences on this site about intuition it has made me wonder how it isn’t necessarily emergencies like life or death type of situations that intuition can help us, but even in seemingly small things like what you have just described. But then maybe whoever is giving you that guidance knows there is something bigger behind it, and thus it is important? But, why would someone spiritual want to help you find something for instance? It makes me wonder if there is really more care and help available to us even in mundane things that we just don’t think to look for or don’t see.

    The poster looks really lovely by the way. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    • I used to also think intuition was more for the ‘big’ things. But with time I’ve come to notice it being there with smaller things as well. It’s manifestation in my psyche can feel closer to home than I used to think of how it would feel, like knock or feeling of common sense— that doesn’t always make any sense logically. I’m not sure how exactly it works and reaches us. But I think rather than it being a spiritual being handing it to us, it’s more like a sense? Like one of the senses but a higher one. (Although I do think it can also be used to communicate through to us by higher beings as well.)

      One example of a much smaller case of intuition for me was when yesterday morning I was making breakfast. I was going to make my usual meal, but then something told me to make and eat more. It didn’t make sense at all because I have the same breakfast every day and the same quantity every day. But I was like; okay whatever let’s go with it then. Later at work in the afternoon I found the main part of my lunch had gone off and I couldn’t eat it. I was like aha! so that was it.

    • Hi Laura,
      I’ve never thought of it from that angle Laura and it’s an interesting point you make there! Maybe your right? I can only try to understand the experience from my basic understanding of how intuition works and the full meaning of the experience and teaching I can only really guess at and give my opinion based on my perspective of how the experience felt.

      Your point is interesting to ponder as it would be marvelous to experience life like that more often
      as imagine the things that people would invent and discover, the possibilities would be endless.

      It would be a completely different world I think

  • Thanks Steve, very cool example and nice poster as well.

    I also had a slightly similar experience, of riding that wave of intuition, which I thought I’d mention if I may.

    It started in a dream where I was in a shop where I normally do my grocery shopping. In it I was shown a book on the shelf (they don’t sell books normally) and I picked it up and saw it was ‘A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams’ by Belsebuub. But it didn’t feel right as I knew that at that time the book wasn’t being published and sold by the publishers anymore, and yet here it was being made available by ……?
    At that time I was becoming more aware of Belsebuub’s works being plagiarized and I had already planned to spend the morning after that night to look into it.
    That morning, sitting behind my computer, I felt the sense of intuition to pursue it and felt it was important. But other than that I really didn’t have any proper specific guidance, and the internet is a big place after all if you have zero clue where to look! Similarly to what I mentioned to Mike a particular fear or nervousness, with a slight sort of nauseousness, tried to topple me over. But I managed to stay calm and tried to feel that intuition and common sense. Without specific clues I just decided to go to an online shop where I sometimes do some shopping. This sort of felt right, more of that ‘warmth’ of intuition, as if I was on the right track. (again some fears tried to bother me saying: If you miss one step in the process you’ll be lost because, like I said, the internet is a big place) Since I saw something related to the astral topic in my dream I decided to search for that and my common sense was saying it could possibly me from the e-book ‘The Astral Codex’ from Belsebuub as that was digital and online at the time. Almost immediately I found my way to a certain e-book and I decided to look closer, I managed to see some preview pages and to my astonishment I saw how most of the e-book for sale was virtually copy-pasted from Belsebuub’s book!
    To be honest I felt quite disgusted to see material I value greatly and benefit from so much in my life, given by Belsebuub and for free, was taken credit for by someone else and sold for profit.

    However the event itself showed me how amazing working with dream guidance and intuition can be. How if we get ourselves more on track towards spiritual things we can potentially increasingly become conscious ‘agents’ of good in the world.

    • Thanks for sharing that Karim. It’s a really good example of following up on a hunch that could have easily been brushed aside as irrelevant, but which actually led to a significant find.

    • Good one Karim, it’s amazing to see the connection between the dream world and our daily life, it’s quite magical and mystical when it happens, when we can sense or lock into that guidance. It was really interesting to read how the egos tried to break that intuitive sense you had with doubts, etc that they tried to impress on you! You know reading your reply it may me reflect on how much time you must of saved also with the research you were doing compared to “more normal” search techniques you could have used! As the guidance lead pretty much straight to what you were looking for by the sounds of it, because image how much time it could of took with out that guidance trying to find that e book!

    • Wow Karim that’s a great example of following intuition and dream guidance – especially one so laden with an important message and mission from it.

    • “if we get ourselves more on track towards spiritual things we can potentially increasingly become conscious ‘agents’ of good in the world.”

      This is a great insight and a wonderful experience Karim, thanks for sharing.

