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An Experience at a Temple of Darkness in the Astral Plane

Experience submitted by Julian Kingman

One night, I woke up in a dream in the astral, finding myself in a friend’s company. I looked around and saw esoteric artwork on the wall, things from the negative side, like artwork from rock bands, but also other things like paintings; some were beautiful. It was his space.

I could sense that he very much wanted to experience astral projection (and the spiritual), but had very little experience, and his ideas were getting in the way. He told me that there’s a mystical place that he wanted to go to, but wasn’t sure if it was real, so I offered to go with him.

We soon found ourselves walking on a curvy cobblestone road through a town in Europe, perhaps London (although I’ve never been there), towards a stone church or cathedral of some kind, tucked away at the end of this narrow road.

An image I created with a feel similar to the one in the experience. (Photo was created using public domain images 1 & 2 from Pixabay).

We arrived a bit late, and my friend was afraid they wouldn’t let us in, but I assured him they would. At the entrance, two guards with staffs blocked the entrance.

Inside, it was a large stone building, with a high ceiling, and undecorated walls. We went towards the front of the general seating area, and took a seat on a wooden bench. I immediately noticed that the floor was extremely dusty. This told me right away that we were not in a temple of light.

A man introduced the speaker, a young man wearing a sharp business suit, exuding confidence and charisma. I began to mentally pronounce the recitation to dispel evil I learned from Belsebuub.

The man in the suit came forward and said sternly to my friend “Someone doesn’t belong here and should leave!” I of course understood that the person in question was me, so I took my friend and left the temple of darkness, he appeared quite dejected.

As we left, I finished the recitation, and now my friend was a black figure with horns and blue eyes, sulking sadly. I told him not to be distraught, that it was me who was asked to leave.

“Anyway,” I told him, “your eyes aren’t evil, so maybe you don’t want this, maybe your heart wants something else.” He was inconsolable, however, and wanted so badly to be a part of that group.

  • Thank you Julian for sharing such remarkable experience.

    What really caught my attention was how collected you were during the entire experience and how you did not seem to react with emotions but acted with intelligence.

    • Yes, that’s very remarkable in the way Julian remained so composed during the experience, but to also see beyond the form of his friend (with horns!) to understand that a willingness to change can come in all shapes.

      Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience Julian!

  • This is such an interesting account, thank you very much for sharing Julian. It made me wonder if you’ve ever got a chance to speak about it (or at least allude to it) with your friend in the physical dimension?

  • Very interesting experience Julian.

    I hope that your friends finds a way to remove himself from those influences. If only he knew that his missing out was a blessing in disguise for him!

  • Excellent article Julian!

    It’s sad about the influences in your friends life; interesting how you point out how distressed he was that he ended up leaving. Going by the story it doesn’t appear that they asked him to leave directly.

    Thanks so much for sharing this.

  • Wow, what an interesting experience, Julian!

    It sounds like you did the right thing in speaking to your friend that perhaps he wasn’t really looking for that darkness. Hopefully he saw this and was able to bring himself towards the light.

    I wonder what would have happened if you completed your recitation before being escorted out? And also the fact your friend had a demonic form – perhaps that means he had already taken some serious steps towards the dark side?

    It raises so many questions…

  • Intriguing experience, Julian. I know I’ll be mulling this one over for some time. Thanks for taking the time to share.

  • That sounds like an interesting and educational experience Julian. I also like how, as it seemed to me, you were acting out the goodness in you an were an agent of that in these scenario’s.

    Unfortunate that your friend did not yet have the understanding to not be attracted to those forces of darkness. Hopefully, like you pointed out to him, his ‘heart’ will find its way at some point.

  • Hi Julian,

    I found your experience very inspiring! It makes me want to work more on my concentration and clarity during the day, to be able to experience the clarity of the astral as well.

    I was also wondering if you were referring to a friend that you have in your daily life, or a figure who was part of that experience only. Like Anne Linn, I also thought it was very nice what you told them in the end of the experience and also that you didn’t leave them in that place in the first place, as it seemed the stronger part of them would have wanted to stay there.

    I wish you many more revelations!

  • Wow this sounds like a great experience, Julian. I hope you got the most out of it!

    It’s interesting that the man approached and spoke to your friend instead of you and things didn’t get distressed.
    Also is interesting the feeling you had about being in London kind of place in Europe. I don’t know if that means something for you but sometimes every detail adds something to the whole meaning

  • What an incredible experience. In a way, I found it very beautiful what you told your friend, that maybe this wasn’t what his heart wanted. I wonder if it’s often like that. We get into things, want things, even though our heart is saying something else.

    I also found it interesting that the place was very dusty.

  • Sounds like you really helped your friend out in this situation Julian. It’s interesting to think of what would have happened if you weren’t there … and very sad to hear how much he felt drawn to this group, through false ideas of what they were, and even that part of him was dejected when you had to leave. I hope he’s found the way to the light, or learned something of how to feel it.

    *Glancing at the floor* interesting about the dirtiness tipping you off that it was a place of darkness. 🙂

  • Hi Julian, your experience says a lot about the way of life that is possible to achieve through the development of consciousness. It was magical to read and I hope that we can reach to such a level of consciousness much more in daily life. All the best!

  • That sounds like a memorable experience Julian – thanks for sharing it. It’s interesting that you mentioned the speaker was dressed in a sharp business suit and exuded confidence and charisma. I can think of some other people who have commented on the professional business-like appearance of people they have encountered, when visiting places of darkness in the astral plane. It seems like a reflection of our society, where people in many organisations and corporations seem very nicely dressed and respectable, but are concealing a dark agenda underneath, which is causing suffering and tragedy in the world.

    I’m sure you’re already familiar with the following article, but I thought it would be worth sharing here for others who would like to delve deeper into this issue: https://belsebuub.com/the-inter-dimensional-entities-behind-the-dark-agenda-thats-taking-over-the-world


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