Experience Submitted by Lilia M

Experience Submitted by Lilia M

Before coming across Belsebuub’s work I could rarely remember my dreams. However, when I started practicing what was suggested in his courses, I begun to remember my dreams more and many of them were more than simply dreams that were coming from my own imaginary world and thoughts.

I have had many dream experiences where I was finding myself in classrooms, retreat places, and group meetings with other people that were also studying Belsebuub’s work and as well as with the Spiritual Being Belsebuub. For me these dreams are gifts, sent for my own learning, improvement and understanding.

My first of these experiences was on a night after I saw Mark live for the first or second time, giving a public talk about astral travelling. I attended a series of seminars on the topic at a university in my town and despite the fact that I was very skeptical, that night I had a very interesting vivid dream experience with the Being Belsebuub.

During the experience, I had the chance to talk to him in a kind of symbolic but clear way about what he represented and what his work was all about. I also met with other people from different countries (whom I had never met at the time) and who were also studying his work, and I had a personal teaching.

The dream was vivid and different from any other mundane dreams I’ve had and unlike my doubts, it kind of helped me to take my efforts more seriously just to see if what I was told and shown were true.

After serious efforts, it didn’t take me long to realize that the guidance and help I received were real. I am very grateful for the experience.