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Spiritual Guidance in a Dream

Experience Submitted by Lilia M
Experience Submitted by Lilia M

Before coming across Belsebuub’s work I could rarely remember my dreams. However, when I started practicing what was suggested in his courses, I began to remember my dreams more and many of them were more than simply dreams that were coming from my own imaginary world and thoughts.

My first of these experiences was on a night after I saw Mark live for the first or second time, giving a public talk about astral travelling. I attended a series of seminars on the topic at a university in my town and despite the fact that I was very skeptical, that night I had a very interesting vivid dream experience with the Being Belsebuub.

During the experience, I had the chance to talk to him in a kind of symbolic but clear way about what he represented and what his work was all about. I also met with other people from different countries (whom I had never met at the time) and who were also studying his work, and I had a personal teaching.

The dream was vivid and different from any other mundane dreams I’ve had and unlike my doubts, it helped me to take my efforts more seriously just to see if what I was told and shown were true (it didn’t take me long to realize that the guidance and help I received were real).

  • It’s an incredible experience and you are fortunate that you had the chance to take guidance from Mark and clear any doubts that time.

  • That’s probably one of the most ideal first encounters with the work of Belsebuub and the Being himself I’ve ever heard! It must have been a real boost to have that internal confirmation that his work, though profound in the physical world, have the capacity to go far beyond that too!

  • Hi Lilia, how telling you had such an experience that very same night! I’m glad you kept an open mind and explored beyond your doubts! It’s not easy either as it means pushing beyond a ‘comfortable zone’ / ‘status quo’ so to speak.

    • Thank you Geraldine. It is true that doubts can easily blind our judgement and actions and I can recall having doubts in the beginning. However, at the same time, something inside of me was pushing me to go beyond these doubts, keep an open mind and practice with determination to find out.

  • Wow lillia, that must of been an incredible experience. It is amazing how much classrooms in general seem to be a major theme in the astral for everyone in dreams or conscious experiences. To have one with Belsebuub must of been amazing.

    • Thank you Adam. Yes it was a precious experience, one I will never forget.
      I have also came to the conclusion that dreams in a classroom are quite common, especially when people are working internally. It might be because when we are striving to understand beyond the observable and aim to awaken, then life is experienced as a school and whatever happens to us becomes the means that will help us to become better (or I may be wrong :)). All the best in your journey!

  • That seems like the perfect experience for you to have at that time Lilia, how nice 🙂

    It’s remarkable to see that the teaching we are part of in life here also connects to the learning over there, very special.

    I’ve also had many experiences in schools, and with fellow people interested in this spiritual work and learning, and similar kinds. As well as being taught by and seeing Belsebuub’s guidance in it. This makes me feel very fortunate and makes me want to do my best in my daily learning.

    Thanks Lilia.

  • Thanks for sharing your experiences Lilia. I also had some scepticism when I first came across Belsebuub’s work, but gaining first-hand experiences changed my perspective considerably. I’m glad you were also able to verify the accuracy of the guidance you received.

    • Hi Michael,
      I was a bit of the same as you, I had always been skeptical when hearing people’s stories yet at the same time being entralled in hearing about them. But until it happened to me, to astral project consciously, feel the split from the physical to the astral and then verifying my experience with physical proof, it did not matter what I had believed or was skeptical about. It made me realize that it had been all just ‘talk’ or ‘ideas/beliefs’ beforehand, not ‘knowing for real’.. And my personal experiences changed that. I had no choice then. I knew it was real! It made me so happy too, to realize and know even from that tidbit of experience that there is a purpose behind the creation of the universe and there is so much more to life than what we first see, hear and feel when we first wake up every morning or when we go to sleep every night. Amazing really then to see what is possible – what a gift too 😉

      • Hi Geraldine,

        Yes, I agree – personal experience is very important. When we have it, we can put aside theories and beliefs.

  • Sounds like a wonderful experience, Lilia! Great you could get so much clear guidance about the teachings early on.

    Those dreams of being taught in a classroom or retreat, with other mystics around the world, are really amazing. While we may be from all over this planet, through this inner work, we all strive for the same goal and are united in that.

    • Thank you Mike! Yes it was a great that I was given the experience. It made me more motivated to investigate things and verify what was going on. About the dreams being taught in classrooms or retreat have been also amazing. A guiding light and a way to remind me that there are others like me who are doing the inner work.

      • Sounds like a lovely experience, its like a wonderful opportunity to learn which than gives us more faith to keep trying Thanks for sharing


Belsebuub is a British-born author who writes about out-of-body and other types of mystical experiences. He withdrew from public life in 2010. Read more here.

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