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An Answer to My Prayers – From a Bird

Experience submitted by Anne-Linn
Experience submitted by Anne-Linn

Going through Belsebuub’s courses, I became interested in what he said about intuition. It awoke a longing in me of living a different kind of life where I was being guided from within. To feel there was a thread in my life that I could grasp and follow.

Through Belsebuub’s courses, I learned to observe and understand my thoughts and feelings, which helped me to hear my inner guidance better. The more I listened to my intuition, the stronger it seemed to become. One experience stands out to me.

A Special Little Friend

For a while my husband and I lived in a small apartment in the countryside of Norway. It was a beautiful place, close to a lake, mountains, and forests. I would often stand by my window and watch and listen to the birds outside and the silence around. There was one bird in particular that I enjoyed observing. He always came alone, meaning that he was the only one of his kind. And he would be a bit more curious than the rest, taking his time to sit on a small rock, look around, or hop along the ground. I always felt very happy to see him.

After a few years, it was time for us to leave that place. We spent a few months preparing for the move, and one morning I found that bird lying dead on our patio, having flown into our glass door. I stood for a moment, stunned. I felt so sad that he had been killed. Why him of all the birds? I gently placed him beneath some growing plants outside.

Meeting Again

Not long after I went through a difficult time that really shook me. But my husband and I finally moved and settled down in our new place. One day, a few months later, we were going for a walk in the winter sunshine. As we passed by a river I saw that same kind of bird perched on a branch above the water. I stopped for a while to observe him. He was beautiful. When we got home again I saw that same bird fly onto the railing of our patio, staying there for a brief moment before flying away. I stopped in my track, wondering if it meant something. Had he followed us? I touched my heart and I intuitively felt a message being given to me. Of what seeing that bird meant. It was an answer to a prayer, a hope that I had carried for a long time. I searched to look up the spiritual meaning of that bird and found that it was the same message I had been given.


I had been asking questions that were weighing on my heart to the divine, to my Divine Mother especially, and I felt I had just been given an answer to something through that bird.

Below is one of my favorite talks by Belsebuub. It inspires me to ask more:

And also to this one, where Belsebuub answers questions on faith:

I was very touched by my experience, and it made me have more faith in the guidance of the heart, and not to doubt it so much. It amazed me that the divine would use a bird to teach me something. It’s a way I’ve often wanted to learn things — through the symbolism of nature, but I doubted things could really work that way.

But it seems many things are possible.

  • I feel that there is something very special about birds. They seem so out of place – the feeling of them hopping about and singing brings me into another world sometimes.
    I like how you intuitively touched your heart Anne Linn when you saw that bird again around your home. When I looked into animal communication from a spiritual point of view the teachers always stressed how it is important to connect with animals through our hearts and to use it as a channel for communicating with them.
    Thank you for sharing this lovely experience with us.

  • This was really beautiful to read Anne, thank you for sharing. I can imagine the sadness and desperation on seeing your favorite little friend dead. 🙁
    It sometimes scares me to see things like this happening, as I know everything that is happening around us often has a symbolic meaning. As they say, there is no inner world and outside world, but everything is related. So seeing something like that can often make me question things. But how beautiful that you were given another chance, another hope, and have this hope confirmed through seeing that new little fellow of the same kind.

    I also loved how you said you touched your heart when seeing the bird and then felt an answer intuitively. That’s such a nice way of interacting with everything around us, and also shows a lot of faith.

    Thank you for sharing again, and wishing you many more happy encounters with your little friend! <3

  • What a beautiful story (with some sadness), Anne-Linn.

    It’s remarkable to see what teachings there are all around for us.

    A friend of mine would often look for spiritual teachings in nature and myself, being more intellectual, I kind of had doubts. But over time, I’ve opened up more to these prospects and I found your experience quite inspiring.

    • That’s nice to hear Mike 🙂 I have doubts too, but something in me feels very strongly that there are teachings in nature, all around us. As a child, I felt closer to God out in the sunlight than inside our church. I guess we’ve just been taught to doubt growing up.

  • Those seem like such nice little friends Anne Linn 🙂

    I’ve also at times had answers come to me in everyday life like that. But my logical and skeptical mind would often doubt many, of even the most obvious, messages like that. It actually takes some faith to trust in them I think, though of course also watching myself to let the mind start to see messages everywhere, but it’s very nice I find of the divine forces to come to us like that in our everyday life.

    • I know what you mean. I have so many doubts too. It’s hard to know for sure if something is a random event, or a sign, a message of something. But over time small experiences add up and builds our faith I think.

  • Hi Anne Linn,

    I really enjoyed reading your experience. Especially since I have a special sentiment for birds. i feel like they have encouraged and guided me at different periods of my life.

    Sometimes when I don’t feel so well, I would mentally call their elementals to visit me and would often see them. It makes me happy and gives me determination. And I also learned to appreciate more the beauty of their presence.

    • That is lovely Pavlin. I love that you have felt them guiding you. There is something uniquely magical about birds I think.

    • That’s so cute Pavlin about calling the birds essences/elementals to come and visit. I need to try this. 🙂 In the past, I was doing some experiments with talking to them telepatically, and a few times they responded, but you reminded me of how important it is to just tune in and connect to them. If we don’t do anything, then of course nothing happens.

  • Magical Anne-Linn. I know what you mean about life taking on a different feel as you turn towards your heart and look for intuition as a guide rather than the mind. I remember once, I had a difficult question to answer, and a butterfly with a broken wing landing on me became my answer – it was imbued with a meaning I intuitively understood. Life can really answer back to you in the most incredible ways. Another memory of this intuitive answer stands out – again I was in a situation that I really was begging for help to understand. I was walking in a woods and a piece of newspaper was in front of me. I picked it up and read it – my answer was there, woven into an advert for something. 🙂

    • So beautiful Ella. I love how answers can come in small, but meaningful ways when we learn to trust and listen to our intuition. And also have that connection with the divine. I love that we can be taught by the things around us.

  • It seems like a gentleness and care for things in daily life helps to develop a connection not only to living things around me, and also to my heart. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Thanks for sharing that Anne Linn, It’s good that you were able to use your intuition and gain some guidance and hope.


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