Article by David Gardner

I was raised in a religious family and so was taught from an early age about angels, demons, and a God looking down upon us who we could turn to for help if we needed it.

So I would sometimes ask for help and protection in my life even though at the time I didn’t really know who or what I was talking too, and whether or not what I was taught in the religion was actually true.

It wasn’t until I had done Belsebuub’s astral travel course and had some mystical experiences beyond my body that I was able to know for sure that both spiritual beings and demonic entities were real.

My First Mystical Experience: An Encounter with a Negative Entity

My first astral experience came when I was the least expecting it. For years prior to finding Belsebuub’s courses I’d been trying to astral project without any success.

Now that I had found Belsebuub’s work and that I was using what I had learned in his courses, I would start to get sensations of leaving my body, similar to what he talked about (eg. feeling parts of my body move independently of where I was sitting or lying, hearing buzzing or popping noises).

Yet due to my previous lack of success, I think that I had built some mental blockages that were stopping me from getting all the way to a conscious out-of-body experience, as I was never able to get past the first sensations of the split.

A few months went by without success and I was starting to feel like I would never have a mystical out of body experience (OBE). One morning after waking up I decided to stay in bed for another 20 minutes or so, to have a bit of time to meditate.

While meditating, I slowly drifted into sleep and then suddenly realised that my head was where my feet should have been and that rather than lying on my back I was now facing down towards the bed and the floor. I knew I had not moved, so I realized then that I must be out of my body and in the astral!

Interestingly being in the astral didn’t feel that different to lying on my bed normally, and I really wanted to see what the astral was like, so I simply rolled over to get out of bed so I could start exploring my surroundings.

As I rolled over I saw a symbol on the ceiling that wasn’t there in the physical world but that seemed very significant. Other than that my room looked the same as in the physical world and it was very real, not dream-like at all.

Just as I was about to get up though a large, strange, skeletal bird head appeared out of nowhere and started pecking at the side of my head and while it didn’t hurt at all, it gave me quite a bit of a shock! Strangely though, just as quickly as it had appeared it was gone.

I didn’t have any time to think further about it though as just then behind my field of vision down towards the floor I heard a really weird and creepy voice start singing: “Ging gang goolie goolie goolie goolie watcha, Ging gang goo, ging gang goo”.

I knew that song! It was a scouting song I used to know from when I was a kid, but the voice sounded creepy and kind of demonic. Combined with the strange pecking bird beforehand, it was all so unexpected that it gave me a jolt and I woke up back in my body from the surprise and fear factor combined.

And while I had been confronted by some sort of demon-like entity (I feel like that both experiences were the same entity, and when the bird didn’t work to scare me it tried the voice instead) who had succeeded in stopping me from exploring further, I was just so excited that I had finally been able to have an experience and now knew the astral was real (plus seeing the symbol on my ceiling was a bonus) that I was bounding around for days!

This was my first conscious out of body experience — it had been very short, and in retrospect it was more surprising (almost funny really) than scary. Interestingly, I think being confronted with a negative entity in my first experience helped a lot for future ones, as I saw they couldn’t hurt me physically and were just a nuisance really, nothing to put me off trying to have OBEs.

Getting a feeling of what it was like to encounter a negative being also helped me have a better understanding of what a spiritual being is like, as they are completely different.

In the experiences I’ve had with negative entities, they always try and stop me, distract me, scare me or somehow put me off having useful experiences. They generally emit a lower type of feelings and emotions.

In contrast, the experiences I’ve had with spiritual Beings are full of light, help me learn about myself and have helped me experience beautiful spiritual feelings.

For example in the experiences I’ve had with a spiritual being, the feelings that I’ve felt from them have been of love, serenity and a kind of spiritual strength that many times has uplifted me during the encounter and even after waking up had a positive long lasting effect.

An Experience with the Spiritual Being Belsebuub

Not long after the experience above I also had my first mystical experience with a spiritual being in the astral, in this case the being Belsebuub.

One night when I was asleep something made me realise that I was dreaming and I became lucid, and found that I was in my bedroom. I walked from my room into the kitchen.

I wasn’t sure what I should do with the experience and hadn’t planned anything prior, so I decided to try and call the being Belsebuub and see if he would give me some sort of guidance or learning.

For some reason I thought that it was important to shout as loudly as I could for him to come so I began calling Belsebuub’s name over and over and asking him to please come to where I was.

After a little while the air in the kitchen near me started vibrating and rippling. Kind of like what happens when you throw a stone into water and the ripples spread out from the middle where the stone was thrown in. Except in this case it was happening vertically next to where I was in the room.

Then all of a sudden, from the centre of the ripples in the air, Belsebuub casually stepped through into the room, as if he had stepped through a portal from another place in the universe to where I was.

To say that it was amazing doesn’t even do it justice.

What I felt with Belsebuub being there was entirely different to my previous experience. It was almost like having him there helped me feel more grounded in the astral and made me feel less like I was going to lose the experience.

When I saw Belsebuub appear in the room I said the first thing that came to my mind, which in retrospect was kind of silly, but he just smiled at me in a really warm way. He looked exactly like Mark Pritchard does physically.

I asked him if he could teach me something and he pointed at my kitchen table. On the table appeared a box that related to something I’d done a lot in my life, and he simply said “What’s in the box?

Image by Pexels

Image by Pexels

While that might seem fairly boring and not very useful, the box that had just appeared there was quite symbolic and I knew exactly what he meant without him needing to say any more.

It was like I could feel it rather than having to think about it to understand the meaning, and from other mystical experiences I’ve had since, it seems to very frequently be the way that information is conveyed.

I understood that he was showing me an emotional habit I would have to change to progress spiritually. Shortly after that I faded back into a dream and that was the end of the experience.

In this and other experiences I’ve had with Belsebuub there is a sense of peace, care, love and warmth that seemed to exude from him. It’s very hard to explain, as it’s something that I’ve felt more than thought about, but to put it into words, that care and warmth has been a feeling of being looked after, like you have someone who really cares for you, looking out for you without judgement.

Taking It All In

That first meeting I had with Belsebuub in the astral. It was so special and meaningful, that while it happened almost 15 years ago, it has stayed with me as if it had happened last week.

But what was also amazing for me was that with these two distinct experiences, I was to be able to actually find out firsthand that these things that I had learned both in religions and in what I was taught in Belsebuub’s books and courses was true: negative entities / demons, and divine spiritual beings / angels exist. I had met them, and they couldn’t be more different.