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Being Shown the Mystical Nature of Sacred Sites in Out-Of-Body Experiences

Experiences submitted by Karim El Bazi.
Experiences submitted by Karim El Bazi.

In the book The Path of the Spiritual Sun Belsebuub writes about many things related to the spirituality of the sun. Most of it deeply resonated with me straight away, yet some of the more exoteric subjects like the ancient archaeological sites were something that, although finding it pretty interesting, I didn’t directly feel how it related to the ‘inner’ spirituality.

Glimpses of Energy Connections between Different Sacred Sites

On one occasion I was in the astral dimension, and although I wasn’t fully aware of this fact my consciousness however felt very active. I was at an unknown sacred site laid out roughly in the shape of circle, with my focus most prominently drawn to an oval shaped greenish unpolished granite standing stone, similar to the ones you’d see in Britain.

Example of a standing stone. Lucytakesphotos (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Example of a standing stone. Lucytakesphotos (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
I was given to sense and feel that there was a certain energy emitting from this stone, and from the circle as a whole. I was then shown by going along with that energy that its source traced back to somewhere else, before I knew it I could see the three great pyramids of Giza. This was like a huge ‘generator’ and the main source of this energy. It was sending it out, transmitting it, perhaps through the ground or in some other way to that sacred site I had seen initially.

I’d heard of different theories before how the Giza pyramids, or pyramids in general, were some sort of energy generators. However, very importantly, this wasn’t merely electricity, but it was ‘broadcasting’ what I can only describe as spiritual energy. It was that which I could feel being emitted from that original standing stone.

Following from my view of the great pyramids as a powerful centre of this energy, the view zoomed out and I was looking at part of the globe in a ‘Google Earth‘ like view.

Dots started to appear on the surface of the Earth which I understood to be the surrounding sacred sites where the Great pyramids were sending this energy to. Together they roughly formed a horizontal elliptical shape, at the centre appeared one ‘dot’ which I knew to be the great pyramids. Together, from this terrestrial view, they formed the symbol of an eye. I figured that this layout in itself was also deliberate and added a certain power.

I never researched later on whether there are actual sites in this pattern situated around the great pyramids. There might well be, but I also know that sometimes things shown in the astral, although carrying a real teaching, don’t translate 1-to-1 like that to the physical world.

I also didn’t look further into the energy theories which I know are out there. Rather than the energy types we know of today it’s important to say that what I could sense was the emission of a spiritual type of energy.

A Surprising Insight into How Sacred Sites Are Laid out Mathematically

I’ve heard of the composition of star clusters and constellations being incorporated into the designs of ancient sites; such as the stars of Orion matching the layout of the great Pyramids, as well as the constellation Draco being mirrored by temple buildings in the complex of Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

But in one dream experience I found myself looking at a topographical map on a big table and researching an idea on the positioning of sacred sites, an idea that I felt did not come from my own devising. That was of a correlation between their geographical location and pieces of classical music.

In that dream I was listening to a specific section of music from the 4th symphony by Tchaikovsky. As I heard this music blueish streaks were diving over and under the map as my view was moving across it.

I started to notice that at each crescendo there was an ancient sacred located on the map. Hearing that music and together seeing the crescendos precisely marking the sites on the map in a coherent and harmonic layout was beautiful! The music then hit a climax and, could it be? On that exact spot on the map there was a major site! I felt that conclusively confirmed my theory.

When waking up though I obviously thought how did they know of this particular symphony thousands of years ago? : – ) Or vice versa how did Tchaikovsky know of the locations of these sites. It didn’t make sense logically.

However I feel that was not the point of the experience. Rather it was to show, and I could feel it, how there was a mathematical, beautiful ‘symphonic’ layout that the builders somehow knew of and were able to incorporate into the positioning of their sacred sites.

A Crater-Like Sacred Circle and Connecting to the Original Builders of Sacred Sites?

