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Encountering a Negative Entity in the Astral

Experience submitted by Daniel L

Here’s a short experience I had with a negative entity, the kind of which Belsebuub sometimes refers to in his works.

I had gone to bed trying exercises of astral projection. I was not successful and had fallen asleep, however I did “wake up” in the astral plane, and I was laying on my bed, face down. As I realized what was happening, I noticed that I could not move, and I could feel a weight pinning me down, as if someone was sitting on me.

Painting by John Henry Fuseli -The Nightmare
Painting by John Henry Fuseli – The Nightmare

I tried to push myself up off the bed to hopefully stand up or turn around. I couldn’t achieve that. I could however turn my head and saw a pretty grotesque figure sitting on top of me.

He looked very much like the classic image of a negative entity sitting on a sleeping person, as portrayed in “The Nightmare” by Henry Fuseli.

He was very short and stout looking, with a small, evil-looking mouth, and tiny red dots for eyes. His body seemed a perfect black — it seemed to have its own luminosity.

As he knew I could now see him, he started with a very deep and cavernous evil laugh. It struck me that I had heard this exact laugh before, and I realised the laugh was from a song I had listened to during the day previously. I won’t say which song, but it is a well-known song from a well-known band. I wondered if he somehow knew I had heard this song and was imitating this laugh to spook me.

In any event, I started chanting a recitation that I had learned from Belsebuub called Bellilin” which expels or disables negative figures in the astral plane.

He didn’t seem too happy that I started chanting it and then exclaimed in a desperate voice:

Wait! Daniel!! I can help you!! WAIT!!!

There was a genuine desperation in what he was saying, as if he really believed he could help me and if I were to expel him, it would be to my detriment.

However, I continued with the Bellilin chant, and he disappeared.

Belsebuub has mentioned in some of his works that darkness has a well-organised hierarchy and is very ordered in their efforts, and that some of these negative entities try and make people stumble spiritually. I must admit, this experience really rattled me for a while. Although it’s almost kind of funny now thinking about it, it did side track me for some time from trying any astral projection exercises. Though after some more experience now, I am not so worried about things like that. So I guess he was successful, at least for a time, in preventing me from exploring the astral world.

* Featured image via Pexels.

  • It’s curious how the negative entity acted. It seems like they are not ashamed to change their guise once one has been foiled.

    I have also tried to look into whether negative entities follow us in daily life, but I lack the level of clarity in my psychology to come up with a definitive conclusion. What I know is that there is a definite relationship between the negativity that is faced in the day and the negative situations in the night. I do not know if these are based on our own egos or negative entities, or both.

    I have noticed that it is important to do our best in the negative situations that come up in daily life. Giving up in the day leads to losing to them in dreams. However, even seeing what I am facing in the day (without actually breaking through it) helps me to see negativity at night, which gives a degree of confidence and strength from negative situations in dreams.

    Thank you also for confirming the efficacy of the Bellilin recitation.

  • I find it interesting how such close surveillance of people happens by these interdimensional entities. Yet normally people are completely unaware of it, or the signs that can sometimes be detected do not have a context to be put in.
    It’s not the case that these things are not real, but it does require personal investigations and exploration to start to see the truth of it.

    I’ve also been called by my first name by a negative entity, I think that was as part of a tactic to freak me out a bit.

    Nice that you weren’t tricked into stopping your recitation btw. I think intuition and consciousness can be quite intelligent over there. Cheers Daniel

  • Hi Daniel,
    It was interesting to read your article, and I think the questions that this experience gave you are really important.

    I wish you all the strength and inspiration to find their answers! I think if all of us knew them, we would probably have much more clarity about our situation and what we should be doing.

  • That was funny, how the creature completely changed its tactic, from trying to spook you to trying to plead with you! It’s good you weren’t convinced of its ability to “help” you 😉

    It’s interesting how that small encounter had all that information in it in a way, and it caught your attention and brought up all those questions in you. Like it’s quite nice you went so deep with it, whereas you could have just felt afraid for a time and then forgotten about it. It has helped to bring similar questions to my awareness too. It’s great that it didn’t stop you from trying. Thanks for sharing!

  • Your use of “first name basis” kinda made me chuckle. Too bad it’s not a first name basis we’d like to have…

    I’ve wondered much of that, too, how the negative entities seem to have so much knowledge of us? It really does seem that the forces of darkness are well-organized, as Belsebuub describes, and perhaps watching us at all times, planning how to disrupt or mislead us. Good thing those recitations work so we can expel evil presences!

  • Thanks for sharing your experience Daniel. I can imagine this kind of experience with a negative entity could have been offputting for a while, as well as stirring up those questions that you raised. But it’s good that the attempts of the entity to thwart your progress into the astral plane were met with the same refusal to be influenced, which you mentioned after the entity pleading with you to not expel it.

    Good luck with your future investigations!


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