Experiences submitted by Karim El Bazi.

Experiences submitted by Karim El Bazi.

I like to celebrate and mark the solstices and equinoxes, something I learned about through Belsebuub’s book The Path of the Spiritual Sun. But one winter solstice, due to some events in my life at the time, I was extremely busy and circumstances in general were difficult. I was not able to celebrate the solstice in the way I would have liked to.

In fact on the very morning of the solstice sunrise and very early I had to return a rental van I’d hired.

I had parked in such a way that, even after many attempts, I was not able to leave the parking lot due to an unknown car blocking the way. It was raining down heavily and the clock to return the rental van was ticking. I was properly stuck.

In that moment, I decided to ask for help, quite humbly as I really didn’t think the situation would or could change.

When I opened my eyes I could just barely make out through the rainy windshield that the lights on the car that was blocking my way had turned on. As I looked closer I could see it was driving away, leaving space for me to make the turn to leave my parking spot.

I sat still for a few moments, thankful for what had just happened. While it could have been coincidental, I felt that I had received a little help in that moment due to my sincere prayer.

Having now returned the rental van, I was cycling back home. The weather meanwhile — it had not improved 🙂 It was well past the time of sunrise, yet I still wanted to do something to mark the winter solstice.

I decided to ride to one of the spots I knew up a hill, the climb was quite tough. Once there I started doing some mantras related to the winter solstice sunrise.

However it felt mechanical. I was tired, my body felt weary after the climb, it was still raining down, and thoughts came up that I had lots to do, etc. It was difficult to even get the words out of my mouth… The words of the mantra just ‘fell to the ground.’

However I decided to persevere, which resembled my attitude in the circumstances in my life at the time. And some things happened which I feel I can’t do justice to in writing, and also feel too personal to share. But towards the end of the mantras, I felt powerfully connected to the divine spiritual forces.

After having phrased some final prayers internally, I opened my eyes and from the very thick wall of clouds a single opening had appeared with the sun shining right onto the hill I was on.

Photo by Tony Reid found on Unsplash. (Image has been modified)

Photo by Tony Reid found on Unsplash. (Image has been modified)

The whole setting  was very moving, and I could feel a strong connection to the light shinning among the clouds. The kindness of divine forces at that time felt overwhelming. I had read that the solstice is a time conducive to spiritual experiences and I really felt like I had experienced a bit of it.