After a number of dream scenarios had taken place I was standing on the edge of sacred circle’s elevated bank or henge. This sacred circle was almost exactly like a crater, but with the central area being more level. I estimated it to be about a similar size to the ‘Ring of Brodgar.’

The Ring of Brodgar by Colin Smith [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
The Ring of Brodgar, Scotland. Photo by Colin Smith [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons (photo has been modified).
Before me the story of a dream scenario was playing out of a tribute ceremony to an old man who’d done a great work for humanity in his field in his life, he was rolled in on a wheelchair by his beloved grandchildren. On the edge there was a white banner which indicated to me, for some reason, that this was a revival of an ancient pagan ceremony about to take place. In this case I didn’t investigate those aspects further.

But when the ceremony was all over a friend and I were both standing in the centre of this crater-like sacred site. As we were standing there -and this is the way I wrote it down back then in my dream diary

our inner frequency was beaming with charged pure consciousness.

Through the ceremony our inner frequency or level was powerfully lifted. A bit like when you’ve done a mantra for a long time and you can feel this buzzing within, and a quality in perception. It was like that but ‘all over’, I couldn’t get enough of that feeling! What I would describe as the tone or energy of consciousness.

The understanding came to me then that it was this pure form of consciousness that the original builders of such sites had within them, that it was this direction of a pure form of ‘consciousness energy’ that they were aiming to feel.

Many sacred sites have been reused for other purposes and by other people in their long life and in a way I didn’t really get the connection between them and the inner work that Belsebuub teaches.

But this experience, and others, were reassuring for me because it showed me the original builders were pursuing the same things that I was interested in. This gave me more of a connection to them and a more sincere interest in these sacred sites.

Me standing in front of a recreated Moai statue as found on Easter Island.
Me standing in front of a recreated Moai statue as found on Easter Island.

Looking Back over Such Astral Experiences of Ancient Sacred Ceremonial Sites

I’ve seen how some things shown in astral experiences do relate, 1-to-1, with exact accuracy to things in physical life. However with these experiences I felt they were giving me a teaching, a feeling of the truth that is there and a guidance on how things are, though not necessarily precisely matching physical life in this case. But who knows! : – )

I would not be surprised if in a number of years more incredible patterns are discovered in the layout connecting sites on the surface of the Earth. As well as more discoveries about the energies these ancient sites contain measurable with the advancement of our modern technologies.

The Reason for Receiving Experiences on This Subject

I feel that I have been kindly given experiences such as these to better understand the value of sacred sites and how they link to the spirituality I’m familiar with. That at the root of these sites, and reverberating in the very stones, is the same core spiritual teaching I am interested in.

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  • What a nice set of experiences, Karim. It was a very inspiring read and like you I also found it hard to see how ancient sites relate to the spiritual work of Belsebuub. With experiences like the ones you described you do get a deeper feel for the site and can give inspiration that goes further than the one you get when you read about a sacred site.

    I’ve visted several sites myself and can relate to the uplifting energy that can be felt when you tune in with the site. One site in particular, called the Standing Stones of Callanish, which is located on one of the islands in Scotland sparked an interested after visiting it. I had a very strong urge to go back there and I listened to it, so my friend and I went back and stayed overnight at a place close by. We visited the site in the early morning before any visitors. We leaned against one of the stones within the circle. Through prayer we tried to connect with the original builders. At one point during my prayer I became very clear. While my eyes were closed, I could see a person right in front of me, attentively looking at me. Their presence felt peaceful and I understood that he/she wanted to make their presence known. We did not speak as I continued my prayer and after a short time they left. Although nothing was said with words, the feelings in those moments were very strong.

    It sounds like a simple experience and it was in a sense, but the feelings that came with it left a deep impression on me as well as the understanding that it is possible to connect with ancient sites and their builders when we tune into the energy that is present. In a way my prayer must have brought that about and opened a way for communication.

    • It’s so wonderful, Roy, that you felt drawn to return to that specific site, were able to tune in to it, and have this experience. Thanks for sharing that.

