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My Meeting with a Spiritual Being in the Astral Plane

Experience Submitted by Lilia M
Experience Submitted by Lilia M

One night I was practising a technique for astral projection I learned from the courses of Belsebuub. During the day, I was following his suggestions and I was working to get rid of negative psychological states and to be as clear as possible in order to perceive the moment.  I was also trying regularly using the technique he gave to question where I was and I was testing with a little jump or pulling my finger.

That night, I became lucid in the astral plane in an odd way. While I was dreaming, I remember standing in the middle of my bedroom, feeling dizzy and I began turning very quickly as if I was a spinning top. When the dizziness went away, I knew I was fully lucid in my room.

I checked to verify and then I walked to another room of my house and there I saw a Being. The Being was full of love and calmness and I felt immediately trust, connection and readiness to talk to them. I had the chance to ask questions and receive answers. One of my questions was very personal and brought strong emotions in me. The Being wasn’t giving me an answer about my emotional question. They were standing silent, staring at me. Later, I realized that the question wasn’t appropriate and this is why I wasn’t getting any answer.

Here I am, meditating on a mountain top.

When our conversation ended, I walked back to my bedroom as if something was pushing me to go there. I stood in the middle of the bedroom and I started going through the same process, dizziness and spinning until I woke up in the physical world, remembering my experience clearly.

I remember this experience until today because in it I had the chance to meet with a Spiritual Being from the other side and to have a conversation with them. I had the chance to ask questions and to receive answers from another dimension.

  • Hi Lilia,
    It was so inspiring to see how your yearning to overcome this negativity was rewarded with such an amazing meeting with a divine being, and I found it interesting/telling too that as you fought this negativity you met someone that was instead emanating its opposite: love.
    As for the silence in regards to one of your question, like others have said, it also feels like a form of answer – perhaps that being could not comment on it or like you felt later on that perhaps it was inappropriate. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you Geraldine. It was interesting to see in action that fighting the negativity and dealing with internal negative psychological states could bring gifts from the Light and from Love as a reward. This was a big lesson to me because in the past I thought (as many books are mentioning) that experiences and spiritual gifts were coming only when acting out of love and kindness while “ignoring” or “suppressing” the negativity inside.
      On the contrary, it was only when I started seeing the negativity within me, exposing it, trying to deal with it in action and I was trying to eliminate it that I begun having experiences.

  • Fantastic! So awe-inspiring that you were able to have this success, Lilia. To utilize the astral in this way and seek out answers important to your inner work and understanding is pretty unique. I like the approach you had as well of simply doing the spiritual work Belsebuub lays out and not being down about lack of success in splitting consciously into the astral. Seems like all the efforts you were putting in during the day truly paid off where you were given that extra nudge to wake up from the dream instead. One of my earlier experiences also had me spinning in it, and afterwards, I would be in a different place. At the time, I thought that was possibly the way to travel in the astral or something — that it came with all this spinning : ) I’m not sure why it happened. Maybe just the newness of it or the state of my psyche in that experience.

    • Thank you Zorana, yes, it was such a beautiful gift. I also had another experience where I was chanting a mantra and I started spinning but got afraid and stopped the mantra. I had the feeling that I was coming out of my body at the time. It might be another way indeed. Thank you for sharing your experience. At least now I know that the spinning happens to others as well ;).

  • It must have been so lovely to meet that spiritual being, to feel that love. It’s amazing isn’t it, to meet someone that doesn’t judge you at all. I wonder at times who these spiritual beings are, if they’re with us during the day, watching out for us, teaching us. Especially the ones that feel familiar to us when we meet them in the astral plane.

    I remember once when I was first starting to astral project, I came across a man who turned around and looked at me. He had such a lovely smile, showing me how happy he was to see me. Like he loved me. He also felt very calm. I wonder who he was. My experience ended very quickly, so I didn’t get to speak with him.

    • Yes Anne Linn, it is so beautiful to meet with someone on the other side and feel the connection and the trust. It is also wonderful to know you are not being judged, rather, you are loved unconditionally. Thank you for sharing your own experience too.

  • Hi Lilia,

    Thank you for sharing this inspiring experience. I was talking with my wife today about our experience growing up and how open we were in sharing a problem with our parents or friends. Perhaps how much confidence or trust we had in our relationships at that time and how that evolved. Your article makes me think how great it is to be able to ask something very personal directly to a spiritual being full of love and wisdom. And then if the answer is silence, this is still an answer that you need in order to realize something about your situation.

    It also inspired me to read how dedicated you were. Thanks!

    • Thank you Pavlin for your insight. I haven’t thought about this before and you are right that when younger it was so much easier to trust and to be open to our love ones.

      Silence was indeed a form of teaching, a way to help me realize something very important at the time.

  • How lovely Lilia,

    I especially liked how you said you instantly felt comfortable and at ease being in front of this spiritual being 🙂 how nice.

    I wonder if that being already knew what you were going to ask. Even if they already knew you were going to ask it in that ‘charged’ way, and already knew that in all likeliness they would remain silent. And yet still decided to come to you and receive you anyway, and for you to have this experience. It seems there’s a lot of love there. (perhaps they were even the one that helped you ‘out’ in the first place?)

    Of course I don’t know the specifics of that being’s decisions. 🙂

    I agree with what you say Lilia about our efforts counting and that even when we don’t manage to succeed with the goal we had in mind we can still be helped.

    • Thank you Karim. I am also wondering about all these questions and at the same time grateful for the gift I received from this Being.

  • That’s a very inspiring experience Lilia, thank you for sharing. I hope that you can have many more in the future by applying the techniques that you’ve learned from Belsebuub.

  • It’s nice that you were able to have some of your questions answered during that experience Lilia. Thanks for sharing it!

    • Thank you Michael. My experience was very encouraging at the time and it motivated me to keep going. .


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