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My Experience with the Mantra ‘U’ on the Mountain Taygetos

Experience Submitted by By Lilia McNair

In December 2007, I went to a retreat on the mountain Taygetos in Greece with friends and people who were familiar with Belsebuub’s work. Taygetos is the highest peak in southern Greece and an old legend says that it was the 1st pyramid ever built on earth. There is however, a big question whether the rock structure is man-made or if it is a natural occurrence.

The mountain was covered in snow and it was very cold, yet the sun was shining and the sky was blue. I decided to go for a walk alone. When I reached a place not far from the group but isolated enough, I decided to lie down on a peak of a hill which was covered in snow and chant the mantra “U”. I chanted the mantra for some time and I felt a deeper connection with the divine.

Mountain Taygetos by Christophe20 via Wiki Commons

auckland-2Later in the evening we all sat around a table to eat our dinner and we were talking. For a few moments I caught myself knowing the words a person would say right before he could open his mouth to say them. It lasted for a few minutes and it was obvious that it wasn’t a coincidence and surely nothing I have ever experienced before. The same thing happened to me the next morning with another person.

I have had numerous random extrasensory experiences throughout my life but in a somewhat “raw” form, such as when you know something when it happens (déjà vu) or when you have dreamt of something that will happen or when you know someone will contact you the next day, or even when you know a word someone will say. However, I have never had an experience when telepathy was so overwhelming.


  • Hello Lilia,
    I can just imagine how you felt on the top of that mountain chanting the mantra U. There is definitively something spiritual about the mountains. Living on the top of a mountain right now, I often feel this sense of awareness without even trying to be in a moment.
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with us!

  • Thank for sharing Lilia. I hope that you continue to experience faculties and true esoteric knowledge in your life as you continue to study the works of Belsebuub.

  • Nice experience Lilia, thank you for sharing this.
    The Mantra generally have the power to influence positively our energies especially if there is a strong experience and outcome as that you described

    • Yes the effect was magical and I felt the difference for some time after chanting the mantra. Thank you Seraphim.

  • What an interesting experience. I also find that mountains and sacred places can have a wonder to them. I wonder if the Mountain Taygetos has any special properties to this day.

    All the best.

  • Thank you Lilia for sharing your lovely experience. You inspired me too, describing lying down on the peak of the mountain, alone, chatting the mantra, feeling connection with the Divine. And afterwards, the benefits of this mantra.
    I haven’t really heard about the legend and history of Taygetos, it will be very interesting to visit it.

    Wishing you much more inspiration and many more experiences with your inner exploration and work, thank you again!

  • Thanks for sharing your experience with this mantra Lilia. It’s amazing how something that seems so simple could bring about such a profound affect. It must have been quite astonishing to be able to predict what people were going to say not just once but many times over.

    I’m glad you were able to gain that memorable experience during the retreat and wish you many more successes with your spiritual practices.

  • That sounds beautiful Lilia, and shows how quickly we can get a result from a practise when it’s done with sincerity. That must have been quite an inspiring experience!

    I’ve never heard about that mountain before or the legend surrounding it, but from what’s being revealed about the true ancient history now, it seems more and more likely to me that myths are simply truths that have been mostly forgotten.

    • Thank you Ella, yes, it has been a very inspiring experience and it left me with similar questions such as whether many of the legends are the forgotten truth.

  • That sounds amazing Lilia, to verify in person the effect of the mantra Uuuu on heightened telepathy abilities.
    I also really liked how you described the practice – I could imagine the the crisp freshness of the air there, blue sky, snow and the peaceful flow of your practice. It must have been a really otherworldly feeling to be on that ancient mountain on your own, being in tune with the mantra, your surroundings and the Divine.

    Regarding the mountain potentially being a pyramid – it does not surprise me. Hopefully there will be enough enthusiasts and good will to start investigating this structure and determine its origin. The same thing has been happening in Bosnia for a while, and I suspect there must be probably many many other pyramids now covered with vegetation all over the world. This one would be amazing to study, due to its age and the legend that it may have been the very first pyramid built on Earth.

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience!

    • Thank you Lucia! The practice was indeed so magical and peaceful and the experience itself was “otherworldly” and one I can never forget. About the mountain and its legend, I have never had the chance to go back but I would love to go to investigate more.

  • Very nice Lilia 🙂 It seems with the presence of the spiritual in one’s life something like having dinner with others can become such a wonderful and magical experience. It seems worthwhile to ‘go out there’ with others every now and again, on walks, get-togethers to do a spiritual practice, be in nature etc.

    I like how some mountains like that have a very ancient history, something you can sometimes feel when you’re there. Same for some sacred sites. And as a wise quote says: “History became legend. Legend became myth. And for two and a half thousand years, the […….] passed out of all knowledge.”

    • Thank you Karim. Yes, I also find it is spiritually worthwhile and strengthening “going out there” with others . And also after this experience, I have wondered at times how a site such as this (with so much history and “knowledge”) can also contribute towards ones practical efforts.

  • I love what you wrote at the end Lilia, “there are so many gifts waiting when exploring spirituality”. And you never know what you could be given from just a sincere effort to come closer to the divine through a practice or try harder to change within. Thank you for sharing your experience 🙂

    • Hi Lilia,
      What a really nice and neat experience! It must have been quite interesting to be able to tap into that telepathy like this over such a long period of time. And thank you for mentioning what you said about exploring, like Laura, that part also touched me deeply as well.
      It always seems to come down to that sincere and genuine yearning to discover and uncover more about ourselves, about what we are made up, and ultimately leading us to uncover life that seem to lead us to these moments or experiences that truly stays with us, these moments of help that we can feel and experience like no others; at others times (more like the rest of the time..!), while it is all there still waiting for us, we don’t grasp any of it, or can’t see or can’t hear any of it, as we’re not exploring what is happening in our lives, as we live it in the moment.

      • Hello Geraldine,

        Thank you for your insight. I couldn’t agree more. These rare moments that we get help are so precious to keep us going, to keep us realizing that we can tap into something beyond our mundane way of living and that we can uncover things that “are there still waiting for us”. It is unfortunate though that most of the times we regress back to our own old ways and stop exploring what is going on in the moment and become blind of this human potential.


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