Experience submitted by Julian Kingman

One night, I woke up in a dream in the astral, finding myself in a friend’s company. I looked around and saw esoteric artwork on the wall, things from the negative side, like artwork from rock bands, but also other things like paintings; some were beautiful. It was his space.

I could sense that he very much wanted to experience astral projection (and the spiritual), but had very little experience, and his ideas were getting in the way. He told me that there’s a mystical place that he wanted to go to, but wasn’t sure if it was real, so I offered to go with him.

We soon found ourselves walking on a curvy cobblestone road through a town in Europe, perhaps London (although I’ve never been there), towards a stone church or cathedral of some kind, tucked away at the end of this narrow road.


An image I created with a feel similar to the one in the experience. (Photo was created using public domain images 1 & 2 from Pixabay).

We arrived a bit late, and my friend was afraid they wouldn’t let us in, but I assured him they would. At the entrance, two guards with staffs blocked the entrance.

Inside, it was a large stone building, with a high ceiling, and undecorated walls. We went towards the front of the general seating area, and took a seat on a wooden bench. I immediately noticed that the floor was extremely dusty. This told me right away that we were not in a temple of light.

A man introduced the speaker, a young man wearing a sharp business suit, exuding confidence and charisma. I began to mentally pronounce the recitation to dispel evil I learned from Belsebuub.

The man in the suit came forward and said sternly to my friend “Someone doesn’t belong here and should leave!” I of course understood that the person in question was me, so I took my friend and left the temple of darkness, he appearing quite dejected.

As we left, I finished the recitation, and now my friend was a black figure with horns and blue eyes, sulking sadly. I told him not to be distraught, that it was me who was asked to leave.

“Anyway,” I told him, “your eyes aren’t evil, so maybe you don’t want this, maybe your heart wants something else.” He was inconsolable, however, and wanted so badly to be a part of that group.