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A Few Encounters with Two Different Kinds of Other-Worldly Beings

Experience Submitted by Fotis

The Shanti Mantra and Its Infinite Peace

One summer, I had gathered with some friends from different countries to spend some time in nature and spiritual practices.

On the evening of the solstice, we had gathered to sing the Shanti mantra which Belsebuub had introduced for the ceremony of the summer solstice. I remember taking notice of its ending and especially liking it.

“Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti” I came to know meant “Om Peace, Peace, Peace”. To me, chanting this mantra felt like a beam of light was permeating through the universe. As though I was making a wish, prayer or invocation to the divine.

As I chanted the mantra with the other voices, it was floating smoothly for some time and reached a familiar point in which I didn’t want to stop chanting because it was so pleasant. It was like every round of the mantra was generating something which was becoming bigger and bigger, creating a very special mystical atmosphere. As I continued, I felt that this interest to keep chanting was coming from more people than just myself.

Then, at one point, the mantra chanting reached its zenith. It was here where I felt something different in the room. Some kind of presence. It was as though all the other external sounds were muted. The air became more solid and I tried to feel how this presence was among us physically, however it’s difficult to properly describe the feeling of being amidst something non-physical.

Around this time, I also started to feel as though I was becoming extremely emotional, like when I’m ready to cry, but filled with joy and something that is beyond words. Like an inner fullness.

I thought to open my eyes to look for the presence but I didn’t want to get out of the inner state I was in, in case I might lose it. However since I perceived that this presence was becoming more solid I couldn’t hold myself any longer, and I looked around. When I did, I didn’t see anything unusual. After a while the practice finished and some people spoke a few words about the chanting. Some also shared a similar experience of feeling a presence inside the room, as well as a special mystical atmosphere which had been generating gradually.

I was very grateful to have met up with my friends and to share my time with them, taking part in some spiritual activities and practicing some exercises from Belsebuub. Such occasions have always given me a great boost and offered me a great motivation to uncover a hidden side of life that is often in reach.

Encountering a Negative Entity in the Astral Plane

Another experience happened on a different summer night, in the country side where I was staying with a friend of mine. I was eager to do some more spiritual practices before I went to bed, in order to have a breakthrough and hopefully get some guidance from the other dimensions related to my inner work. After having taken the courses Belsebuub created I was able to learn how to astral project and use my time while I was sleeping to my advantage. It was like exploring a new world that had opened up to me.

My First Attempts

In the beginning of the night, my body was heavy and I fell into a deep sleep very quickly after having relaxed my body. However I had planned to wake up during the night in order to have more opportunities to practice astral projection.

When I woke up in the middle of the night, I sat up and chanted a mantra for quite a while before I lay down again. I pronounced each vowel for some time before I moved to the next one, and that kept my concentration focused and generated a mystical kind of atmosphere that maintained my interest.

By the end of the practice my body fell asleep but my awareness stayed awake in the astral plane. I had come out of my body and began to look around. I could see the room I was sleeping in, as it was, semi-lit, when I was wide awake. Then I turned to check what my friend was doing on the other side of the room.

Seeing My Friend with a Strange Presence

To my surprise, I saw a negative entity sitting on my friend’s body who had been lying asleep. Terrified at seeing the negative presence over my friend, I used the Bellilin recitation recommended by Belsebuub. I don’t remember what went wrong or if what happened was supposed to, but the entity didn’t disappear, as it normally would have in my previous experiences. Instead this negative entity got off my friend’s body and hid behind it. I then became surprised again as this entity began speaking to me with an evil kind of voice, saying: “…it’s mine!”

After that I woke up back in my physical body, confused and not knowing what else to do. I saw my friend still sleeping. I did the Bellilin again and I tried to go back into the astral plane, although unsuccessfully.

The negative entity I saw over my friend’s body looked like this one:

‘The Nightmare’ by John Henry Fuseli, 1781

Negative Entities in Other Dimensions

I don’t know what kind of being it was, where it came from and how I could have dealt better with it in the astral plane but I think the more encounters I would have the more familiar I would become.

I found Belsebuub’s articles where he refers to the existence of dark forces very informative. It has helped me to get a better intellectual understanding of what kind of beings are present in the higher dimensions. These experiences, although small, have broadened my understanding in several areas pertaining to sleep and astral projection. For instance, after this experience I tried to explore the heaviness that sometimes rests on my chest when I want to astral project and see how I can deal with it. I am left with many mysterious encounters and instances that I want to continue to explore and better understand, but if there is anything I have come to realise, it is that we are definitely not alone.

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  • It seems from those old paintings and others that depict dream states, that people had a sense of good and evil more so than today and how these things can also be experienced by others from different times and different places.

    Thanks for sharing those experiences Fotis, they were really interesting and profound to read.

    There’s a saying that says all guests make you happy, some when they come and others when they go.

  • Hi Fotus,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. It sound like you had a great experience with the group chanting that mantra. The presence you felt sounds like a great experience, I’m sure the environment you had would have attracted divine beings 🙂

    I wonder how many practices are disrupted by these negative entities? it does sound disturbing by what this particular entity said to you!

