Experience submitted by Anne-Linn

Experience submitted by Anne-Linn

Going through Belsebuub’s courses, I became very interested in what he said about intuition, about following an inner guide. It awoke a longing in me of living a different kind of life. A life in which I was being guided.

To feel there was a thread in my life that I could grasp and follow. But it was challenging also. It was a new way of learning how to live for me — more in the heart than in the mind.

Through Belsebuub’s courses, I learned to observe and understand my thoughts and feelings. This helped me become clearer and to hear my inner guidance better. The more I tried to listen to my intuition, to a quiet voice deep inside of me, the stronger it seemed to become. And the more my life started to take on a magical feel. One such experience stands out to me.

A Special Little Friend

For a while my husband and I lived in a small apartment in the countryside of Norway. It was a beautiful place, close to a lake, mountains, and forests. I would often stand by my window and watch and listen to the birds outside. To the silence of the place. There was one bird in particular that I enjoyed observing. He always came alone, meaning that he was the only one of his kind. And he would be a bit more curious than the rest, taking his time to sit on a small rock, look around, or hopping along the ground. I always felt very happy to see him.

After a few years, it was time for us to leave that place. We spent a few months preparing for the move, and one morning I found that bird lying dead on our patio, having flown into our glass door. I stood for a moment, stunned. I felt so sad that he had been killed. Why him of all the birds? I gently placed him beneath some growing plants outside, below a birch tree.

Meeting Again

Not long after I went through a difficult time that really shook me. But my husband and I finally moved and settled down in our new place. One day, a few months later, we were going for a walk in the winter sunshine. As we passed by a river I saw that same kind of bird perched on a branch above the water. I stopped for a while to observe him. He was beautiful. When we got home again I saw that same bird fly onto the railing of our patio, staying there for a brief moment before flying away. I stopped in my track, wondering if it meant something. Had he followed us? I touched my heart and I intuitively felt a message being given to me. Of what seeing that bird meant. It was an answer to a prayer, a hope that I had carried for a long time. I searched to look up the spiritual meaning of that bird and found that it was the same message I had been given.


I had been asking questions to the divine, to my Divine Mother especially, questions that I was really wondering about, that were weighing on my heart. I felt I was asking and listening, and watching for guidance. And I felt I had just been given an answer to something through that bird.

Below is one of my favorite talks by Belsebuub. It inspires me to ask more:

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I was very touched by my experience, and it made me have more faith in the guidance of the heart, and not to doubt it so much. It amazed me that the divine would use a bird to teach me something. It’s a way I’ve often wanted to learn things — through the symbolism of nature, but I doubted things could really work that way.

But it seems many things are possible.