      Nowadays there’s lots of over the top ‘pop’ sci-fi shows, things about portals etc. But I do think these sacred sites can function as a sort of portals, but in a different sense. In perceiving otherworldy subtle, yet real, information coming your way. So rather than expecting something extraordinarily over the top and external, it’s more about the personal, internal, subtle— yet real! experience at these sites.

  • This was fantastic to read, Karim! Something you shared led me down to questioning whether the “masters” of music might’ve had some kind of secret code of notes in their music that, when deciphered, somehow links many sacred sites together. How cool : – ) But I do think you’re right that maybe the experience was given to show you the harmony between these sites in quite a symbolic way.

    What you mention about the higher frequency you felt during the ceremony is also intriguing. Reminds me of a talk Belsebuub had given at one point about the importance of protecting the energy of a sacred space (or a retreat area) right from the beginning – when it’s being built even. If it’s not done with awareness, then whatever lower inner state was present at that moment will stay with that space instead of it being imbued with the higher frequency of consciousness (and potentially lasting a very long time?). Says a lot that these sacred sites still to this day leave behind a positive impression. Something to aim for, for sure, regarding the heightened states of being we can tap into during the ceremonies that depict the path of the sun.

    I’m happy you had this experience and thanks for taking the time to write it up. Inspiring read!

    • Yes Zorana. I mean I do not know about specific codes. But certainly at that high time of classical music some composers I believe were able to tune into that universal knowledge/structure, found in life and beyond it in higher spheres, emanating from the great source, and could express this through their music. It’s such a wonderful thing really that we have the possibility to those access those realms and that knowledge in a way by listening to their music. Which obviously sounds so beautiful.

      It was quite surprising to me though that these ancient people were able to ‘symphonically’ lay out these sites across the surface of the Earth. They must’ve been going to the same source of universal knowledge and principals.

      It makes you wonder…. what a big task that is. And how there must’ve been big groups or societies involved in that, people who were conscious, willing and in tune enough to recognize and appreciate those wisdom bringers and carriers of divine knowledge in their midst. I think this video mentions more ideas on all this and about wisdom bringers of the Sun.

  • What a gift of an experience!

    I am so glad that you were able to see something of the depth of sacred sites. I think that even a basic understanding of what you said is missing from society, and because it’s missing we can’t see anything more in sacred sites than a few stones, sometimes with a number of alignments that are intellectually interesting. Hopefully one day we will know how to use sacred sites for awakening consciousness, and maybe even how to enhance their effects.

    What you said about the level of being of the builders as being important resonates with me. I wonder how the ancients were able to create things that give out spiritual energy. What I know so far is that when I tune in to that type of energy through personal inner work, then I do things in more harmonious ways and can build something of a spiritual nature. From this I can only imagine the level of being that the builders of sacred sites had!

    • “Hopefully one day we will know how to use sacred sites for awakening consciousness” Nicely said Aleks!

      It’s an interesting new field for me. How to connect such physical sacred sites and locations to benefitting the inner work. I mean through Belsebuub’s books I feel that true spiritual information, which was often secret and held sacred in the past, has been given so clearly ‘on a platter’ as some say. And having experienced things he writes about personally made me see it’s deep value. So then to be presented with the topic of archaeological sacred sites after having already experienced inner things, I wondered a bit about the use of getting into such a topic.

      However, like you say, these sites (as well as the revival of solstice and equinox ceremonies) can actually help to serve the inner path or work one is doing. And can also be places that can hugely benefit many other people spiritually. In the past for example thousands of people must’ve flocked, on great pilgrimages, to experience the sacred times at such religious sites. And for good reason I’m sure! 🙂

  • Wonderful to hear a first-hand, internal experience of the Pyramids of Giza being an ‘energy transmitter’. I was quite taken by this idea when I heard it in the Pyramid Code (those scientists behind it must also have been guided by an internal feeling or understanding) but it feels much more real to hear about it from an astral experience (and would be ideally verified by my own!)