  • I wonder what feedback your friend gave you from the previous night.

    Based on my own experience, I suspect that this type of negative influence is very common, during the night and day. Like you, I also find it difficult to deal with it property.

    I also find that Bellillin helps. Other than that the ability to separate myself from the negative entity psychologically also helps as it seems that through my psychology is the way that they influence me. When I can remember that I am not those feelings and thoughts I have the strength to genuinely pray for its elimination.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with the Shanti mantra. I also find the solstice and equinox mantras magical.

  • Hi Fotis.

    Your experience with that negative entity does sound very creepy! So uncomfortably close to your friend.
    It does sound to me like one of those experiences that kind of went as they were supposed to, or perhaps that you needed to see and gain more of an understanding of this behaviour of such a creature.

    That warm feeling that comes with chanting mantras in a group like that is just… amazing. Not to be taken for granted really.

    I think I may also know and have experienced what you mean about that sudden ‘loud’ silence. So nice! Not sure if this is due to the ‘clearing’ effects of the mantra on the mind and psyche or something else like the vibration of the mantra on the room etc.
    I’ve also been on occasion so certain of sensing something, yet then when opening my eyes not actually seeing something. For example a few times I saw things in the astral and when waking up truly expecting to be able to see it there. But also on other occasions it was similar to you. But I think that not seeing anything with our physical eyes certainly doesn’t mean nothing is there.

    Like others I too wonder about that presence. Who was it? Obviously drawn to that room, to the people (perhaps to check it out or support things) looking to gravitate towards the affinity of such a vibration and higher things through the mantra and prayer. I guess if I were a spiritual being in other dimensions on this planet I’d be very happy and joyous to notice a group singing and wishing such prayers and songs to the world.

    Shanti, Shanti, Shanti! 🙂

    • Hi Karim

      In both cases, I don’t really know who was them. The first one felt like coming from the light and the second from darkness but I guess the more familiar we are with those encounters the more we will learn about them.
      I have heard before and sense when strong practices may attract beings from both sides. Be open-minded but protected in a circle at the same time is what I know so far…

      I was wondering if someone from that first practice is around this forum and remembered that happened ?? It was winter solstice 2011 at Scotland …evening 🙂

  • Hi Fotis,

    It’s interesting you said that mantra was like a beam of light that was having an effect throughout the universe. A friend of mine just shared a similar feeling they had after saying those words as part of the winter solstice ceremony created by Belsebuub; they felt that they were having an effect throughout the earth.

    It’s really beautiful for me to feel that by doing this relatively small effort of sincerely and prayerfully chanting a mantra, I could somehow be helping the world, by generating something spiritual perhaps.

    I recently noticed the same of what you were describing in your second experience of chanting the mantra at night. By calmly taking my time and concentrating on each vowel or syllable of a mantra, that in itself creates a momentum of concentration and a mystical atmosphere and counters the mechanical feeling that can sometimes occur and the chattering mind that would otherwise soon get bored in the practice.

    Spooky indeed how that entity claimed your friend’s body as its. Wonder if it was just lying or what did it mean. And then your experience with the spiritual presence is very inspiring. That a mere human effort can invite something divine.

  • Thanks for sharing those experiences Fotis. I can imagine that both of them must have had an impact upon you, but for very different reasons.

    Although the experience with the negative entity must have been startling, the mystical and peaceful presence that you felt while singing the Shanti mantra sounds very nice. It shows how big the contrast between forces of light and darkness is. I can also relate to the feeling of not wanting the joyous sound created by group mantra singing to end.

  • Thank you for sharing these interesting encounters Fotis. I really liked your descriptions of the first experience, especially about how each round of the mantra seemed to be creating something which was becoming stronger and stronger with each round. Also about the “external sounds being muted” at the point of the presence in the room. I think I know what you mean, as once I experienced something similar, and the sudden silence (not really silence, but “as if” silence) surprised me, something about the sound in the room definitely changed.

    The other experience sounded very peculiar indeed. It was interesting how the negative being sat on your friend exactly in the style of that famous illustration. I guess that’s what some of them like doing! 🙂 It helps sometimes to keep singing the protective recitations as many times as needed until they are completely gone.

  • Thank you for sharing those experiences. I can relate to what you say about the mantra feeling like a prayer, a beam of light. What a beautiful thing to feel such joy, and a strong presence in the room. I wonder who or what might have come to visit?

    The negative entity experience feels quite eerie to me. Especially when it said, “It’s mine.”

  • Thank you for sharing your experiences, Fotis. I especially enjoyed your group mantra experience. That really sounds incredible, just the intensity of focus and the beauty of that mantra are awesome enough, but to perceive otherworldly presences is amazing. Did you get a sense of who or what these beings were, or why they stopped by?

    I love mantras. When I get into a mantra, I can sometimes feel the power of the mantra, as though I am immersed in a heavenly, uplifting energy. That mantra, especially, uplifts me every time: I chant it year round 🙂


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