Experience submitted by Roy Scheffers

Experience submitted by Roy Scheffers

The power of asking always surprises me, and it surprised me once again in a conscious experience I had in the astral plane. Belsebuub even dedicated at least two talks to the importance of it and establishing a personal relationship with the divine.

In my experience, I was dreaming at first. I was in an environment that felt devoid of life. There were no colors except one type of gray.

I saw gray buildings, gray alleyways, a gray sky — everywhere I looked, I saw the same gray color.

The setting had a city-like feel, but I did not see anyone there. Although the environment was not dangerous or threatening, it felt uncomfortably empty and dead.

The uneasy feeling and unknown surroundings made me question where I was, which woke me up from the dream.

I felt a yearning to be in a natural setting with plants, wildlife and beauty. At that point I remembered my divine Mother.

In the past, she had helped me many times, so I called her to take me away from this place and show me what I need to do for my own inner progress.

After asking, I moved my arms forward forming a shape of a bowl with my hands. Golden smaller items started to rain down, which all fell next to my hands or bounced off.

After it stopped, I looked at my hands. The only items that remained were three golden keys. I knew intuitively that these were related to the three core practices of enlightenment that Belsebuub writes about and that I should use them as best as I can.