    • I think the progress in the ability to understand and act on dreams might not be so apparent because the every day study of it is so gradual. But if I think of how I’m able to interpret dreams now compared to when I just started out there’s a big difference. Or if we look at ourselves from an outsiders perspective it might seem quite amazing.

      It’s also interesting to consider that I was already helped in the first place, without it the whole thing would not have taken place. I was recently understanding better what Belsebuub says about higher faculties in a talk about ‘asking’. Perhaps as a kid I would think how great to have all these superpowers, help and heal everyone like some sort of angel-hero etc. Anyway, a long story short, I felt that to help others truly we need to be able to see and know higher purposes (such as learning) and divine will properly as that is what is best, because life is very serious. I even felt the opposite of how I did before and I didn’t want any sort of powers or faculties like that at all unless I know I could use it from a pure force inside and not my ego’s. I don’t want to come wading into situations as some know-it-all, but to actually help others deeply and perhaps that wish aligns us with divine will and so we can be granted the guidance and insight and help from them to be able to become a vehicle of help. And if we’re helped like that when we ourselves would not be able to we will know it and feel it as a merciful gift.

      I didn’t explain the sequence of what I’d come to feel there very well. But this talk on asking by Belsebuub mentions some things related to it.

  • What a very specific and personal help you’ve received Steve! It does not stop to amaze me how well the Divine know us, our every thought, wish or yearning. How sweet you got navigated to that particular picture. I can imagine how now each time you look at it, it possibly holds a very special significance for you. 🙂 What’s the name of the picture and the author by the way?

    • Hi Lucia,

      Yeah it was really personal in a way that experience as they found and guided me to something that I wished to find but was hindered because I didn’t know the name of the painting. I think your right about how much they know us because no one else knew about my wish to find that poster and I feel that the experience was trying to show me that they are real, it was like a proof to me that they
      we’re real and trying to communicate to me in a personal way the reality of their being. It makes me sad upon reflecting that I don’t understand the reality of their being more, it’s like we have a real bad case of amnesia.

  • Thanks for sharing that lovely experience, Steve. Left me with a smile. So right how you say that things like this can really make life come alive in such a wondrous way.

    • Hello Zorana,

      It felt like a different way of looking, sensing and feeling the world around us and interacting with it as that sense of intuition made that afternoon anything but mundane or the usual run of the mill daily events, It definitely had a wondrous sense to the experience.

  • What a great experience steve. It must have been such a nice feeling to be lead to that painting guided by your intuition 🙂

    • Hi Chris,

      Yes it was a really nice feeling, it had a lot of intrigue in the experience as well, sort of like why am I here, what’s this place and then another piece of information would be given and I would try to follow that hunch, until I got to the poster and then I felt Wow I haven’t seen this poster for ages, which sort of made me question and wonder at that point and to see a picture that had so many spiritual levels to it was inspiring as well.

  • I love how strong your inner guidance was, and how it took you to find a poster that meant something to you. Maybe the divine really wanted you to have that poster, to inspire you.

    It wasn’t intuition I think, but once I found a book that I had been wanting to buy for a long time, at a tenth of the price. It was a book that meant a lot to me, but it was also very expensive. But then one day it was just there, right outside of the book shop, on sale. It felt very meaningful to me to find it there, like someone wanted me to read it 🙂

    I would love to develop that kind of strong intuition you experienced. It would be wonderful to feel this strong, clear guidance all the time.

    • Hi Anne Linn,

      the intuition had such an strong feeling to it on that day and for some reason I didn’t doubt the intuition and went with it which turned out to highlight the day with a nice sense of something different and sort of mystical feeling to it. It brought the day a live in a way!

      I know what you mean sometimes it’s hard to determine if coincidental incidents that happen
      are intuitive or mere coincidence but those events do make you wonder sometimes even if they seem unconnected in a way because if you think about it, what made you walk past the shop on the day that the book was on sale? What made you notice it? Just a coincidence or was there some connection going on at some level? It is hard to say for sure but it does make us question more about the possibilities!

      I definitely don’t get such a strong intuition like that most times but looking back there have been other intuitive moments here and there and I think that probably has happened to all of us at some point.

      • Oh yes, following our intuition makes everything seem more mystical, doesn’t it? Especially a strong inner guidance like you felt.

        What touched me about finding that book, was the sense that it was a gift, as though the divine had put it there in front of me. It touched me that what I yearned for, was maybe also something they wanted for me. Because that book really helped me at the time.

        I wonder if you felt something similar about that picture?

