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How a Simple Visualization Became Remote Viewing

Experience submitted by Geraldine Price
Experience submitted by Geraldine Price

Here’s an experience I had with a spontaneous visualization technique that had taken place shortly after I had started Belsebuub’s course on Astral Travel & Dreams.

A Revealing Visualization

It happened during a camping trip with friends to Lake Sonoma. We had to kayak to get to our camping spot, and it was on steep a hill with some flat areas where you could pitch a tent.

Lake Sonoma via Wikimedia
Lake Sonoma via Wikimedia

We had spent the morning swimming in the lake, and so that afternoon, feeling sleepy, I decided to rest and found a nice spot not far off from camp.

I lied down and closed my eyes. I knew the nature around me, having camped here quite often in the past. I could hear the wind in the trees, feel some of the sun rays on my face, and listened to the other sounds of camp.

Using what I learned about visualization, I started to imagine all this in my mind – visualizing what I looked like from above, incorporating the sounds of nature around me, then slowly I expanded my sight to imagining the sun’s light reflecting and glistening on the leaves of the tree, seeing the camp as if from above, the tents and my dog playing down in the water below with others.

As I did this, the scenes in my mind became more vivid, and the tree next to where I was resting, was becoming more beckoning. I focused my attention onto it – as I did that, it felt like I was now very close to the tree.

I could see the trunk, the branches and I kept going up to it – up to its last branch, when I was looking there, I thought to myself, I wonder what the tree can see from this height, and I naturally started to scan the sights around me. It all felt so real.

I was now able to look at all the forest right across from our camp, I could see the rolling hills, the lake continuing behind which I could not see beforehand, and I then turned my attention to the back of our camp site, it was just the continuation of a steep hill.

I looked further, and saw that there was a field, with a fence – that the forest was not continuing as far as I thought it would. I was surprised.

As I came to this observation, someone in the camp called out my name and the scenery stopped as I opened my eyes and I woke up.

It had been such an amazing and pleasant experience though – it also had been very quick – maybe only a few minutes at the most since I had closed my eyes, yet I had been able to see and feel so much. But was it real? Did I just imagined it all?

Obtaining Verification

The next day, my partner decided to go for a long hike – he walked toward the back of the camp, but came back not so long thereafter. When I inquired about it, he mentioned that while it seems the hill went up a lot more, it did not, and that he had stumbled upon a fence, and there was a large open area like a field behind it. But he also had found that there were trails which seemed to lead to other areas.

I was quite stunned – his descriptions matched most of what I had seen in my short visualization, except for the trails. Had it been by chance? Had it been astral projection? I did not think so, I was pretty certain that I had not fallen asleep – I felt I was on the verge of sleep, I had been very relaxed and comfortable, and when I had heard my name being called, it felt a bit like a jarring sensation, almost like a jolt to the system, but not like as if I had been woken up. So was it remote viewing? That’s the best explanation I found for what I experienced that day.

Image by Pexels
Image by Pexels
  • This is a wonderful lesson Geraldine. That by being simple and real and child-like, not having expectations or ideas, you were able to naturally activate a spiritual faculty and have an amazing experience. I wonder how one can keep this kind of open minded and relaxed attitude towards a practice and not form limiting ideas about it.

    I enjoy doing visualisation exercises because I have a strong visual side, but find myself often having this kind of straining feeling to it (I think because I’m worried about doing it wrong) which makes me uncomfortable, which makes me not so enthusiastic to come back to it. But your experience makes me want to find a relaxed way of doing it and develop it more as it is natural for me and feels pleasant to practice it.

  • Thanks Geraldine, I really enjoyed reading your experience, it makes me remember how naturally we can uncover these faculties, simply by being interested and investigative. I feel like I had much more of this naturally in me when I was younger and that the egos kind of numb it and make me feel disinterested, but also that the inner work helps to develop the quality.

  • What a great experience, Geraldine! Regardless of whether you were remote viewing or astral traveling, it sounds like an incredible view, and even one that was corroborated based on physical observation later on!

  • So wonderful and magical Geraldine, thank you for sharing! I remember in one of Belsebuub’s courses, he wrote that while concentration/visualization seems simple, it is, in fact very spiritual in its nature. This sentence struck a chord with me, and I always wanted to go deeper into this practice to unlock its mysteries. It seems you managed to do that without even knowing what you were doing back then.
    I especially liked what you said about the tree kind of “inviting” you to come closer to explore – how beautiful! And also how you wanted to “see what the tree sees from its height”. 🙂

    I only remember one similar occasion that could maybe be classified as remote viewing, when I tried to astral project to a certain town by visualizing it. I had spend some inspiring moments there before, and wanted to go back to explore. And as I imagined a certain street and hosue where I wanted to go, things suddenly got very vivid and I could hear somebody closing the car door, smelled the dusty street and could see the entrance to the house I knew. The vividness of it surprised me and brought me back. I also don’t think I was actually out of the body yet at that point, but it was probably on the verge of it.

    • Hi Lucia,

      your saying that visualization has a spiritual aspect to it, as Belsebuub talks about, makes me think more of the ‘creative visualization’ practises that I’ve done that involve my divine mother. There were times when it felt I was communicating with her so clearly and that it was beyond my imagination. The places that I would go to meet her became almost as real as physical places.

    • Hi Lucia,
      Yes, what I remember most from that experience was that I wasn’t trying to do things accurately, or worrying whether or not what I was doing was right or wrong. I was just doing it, wondering about things genuinely so to speak, but also with the feeling that of course I can visualize the scene in my mind. I did not doubt it or held back. And I think that made a big difference. I feel that it also really helped that I was very familiar with my environment, having been there many times, I knew the place and so could easily close my eyes and picture it in my mind – so that helped me to start the visualization. After that, because there was no tension, no expectation, it was also really enjoyable, and the wonder and questions came very naturally. So that was also another aspect of it, knowing I did not know and being ok with that, but being open to find out.
      It seems from what you described that it was a very similar experience to mine – especially about the vividness – that’s what has stayed with me as well, how vivid and real it all was, and i can still recall it quite well, even though it’s been almost 10 years or more ago. That’s another factor I’ve found with these mystical experiences, how vivid and how strong their memories are.

  • That sounds like such a natural flow into a practice Geraldine. It seems that is the most successful. Hearing sounds of birds and nature and naturally and ‘simple as a child’ go deeper with it.

    I’ve felt it a few times (though not as often as I would like!) how nice it is when visualisation becomes real, or has some information/communication in it from the real external world, even though we see it with our inner eye. I can also see how such an ability can definitely be trained and developed to function a lot more consistently and more precisely. Such as remote viewing cases in the 70’s.

    • Hi Karim,
      Yes it was quite strange to realize how that mindset I had created had actually blocked me for a long while before being able to properly visualize. With time, I just got even more ‘comfortable’ so to speak with that mindset and ‘accepted’ that perhaps it was a skill I wasn’t very good at.. What a strange attitude, isn’t it?
      Yet that’s what was going on, until I started to recall this experience, and then just tried to visualize without having this mental block and it worked! It’s crazy really how the mind can be such an asset but also a stoppage.
      Being open, not giving into preconceived ideas has shown to be very important and is something that I’m really re-discovering, and I’ve found it to be incredibly helpful and useful – having that sense of wonder of knowing of not knowing. It actually brings a lot more results than having an attitude of ‘I already know about this’..


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