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The Power of Asking

Experience submitted by Roy Scheffers
Experience submitted by Roy Scheffers

The power of asking surprised me once in a conscious experience I had in the astral plane. Belsebuub has often mentioned in his work the importance of prayer and establishing a personal relationship with the divine.

In my experience, I was dreaming at first. I was in an environment that felt devoid of life. There were no colors except one type of gray.

I saw gray buildings, gray alleyways, a gray sky — everywhere I looked, I saw the same gray color.

The setting had a city-like feel, but I did not see anyone there. Although the environment was not dangerous or threatening, it felt uncomfortably empty and dead.

The uneasy feeling and unknown surroundings made me question where I was, which woke me up from the dream.

I felt a yearning to be in a natural setting with plants, wildlife and beauty. At that point I remembered my divine Mother.

In the past, she had helped me many times, so I called her to take me away from this place and show me what I need to learn most at the moment.

After asking, I moved my arms forward forming a shape of a bowl with my hands. Golden smaller items started to rain down, which all fell next to my hands or bounced off.

After it stopped, I looked at my hands. The only items that remained were three golden keys. I knew intuitively that these were related to the three core practices of enlightenment that Belsebuub writes about and that I should use them as best as I can.

  • Pretty clear guidance you got there : ) Amazing how the messages in the astral can at times be so succinct and powerful.

  • What a beautiful dream Roy! Very powerful. The greyness of your dream somehow reminds me of a time in my life when I stopped talking to God. Even as a child I would talk to Him, even though my family wasn’t religious. But then after some bad things happened in my family I stopped praying and started wondering if God was even real. And even if He was real, I wondered if he cared about me at all. For a year or so my life felt even more chaotic than usual. I didn’t feel supported or guided, and everything felt very heavy.

    When I did start to talk to the divine again (after learning about how everyone has a Divine Mother and Father) it was like night and day. It felt like all this light and potential was opening up to me and I was taken by the hand and helped, guided. Even though life was still hard, it was such an amazing difference. I didn’t ever want to be without that connection again.

    It still amazes me how much it helps to ask. And that I can always ask even more. The divine doesn’t feel bothered or annoyed. I hope 🙂 When I forget to ask it’s like I stop moving forward. Stop learning. Feels like that connection to the divine is everything.

    • Hi Anne Linn, what you wrote really moved me, especially the end – from going through similar ups & downs – I have had that same experience as you describe – being in this grey/darkness when for whatever proud and bratty reasons, I cut myself off from the divine. I find it incredible though how loved and supported I feel (and humbled) once I realize what I’ve done and pray for forgiveness. I feel that you are very much spot on with your last paragraph <3

      “It still amazes me how much it helps to ask. And that I can always ask even more. The divine doesn’t feel bothered or annoyed. I hope 🙂 When I forget to ask it’s like I stop moving forward. Stop learning. Feels like that connection to the divine is everything.

      • Thank you, Geraldine. Oh yes, there are so many times I forget to ask because of pride. Or because I feel upset about something that is happening in my life. It can be hard to be open to learning, to the gifts in a situation that’s difficult, and not just want it all to go away. It’s amazing isn’t it, to feel that love and support, when we ask again.

    • Thanks for sharing this Ann Linn. That’s a beautiful example of how asking can enrich our lives, often in ways, our mind cannot understand.

      I’m glad to read you got back into asking again and agree that without it, we miss out on a lot. That connection you describe is precious and seems to be strengthened the more we ask. Even though for myself it sometimes can feel like they perceive it as “Hey, there’s Roy again with his asking”. On the other hand, that’s likely my egos talking trying to prevent me from asking.

      • Yes, thanks for sharing that Anne Linn. I agree that establishing a strong connection with the divine is very important. I also drifted away from prayer for a number of years and considered myself an atheist. But I have to say, it’s much nicer to feel that there is always a divine force willing to help and guide when going through difficulties rather than getting lost in endless analysis, using only the mind.

        Over recent years, I’ve come to realise that the intelligence of the divine is far more powerful and knowing than me.

  • Very nice experience Roy. I like how you performed that action with your arms yourself after asking. Where did such an action or inclination come from? 🙂

    • Good question Karim, it just happened like that in the experience. I can’t recall that I was thinking what shall I do now, after my asking, I just moved my arms forward like that and the items started raining down.

      When I woke up, the scene where I had my hands in the shape of a bowl did remind me of going to church and walking up to the priest for communion. The shape of my hands was the same.

  • Thanks for sharing this experience Roy. A good reminder to always ask for help. The message is quite profound. Thanks again.

  • Thanks for sharing this dream experience Roy. It’s a simple but really clear indication of where we need to focus our priorities in life. It’s also interesting how the other things that fell down had a golden appearance too. It reminds me of the Shakespearean saying “all that glitters is not gold”.

  • What a beautiful and symbolic experience, thank you very much Roy for sharing. I agree with Geraldine that we can never ask for help often enough…

  • Hi Roy,
    What an incredible simple yet powerful dream! I’m sure it must have been very motivating and inspiring as well as being comforting. Thank you so much for sharing and bringing the reminder of asking for help more often. I don’t think enough can be said in this regards 😉
    Best wishes!

    • Hi Geraldine, it was indeed a helpful and comforting experience. I’m especially reminded of it when I feel this grayness coming back into my life. When I feel that inside, I know I should ask more and follow up with the three keys so to say to get out of it. It’s definitely asking that helps but also following up with actions that will make a difference.

      • Yes, I think that’s a good point Roy – sincere asking needs to be followed up by correct action.


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