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How a Mantra Helped Us to Dispel Negativity

Laura and Pavlin
Experience Submitted by Pavlin Boev and Laura Boeva


One morning I came downstairs to find my husband working on the computer. Without words and hardly a look passing between us, I could sense that he was not feeling ok. My heart sank and I started to worry. I could feel that if I tried to talk it wouldn’t really help.

I tried weakly to calm my worries and anxiety but they had gained some grip on me now. I felt helpless to help him. I wished I had that center of peace and strength within myself that Belsebuub describes can be created with the spiritual inner work, a peace that could help others feel better if they felt down and that wouldn’t be affected by my surroundings — the reality was the opposite though and I was trapped by my own negativity.

Singing a Mantra as a Prayer for Help

It came to my mind that I could sing a mantra. From Belsebuub’s work I had learned about mantras and knew from experience that it could help uplift the frequency and energy of the room and the mood of the people in it.

I asked my husband if he would mind if I sang a mantra and did he have any he’d like to hear. He said, ‘Something that dispels negativity.’ Even before he said that though, I had decided I would sing the Gayatri mantra that I had learned from the book by Belsebuub and Lara Atwood, The Path of the Spiritual Sun. Also, having recently read about a dream experience of it, it was the first one to come to mind.

There are many versions of it but this is the one I did as I find its melody and tone calming and having a sense of devotion to it:

 The Power of the Gayatri Mantra

I sat down, did the recitation Bellilin and began the mantra slowly and deliberately. I wanted to put focus on each word, sing it as beautifully and strongly as possible. I felt down but tried to sing it sincerely, as a prayer to my inner Being to help us get out of the negativity.

The Bellilin helped some to initially lighten the energy, but it only took a few times of chanting the Gayatri to feel a peaceful, powerful emanation filling the space with silence and stillness. I continued for some time, to go deeper into it and wanting to strengthen the higher vibration.

Uplifting Both Our Moods

After I had finished, I felt calmer and more objective, not worried and anxious anymore. I could feel that my husband had also got rid of his negativity. I felt that there was a connection and unity between us again.

Laura and Pavlin


That morning I felt heavy and had a long day ahead in front of the computer. When Laura suggested to sing a mantra, I thought it would be a good opportunity to try and shake off my bad mood. I tried to relax as much as I could and allow the sound of the mantra to reach me. By the end of the session, I did feel lighter and clearer. It was quite remarkable how the mantra changed my internal state for the better.

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  • Hi Laura & Pavlin,
    It was really nice to read your experiences, to me it highlighted how when people are trying to use daily events for learning, you were able to work through what could have become a difficult situation and turn it into such a gentle and respectful communication and give a positive results in the end. It was such a lovely story to read 🙂

  • @Pavlin, That sounds like a good approach you had, to first let go of that weight you felt (as that’s how we can sometimes feel due to circumstances in life), to step sensibly to the side first so to speak and then build up from there.

    @Laura. Very lovely experience. What a special kind of courage, to choose to go against negativity.
    There are many great mystical experiences to be had and changing one’s inner state might not seem like much. But I’ve seen that that negativity within me is actual a horrible thing, and that going against it and overcoming it is in fact something divine in a way.

    I thought recently that if we can overcome those most uncomfortable, most difficult emotions within us (such as that which might arise with those closest to us) then what can stop us?

    Wishing you all the best. Very warm of a photo of you two on top of that mountain. 🙂

  • That was wonderfully uplifting Laura and Pavlin. This happens to be one of my favorite mantras to sing/listen to and I’m glad to hear how much it helped both of you reduce your negativity/tension and enabled you to reconnect with each other in a more harmonious way. I agree that certain types of sounds and music can effectively elevate our energies. I once read that the medieval mystic/composer/healer Hildegard of Bingen used sacred music as an integral part of her healing practices to help negate illness.

  • Hi, Laura and Pavlin.
    What stood out to me from your experience was how you both seemed to be working together to uplift each other’s state rather than to just focus on your own state of being.
    I also find the Gayatri mantra very warm and uplifting.

  • Hi Laura,

    Yes, I’ve also noticed a positive effect of simply listening to mantras, when they are harmonious. I can also relate to what you said about the appreciation of its beauty sometimes being greater when listening to it, probably for similar reasons to those you mentioned. I’ve noticed a similar thing when performing music, where I’ve been focussed on making sure my part was correct, so have tuned into it more than the other sounds in the ensemble.

