Experience submitted by Steve Fowler

Experience submitted by Steve F

One day I was looking into intuition with a group of people during one of Belsebuub’s courses and we did a practice where we all pronounced the mantra “O” out aloud for a while and then continued with pronouncing the mantra internally without the external vocalization.

The idea was to see if the mantra would have an enhancing effect on the faculty of intuition, with the aim to see how intuition can be used in daily life and normal everyday activities. Belsebuub talked a lot about intuition in his books. We all pronounced the mantra together and then we went about what we had planned to do for the day, trying to see if or how intuition could help us with whatever we were doing.

I was out and about and I remember pulling into a car park of a small shopping center and I was going to go off and start to do what I had planned to do at that place when I suddenly got a strong feeling to go in a different direction.

I intellectually didn’t know the reason why I was going in the different direction but I had a strong sense to do it, it didn’t feel like a compulsion to do something different like following a whim or something like that, but there was a certain feeling to it that was different, more like a hunch. So I followed the hunch and then got to the other side of the car park and then I remember saying to myself why am I here?

I sort of felt a sense of wonder at the same time as I was questioning where I was and I noticed a sign giving directions to a shop down the ally of this arcade. I went down the ally and sensed to go to this shop, which was an alternative shop and had different “new age” items in it.

I once again wondered why would I be here and then had another sense to go to a certain section of the shop and I found a selection of posters there.

I opened the selection of posters and browsed through them until I found one which I saw many years before at a friend’s place which depicted a type of astral travel scene. It was in a particular painting style and I had wanted to get this piece of art since the time I saw it but I didn’t remember the name of this artwork/poster and hadn’t been able to find it.

Steve with Print

Here I am with a copy of the poster

This sense of intuition was so strong and directed me to a store which I had never been to before, which I didn’t even know existed and to walk in there and find a poster that I had been wanting to find for such a long time without any assistance from other people was quite amazing to me!

It felt like a guidance was helping me that wasn’t intellectual via the mind so to speak. It wasn’t telling me for example, to “go down Smith Street, turn left into Billabong Parade, and there you’ll find a shop!”

It was a more of an intense and intuitive feeling, hunch or pull to do something that didn’t make any intellectual sense as I went to that shopping center to do something completely different than what I ended up doing. I was very happy to find this poster after so many years.

I was amazed that somehow my intuition guided me to this poster directly, especially since I had not been able to find it before since I didn’t know who painted it.

The experience showed me directly how intuition can make life come alive, have a sense of wonder and how our being can guide us in what we do each day. It really made my day take a different track and also I was able to experience the way intuition worked which was was very fulfilling.