Experience submitted by Ella Klyashitsky

I had been interested in developing psychic faculties before I came across Belsebuub’s practices and exercises, so I was keen to try out the mantras that he gave to temporarily stimulate these higher abilities.

I was especially drawn to developing intuition, partly as I’d already felt glimpses of what I thought it was and realized how invaluable it would be to learn how to grasp the inner meaning of dreams and events in life, and also how practically useful it would be to just ‘know’ what to do.

A few experiences stand out that showed me how intuition feels and works.

Intuitive Feeling at Work

At one point, when I was first getting acquainted with the spiritual practices given by Belsebuub on a course he had on Self-Knowledge, I was working in a cafe in my neighborhood.

I really liked this job as I felt  it asked me to be ‘alert’ and was a useful environment for me to train my ability to be aware. I would need to be able to perceive well what needed doing at any one time – clearing tables, taking orders, stocking up supplies.

I found if I was trying to be aware then I would feel almost extra-sensory, being able to preempt what needed to be done, acting with consideration and care, interacting with people in a clear way and helping everything move along efficiently.

At one point I remember standing behind the counter looking around and suddenly a strong image of a person came to mind, and a feeling of knowing exactly where they were. I’d built up some negativity with this person and had wanted to see them to say sorry but had no way of contacting them, though they lived in my neighborhood, so had just hoped I’d bump into them.

At this point I was filled with a certainty that they’d be at this small supermarket nearby. I asked my manager if they needed anything from the shop, which they sometimes did, and they thought of something so I offered to go.

It was only a few minutes’ walk to the shop, and during that time I remember battling with my mind telling me how silly I was being, and being worried that I was acting a bit ‘crazily’, but something urged me on. I got to the shop, went inside and walked straight up to the person I had suddenly thought of – they were by the entrance looking at the papers as though they were waiting for me.

They were surprised to see me, but I immediately felt a warmth from them, like they were also looking to overcome the tension between us, and were ready to. We both made a few apologies and even laughed a bit together at how stupid it was to fall out, and said goodbye. I left quite elated.

It was great to feel that I’d been correct in understanding the intuitive pull to that place at that time, and also felt grateful that I’d been given the chance to mend something that was a source of negativity in my life. It made me feel that the divine really wants us to do this, and will bring us the chances to, especially if we are asking for it and ready for it.

Locating Friends

One more practical experience with intuition was a couple of years later, when I was meeting some other people who were also interested in Belsebuub’s work.

I hadn’t met them in person before but had spoken to them online and had seen pictures so I knew what they looked like roughly. I was due to meet them outside a large museum in the center of a big city at a certain time. I’d arrived there early so decided to see if I could find them instead.

I entered the museum with conflicting feelings. One part of me said, ‘you’ll never find them, it’s massive and there are so many people’, another part of me was keen to try, knowing I had ‘nothing to lose’ and that it was the perfect set up for experimenting with how intuition felt.

So I started walking and let myself just move, trying very much not to think about it. When I would come to a junction, I would either distinctly feel which way to go, or I would face one way and then the other and ask inwardly, at the same time trying to sense anything that might be an indication.

What was interesting was that I actually did feel a response to my questioning within my body, not within my mind. One direction pulled me, the other repelled. It wasn’t long before I found them – I just walked into a room and there they were. They were surprised to see me, and I was able to share my story about how I used intuition to find them!

Finding the Perfect Spot

Another experience is harder to describe. It involves glimpsing intuition working between my husband and I. On our honeymoon we went hiking in a mountain range. We would walk during the day and find a place to camp in the evening. Often as the time approached that we should start looking for a place to pitch our tent we would get caught in anxieties and disagreements.

What I started to see was that any time one of us didn’t like the look of a potential camp spot, it was not only better for us emotionally not to push an opinion, but that was the only way we could be actually find an ideal spot.

One evening I wanted to stop, but he didn’t. I could feel I was acting from an emotion, so I said OK. Then he wanted to stop, but I really didn’t like the feel of the place, so he said OK.

After a few times like this we arrived to a really perfect spot – an old fortress on the top of a hill with amazing views. This pattern repeated a few times on the trip, until we really understood that the only way we could let intuition exist in our combined decisions was for both of us to avoid pushing our opinion if the other didn’t agree.


When I try to act through intuition rather that the mind or emotions I find I am able to have peace with what I do, and that the events in my life take on a ‘magic.’

Though these are quite small and simple examples of intuition I feel that through exploring Belsebuub’s work I’ve glimpsed how to bring the inner guidance from my heart into my life and the transformative potential this has.