    Actively participating in mantras can also be very beautiful though, so I think it’s worthwhile trying to tune into the overall sound and not be distracted by thoughts, in order to appreciate it more.

    • Yes, actively participating in a mantra is a whole different experience than just listening to one – you can go deep into this higher energy and it can affect your inner state much more powerfully, maybe because you are putting your best concentration and consciousness in it and that way getting something deeper in return. It was just interesting to me to hear a mantra being sung in person as I had always either participated in one or heard it from a recording.

  • Very nice experience Laura and Pavlin. What stood out to me was how willing you both were to get reach out, be helped, and get over the lower states. I find even this initial open-ness is a major part of the battle. Sometimes you can be so immersed in an ego any attempt by someone to bring you out of it is just met with hostility or a refusal to admit something is wrong. Or, seeing someone else struggle doesn’t evoke sympathy at all, just more negativity!

    Mantras really can transform a state and an atmosphere! For me, the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum is my go-to mantra when I’m feeling low 🙂

    • Hi Ella,

      Yeah I think that’s what it all comes down to – that you want to and yearn to change how you feel and how you are. Why this sometimes gets lost or you don’t feel it as much and just allow the low states and are not willing or open for help to get out of them, is something I want to understand better.

  • Thanks for sharing Laura and Pavlin. The gentleness of your communication stands out to me, and I am quite familiar with the feelings from both sides of your story. I also noticed that mantras can have this type of power, even when they are put as a recording via Youtube or similar.

  • This is so beautiful, thank you for sharing. To me, it shows the power of music, how much it can change how someone feels. It can even help someone heal I think. It was a lovely thing you did, singing for your husband 🙂

    Been listening to the video you shared of the Gayatri Mantra. I’ve had a bit of a rough couple of days, but this mantra seems to ease the stress I feel. Like it helps me let go and relax. I can also sense the devotion in it. Thank you.

    • Sometimes I think that I don’t perceive qualities of spiritual music that other people seem to perceive, but when they voice it, I recognize it is what I had been feeling too. Maybe I’ve just not learnt to verbalize these things so can’t pinpoint them either. So it was actually when someone said about another version of Gayatri, which was technically advanced, nice melody and nice voices and so on, that it was good but lacked the devotion, that made me ‘hear’ the devotion in this particular version.

      I’m happy to hear that you were able to relax and let go of some of the stress by listening to it. I hope that the hard times will soon be in the past and you will have emerged stronger from them : ) Much love!

  • This was very inspiring to read, thank you guys for sharing! I reminded me of another experience posted here – https://selfdiscoverylife.com/2016/12/07/my-experiences-with-mantra-u/ where a mantra also helped a person to come out of the negative inner states. It is amazing how these experiences show that we can vibrate internally on those different levels and how the sound can affect us to such a significant extent.

    Beautiful pictures of you two as well!

    • Somewhere I read recently that when doing a mantra, it is best to focus on it fully, which I already knew but the explanation was interesting –
      the focus allows our whole body and psyche to start vibrating with the higher level of the mantra, whereas if you keep thinking about things or are tense etc. you just keep vibrating on the same lower level and the mantra won’t help as much. I’m not sure if it works exactly like that but it helped me to have that focus when doing mantras afterward, to observe the vibration and intentionally allow it to resonate in my whole being. Thanks for the comment : )

  • Thanks Laura and Pavlin for sharing your story, very nice to know that it helped both of you.

    This is one my favourite mantras and your story prompt me to play it for my wife and our little Beau and we just love it.
    Very uplifting and heartfelt especially in the morning and it been magical for our family this morning.
    Thank you for a great start to the day.

  • Thanks Laura and Pavlin for sharing your experience with the Gayatri mantra. It’s amazing how quickly it was able to uplift your inner state and it shows how sound can have quite a significant effect on our consciousness.

    • Hi Michael,

      Yes I think it was quite special and noticeable how quick the effect was. Usually it might take a while to really feel a mantra if I do it, for my inner state to change and mind to get quieter, but perhaps here I had a strong sincere focus and need and that allowed or even invited a response that was faster than usual. It seems to work that way with asking too by the way.

      An interesting thing I’ve noticed is that if I’m listening to a person or people doing a mantra but not participating in it myself, especially if I hear it from afar where you get a more wholesome listening effect, it can sound amazingly beautiful and harmonious and otherworldly. Whereas if I’m there chanting it I might be struggling with tension or thoughts or something and not hearing the beauty. It gave me faith that there is a positive effect even if I’m not immediately aware of it sometimes.


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