Experience Submitted by Lilia M

Experience Submitted by Lilia M

One night I was practising with a technique for astral projection I learned from the courses of Belsebuub. During the day, I was following his suggestions and I was working to get rid of negative psychological states and to be as clear as possible in order to perceive the moment.  I was also trying regularly using the technique he gave to question where I was and I was testing with a little jump or pulling my finger.

That night, I became lucid in the astral plane in a rather odd way. While I was dreaming, I remember standing in the middle of my bedroom, feeling dizzy and I began turning very quickly as if I was a spinning top. When the dizziness went away, I knew I was fully lucid in my room.

I checked to verify and then I walked to another room of my house and there, I saw a Being. The Being was full of love and calmness and I felt immediately trust, connection and readiness to talk to them. I had the chance to ask questions and receive answers. One of my questions was very personal and brought strong emotions in me. The Being wasn’t giving me an answer about my emotional question. They were standing silent, staring at me. Later, I realized that the question wasn’t appropriate and this is why I wasn’t getting any answer.

When our conversation ended, I walked back to my bedroom as if something was pushing me to go there. I stood in the middle of the bedroom and I started going through the same process, dizziness and spinning until I woke up in the physical world, remembering my experience clearly.


Here I am, meditating on a mountain top.

I remember this experience until today because in it I had the chance to meet with a Spiritual Being from the other side and to have a conversation with them. I had the chance to ask questions and to receive answers from another dimension. Another thing I learned was that even if I was unsuccessful with my astral experience technique and I didn’t split consciously from my physical body to the astral plane, due to my overall efforts with the spiritual work that Belsebuub talks about, I was helped to become lucid and to have this unforgettable and beautiful experience. I am so grateful for it!