    Personally, I’ve always been interested in sacred sites or holy places. Even if I didn’t understand or was able to explain why I just knew I felt drawn to visiting them and that they felt different, or made me feel different. It’s amazing to hear that you were given the internal guidance you needed to see why these sites are still relevant today. Thanks so much for sharing, it’s also motivating to hear and also makes me want to explore these places further.

    • Thanks Ella for your comment.

      I’ve had times in nature and at interesting places, especially when travelling to foreign countries as a child, where I could feel interesting atmospheres. But I have to say as an adult I’ve not gone to many places such as that, or certainly not enough as many as I’d like. I’m looking forward to actually visiting more places in the future if possible, and not just visiting but really trying to ‘go there’, in awareness and open and alert to inner perceptions.

  • Karim,
    That is a string of wonderful experiences! I can relate to your initial lack of interest in ancient sites initially as well, as I felt the same. But over time I’ve had more and more dreams of megalithic sites and last week I got all excited in my dream when I came upon an interesting site with giant stones that looked like nothing I’ve seen in life.

    All your experiences seem to reflect principles & ideas which I’ve heard related to earth energy, mathematics & harmonics etc.. and so it’s pretty neat that you got that more personal first hand experience of those things. I also can relate to similar experiences in being before a large table with maps or diagrams in front of me and being charged with some task to understand or solve a problem. Those dreams are always inspiring when I wake up, regardless of what I was looking at as it always gives you a glimpse to this whole other side of life where you are still active and learning or trying to progress and perhaps even being given a ‘job’ so to speak.

    • So nice you’re also getting these experiences Andrew!

      I think it’s good for me to remember as well that to experience the interest in a site one really needs to go there. I mean when I read about a site online or see a video, it’s just the visuals reaching me. But to properly personally explore these sites you have to really actually be there (or be there in the astral.) So maybe a bit of my lack of interest was also due to my lack of actually having experienced being present at such sites.
      Of course once we’re there it’s also hugely essential that we’re in the right inner state.

  • That’s amazing, Karim! What a totally profound series of teachings in a single astral experience.

    Thank you for sharing this. The mathematical alignments very much intrigued me (along with everything else!). I really feel like i gleaned a small part of your teaching just through reading your account. This is deep and inspiring stuff.

    • Hi Mike,

      Just to say this article comes from three separate astral experiences. Not all in one night 🙂

      Glad you got something out of reading about these experiences. They were very inspiring for me too. And like I mentioned, I feel they were given as a kind help, to sort of bridge that gap between the inner spirituality Belsebuub teaches which I feel very connected to and these ancient sacred sites which I didn’t quite know or feel how they were connected to that.

      • Oh, three separate experiences! I was actually wondering how you managed to remember all that detail from just a single experience without forgetting anything (like I would have 🙂 ).

        Yeah, I can really see how those experiences would bridge the gap and help you to feel more connected to these ancient sites.

  • Oh, Karim, this was amazing to read! Thanks for sharing all those wonderful experiences. It makes me think of something I felt not long ago while traveling to and in Norway. Along the way, my husband and I would visit a few ancient, sacred sites. Like Ale’s Stenar in Sweden. And I felt that those places lifted me up, like they had something to them that reminded me of the inner work, and gave me a sense of purpose, peace, strength. I would touch the stones of Ale’s Stenar and feel joy, like the sun, like when you see the sun rising after a long darkness. I’m not sure why. Not sure if I made it up. But I wondered if the stones were holding onto the energy of those who had built the site and used it.

    We also visited sacred sites in Norway, and each had a different energy. One standing stone felt like strength. And a hill that I stood on with my bare feet made me feel almost dizzy like the energy was too intense. It made me very curious about these places. And I looked forward to visiting each of them, seeing them as a place of refuge and strength, between visiting family, moving through rather chaotic days. Like you said, it felt like I was connecting with those who had built those places, who were yearning for the same things as myself.

