Experience Submitted by By Lilia McNair

In December 2007, I went to a retreat on the mountain Taygetos in Greece with other friends and people who were familiar with Belsebuub’s work. Taygetos is the highest peak in southern Greece and an old legend says that it was the 1st pyramid ever built on earth. There is however, a big question whether the rock structure is man-made or if it is a natural occurrence.

The mountain was covered in snow and it was very cold, yet the sun was shining and the sky was blue. I decided to go for a walk alone. When I reached a place not far from the group but isolated enough, I decided to lie down on a peak of a hill which was covered in snow and chant the mantra “U”. I chanted the mantra for some time and I felt a deeper connection with the divine.


Mountain Taygetos by Christophe20 via Wiki Commons

Later in the evening we all sat around a table to eat our dinner and we were talking. For a few moments I caught myself knowing the words a person would say right before he could open his mouth to say them. It lasted for a few minutes and it was obvious that it wasn’t a coincidence and surely nothing I have ever experienced before. The same thing happened to me the next morning with another person.

auckland-2I have had numerous random extrasensory experiences throughout my life but in a somewhat “raw” form, such as when you know something when it happens (déjà vu) or when you have dreamt of something that will happen or when you know someone will contact you the next day, or even when you know a word someone will say. However, I have never had an experience when telepathy was so overwhelming.

The experience was beautiful and it made me realize that there are so many gifts waiting when exploring spirituality. I am grateful for it because it helped me to appreciate the power of the mantras among other things. Also, it motivated me to be more explorative with the techniques and to keep working to change.