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Listening to My Intuition

Mike L
Experience submitted by Mike L

I don’t consider myself to be a very intuitive person – not by a long shot. I have gotten a little bit better at perceiving it over the years though through studying Belsebuub’s work. Below is an example of the kind of simple experiences in day to day affairs where listening to intuition can come in handy:

Forgetting Something…

My friend and I used to coordinate a series of events each weekend at a local community hall. Each weekend, I went to his apartment on Saturday or Sunday morning to help pack supplies before we drove down together.

One day, after we packed everything into the car, I took my seat and my friend got into the driver’s seat. At the moment he sat down, I had a feeling that we were forgetting keys. The feeling lasted maybe half-a-second and then it was gone as we began to drive. I quickly forgot the thought as we made our way to the event.

We pulled up to the hall and began to unload supplies from the trunk. My friend went to go unlock the hall and he realized he had left the keys at home!

Image by Pexels
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When he said that, I felt a real punch in the stomach! How could I have ignored that feeling? Why didn’t I say anything? Although I failed to act upon the intuitive feeling I got, this was a fresh, new experience for me in learning what the sense of intuition feels like.

  • Thanks for sharing this experience Mike. It’s interesting how intuition works in these small areas of everyday life. Like you, I don’t consider myself to an overly intuitive person, as I tend to come from a more rational, logical approach. But I can think of a few instances in my life where I had a gnawing hunch that I should take a certain direction, without having to weigh up all the pros and cons. Fortunately I followed my hunch on those occasions and soon after realised that I wouldn’t have the same chances again if I’d chosen different options.

    By the way, I had a little instance of intuition before reading your article. I get notifications for new articles and often try to guess who the author is based on the first sentence that’s included in the email. I can’t say I’ve had a great success rate overall, but on this occasion I guessed correctly. So it’s funny that your article was also on the topic of intuition! 🙂

  • I can relate to your fleeting feeling of intuition that you forgot the keys – it seems they often come in that form and quickly disappear. After learning more about the intuition in Belsebuub’s courses I reconnected with those feelings and I am more in tune with them but it seems that these feelings were a lot clearer when I was a child and now I need to be extra vigilant of them.

  • Thank you for sharing this instance of intuition – that’s what usually happens, isn’t it? We get a “hunch”, but we disregard it… Actually, something very similar happened to me just a few days ago in a fabric shop. I went to buy some fabric and calculated how much will be needed and bought a certain length. As the shop assistant was cutting the fabric, I saw there was just about 40 centimeters or so left from that roll, and I had a feeling that I should get that bit as well. But since the fabric was more on the expensive side, I disregarded the feeling and thought it was not important. Sure enough, the next day when I started planning how and what to sew from the fabric, I realised that those extra 40 centimeters would be very useful in the end, and so I had to call the shop to ask if they could reserve that bit for me so we can come and pick it up later… 😀

    • Yeah, unfortunately that is often how it goes. But it’s nice to imagine one day, with sufficient personal development, listening to those hunches could be commonplace.

  • Yeah, those can be tricky situations, when the mind can not only justify itself through basic logic (the other brand of carrots is *probably* okay, too…), but also through something as emotionally gripping as being pressed for time, having to go to another grocer to get carrots, etc.

  • I feel you illustrated how intuition works very well Mike.
    I think the biggest problem learning about intuition is to identify how intuition feels like. Something actually they should teach at schools…
    Because as soon as someone identifies this feeling, like when eat or see something for the first time, is able to make the connection next time and be more familiar with this feeling whenever it comes.

    As you said I feel also that sometimes there is a lack of trust of intuitive messages and the mind can take over strongly, in order to assess the situation.

    Thank you for sharing it. It sounds magic but I wish intuition was part of one more type of sense for me.

  • A really nice experience Mike, thank you for sharing! Shows how we can often ignore these very obvious hunches to only regret it later… Good that you guys still managed to set up everything on time! 🙂

    Wishing you all the best with listening to this wonderful sense!

  • I also feel that because of my education and intellectualness I have lost touch with intuition. However, recently I had a small experience with this type of thinking (thinking that I can’t do something). I remembered how so much more is possible when being in the moment. By being in the moment I am able to do things that would normally be impossible. This is obvious because (in the example of physical labor) I can relax when in the moment, and so have more energy.

    I think this type of approach could be helpful for both of us to reconnect with intuition.

    • I find a similar thing to be true Alex. Sometimes I think ‘oh, I’ve got so much to do’ and can easily get absorbed in it. But if I would be in awareness in my activities and concentrate on them then I can gain/keep my inner clarity. Plus I’ll be able to do things better and more effectively.

    • That’s a great point, Aleks. I think remembering that we really can accomplish more by being in the moment could give a certain resolve to follow up on intuition and not dismiss it. Just knowing, or reminding ourselves, that the mind isn’t the be all to end all for living could make a huge difference.
      Thank you for sharing this insight!

  • Nice experience Mike. I relate to getting an intuitive thought but with my mind reasoning it away as not probable, so I decide to go for the more logical option. Only to then, way too often, find how I should’ve gone with intuition. Even in simple things like seeing the carrots I normally buy out of stock, so I consider buying another plain variety. A very quick ‘thought’ of intuition tells me don’t buy those better to go into the shop next door and buy some there. Then my mind says, go to another shop? that takes too much time, I’ve got things to do. Then you get home only to and see (and smell 😉 ) half the bag has gone off.


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