    What you said about the sites being laid out like music was beautiful. And how the builders of those sites wanted to feel the tone of consciousness within themselves. Just lovely. This makes me even more curious about ancient sites. Sometimes I feel they’ve been built in a language of their own, that maybe we can interpret with a deeper part of ourselves?

    • Thanks for sharing some of your experiences on your trips to those Scandinavian sacred sites Anne Linn.

      “Sometimes I feel they’ve been built in a language of their own, that maybe we can interpret with a deeper part of ourselves.” Really nicely said and I personally think you’re absolutely right on that. It does seem like that at these places we, on a personal level, need to tune in to the subtle communication we can pick up and we can get insights and learn from that.
      I think if we come barging in as a ‘tourist’, chatting away and with our mind already on the next thing etc. then we won’t be able to feel any of that.

      I think at these places we can often feel things with our higher senses, like certain interesting atmospheres, but like you say it can be subtle and at the time we might dismiss it. However when thinking back it can be quite clear actually how there was a certain particular energy there for example.

      I know that when lots of prayers or practices are done in a room for example it can create a good environment in the room, which you and even other people can feel when entering in the time after (days, week, months). But there seems to be a special knowledge employed (e.g. through the specific stones and specific geographic location) which makes these sacred places keep their energy – or keep getting fed this energy – after thousands of years!

      All this makes me want to visit more ancient sacred circles and structures :-)!

      • The special knowledge you mentioned behind the building of these sites is thought provoking Karim. I’d heard of ley lines before, particularly in relation to sacred sites in the south-west of England. It’s not something that I looked into deeply, but I wonder if ancient people had a perception of what constitutes a good environment, by feeling its energy, in the same way that we can feel the spiritual atmosphere of a practice room.

        In relation to ley lines, it also provokes the question of what in nature gives certain geographical locations a particular energy over an extended period of time, assuming there is no influence from humans. We could say that a sacred site has a certain energy, because of the years of spiritual activities conducted around it. But it seems that the spiritual energy of some of these sites existed before the site was built, which is partly why their location was chosen.

        I wonder what physicists would have to say about the science behind ley lines and their energetic influence. It seems like an interesting area to explore.

  • Very nice experiences Karim! And I can also relate to your question of “what do all these structures and sites have to do with my onw inner spiritual work?” Actually, just recently a friend asked me the same question and I don’t think I answered it fully… So thank you for sharing with us these insights from other dimensions, especially about the energies and how our clarity/consciousness can potentially be hightened after visiting such places or after taking part in a ceremony.

    • With the way modern society is I feel that that internal special connection to the divine and the inner work has become almost separate from modern society and most people’s focus in life. (though of course we use life to learn from, so not that we should separate from it in that sense.)

      But it’s wonderful! to see around us today in sacred sites that some of our ancestors, people here on Earth, societies, did actually hold the spiritual in the highest regard. The same spirituality I’m interested in. And built these amazing sites to exercise/show/practice this spirituality. In some cases truly in no small way, I mean the Pyramids of Giza, Angkor Wat, the sheer amount of sites in Britain, the number of pyramid temples in the Americas……. astounding.

      So in a way those structures are a bridge or way to connect to those ancient people’s like focus. And in a way reclaiming that heritage, by showing the truth as to the purpose of these structures and their connection to the religion of the sun.

  • Thanks for sharing these experiences Karim. I’d previously heard of some of the major sacred sites around the world being connected geographically. It’s amazing the knowledge that the builders of some of these sites had, which still baffles even the best scientists of today.

    • I agree Michael. I mean in the case of the Giza pyramids most will hopefully not be too convinced by some of the simplistic theories on how and why they were built, and hopefully people will realise the great knowledge required and also feel there’s a greater purpose to them.
      Having said that, similar to what Anne Linn mentioned, I think many other smaller sites were also built with specific type of sciences and knowledge that our materialistic science may be unaware of? Of which we can only see the periphery clues perhaps? For example people are now discovering that many of the sites around the globe are built geographically in relation to each other,or on the same ‘lines’ around the world. We can see that, but perhaps there’s so much more behind that we do not know yet?


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