        • Yeah good question, thanks for your perspective as it has helped me to think about the experience from a different angle which is really helpful. I think that remembering all these experiences is helping me today maybe, more than in the past because I feel more than ever that this work is real and very alive, compared to my old more arrogant ways of thinking,

  • Hi Steve, that’s a really nice experience. Seems like someone out there really wanted you to get that poster! 🙂

    • Hi Pavlin,

      I remember when I saw that poster at a friends place the image hit me and made me wonder about what the poster was trying to show me, the painting had so many levels to it, macro cosmic ideas, micro cosmic ideas, it conveyed dimensional impressions with people floating around and drifting up into the the center of the universe where a figure was depicted as a light or illumination of the whole of creation and as I looked closer the figure seemed to depict Jesus holding his hands out calling people to him. I hadn’t found the teachings at the time but the painting wasn’t the normal Jesus painting due to it’s style and was not so much religious but had more spiritual elements in it.

      Yes It was a very nice teaching I feel.

  • Hey Steve,

    that’s a great experience with intuition – no wonder you look so happy standing in front of that poster in the picture!

    Intuition is such a special faculty, it can be practically very helpful as well as sometimes being imbued with this message of a higher guidance, like how you were taken to this image which in itself is spiritually inspiring. It actually reminds me quite a lot of a similar experience I had once with a painting!

    I was in a strange city in a strange country, and wandering around. I remember being on a busy street and suddenly stopping through that hard-to-describe inner guidance that comes from intuition. I crossed the street and back tracked on myself, went down a street that lead from it and into a shop. I found myself flicking through paintings on smallish cards. And there it was – the image I’d seen years before that I’d remembered distinctly and wished I’d find again. It was of a girl with a skipping rope on a hill, with the surrounding wisps of cloud forming angels around her that you could just make out. It was called ‘invisible friends’ and made me think of the invisible spiritual guidance that’s around us, and that seems to be there even more, almost visible, when we are in truly happy moments – like this young girl was, skipping on a hill alone at dusk. It came at a time when I really needed to be reminded of this – I was travelling alone, trying to find contact with the spiritual, or people who could show me the way, but at times feeling lonely and lost.

    I bought the painting, but can’t find it any more, and don’t remember the name of the artist. I hope I’m lead to it again!

    Thanks for sharing,


    • Hi Ella,

      Your recollection of your experience whilst you were traveling and the thoughts that the painting seemed to impress to you are quite true, we’re never alone really and the help is there if we tap into it, all around us helping us on our way and it seems a shame that only rarely do we seem able to tap into their world and sort of see them or sense them and flow with that guidance. Looking back, to me there really seemed to be a sense of guidance occurring before I found the teachings, almost like strong shocks from the being trying to help to guide and get me to wonder deeply about life and this thing we call existence.

    • Hey Ella, I remember that picture from your Facebook page, so I checked and you have it among your profile pictures. 😉

      • Thanks so much Lucia – that was easier than I expected to find it! I still can’t find the painter though, but I’m closer!

    • I hope you find it too, Ella : ) I love those moments when exactly the right thing happens when it’s most needed for that individual. Points to how much guidance there is all around us.

  • What a unique experience with intuition. It is a very nice poster, so well-worth the guidance to obtain it.

    It’s quite impressive that you maintained receptiveness to intuition throughout: in changing your spot, to venturing into a new part of the mall, to finding your way into the store, through to finding the poster… Looking at the experience from the outside, I can imagine myself getting lost after any one of those steps.

    You must have been putting in a massive effort in that intuition investigation!

    • Hi Mike,

      I don’t know how to explain it but I just seemed to tune in that day and flow with the intuition that was more heightened on the day. The group practice we did was really good and you never know what’s going to happen with the strength of group were people try the practices together, I remember I use to under estimate the power that a group can generate spiritually but now there is no groups any more I really see the difference with my own practices.

    • I hear what you’re saying Mike. On some occasions where I felt it was important to choose the right thing with intuition some fears also wanted to join in. This internal disruption of course makes it more difficult to feel that subtle intuition, then you might be left more to the mind’s opinion of what’s right.

      I guess it’s that sort of ‘gambling’ anxiety and fear. With any situation or opportunity arising before us that could greatly benefit us, or if we do it wrong it can go the other way, it can cause a nervousness which can ruin things.

      Sometimes I’ve managed to stay cool and just continue with that hunch. Other times the turbulence of the inner state makes me properly lose sense of what is best.

  • Nice story Steve thanks for sharing, I also love that picture. I’m pretty sure we also had one at the Bondi centre.

    Could you please share the name of the artwork.

    • Hi John,

      The poster has the following information on it;
      Cliff McReynolds, Life , center panel from the La Jolla Pentych.

      Hope that helps

  • Thanks for sharing that nice little example of following intuition Steve. You look very happy with your find! 🙂

    • Hello Michael,

      No worries at all, I’ve had the poster stored away for a while so it was nice to get it out and put it on the wall again.


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