Experience submitted by Julian Kingman

Experience submitted by Julian Kingman

One night, I found myself waking up in the astral with Belsebuub’s being already present. I was familiar with the location we were in, as I was helping to renovate the building during the day.

But here in the astral, it was quite dark unlike its physical counterpart. Seeing the state of repairs it was in, I felt that it represented my own inner state of being, and my work upon it, and that it still needed a lot more work!

Belsebuub led me over to a file cabinet. It looked like an ordinary filing cabinet, and inside were records of people and actions.

I got the idea to look at a couple of them. After passing over some files of other people I knew (it didn’t seem right to read their files), I picked up my file, and suddenly a curious question occurred to me.

During the day, I was learning about the egos, and how different egos (like fear, gluttony, anxiety, and so on) can appear spontaneously. The question that occurred to me was about a specific time in my childhood where there was a funny situation, but I couldn’t really see any ego in it.

I flipped to that page on my file, and to my surprise I saw with exact precision the inner state that I was in, down to the percentage point. I was amazed to discover that things that seem so subjective here are tracked and monitored objectively in the higher dimensions.

We went on, and I saw this funny-looking cartoonish animal. I recognized it as a particular ego, one that I didn’t have a lot of insight into. Just by looking at it and its features, however, I could understand a bit of how it works.

It’s kind of like how a cartoon character can exemplify something like aggressiveness, cockiness, or fearfulness, in fact it was almost exactly like that.

In the astral, the behavior and demeanor of the ego/animal was even more 'typical' to the state it represented.

Belsebuub mentioned in one his books that seeing a chicken in a dream can symbolize fear. In my astral experience, the behavior and demeanor of the cartoonish ego/animal I saw was even more ‘typical’ to the ego state it represented.

Since that time, I’ve seen animals like that at other times, and it has always been very helpful to see them in what I think of as their ‘raw’ state, as it shows me what “monsters” are living inside of me, and from a different perspective.

Shortly after seeing the ego, my dad joined us, who I understood to be my divine father, a higher aspect of myself. Belsebuub took us flying over the ocean, instructing both of us on various things as we flew. I don’t remember much of what he said, but I remember seeing some beautiful islands formed of stacked stone, with waves coming over them, and some palm trees on them.

This is roughly what the islands looked like, but with the additional beauty of the astral plane. (Montage made with photos from Pixabay)

This is roughly what the islands looked like, but with the additional beauty of the astral plane. (Montage made with photos 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 from Pixabay).

They were so lovely and peaceful, these miniature islands, no more than 20-30 feet across each. I knew intuitively that they only existed in the astral, and that they could exist in the physical world, if humanity were in a more spiritual state. It was a bittersweet moment, and I wondered how many things like that would never be known because of the lack of spiritual development in humanity.